Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Finally Catching Up!

The days are finally starting to show some semblance of a routine, of which I am eternally grateful. The youngling is happy with his new teacher; he's learning simple math problems and reading simple sentences. Unfortunately, this nutty weather we've had has caused his immune system to be slightly out of whack: He's got the sniffles and is coughing. The upside: he may lose his little voice, hee hee...The downside: He may have to miss a day this week, if it continues.

Daughter has slid back into a familiar 'don't-wanna-get-outa-bed' pattern, but she has been surfacing in time for us to leave the house at 7:30. Thankfully, the hubby has been getting the youngling dressed and ready to go when I show up fifteen minutes later to drive him to his school.

My issues with technology continue to drive me crazy. I plugged in my e-book flash drive two weeks ago, opted not to 'scan and fix' and have now lost two files saved on the drive. Thankfully, NOT any books; just my reading schedule and TBB list. But fortunately, I had the TBB list backed up in two places, one of which I'd not updated when I redid the RS, so everything is okay. And yes, I now have two more saved copies of the RS....

Sunday, we were so tired from the drive home, I did not bother to check the DVR to make sure Big Brother was recording. I called it up yesterday, only to discover the PGA Golf Tournament had run over, so what I had instead was the final half hour of golf, plus the first half hour of 60 Minutes. Can't someone invent a 'smart' DVR, one that recognizes when programs run long or interrupted? I had to find out via Face Book who had won HOH and who had been put up.

And I wanted to reach through the TV yesterday when the news had both a Democratic and Republican spokesperson over the issue of the Mosque proposal at Ground Zero. My question: Don't people LISTEN to each other anymore? All the opposers to the mosque have one simple request: Don't. Build. It. Near. Ground. Zero! By all means, build it two miles away; in Brooklyn, Queens, wherever......just NOT two blocks away where so many lost their lives to Osama-Idiot-Bin-Laden's religious 'beliefs'.

But no, all the Democratic person could say was 'religious freedom, religious freedom...' Lady, if you had LISTENED, you would have HEARD there is nothing against religious freedom in the argument against it! We're opposed to the SITE! As the Republican person stated: "There's no casino next to Gettysburgh; no strip mall next to Arlington Cemetery. Respect Hallowed Ground."

I wanted to high-five that lady....and for the record, my political views are neither Dem or Rep. I did vote for Bush, and admit to doing a blind vote two years ago. I DID vote for Obama in the primary, just because I did NOT want Hilary to win the ballot. I'm an issues person, not party.

Okay; I'm off my soapbox.

Time to go clean out another email account, finish my laundry, and eat lunch. I may go spend the afternoon at the bookstore, painting more shelves. Three more weeks until our Grand Opening, and only two until our Fundraiser!

Have a great day and come back tomorrow for my interview with Charisma Knight:)


Unknown said...

Oh what I'd give to have a smart DVR. It drives me nuts when I record something only to learn another show ran over!
And the Mosque, I agree. I don't care that you build one, just not there.

Molly Daniels said...

Glad I'm not the only one who needs a 'smart' DVR!

anny cook said...

Sounds like you've been really, really busy!