Monday, May 5, 2008

I'm Busy

Currently Reading: I highly recommend By the Light of a Thousand Stars!! Go to Amazon or your local bookstore and see if they carry it! It is an inspirational novel; no romance, but it carries a wonderful message! I'm also beginning a box full of old children's books. Tom Sawyer, which I'm not reading as I've already read it several times; Sky King, which I may try; and the one I just pulled out, The Missing Formula, by Ann Wirt. Written on the inside is a loving note to my great-grandmother and dated Dec 1939! I just checked the copyright...1932!

E-book: Winter Hearts! Finally:) Oh, and I finished Gracen's book, The Devil's Den. Dakota, you might enjoy it! It's violent, and definitely not for the faint at heart. Read in the light of day, and happily munching on Chex Mix (I know...odd choice for reading vampire novels!), it didn't creep me out as much as it did the other morning! I liked it, and am glad I kept reading. Also bought Kaenar Langford's Jude's Choice.

I woke up in hausfrau mode. I stripped my bed completely and have already completed three out of maybe nine loads of laundry.

I went walking with the Head Start group and walked 5 miles.

I've answered five personal emails.

I paid bills (fun, fun...).

We're doing leftovers for dinner. There's spaghetti, pork loin, and tacos.

The weather is the 70's!

And as soon as I get through posting, we're heading to the store for dog food and other household items, including getting my ink cartridge refilled so I can do my edits! Plus, I get to finally buy Anny Cook's Winter Hearts!

TV tonight: One Tree Hill.


Amarinda Jones said...

Good Luck with the edits

jackie said...

LEFT-Overs? Can JOhn and I come. I KNOW how you cook. left-overr from you = gourmet!

barbara huffert said...

Next time the urge hits could you head to my house? It's much more fun to do someone else's than cleaning your own.

Sandra Cox said...

Geez, the part about cleaning and paying bills sounds like my day, unfortunately:) The damn maid never shows up:)