Monday, August 30, 2010

Time Capsule

Currently Reading: I'm nearly finished with John Irving's Widow for Only One Year, and as far as ebooks go, I loved Fill 'Er Up! Recommended Read:) I also enjoyed Brynn's take on The Snow Queen fairy tale in Heart of Ice; another Recommended Read:) Now I'm getting ready to read Brynn's Blood Bought and Mahalia Levey's Merikano's Fury. And then I have to start buying again (yes, I'll post this list again in a few days!):

Stone and Sky-CSP (EC)

Single White Knight-Brynn Paulin (TEB)

Wings of the Raven-CSP (TEB)

Keeping It Interesting- Cheryl Dragon (TEB)

Circle of Wolves-Jacqueline Roth (CP)
Wicked Cool- Diane Farr (CP)

In one of the boxes unearthed from my storage unit was a tiny Steno notepad. Inside was not only my original notes for my Arbor University series, but a rough sketch of the first five books and three poems I'd written about K. The first one was about K at 1 month; then Bathtime at 3 months; and finally, his journey to that milestone of walking at 11 months.

But the real gem was underneath the notebook, tucked into a red binder. Since his college classes began last week, and I was waaaaayy to busy to post it, here is my ode to his first day of kindergarten. Enjoy:)

Growing Pains

My son grew up before my eyes.
At first he was excited, then later shy.
"Don't go, Mommy; stay, stay!"
With him crying and yelling, I walked away.

Two hours later, there were no sign of tears.
All full of laughter, excitement, no fears.
The following day, I feared a scene.
"Just drop me off Mommy; I won't be mean."

The third day he awoke before the alarm.
Ready for action, ready to charm.
But there was one small detain, one final request....
"I can't fasten my pants Mommy; Can you dress me the rest?"

MJ Stein

My posting this week may be sporadic; Mockingbird Book Emporium has a 'dress rehearsal' this Saturday, and there is still much to do. From 10-5pm, we're hosting an open house for the Friends Of Main Street, and offering tours of our beautiful new store and refreshments. And at dusk, 'Fresh Air Flicks' will be showing the original version of The Day The Earth Stood Still. Right now, weather promises to be low 80's and no rain.

I finished cataloguing my books; they total 2,015, and I'm still missing some, such as my Left Behind series, more Marian Keys, Barbara Taylor Bradford, and John Jakes. Of the total, I'm keeping in my possession just under 700, although, once I reread a few, they may be donated as well. I joked that this was just the 'first cut'!

And once the temperature drops to the mid-70's, the SU and I will go over to storage and really clean it out. I mean, really....we haven't needed any of this stuff in almost four years; why do we need to hang onto it? Time to be ruthless in cutting out the 'stuff'.

Tomorrow, I've got Olivia Stark on my blog and Thursday, it will be Indiana author Liz Flaherty's turn. Be nice to these ladies and I'll try to pop in when I can during this crazy week.

Oh, did I mention I've also been invited to be on Blog Talk Radio on Sept 2nd, talking about Emotional Abuse? I'll try to post the link on Wednesday.

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Congrats on the Blog Talk Radio. How exciting!