Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Prom: Mixed Reviews

Currently Reading: Finished Winter Hearts last night. WOW! I especially loved the last scene in chapter 9...and Quill's character...I'm fanning myself. He's now up on the pedestal of favorite heroes! Kaenar's book is next. And I've only read the first chapter of The Missing Formula.

First of all, to all my readers in Indiana...Go VOTE! I did something rather rude yesterday. I hung up rather emphatically on a pollster.

"Can we count on your vote tomorrow?"

"ABSOLUTELY NOT!" and I slammed the phone down.

Nope, not going to tell you which candidate it was.

Prom Memories:
My son said, rather snottily the other day, "Oh, I suppose your Prom was a fairy-tale and all moonlight and roses."

Actually, he couldn't have been more wrong. My original date had cancelled out on my four days before the event; he couldn't get out of a prior committment to his Community Theatre group. Not a problem; I actually did have a back-up. So after being stunned by his news before school started on Monday, I went promptly to the guy I'd worked in the library with for two years and asked him to take me.

But there were problems.

-He'd had his driver's license suspended the previous week. "No problem; my mom will drive."
-He had a girlfriend in another town. "Call her and ask her if I can borrow you for a few hours."
-I needed a definite answer by Wednesday, as I was going on a field trip on Thursday, and wouldn't see him.
-"What am I going to do about a tux?" "Just wear a suit; I don't care!"

We ate dinner at a pizza place; my mom followed us around in all of the corners, snapping pictures (she was one of the chaperones). Neither of us really knew how to dance, and since he was a junior, he really didn't know anyone except by reputation, and being a rebel, he was not impressed when the majority of people we mingled with were either on the basketball team or the band!

And the kicker? We skipped the after-prom and went home. My mother gets a phone call at 3am, informing her that her daughter is not at the school!

"I know...she's home in bed! Yes, I'm sure...we're six miles out of town; she doesn't have her license; I guarrentee she's in her room, sound asleep!"

And out of all the college formal dances I attended, the one that came the closest to the 'fairy tale' ended in a shouting match between my two best friends, because one was dating the other's brother. My date, for whatever reason, decided to get in the middle of their fight, and cut short our romantic evening.

Some of my favorite books in jr high and high school were written by Rosamund Du Jardin and Anne Emery. Forgive me...I can't remember whose characters where whose, but I loved reading about Tobey, Marcy, Pam and Penny, and Sally and Jean getting ready for their respective formal dances with the love of their lives. Did anyone else read these authors? What were your favorite books that made you look forward to certain future events?


Unknown said...

why did you hang up on them? And yes everyone should vote - esp women - the Suffragettes went through a bloody lot to get women the vote

barbara huffert said...

Um, you neglected to tell us if you voted. Nope, not asking who, just if you did.

Formal dances at any age...not my thing. I always volunteered to work for everyone else those nights.