Saturday, December 6, 2008

Santa Pictures

Currently reading: Still on Brits in Time. Loved Georgie and the Dragon! It's the only one I read, as I wanted to get busy writing and baking. Saskia's story will have to wait until Monday.

Word Count Update: Another 700 words and I am finished! I earned that bottle of wine tonight:) Now to get someone to read the last two chapters and tell me what they think; Spell-check, final polish, and send it back! Geez...wouldn't that be a fantastic birthday/Christmas gift? Keep your fingers crossed...

"I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas..."
We have to kill 3 1/2 hours in a mall today. Trust me; gifts will be bought!

I'm also hopefully getting a picture of my kids with Santa. The youngest one has never sat on his lap, so this should be interesting...he's the shyest of all three of my kids.

I have a beautiful picture of baby K, 11 days old, lying in Santa's arms. Two years later, he has a panicked expression and is sliding off the jolly old elf's lap! But when he was 5, he eagerly told Santa what he wanted.

S was a little shy, but she posed for her picture as long as K was there to hold her hand. And for the next couple of years, she smiled tentatively at my camera, but then accepted her present and got off the stage ASAP. The magic ended the year Daddy filled in for Santa, and both kids recognized him. For years, we tried to explain that Dad had been in the office, talking to a friend; the kids never bought it.

We're meeting the grandparents at Outback Steakhouse for a late lunch/early dinner after K's eye appointment, and heading home again.

Last night was a success; K had 4 friends over; they consumed pizza, Coke, and birthday cake; two stayed up all night, including the one who has a basketball game at noon! Instead of going to my writer's Christmas party, as a series of cancellations had taken place, the woman who was hosting brought over the Tirimusu she'd made and two bottles of wine. The teens hung out in the living room; she and I talked and drank a bottle of wine. And I made sure the toddler got some food in him and wasn't ignored. I'll say this for K's friends...they are pretty considerate of W and are willing to play Leggos with him, read him stories, and even let him 'play' the guitar! But when two teens wanted to face off on the guitars, I had to distract W in the kitchen, as he tried to stand in front of the TV screen in protest. He does NOT rule the older ones, and neither do I allow the teens to be mean to him, or push him around.

And of course, at eleven o'clock, W protested loudly when I made him go to bed. You know what I'm talking about..."No, Mommy! I'm not...(yawn)...tired! (Bigger yawn)"

I laid down with him and in five minutes he was snoring.

19 Shopping Days Left:
Gifts bought: 0, but check back tomorrow.
Cookies Baked: Made another 5 dozen oatmeal raisin. No baking planned for the day.

Have a good weekend! I'll catch up with everyone tomorrow or Monday.


pmrussell said...

Just letting you know that my signing at the Blue Moon was a lot of fun. I sold books and did a reading. They have your books displayed nicely. I bought some art and my son bought an ornament. All in all we had a very nice time and met some very interesting people. I like Vincennes. Everyone we met in the town was very pleasant. In Evansville, I think the holidays or the economy is getting to people.

Anny Cook said...

Shopping... well, if you absolutely insist!

barbara huffert said...

When are you baking snickerdoodles?