Saturday, December 13, 2008

Saturday Ramblings

Currently Reading: Loved Absolute Trust! Great job again, Kaenar! Also read Shannon Leigh's intriguing Greenwood Manor and Lisa Logan's vampire-ish take on Cinderella in Twisted Fayrie Tales. I'll read the others in this anthology at a later date! Next up are Teddi Turns On and Reindeer Games. And of course the three TEB books I bought this week by Brynn Paulin, Dakota Rebel, and Lexie Davis.

Regina and Anny's Release Day Jingle
Deck the halls with Breath of Magic, falalalala, lalalala
Santa's elves and Ty and Liza, falalala, lalalala
Does Ty make her lose control, falala, lalala, lalala
Will Glimmer's job be safe, falalalala, lalalala

Avalon's Book Four is here, falalalala, lalalala
Dennac, Undain, and Magnolia, falalalala, lalalala
What will happen when her wings sprout, falala, lalala, lalala
Read these books and you'll find out, falalalala, lalalala!

Don't throw any messy fruit at me! Thought that up during the EC chat yesterday afternoon!

Update on Daughter's Tooth
The tooth has been fixed; she had also torn part of the filling out that was in it. She was numb all afternoon, and her jaw ached when the novacaine wore off. The bad news? During the X-ray, they found another cavity, so she'll be making another trip back next week! Merry's a beautiful silver filling...

12 Shopping Days Left:
Gifts bought: o, but two arrived in the mail! One is Kelly's More Than Words, for my mom. I re-read the first two chapters last night, while relaxing with a glass of wine! Later today I'm also going shopping for my honorary grandchildren and my toddler.
Cookies baked: 0. After spending two hours in the dentist's office, buying eggs, and running through the drive-through at McD's for lunch, I decided to drop in on Anny's chat over at EC and lurk. I ended up only in 'lurk' mode for an hour...those excerpts were steamy, and I ended up sharing Christmas Tree disaster stories! And then the jingle came to mind. Today I'll finish making the Reecee Pieces and chocolate chip. K is giving a speech sometime this week on how to make cookies, so he'll actually be making them while I time him and 'coach'.

Sandra's got a beautiful picture of the new arrival, Mr. Aiden Zarek Roth. Check him out here since Jae's new Mommy Duties have her tired, busy, and very happy:)


Unknown said...

thanks for the cute post on my blog about Gracelyn's future husband. I had a look at him, and he's definitely a keeper. :)


barbara huffert said...

You and your jingles...I love them!

kaenar said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed Absolute Trust. I've been watching your blog every day to see the final verdict. LOL You like my bounty hunters eh?

Anonymous said...

Ha! Cute song.

Anny Cook said...

Excellent jingle! Thank you so much!