Saturday, December 20, 2008

Thank You:)

Yesterday was certainly one of the more memorable birthdays, and thank you for everyone who sent email and birthday thoughts:)

Hubby took the toddler and I to lunch, and afterwards we went shopping. He remembered I had told him the boots I wanted were on sale, and told me to pick them out. I no longer clomp when walking on non-carpeted floors! Everyone in church will no longer be able to hear me chasing the toddler down the aisle to the bathroom during prayers, and my feet won't hurt from having to tiptoe after I've caught up to him!

Yes, after two years, the heels on my dressy boots were quite worn down. I was mildly concerned when the new ones I tried on seemed to have higher heels, but then my spouse pointed out the wear level on my old ones, and told me to walk around in them while we finished shopping. If my feet were too uncomfortable, then he'd take me to a regular shoe store.

I'm happy to say those boots did not leave my feet until nearly ten hours later, and I absolutely love them! He also bought me some much-needed snow boots, ones which are calf-length, so if and when we get any snow, I'll be able to walk in it without getting soaked above the ankles!

We drove an hour to Cheeseburger in Paradise with another couple whose kids are friends with ours. His b-day was Wednesday, and switched his day off when he learned what I was planning to do. We met my bff and ended up having a wonderful time! I ordered a Sunken Treasure (blue margarita) and it was HUGE! I never did finish it, but made sure it was prominently displayed in every picture we took! No, I'm not a tequila fan, but I did promise Mary Martinez I'd drink one for her:) And it has been several years since I had my last one.

We had a fantastic waiter named Derek, who kept the non-drinkers glasses full of tea and soft drinks, and who graciously provided my spouse with a large print menu, as he'd left his reading glasses at home. I ordered mini-bacon-cheeseburgers; D the fish tacos (he's always wanted to try them); DH (my neighbor) a sirloin steak; J (her hubby) had chicken; and E (my bff) followed my lead with the mini-cheeseburgers, but left off the bacon! And for appetizers, we ordered the sampler platter, which came with fried pickles, chicken wings, mini-chili dogs, and mini-cheeseburgers.

When we arrived home, I took down the cake from its hiding place and got out the ice cream. The kids insisted on putting on a few candles and singing to me. They brought out their cards and presents (they very nicely got their mommy a pair of pink Colts bed socks and a new Doughtry CD, as mine won't play past track #10!). My friend T arrived with her husband and sister, so after getting everyone some cake and ice cream, the kids loaded Guitar hero into the PS2 and we turned the living room into a rock concert!

After the guests left, I settled the toddler down and fell asleep myself. Today we go back to Terre Haute and meet my parents at the Olive Garden for lunch, and take my oldest to get his contacts (again!). My spouse wants to wander through Gander Mountain, and I still have some gifts to buy. So we have another busy day ahead.

And speaking of busy, I need to go log onto WISH TV's website, as they are imploding the HOOSIER DOME (or, RCA Dome as they changed the name in the 90's!) and I remember when it was built. Yes, I'm that old:) (Drat! I can't see it! Daughter's laptop won't handle the live stream. We'll just have to watch it on the news tonight.)

Jae? I'm tired of the cold. I'll volunteer to come baby-sit Smudgie when you're ready to return to your middle-schoolers! Still can't comment on the blogs yet...after the holidays I may start using my temporary office again (library!)

5 Shopping Days Left:
Gifts bought: 5. More today:)
Cookies baked: 0. Probably no more until Monday.


Anny Cook said...

It sounds like you had a lovely day! Wherever you go today, travel safely!

Gracen Miller said...

Hi, Molly! I'm running out to visit family for the holidays, so haven't taken the time to read your blog today, but I did want you to know that we, The Deadly Vixens, nominated you as one of our 7 "I Love Your Blog"!

Seriously, I may not comment a lot, but I do love reading your blogs. I have a sense of knowing you through them. *hugs*

I'm glad you had a great Birthday yesterday and I did get your e-mail, but I was sick yesterday. Grrr... I HATE being sick and I suck at it. ;-)

Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Ah, Moll, I haven't been reading blogs much lately. Happy Belated birthday to you. Glad it was so much fun.

Carol said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Molly. I, too remember when the Dome was built and how upset I was when they changed the name from the Hoosier Dome to the RCA Dome. I still can't quite accept Lucas Oil Stadium, what a name and I even know the Lucas's and still can't stand the name. LOL


JacquƩline Roth said...

They blew up the Hoosier Dome? Really?

Have fun in Terre Haute and thanks for the baby-sitting offer. One day during the terrible twos we may take you up on it and drop him off on the way to Grandma's house.