Sunday, December 28, 2008

Generation Switch

Currently Reading: Still on Gentle Control. Didn't read anything yesterday, and most likely won't until tomorrow.

Remember when we were kids and the grownups always wanted to eat first and open presents later? We'd sit there at the table, hearing the shiny presents under the tree just begging to be opened, and gulping our food as fast as we could...Yes, absolute torture!

We arrived at my parents' house to find Grandma and Grandpa eating a late lunch. After hugs and kisses were exchanged, and the van unloaded, Grandma asked if we'd eaten anything on the road. We hadn't, but D and the kids had eaten a late breakfast.

"Well, do we want to eat first or open presents?"

K (17) shrugs and asks what goodies Grandma's laid out.

Simulaneously, the toddler shouts, "PRESENTS!"

K goes into the kitchen for a quick snack; Grandpa gathers chairs so he, D, Grandma, and myself don't have to sit on the floor; K returns with the stockings from the fireplace and passes them around. Afterwards, S passes out the presents from beneath the tree and everyone opens their gifts!

Another successful family Christmas.

And since Grandma's oven refused to work, we decided to head to the favorite Mexican Restaurant for dinner later that evening!

Gee, Moll...Did You Ever Make the Rice Krispy Treats?
YES:) We made two batches before catching an old Daniel Boone episode on TV. It's a good thing I made 2 batches; the first one was half gone by the time the second one was made! And the kids watched Daniel Boone, fascinated by the predictable storyline and the fact Grandpa was pointing out all the goofs!

Today's Schedule:
-Grab quick lunch and come back to house
-Load up both vans with suitcases, more gifts and desserts made for party
-Drive to Aunt's house
-Final gift exchange/yearly catch-up with the relatives
-Pick up my honorary grandchildren
-Swing by and grab S's friend
-Arrive home late tonight.

Whew...I'm tired from just listing that! Somebody shoot me...did I really consent to having 3 extra people in the house this week? Barb, I'm heading your way...apparently I've lost my mind!


barbara huffert said...

Come on over, Molly. They'll never find you here.

Carol Preflatish said...

Please don't get me started on the inaccuracies of the Daniel Boone tv series. As a kid, I liked the show when it was on, but after studying Boone's history, it was far from the truth.

Oh well, just call me Scrooge.