Saturday, May 3, 2008

Anniversary Plans...

I also forgot to mention yesterday that one of my favorite rock bands was on the CBS Early Show! Hubby and I...well, okay, just me...rocked out to their tunes through out the newscast! Just wish they'd instigated 'no commercial interruption'...

Tonight we're dining at Applebees. I plan on drinking a chocolate martini; eating mini-chicken sandwich appetizers; Tyler Florence's Bruschetta Burger; finishing dinner off with a mudslide, since they no longer have their 'death by chocolate' cake.

But daughter thoughtfully made a Pampered Chef Brownie dessert that melts in your mouth...yes, she's already given me a sample!

And maybe I'll finally watch one of my 'chick-flick' DVD's?

Barb asked how I've managed to not maim him after 17 years. For one thing, he's taller than I and outweighs me by 250 pounds. I've often thought of the iron skillet to the head while he's sleeping, trust me! But he is the one who's providing the income; he's also a good father, and even has days when he professes to love me. After 17 years, we've settled into more of a companionship type relationship, and have days where we're really better off not speaking to each other for several hours. But he is the man I married; the man I chose to father my children; the man who admits he wishes my books would hit the shelves ala Harry Potter.

Yes, we've had our problems. And yes, I've often thought of getting out of the marriage. But I was blessed (cursed?) with a stubborn streak, and the ability to see all sides of an arguement. And part of the reason I've stayed is the fear I wouldn't be able to write, work a full-time job, and still provide a good home for my children. So my stubbornness kicks in, along with my easy-going attitude, and I deal with whatever happens.

Even when friends question my sanity.

But when I had the life-threatening car wreck 8 years ago, he was in tears, apologizing for everything he'd ever said wrongly to me.

And I remind him of this from time to time, when Life is stretching us in opposite directions.


barbara huffert said...

No more death by chocolate cake? Where'd it go? I was there last night but we never got around to dinner let alone dessert. The mother ship returned early to take my um,compainion back to whatever planet it was he came from.

Have a wonderful evening!

Molly Daniels said...

I take it back. It IS still on the menu! The kids and I split one, and the toddler ate the whipped cream from my drink.

Sorry your evening didn't go as planned, but I think I ate enough for you too:)