Friday, May 16, 2008


Currently Reading: Still on The Mallan Girl. Didn't read yesterday, but my TBB list grew a page and now stands at #98 books. I've got to stop reading excerpts for a while...or my friends have got to stop writing for a few months...or I just need to buy them faster?

I'm thankful it's Friday for several reasons. First of all tomorrow is the day my sister and her family arrive after 5 long years away inside the arctic circle:) all fairness, they've been in Vancouver for the past nine months! But next week, I'll get to meet my niece, whom I've only seen in pictures and spoken to by phone. And rebond with my nephew, whom I dubbed 'the cutest nephew west of the Mississippi' and later 'north of the border', ha ha:)

Secondly, this has been a long week! I worked on revisions on Monday and Tuesday; Wednesday I goofed off (blame Cindy Spencer Pape, ha ha! Couldn't put her book down!); yesterday I posted 11 various excerpts and attended a networking webinar that was very informative.

Lastly, it's noon and I've kicked the housework into high gear. Laundry that's not been done since Monday; cleaning Crayola marker off walls and doors (toddlers helped!); and getting my kitchen back under control!

And I hope that rebate check gets here so we can take my van to the shop! Plus, hubby's already said he has a taste for Long John Silver's tonight. Means I don't have to cook! More music to my ears!

What's on your agenda for the weekend? It looks as if I'll be spending some time on the phone on Sunday:)


barbara huffert said...

Yep, I'm still not altogether here. I read your blog earlier and thought your chat was today and then I couldn't understand why it was so quiet.

Have a fun visit with your family. I'll be icing my head and trying to get excited about my release on Monday.

Molly Daniels said...

I'll be excited for you...shall I send my foot-rubber over? He certainly cures K's migrains! Hope you feel better:)

Unknown said...

I love and adore Friday and the thought that I do not have to go to pukeable work. I have much writing to do

Unknown said...

I absolutely LOVE Long John Silver's fish. If I weren't eating Chinese right now, I'd be drooling.

Molly Daniels said...

I'm not a fish eater. I love their chicken planks! No rebate check yet; we opted for Papa John's pizza.