Sunday, May 18, 2008

Restaurant Rant

To the manager of La Fiesta:

I am only 25 pounds overweight. Why did your waiter feel it necessary to cut off my food intake? I still had two nachos, semi-loaded with chicken and cheese, on my plate. I looked away for a moment to discipline my toddler and when I turned back, my plate was missing.

I would have appreciated a gentle, 'may I take your plate', or even an 'are you finished with that?' but no, he assumed incorrectly that I was finished.

Just because the rest of my family had finished eating did not indicate that I was too. I'm a mom with a 4-year-old (who has the attention span of a gnat while eating in restaurants sometimes!) and sometimes it takes me longer to eat than the rest of my family. Especially since your restaurant does not supply crayons or speedy kid service.

In fact, your waiter forgot to bring his child's plate. We had to ask for it twice. He also was not very prompt in offering refills on drinks.

So do not look for a return visit from us anytime soon.


A disgruntled (and still slightly hungry) customer.

She's Home!
In other news, Operation Cross the Border apparently went smoothly. Mom reported last night my sister and her family were in the air, and headed for Chicago to change planes. They should have arrived in Indianapolis around eleven-thirty last night.

Let's just hope their luggage arrived as well!


Unknown said...

so did you tell them in person?

Phoenix said...

My thoughts precisely. Pretty sure passive aggressive won't work here.

Molly Daniels said...

You better believe we complained! Got a few items taken off the bill as well:)

But still won't be returning for a while.

And my son goes to school with the kid who took the initial complaint and summoned the mgr...he said our waiter was on his way to being fired.

barbara huffert said...

They should have offered you an order of nachos to go as well.

Unknown said...

I'm glad you told them. The waiter needs to learn and you deserve better.

When my youngest two children were little, we went to one of our favorite restaurants and ordered a hot dog and fries for each of them. The waitress brought one plate with one order of fries and two hot dogs in one bun. I was flabbergasted. I still can't imagine how we gave her that idea. Of course, we made her bring another plate of food, but it took awhile to get her to understand what we wanted. I still wonder what was so hard about that?