Monday, December 29, 2008

Christmas Recovery

Currently Reading: I'll treat myself to more Gentle Control later today. And got a surprise in the mail; I'd won Elaine Charton's EZ Lovin' back in October/November, but for some reason my PC would not accept her file! I told her I'd just go ahead and purchase it at a later date. Yesterday, I arrived home and found a package waiting for me; she'd sent me the print version! So thank you Elaine; I'll get to it this week!

Step One: Sleep late
Step Two: Put away just enough toys to create walking path through house
Step Three: When kids wake up, feed them leftover cake for breakfast and put in new DVD for them to watch
Step Four: Drink coffee and boot up new computer
Step Five: Wade through 50 emails; only 8 are worth reading
Step Six: Post blog
Step Seven: Read and comment on blogmate's posts
Step Eight: Get dressed
Step Nine: Once teens are up, begin Operation Clean-Up, finding a place for all new electronic equipment, toys, clothing items, and other stuff acquired the past 4 days
Step Ten: Return two items and figure out how to creatively disguise turkey meat for dinner, as everyone is sick of eating it!

As you can tell, I'm only up to level Six. And the spousal unit just walked in the door; the jobsite is basically under water! Thank God...with two extra kids in the house, PLUS an extra teen, having another adult in the house to back me up will be wonderful once we get started putting everything away!

Today's Stupid Saying: (Thought this was appropriate for this group! Esp Sommer...)
Ride a Giant Weiner to the Land of Smiles!
-headline in the Charlotte News-about riding around town in the Oscar Meyer Weiner Mobile

Enjoy your day! Hopefully I'll have good news to report tomorrow.


Sandra Cox said...

Step 1 and 4 my favs. Enjoy your new computer!

Regina Carlysle said...

You got a new computer???? YAY!!!!

Anny Cook said...

Ah, the weiner mobile! I loved that back when... Enjoy the new computer!