Monday, December 15, 2008

Manic Monday

Currently Reading: Don't know if I'll get to finish Teddi Turns On or not today. Depends upon a) getting my desktop running in safe mode and b) if I have time to read today!

I was hoping Sugar would at least get the $100,000...but yeah, if I had been a member of Sprint, I'd have voted for Bob too...who knew he was going to win 5 challenges in a row? Way to go Bob! If you watched last night, what did you think of Corinne's speech? Or the woman in general? I didn't like her during the game, and I really didn't like her after the reunion show!

On the To-Do List:
-Box up the gifts to ship to my sister in Vancouver
-Visit the MIL and set up her tree, apologizing for not visiting yesterday
-Return The Dark Knight, which the spouse decided to rent and watch, rather than visit his mother (I can't go to the library, but he can watch a 3-hour movie? WTF...)
-Go get trash bags; I left them off the list yesterday. Only had 1 left this morning when I put out the trash.
-Check flash drive for any and all documents backed up on it from defunct desktop.
-Try to open said desktop in 'safe mode'...maybe I can recover any I did NOT back up???
-Re-download the 5 e-books acquired last week
-Hopefully make any revisions to ms and send it off!
-Join Gracen Miller in a chat at 9pm for a chat on MySpace?? I've not checked out the details yet; check the Deadly Vixen's blog to see if further details are posted!

And finally, check out the promotion madness on the Novel Sisterhood loop. I won't be posting, but maybe there will be some books I've forgotten about...Oh TBB list is on the desktop and a 3 1/2 floppy! Scrap that...unless I DID put it on the flash? And people want to know what I want for Christmas. RELIABLE ELECTRONICS!! Is that really too much to ask?

10 Shopping Days Left!
Gifts bought: 0, but at least my X-mas cards are finished; all I need to do now is print out my family newsletter and send them all out! I'll go shopping tomorrow.
Cookies baked: 0 baked yesterday, but may do the pre-sliced chocolate chips today. And depending on when K's speech is, we'll have to make more sugar cookies. They were all eaten over the weekend! Oops...


Anny Cook said...

Molly--you won Contest Three on Friday. E-mail me!

Anonymous said...

I love Bob. He's the guy I'd love to be stranded with if given the choice. At least go with him on a wilderness thing so I can learn from him. Maybe I should make him my second option on Anny's blog list today.