Saturday, May 10, 2008

Memory Returns:)

Currently Reading: Nethergate by Norah Lofts. And yes, still reading Jodi's book. I'm halfway through it:)

Velvet Song! That was the name of the book! The others were Highland Velvet (Bronwen and Stephen) and Velvet Angel (Mary and Miles). I'm still blanking on Gavin and Judith's title, but it had Velvet in it! Loved that series! Hell, I love all of Jude Deveraux's books....

"Hey Mom...Look what I Found!"
My daughter arrived home last night with a friend...a baby black labrador puppy. Why?

"The owners weren't home, and the neighbors said she always gets out of her fenced-in yard. So I brought her home so she wouldn't get hit by a car."

Wouldn't the neighbors take care of her?

"They didn't offer. Can we leave a note on their door?"

HELL YES! We have more than enough pets!

So I wrote the note, and she stuck it on the puppy owner's door.

And throughout the evening, our 9-year old black lab, Lucky, growled whenever 'Puppy' got too close; 'Puppy' piddled on the kitchen floor and left S a 'present' in the utility room; 'Puppy' nipped at everyone's heels and got her little nose smacked; 'Puppy' happily curled up under S's bed. Mikey and Pinky felt neglected and kept S awake with their nocturnal chattering.

This morning, 'Puppy' decided I was up way too early and woke up S when I made coffee. Lucky was highly offended the newcomer used her feed bowl to eat breakfast in; I ended up putting Lucky outside so the rest of the household would stay asleep! And even after two trips outside to do her business, 'Puppy' still piddled on the floor again. By this time, everyone else was up and enjoying pancakes. S and my toddler got dressed and took 'Puppy' back to her owners, who were happy to have her back, and apologized for the delay; they hadn't returned home until late last evening and were just about to come get her!

My question is, now that 'Puppy' knows where we live, will she become a frequent visitor everytime she decides to tunnel under her fence? She now has a chew toy at our house; she's been disciplined by an Alpha Female of her own breed; and my daughter is totally in love with her. 'Puppy' could almost be a clone of Lucky...she even has a patch of white on her chest, just like Lucky! But I really don't want to house-break another puppy...even though we got started again last night...

And the bad part about it? I found myself coming up with names: Pepper, Rascal, and Feisty.

Time will tell, I guess...

New Word:
There's a new word at our house.


Any guesses? The toddler came up with it.

"I want a peanny butter swammitch."

And Happy Early Mother's Day to all you moms out there! May you be blessed with all the 'swammitches', 'pantakes', and 'frowers' tomorrow and everyday!

I've already received a pretty purple azalea that the toddler picked out. And since the dandelions are flourishing, I've been blessed with many beautiful bouquets. Hubby just realized, after 17 years, that yes, our anniversary and Mother's Day are a week apart.

"You mean I have to take you out to dinner AGAIN?"

Yup. Oh, and I get to spend the afternoon either at the computer or watching the DVD of my choice! And housework? Isn't that why we have teenagers now?


barbara huffert said...

When I was growing up we had to puppy visitors that always showed up on holidays and only on holidays. Their names? Pepper and Lucky. Lol! They'd spend the day and then we'd take them back down the hill to their home.

Amarinda Jones said...

I think I would have to move to avoid a constant puppy visitor

Have a good mother's day