Friday, August 6, 2010

Opening Sept 2010!

This is Mockingbird Emporium, the future home of our town's one and only used bookstore:) Two friends of mine, fellow authors J Travis Grundon and BC Brown, have decided to put our dream in motion and plans are to open next month. I'm not sure how involved I will be, but I've made it known I will be more than willing to help with inventory, counter help, whatever needs to be done. I'm also donating the majority of my books.

Future events are still being discussed, so look for more news later this month. With the hubby applying for disability due to his sight, one college student, a sophomore in HS, and a youngling entering 1st grade, I'll be able to spend as much time here as possible, as long as I'm home in time to fix dinner and supervise homework.

No Friday Flashback this week:
Remember, I was only four and a half; my memories are still sketchy for the month of August 1970! Heading up to Purdue next weekend; I'll get out the photo albums and ask my mom more questions:)

Happy birthday to Miss Drama Queen (9) and Mr. Energy (8)!! I learned yesterday they are spending the next six months with an aunt in Wisconsin, so hope they do well in school up there!

Have a good weekend; I'll be at the Watermelon Festival tomorrow, so I'll be back on Monday:)


Linda Kage said...

Your giving up a MAJORITY of your books? Gasps. Wow. I'm in awe of your willpower.

Still...owning a bookstore would be so awesome. Of course, I'd try to buy the entire inventory.

Molly Daniels said...

Most of them have been boxed up and in storage for the past three years. Of course, when I go to unpack them, it may be a different story, LOL:) I may fill a box or two with 'must reread'!

Sandra Cox said...

Molly, that is so cool! And I love the name.

anny cook said...

Congratulations on the book store! And best wishes. That was my dream a long time ago...