Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Tidbits of Yesterday

Currently Reading: Finished Kaenar's Jude's Choice and enjoyed it! I need to go back and reread the last two chapters, though...I was trying to hurry before dinner was ready. Next week, Dragon in the System by Cindy Spencer Pape and Sorority Girl Pledge by Cheryl Dragon. I've not been on the Loose ID site, so hopefully it will be as kind and user-friendly as Total-E-Bound and Ellora's Cave.

Also finished The Magic Formula, and I probably would have enjoyed it when I was ten! As an adult, I was able to figure out the mystery quickly; just needed the details! Next up is an interesting one called The Real Book of Spies. The only two I recognize are Nathan Hale and Mata Hari. So this should be educational.

7pm: Finished the spy book, as well as Sky Girl, by Nellie Graft, and am now into Eight Cousins by Louisa May Alcott, another one of my favs by her!

The month of May is an important one for race fans. The Indianapolis 500 events take precedent over almost everything except for our primary election day. Yes, I did vote, and yes, the race is still tight.

With election day behind us, attention shifts to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway: Qualifications, track records, the Parade, and of course, the RACE on the 25th:) I'll be sharing some of my memories over the past 23 years. Yes, this will be my 20th race. I missed out in 1997 due to having to baby-sit; 2004, due to having a 2-month-old who was still breast-feeding; and 2006 when my parents gave my ticket to a relative. But with my sister and her family arriving in ten days, and the fact that Danica Patrick has already won an Indy race in Japan, plus the fact she's nearly won the 500 twice, there is no way I'm missing this year!

Indy 500 Memories- 1977?
My mother's going to laugh at me.


For years, the Indy 500 meant only one thing: We fought traffic along Kessler Blvd in Indianapolis every year, trying to get to Grandma's house. Grandma lived off 30th St, and so my parents would simply walk to the track and leave my sister and I with Grandma. I don't remember how old I was when they first tried to instill some excitement about open-wheel racing, but I do remember being impressed when we arrived for Time Trials and Janet Guthrie was taking her practice laps.I remember wandering around the track, eating hot dogs and sitting in various seats. I had a book and was bored after a while. After all, the cars only went around in a circle, and we couldn't see all the action. So what was the point? I went back to my Nancy Drew book. Even when Mom took us up to the seats at the top of the front straightaway, I complained because it was colder and windy up there.

My sister, however, was more impressed, and the next year, saved her money to prove to my father she was serious about attending the race, and purchased her own ticket from him. I just looked at Race Day as an excuse to skip church. Even when the boy I had a crush on several years later wasn't able to come and get me! Grandma had moved to Florida by then, and I was left alone on Race Day, spending a rather boring day by myself. I've never admitted that until now.

But thankfully, I did 'come to my senses' and I love everything about the 500! Heck, I even showcased it in one of my books! think they'll ever let me join the Caravan of Celebrities either during pre-race festivities or even the 500 Parade?That would be so cool! I'd get to meet Rupert from Survivor!

Neutral Territory
My sister and I agree there are two venues in which we actually get along without an argument. One is Disney World; the other, the 500. I spoke to her on the phone last night, and she is very excited to share with her husband the craziness associated with Race Day. It's the day we laugh at drunks; scream ourselves hoarse, and pig out on junk food. We've also perfected the art of pushing our way through crowds, because in this venue, being too polite will cause you to lose your place in line; get shoved toward the wrong entrance; or even have your pocket picked! You also have to watch out for beer being spilled from above.

Switching Gears...
I went shopping with Jackie yesterday. She bought tomato plants, potting soil, new sandals, and even a child-sized lawn chair for my toddler. She even bought me a new pair of sandals and a much-needed Reecee Cup. Why the sandals? They were on sale for $6 and I'd opened up my big mouth and mentioned how I'd wanted a red pair to match one of the shirts I wear with my Capri pants. And there was no trying to put them back on the shelf, so I finally gave in. My toddler has now fallen in love with them, and was happily clomping around the house in them last night.

I was also asked why the Prom memories. The CBS Morning Show has been doing Prom Memories for the anchors, and Monday was Julie Chen's trip down memory lane (1987); Tuesday, Harry Smith took us back to 1969; today was Russ Mitchell's turn, 1978. Tomorrow will be Dave Price (1983??) and Friday, Maggie Rodriguez (1987). So yeah, my mornings have been full of good music and what was happening in the world in these years.


Ashley Ladd said...

My daughters, especially the older one, would love to be with you to see the Indy 500. She loves races. We just got back from Daytona Beach, and she was fascinated by the Daytona race track and wants to go back for an actual race. Guess I'll have to take her.

Amarinda Jones said...

Ok - I don't understand why people want to watch cars go round and round and round and round on a race track. Wasn't once around enough?

jackie said...

a pic of those little feet in your big red shoes would make such a nice post, Molly. He did look cute.

Molly Daniels said...

Tell her to come on up, Ashley:) We've got an extra ticket!

It's all about the excitement, the atmosphere, and acting crazy in public where no one cares...and the one time per year I get to see my dad loosen up a little:)