Wednesday, August 25, 2010

No, I Did Not Drop Off The Planet...

I've just been incredibly busy!

Sat: Didn't sell anything at the Farmer's Market, but did some major networking. The Mayor came by; I snagged his attention after texting (yes, Molly's learned to slloooowwwwllly text!) Travis and BC to get their collective butts back to my booth asap. I introduced myself and asked if he'd heard about the new bookstore. He'd heard a rumor, so when T and B showed up, he spent several minutes talking to us about books, our writing paths, and promised to show up for Opening Day.

I also met the new publisher of our (tiny) local newspaper, who told me he'd spoken to T. But T claims he left a voice message; no word as yet if the two have actually communicated in person or by phone. The new publisher is very Main Street-oriented; he agrees more local coverage needs to be given to businesses who are trying to revive our historic downtown.

Sun: Moderated a 6-hour chat and everyone had a blast. Well, except for my family, who kept interrupting me to fix dinner, mediate problems with two younglings...and did NOT appreciate my outburst "I'm working! You can pause the damn TV for a minute!" Unfortunately, that didn't seem to matter; Mom still had to multi-task.

Mon: BC traded vehicles with her niece, and we drove to Martinsville, IN to retrieve my books from storage. Stopped at Chili's for lunch and had prearranged to meet one of my friends. Well, we walked in, and another friend of ours was also enjoying lunch! Asked him if he and his friend would be willing to help us; they gladly followed us afterward and helped load the heavy boxes into the pickup truck.

Tues: Went over to the bookstore and spent four hours cataloguing six boxes of books (out of 30!), then went over to Guild meeting. Got home in time to eat steak, and went to bed.

Today: Insomniac night; too much caffeine in my system! I've only had maybe 3 hours of sleep! Kenzie is also being interviewed today at The Romance Room at 7pm this evening, so drop by??

And then this afternoon, I'm heading back to the bookstore for some more cataloguing. Play nicely while I'm occupied:)


Unknown said...

Busy, busy, busy! Have fun with the bookstore.

Linda Kage said...

Oh, man. I'm going to miss Kenzie's interview tonight. 7pm is when Ms. Lydia grows tired and begins to get cranky. Then it's bath time, bottle time and bed time. But maybe I can catch up on the interview tomorrow morning.

Molly Daniels said...

LOL:) I plan to copy/paste it for my own files...I'll send you a copy Linda:)

Amber, found out my hours will most likely be from 10-2pm every day, more maybe once a week, and more hours on Saturday. And with the free wifi...I can get a lot of writing accomplished during the down time:)

Carol Preflatish said...

Make sure and let me know when the bookstore opens. If it's on a weekend, I might try and make it.

Sandra Cox said...

A six hour Chat! Wow! Good job, Molly!