Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Icy Day

Currently Reading: Loved Dakota's Gallery and Blackout! I think I only have one more book to read by her before I'm caught up. Next up is Picture Perfect by Lexie Davis and Hot, Wicked and Wild by Desiree Holt, which I managed to win during a brief chat yesterday on LRC.

Again, I am not able to make comments on blogs without my ISP restarting on me. I can read, but if I leave a comment and click the back button, IE encounters a problem, shuts down, and restarts. Hopefully next week this problem will be solved! And yes, we've performed a full virus scan. This happens even when I try to access links even from email, so bear with me!

No school today; we had freezing rain which started yesterday around 4pm and by 9 most of the schools were on a 2-hour delay. My son the early bird got up and confirmed that our schools had posted the delay and actually went back to bed!

I awoke around 7:30 and discovered we were now closed. Oh happy day:) I'll let the kids bake the rest of the cookies while I see how bad the streets are. I've got to find a place to print out my Christmas letter and my grant application. The app has got to be in today's mail, otherwise it will arrive late. Damn electronic meltdown...

8 Shopping Days Left:
Gifts bought: W had a great day shopping yesterday! He came home with new shoes, two outfits, Kung Fu Panda PJ's, 3 toys, Spiderman hat and gloves, and new underwear and socks. Some of it I will wrap and put under the tree; the shoes, hat and gloves he needs now.
Cookies baked: 3 dozen sugar cookies, in preparation of K's demo speech which will now take place tomorrow???

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