Sunday, May 4, 2008

Prom Night

Currently Reading: I'm on p. 102 of Gracen's book, and I reread Celestine yesterday. I enjoyed it, and I should not have read it semi-tired. I'm also loving By the Light of a Thousand Stars!

Critter Watch: Our robin's nest either fell down, or was knocked down. We found only one fledgling on the ground. And what we thought were cardinals turned out to be purple finches. The babies are growing!

Around here, it was last night. While we were at dinner, many young people entered the restaurant in tuxedoes, beautiful evening gowns, and sporting corsages.

My son's eyes nearly popped out when he saw the cleavage; my youngest son liked the sparkley gowns. And the one gown which mainly consisted of a flap of fabric for a bodice, held in place with two strings tied at the back, while the rest of the gown flowed around her ankles earned the comment, "Thank God she had it on the right way!" from my hubby.

My tomboy daughter didn't say much. But then, she's not fashion-conscious yet.

If I'd had the camera out, I would have taken a picture of the Johnny Depp-look-alike who held the door for me when we left! But the baby had decorated the front of my shirt with ice cream, so I was in a hurry to return home.

My oldest will be eligible to ask a date next year. But he's showing a strong tendancy to take after his father..."What's the big deal? I'd rather stay up all night and play Guitar Hero!"

Think he'll change his mind in the next two years?


barbara huffert said...

Cleavage does amazing things to a young man. Now that he's noticed, he may rethink the opting for Guitar Hero thing.

jackie said...

Are you sure that the Boy was wiping his mouth from his meal, or just drool?

Jean Hart Stewart said...

Great blog, Molly. You're going to have so much fun with this kid. Jean