Friday, May 2, 2008

Friday Stuff

Had insomnia again last night. Got up at 3 to let the dog out and my brain decided to churn in fifteen different directions. So after an hour, I decided to quit fighting it and just got out of bed. Read AJ's Seducing Celestine, and while I love all of her books, I found myself skimming over most of this one. Don't get me wrong; the writing is terrific. But I liked Theif of Mine just a little better than this one. And yes, I promise to reread it again, when it's not the middle of the night! I usually read all my e-books several times; I just don't document the rereads. So don't take my word for this one. I know others have read it and loved it. I just happened to love the first two or 3 chapters and then my brain apparently went to sleep again.

I also started Gracen Miller's The Devil's Den, and I started out confused at first. But as I said, I think my brain was finally trying to go back to sleep, so I did the unforgivable...I scrolled down to the last two pages and read what I suspected was going to happen. Come on...don't roll your eyes...surely I'm not the only one to admit I've read the ending before getting all the way through the book! Only this was the first time I've done it to an e-book. So forgive me, Gracen...I promise to go back to page 54 and read all the way's dark and violent, and probably should not be read at 5am, before the sun comes up!

One of our robins hatched! Only...there's no sign of the fledgling. Of course, we haven't really looked in the do so, we have to hoist the camera up and record it. No one is tall enough to see into it, and it's in an awkward spot, under the eaves, and since a bush is in the way, a ladder is useless.

Tomorrow is our 17th wedding anniversary. With the disappointment of yesterday, I've been promised a nice celebration meal. I wonder if I can persuade him to take me out of town? I'm thinking either Texas Roadhouse or Olive Garden. Of course, Applebees here in town would also be nice. I could use a chocolate martini.

I'm not much of a drinker these days...two White Russians or one glass of wine before dinner and I'm Very Mellow...but I was pissed off/depressed enough yesterday to seriously consider taking myself to the liquor store. But since it was Survivor night, the urge passed.

But I've never been seriously drunk. Which is probably a good thing. I've never experienced a killer hangover, or spent time 'praying to the porceline goddess', as we used to call getting sick afterwards. I've never passed out from drinking, nor not remembered what I did. I have, however, not CARED what I was doing, but that's another story!

No, I'm the responsible one who makes sure everyone gets home in one piece, and fills in the sordid details to everyone the next morning. And yes, I'll admit to the night I drove home from a staff party at 2 am and stopped at a green light, but drove right through the red one!

Where was I going with this? I have no idea. Yesterday was enough to drive me to drink massive quantities of alcohol.

But my adult side kicked in and I took my daughter to the store for one last notebook; we watched Survivor and I did two batches of laundry.

I'm functional when I'm depressed and pissed off at the world!

Time for a nap...oh wait...I've still got laundry to do. And some more writing on my short story. I'm thisclose to the end:)

Have a good weekend everyone:)


Lisa Logan said...

Happy almost anniversary, Molly! White Russians, juicy novels, and hatching robins...getting these in the same post takes some real creative thinking! LOL.Loved the blog. Thanks for posting.

jackie said...

happy anniversary! And being that most of the individuals in your house are WAY over the 5'9"-5'11", just how is that you can't see it. I didn't think their was anything you guys could see.

Amarinda Jones said...
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barbara huffert said...

17 years and you haven't even attempted to mame him yet? Or have you and you're just not telling? Congrats and good for you for skipping the massive quatities of alcohol. Buzzed is swell but full-on hangovers suck.

Amarinda Jones said...
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