Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A Fluke? We'll See...

Currently Reading: OMG! I am loving Rita Karnopp's Sacred Ground! I admittedly held off opening the file because I couldn't remember what it was about. All I knew was it had a symbol by the title, which, in my TBB list means 'excellent excerpt'! So I opened it...and had to force myself to step away from the computer after chapter 3, otherwise suffer the consequenses of not putting the dog outside in time (know what I mean? Wink...)! I'm currently on chapter 10. Definitely get this one! It's available at Eternal Press, and all about how love and patience can overcome initial predjudice. I'm not even halfway through it and I already love it!

Thanks for stopping by yesterday, Wendi and Jami:) Yes, I'll be reading your books by the end of the month, providing my hubby keeps working! Just checked; there are currently 82 titles on that list at the moment. At this rate, by next June I'll have read (bought??) all but 10...and that depends on other authors I know who have releases out next year. Ack! Either they need to slow down or I need to start buying (reading?) faster! Or, here's an idea, Mol...stay off the chat loops for a while???

I managed to write 900 words yesterday! And had to contact 3 government offices plus a lawyer for research. The lawyer's info I have already incorporated. And yes, this time I will remember his name! I've already jotted it down as a PS in the manuscript, so I can properly thank him when the thing is published! Why is this important? While working on another one last year, I literally went through the phone book to find a lawyer to ask about a certain issue. And now I can't remember which one finally returned my call.

It's funny; identify yourself as an author, and receive 3 different reactions:

-"Oh I love Danielle Steele and all those smut books! Keep me posted when it's published, please?" (This from a family friend whom I called first, because I had no idea which agency to call to answer my questions!)

-"You're an author? Cool! I've never spoken to anyone who's written a book before! Can I ask what it is about?" (This from the administrative assistant whose boss had gone to lunch, and she referred me to the lawyer)

- (pause) "An author? Just a moment please." (Muzak on the hold button)

Okay, so I failed to impress the paralegal! But her boss was very helpful, and when I described the situation I had my characters in, he pointed out some discrepancies. I thanked him very politely, told him I had some minor details to rewrite, and said I would be in touch once the book was published, if his wife would be interested in reading it. He thanked me and our call ended.

We'll see if my creativity continues to flourish. Check back tomorrow for an update!

23 Shopping Days Left:
Gifts bought: 0...I was writing all morning and reading in the afternoon! See Blue Print at top for my recommendations.
Cookies baked: I plan to start the chocolate chips today. Check back tomorrow.


Molly Daniels said...
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Anonymous said...

Make sure to list them under the acknowledgements section of the book for all their help. It can become a thing they show off and soften them for future help. And who knows? Maybe someone will see the book they are showing and want to buy it.

Regina Carlysle said...

Hm. ask me next time you need legal info. My husband is a lawyer and would be happy to help.

Molly Daniels said...

Thanks Regina! I also just realized I used the wrong pen name when I identified myself. Oops...this 'split personality' may get me yet!

Sandra Cox said...

900 words! Way to go!