Friday, May 9, 2008

The Crown has been Passed!

Currently Reading: I'm doing a no-no. I'm reading Darkness Brings the Dawn by Jodi Leisure Minton. Why a no-no? I was supposed to watch Phantom of the Opera first! But still haven't made the time to sit down for 2 hours and watch a DVD. I met Jodi at a writer's conference in 2006, and bought her book last year. I'm on chapter 4, and it's bringing back memories of one of my favorite Jude Deveraux books (and I'm blanking on the title!'s the one about Alex, who's a songwriter, and ends up being forced to masquerade as a boy...there are 4 book in the series...Judith, Bronwen, Alex, and Mary. Ring any bells?).

Critter Watch: Our baby purple finches have all flown the nest! Hubby gently took down the hanging basket to check on them, and one looked up, panicked, and flew to the next house! He hastily put the basket back, and then watched Mama Finch coaxing her youngling to fly to her on the fence. The next day, the other two babies ventured out, and they have not returned. It was fun watching them grow up!

Pinky and Mikey: Pinky had an adventure...he disappeared into the couch! After five minutes of chasing him, he was finally caught and returned to the cage. And Mikey is putting on weight; he has trouble wiggling his hind end through the wires of the cage.

Just when you thought you were safe at Tribal Council...
Oh, the treachery of four older women! Ganging up on poor, gullible Erik last night on Survivor!

I was watching, and thought, "Yep...Erik's a goner." But all of a sudden, he wins Immunity. But wait...the promos and TV Guide both said a 'shocking tribal council'. So...????

I turned to my hubby during commercial and said, "I wonder if someone convinces Erik to GIVE UP the necklace...and they vote him out?"

And you know? That's EXACTLY what happened! We were cheering and laughing at the poor kid, being duped like that. You have to admit; they played him well last night! As James crowed, "My reign as 'Dumbest Survivor Ever' is over!"

Welcome, King Erik...NEVER, EVER, give up that immunity necklace, unless you KNOW you have the immunity idol in your hot little hands!

Whew...with all the blindsides this season, I wonder what next season has in store? Or maybe they are already shooting, so I'll have to wait until next winter to see if anyone learns from this one?

Sunday's finale should be a good one!


Amarinda Jones said...

Ever thought of going on Survivor yourself?

Molly Daniels said...

Oh hell no. I don't do camping! My idea of camping is with a camper or at least pitching the tent in a KOA...showers and swimming pool!

And esp not after I read a certain book which had a ghost camper, ha ha...

barbara huffert said...

Camping is a hotel without room service.

barbara huffert said...
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Amarinda Jones said...

yes, camping is just wrong. I do like the mind games they have on the show though

Kelly Kirch said...

That was the best survivor EVER!!

I laughed so hard and stupid little Erik and they wise ways of women. I especially enjoyed Cherie's comment "My momma taught me you may not always beat a man with these (point to muscles) but you can always beat him with this (points to temple)" Yes indeedy!!!

Poor silly, gullible, guilt-ridden Erik. And the WHOLE JURY was laughing at him when he did it. You would think it might have tipped him off.