Friday, December 5, 2008

It's Friday:)

Currently Reading: Still on Brits in Time. LOVED Brynn's In The Dark! Today Cindy's Georgie and the Dragon awaits!

Word Count: Another 700 yesterday:) Now to definitely wrap everything up and send it back...

Sweet Agony:
Lead guitar: Sara
Bass guitar: Kyle
Drums: Me
Vocals: Samantha
Stage Manager: Will

Yes, I let him set up the Guitar Hero World Tour last night. When your teenager offers to clean the entire room, and even run the vacuum cleaner, AND lets you play the instrument of your choice, how can you possibly refuse?

And I'm thrilled to say I scored a 97% on the first try. But was booed off the stage during the second song.

It wasn't entirely my fault. The guide at the bottom of the screen changed, and I was following the wrong one. Once we reset and discovered which instrument guide was which, we did a little better!

We won't be entering America's Got Talent anytime soon, never fear!

20 Shopping Days Left!
Gifts bought: 0, but the chocolate Advent calendars arrived in the mail, courtesy of my mom, as did 3 gifts for my children!
Cookies baked: 2 dozen oatmeal raisin. I ran out of cinnimon, brown sugar, and vanilla. Memory was faulty! So, more will be baked today, as soon as I go get more vanilla...I forgot it last night during my 'midnight dash' to Walmart. Yeah...memory is still malfunctioning. I picked up laundry detergent, but forgot the vanilla? When I was right there in the baking aisle? Grrr...

Dakota, Brynn, and Bron posted new entries yesterday. Go check them out and welcome them back:)


Regina Carlysle said...

Decorating (what little I DO) tomorrow. Dread the whole tree thing but maybe it'll get me in the Christmas spirit. Ya think? Once the kids grew up, I stopped all the endless baking and I must say, I don't miss it even though I love to cook.

pmrussell said...

I'll be in your neck of the woods this evening at the Blue Moon Gallery. I'll be rushing after picking up my son from school. Any exposure is a good thing. I wish I had been able to attend the Santa Stroll, oh well.