Friday, May 30, 2008

Lazy Friday

Currently Reading: Both Servant of Magic and Fairy Dust are fantastic! I'm diving into Bronwyn's book later today. And hubby bought me a flash drive, so I can now put all my e-books onto it, rather than have several floppy disks. As he said, the next computer may not have floppy drives; I'd better get with the times! So....where's my e-reader? $20 or $200...yeah, he made the right choice for the moment!

I had such a productive day yesterday! I sent off another submission and made the final edits to another one. What sparked the burst of creativity? My family went to help some friends build a fence around their yard and left me alone for ten, uninterrupted hours! I cranked up the music, shut down the internet, and wrote.

I missed out on pizza, but I ate a peanut butter sandwich and kept going. Now I understand how people forget to eat when they are working!

In all fairness, I was expecting the family home around 5, so I'd laid out a pork loin. I've not had to cook for a week, and thought I'd dust off my culinary skills. But when they called and said they wouldn't be home, I went ahead and cooked it anyway. I just didn't eat any of it. It now sits in the fridge, sliced and marinating some more until tonight. Or I may serve it for lunch.

Today, I'm watching 3 small children until later this afternoon. Since I need to get off of here and give them my attention, check all blogs to the right and see what everyone else is up to. I discovered I won one of the prizes in Mona Risk's contest, and the news brightened my day!


Ashley Ladd said...

I'm leaving for Cincinnati tomorrow and I'll be at Lori Foster's event next weekend. Are you still going to attend? I look forward to meeting you.

barbara huffert said...

I love it when the rest of the world ceases to exist like that. Good for you! And where can you send them next?