Friday, May 23, 2008

Fantastic Day:)

I know; I said that already. But it was late when I posted, so I'm doing it again!

First stop after arriving in the park was the stroller rental. I had my stroller, but since it's only a single-seater, my BIL rented a wagon for the other two kids. Let me restate: My nephew D is 5; my son W is 4; and niece R is 2 1/2, which made it very handy as R was free, and I'd gone to the website and found out if we brought Pepsi cans, it knocked $7 off the admission price.

Computer is throwing a fit. I'll be back.

4PM- After fighting with the home PC, I gave up and came to the library. So if I exceed my time limit, forgive me and I'll continue later.

We first took the kids to Rudolph's Ranch, the kiddie area, and R and W went on practically everything in sight. D is slightly shy and was content to stay with his mom and watch his sister and cousin having fun.

We then ventured into the Halloween area and got something to drink. Wendy, W, and I rode the scrambler. R wanted to come at first, but had left the line to hang out with her dad and therefore missed out on the fun. She wasn't happy about it at first, but as my BIL says, her attention span is about the size of a gnat's, and was easily distracted. We were able to ride the antique cars twice, and the kids 'drove'.

My son was wearing his Pangnirtung t-shirt and the attendant commented on it. She was astonished to learn that two of the three adults used to live in the Arctic and while the kids were riding, got the condensed version of life among the Inuit.

We tried to have lunch at the Plymoth Rock Cafe in the Thanksgiving area, but they were closed. We all went on the Gobbler Getaway ride twice...turns out we were using our turkey guns incorrectly! The second time through, we all managed to get at least 200 points (Gobbler Wannabees!)

Lunch was finally accomplished back in Christmas town, at the Kringle Kafe. Then we headed to Holidog's Treehouse to turn the kids loose on the playground and have some ice cream. Everyone but myself rode the kiddie coaster, and we also went on the Freedom Train and Holidog's cars.

I wanted to ride the Revolution, which is a roundup. You stand in a cage; the whole thing spins and tips on its side at a 45-degree angle! I rode it twice in a row, although I had to close my eyes at the start and mentally tell myself, "I like this ride...I like this ride!" The kids with me were asking each other if they'd ever thrown up on a ride before; I was seriously considering waiting until they got off before riding it!

The last thing ride was the Raging Rapids, and poor R and I got the wettest! And that water was COLD! We dried off in the sunshine and bought souveniers before exiting the park. I had to physically drag my child out of there....I was hoping to get a picture of us all in front of the Santa Clause statue, but a large crowd was gathered, and R was asleep so we skipped it.

Drove home and picked up my family. Ate dinner at Long John Silvers...there is none in either Canada or the state of Washington, Wendy says, and she's been craving LJS for 5 years now. Returned to her motel room and let the kids go swimming in the indoor pool until 9pm.

Needless to say, all the kids slept very well last night!

And found out my family took bets on when my sister would get on my nerves. So far she hasn't, but I did tell her good-naturedly to 'shut up' when I wanted to buy her kids T-shirts, and she tried to talk me out of it. But later, R's came in handy when Wendy forgot to pack her PJ's!

They went back to our parents' home this morning; I'll be seeing them again when I drive up tomorrow. We have a graduation party to stop at in the late afternoon, and the race on Sunday, so don't know if I'll be able to access the internet. Wendy, Chris, and D will be in my old room; R will have the den; K will be on the couch; S the loveseat; W and I will be on the blow-up mattress on the floor. So mom's house will be stuffed with people! K's talking about pitching his tent in the backyard; we just hope it doesn't rain! So don't panic if I'm incommunicado for a few days!

Have a great Memorial Weekend, and go Danica and Marco!


barbara huffert said...

Sounds like you had a great time!

Ashley Ladd said...

Sounds like you had fun. :)

I love LSJ. Although we have a couple in Ft. Lauderdale, none are too close. At least they're close enough if I have an unstoppable craving. When I visit Cincinnati for Lori's event, I'll have to get my favorite Frisch's Buddy Boy sandwich (ham with their special sauce), White Castles, and United Dairy Farmer's rainbow sherbet. It's been four + years since I've had any of them.