Monday, August 23, 2010

RIP Mikey

Michael J. Templeton, aka 'Mikey' to his family, was put to rest yesterday by two family members. For those of you new to this blog, click here to see his debut; here and here for the beginnings of the 'Pinky/Mikey/Oreo Comedy Hour', and here for more.

Mr. Templeton was reaching the end of his life expectancy, and was suffering from a huge infection in his belly. Unknown is whether the breach in his skin was from a fight with his cage mate Pinky or other source. Cost to treat him was deemed 'unreasonable' by the Powers That Be, and so to end his suffering, he was quietly taken out of his misery, as he now resembles an exceedingly pregnant rodent.

Survivors include his cage mate Pinky; his partner-in-comedy, Oreo; his owner S, who admits that since the addition of Roxie the Cocker Spaniel, her loyalties had been divided.

His estate will be given a thorough cleaning, and the contents (water bottle, food bowl, and recently acquired Puff's box) will be retained by Pinky, who might also be downsized to the smaller cage.


Linda Kage said...

Aww. Poor Mikey. My condolences.

Molly Daniels said...

Thanks Linda:) I never thought I'd ever get emotionally attached to a rat...but 2.5 years of feeding, watering, and handling him, well, he WAS a pet:)