Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Super Tuesday:)

Currently Reading: Just bought Servant of Magic by Elyssa Lynne, Sorority Girl Pledge by Cheryl Dragon, Fairy Dust by Tielle St. Clair, Demon Wind by Kay Wilde, Redemption: Fallen by Brynn Paulin, and Solstice Seduction: Celtic Fire by Bronwyn Green. That ought to keep me busy for a while...

First, Barb's 'Totally Tasteless Limerick'
There once was an author from Reading
Whose latest release Beyond Meddling
Is about Evan and Be
She's more confident than he
Will they ever go farther than necking?

Or this version...
There once was an author from Reading
Whose latest release Beyond Meddling
Is about Evan and Be
She's more confident than he
Will he whip it out and show her his ding-a-ling?

Other Publishing News:
Forbidden Love got another rejection.
"...while I find your story compelling, I am not enthusiastic enough about it to offer you a contract at this time. "

That's okay. I had it sent to a contemporary romance editor, and as I stated last week, my book is not a romance book! So I'm not upset; I'll simply send it off with the label 'women's fiction' and see how it does with a new publisher!

I'm off to the fair!
Well, not until August, anyway! Just got word that I will be a part of the Author Showcase at our Indiana State Fair:) I'll be exhibiting on August 17th, from 5-7 pm! I noticed there are some open slots still available...wonder if I could do another day as well, if they let me? I love the State Fair, and used to go every year. And when I was published, a few friends wondered if I would be at our local fair. But the booth rental was waaaaaay out of my budget! But the only thing I'll have to pay out of pocket will be parking and food expenses. And if I can get my mom to meet us, she can take the kids to the Midway while I'm working!

Thank You US Treasury!
Our check arrived yesterday! That means...
-license plates for the van
-Transmission replaced
-a few medical bills paid
-ink in my printer
-the pictures in my camera printed and put on CD; memory card wiped
-E-books purchased...maybe another 6??
-freezer stocked with meat!

And my sister and her family will be arriving tomorrow night for a 3-day visit! I'm not sure if I'll be cooking tomorrow night, or if we will go out. I'll call her later today and see what she wants to do. Thursday, we're off to a local amusement park with just the toddlers. My daughter went last week with her class, so I don't feel guilty for leaving her behind. But my older son has finals and absolutely can't go. I'll have to bring him back something special, or make it up to him this summer. Maybe a return trip later this summer?


Amarinda Jones said...

Good attitude - you will find the right home for it soon

barbara huffert said...

Maybe it's just me but both limericks still make me chuckle.

Molly Daniels said...

Told hubby we needed ink in the printer and he asked 'what do you need to print out?'

'My rejections...I'm going to start using them for replacement tiles in the bathroom!'

We live in an older home and the tiles around the non-working bathtub have fallen off, and neither the landlord nor hubby want to replace them. So why not turn it into my 'Wall of Fame', and keep track of whom I sent what MS?

Smut Girl said...

Great attitude. That's the spirit. You are a busy bee, aren't you? And you read so much I feel both humbled and envious. I love to read. When I can stay awake long enough to do it--which isn't much when I'm busy like recently.

Kelly Kirch said...

So will you resub as women's fiction and do you know where you are subbing to?

Molly Daniels said...

Yes...I have one publisher in mind (I already know they publish all genres) and will have to check P&E for others.