Sunday, December 14, 2008

Computer Bit the Dust!

Currently Reading: Learned I have a lurker, ha ha! Yes, Kaenar...I love your bounty hunters! Now I don't know who I like more; Jude or Micah. Love Layla's resourcefulness! I enjoyed Stacy Dawn's Reindeer Games; I needed some lighthearted reading after getting some bad news about a dear friend's health! And with the PC down, I wasn't able to read today. Thank God I'll be able to re-download the 4 TEB books later...I downloaded them to the desktop, but I think I can access them from the laptop and download them to my flash drive...or at least burn them to a CD! So Tempting Tamera, The Gallery, The Blackout, and Picture Perfect will have to wait. I was in the middle of Teddi Turns On, but I also still have the email which brought it!

Wole up this morning and my desktop wouldn't load. Shut it off; waited 30 minutes and tried again. Still nothing.

After church, I started on the laundry and tried to go to the library. The spouse complained I had 'better things to do than to play on the computer'. So I went grocery shopping.

I did get his laundry finished; I signed and addressed my Christmas cards. Read some more of Kelly's More Than Words, before I wrap it up and give it to my mother. Started dinner.

And when my daughter arrived home with her laptop, she refused to hug me, so I demanded her laptop! Fair trade, right? How do I know my daughter loves me? She unearthed it from her backpack and locked the mousepad so her laptop-illiterate mommy could post her daily blog!

Didja miss me?? Just kidding.

My oldest son wanted to go buy me a birthday gift, so his dad took him. And after dinner, hubby told me he had bought me something, and to go ahead and open it, since he won't be here for the actual event. He got me a fuzzy pair of red sleep-socks, with the non-skid soles and decorative balls on them! My feet will be warm tonight...

11 Shopping Days Left:
Gifts bought: 5. Two for Miss Drama Queen, two for Mr. Energy, and one for W. Here's a hint: It's a game, and I'll be chasing marbles after Christmas. What was I thinking?? I bought it for the other two, but it turns out they already OWN it! Merry Christmas W...
Cookies baked: Finished baking 4 dozen Reecee Pieces, and K baked 2 dozen sugar and chocolate chip. And yes, I timed his speech and he came in at just under 9 minutes. And that was with W's 'help', and gentle heckles from myself and the other teen...

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