Monday, December 22, 2008

Oh The Weather Outside is Frightful...

Currently Reading: I'm soooooooooo hoping to read Breath of Magic today!!! Depends on if I get some time to myself later.

Woke up to an outside temp of 3 and a windchill of -9. Brrrrr.....And since this is the first day of Christmas Vacation, I didn't set my alarm and nearly missed the trash truck. Had I set my bags out? Of course not! So yes, I grabbed my robe and went outside to set the two black bags down on the sidewalk.

And promptly stood on the register to warm my feet and let that deliciously warm air blow up my pj pants.

I am convinced the older I get, the less tolerant of the cold I become. Even with a new coat which actually zips all the way up to my chin and is fleece-lined even in the hood, the cold wind yesterday felt as if I was only wearing a thin jacket.

My spouse laughs at me this time of year, because I walk VERY FAST in order to get inside, and he thinks it is funny when I arrive at the car and can't get in because he hasn't unlocked it yet. I wish he would get a clue and remember to unlock the van when he realizes I'm five feet in front of him!

We took the kids to see the lights at our local park, and I swear I didn't begin to warm up until we got there. I tried to get him to make another loop around, but when that didn't happen, I convinced him to drive around to see more lights so I could stay warm longer.

Upon arrival at home, my daughter and I raced up the porch steps and were inside the warm house before the rest had even struggled out of the van. Of course, her needs were more than just needing warmth, as she headed straight for the bathroom!

Anyone Heard of This??
While visiting the MIL, I saw a story on Pecha Kucha, or PK for short. I logged onto the site to see more, but it didn't tell me much more. Basically, a presenter has only six and a half minutes to talk about their ideas, while competing with a bar and audience conversation. The site mentioned get a drink and miss out on your next business idea, or watch the presentation and miss the alcohol.

As I was watching the program, I wasn't sure if the presenter brought their own slides, or if it was an improvisation skit. The presenter is at the mercy of the slide-show operater, so if they don't advance the slides, or advance them too quickly, you'd better be prepared to talk some more or skip sections of your narrative. You can read more here and check it out for yourselves. If I click on their facebook or YouTube links, my ISP will close again, and I'm not finished with my internet stuff yet!

3 Shopping Days Left:
Gifts bought: Honestly, I lost track. I bought mainly candy and stocking stuffers, along with at least 5 regular gifts (I think!). I'll know more after I begin wrapping. And I was in such a hurry to HIDE them away from little eyes, I just tossed them all in the same bag whenever I unpacked them and put the sack with the others.
Cookies baked: 0 yesterday, but I predict we'll be warming up the kitchen this afternoon, as the chocolate chip inventory is down to less than one bucket of cookies!

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