Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Spousal Head-Scratch Moment...

Currently Reading: Loved Gentle Control! You're right, Brynn...it is my favorite of the series:) I was hoping for more conflict with her dad, but you handled it well! Next up: Francine on Fire by Sloane Taylor (I won it Christmas Eve) and today I'll be purchasing Cowboy Games by Wendi Darlin, Who's Been Sleeping in My Bed by Jami Davenport, and Embezzled Love by Ginger Simpson.

This should brighten everyone's day:)

Sunday night, when we picked up S's friend, who is also 14, she gave me a compliment.

"Is your next book coming out soon? I can't wait to read it. Your books ROCK!"

I smiled and thanked her. At the same time, my spouse takes his eyes off the road momentarily and looks at me confused.

"Huh? YOURS?" And he shook his head and went back to watching the interstate highway.

Apparently I'm a hit with the younger teenage crowd:)

As to when #3 is going to be available anytime soon, hopefully sometime in the coming year. As for my next BOOK, hopefully I'll hear something back in early January. And no one in my immediate family will read it, nor will I even offer them a copy.


They've already questioned my use of certain cuss words; I can only imagine what will happen once they read a book full of buzz words and extremely explicit sex scenes! No....better keep this one to myself than to send my mother to the hospital or hear lectures every time I talk to them!

In fact, I think that if my erotic books ever do get published, I'm going back to my tame ones. First of all, while I did finally manage to keep the heat level up, I had to work at it during the second half of the book. Secondly, I want to be proud of my work, and not hide it from my family.

A while back, I commented on someone's blog about signs. Some are easy; the other ones hit you in hindsight. I've learned over the years that if the harder I try to do something and keep running into problems along the way (esp car problems!), than maybe there is some reason I'm not supposed to attempt it (Case in Point: See last May's entry about foiled trip north).

This past year, I've experienced a floppy disk crash; a computer virus; files which failed due to being opened in XP and VISTA; and finally, a problem with the computer which has caused me to lose 4 other WIPS, two of which I worked on during NaNo. I've managed to find most of one on my flash drive, and I'm pretty sure the rest of it is in an email I found the other day. So all is not totally lost! And my computer-geek friend has given me some ideas on how to check to see if it was the hard drive that crashed or simply the motherboard. I have a week until the thing goes to be recycled.

All of this leads me to believe that what I'm writing is not the path I'm supposed to take. "Write what you know..." "Don't write to the mass market..." "Write for YOU, not someone else..." have all been expressed in various forms in various forums. I've proved to myself I can write it, but why continue with something I'm not that entirely comfortable with? Maybe this is my latent 'people-pleaser' coming out. If my parents aren't happy with what I'm writing, then I should hold off for a couple more decades!

After all, while on my self-proclaimed book tour, the majority of people who approached wanted the sweet romance. I've read some sweet e-books, so yes there IS a market for it!

Now if I can just get my adverb problem under control...


Elizabeth Melton Parsons said...

You go for it, Molly. Write what you love. And there is definitely a market for the sweet romance. Take care... :) Elizabeth

B.B. Walter said...

I agree that there is a market for sweet romance, Mol. (Don't get me wrong, love myself a good explicit romance every so often, though :) )

I think it's odd how much flak you've gotten from your family for using cuss words in your writing. It is YOUR writing, not theirs; and I'd like to see them try it sometimes. Occassionally cussing is necessary. There are characters that demand it (and yes I am speaking from writing experience - my Abigail St. Michael's series would sooo not be Abbey if she didn't cuss) because that is their personality. Oh well...I'm ranting now.

I am also looking forward to your next book, so I'm not sure if that makes you a hit with the "younger" crowd or not? Accroding to my niece's friends I still have one foot stuck in "cool-mode" but that sometimes I don't :) (I think this is because I sometimes agree with the - dum, dum, DUUUUM - parents. *GULP*

Anyway, hope things are well. Know I've dropped off the face of the planet lately. Hope your Christmas was good; my Solstice was warm and snuggly with good food and friends. Z & I have plans to "rock out" Rock Band style for New Years.

Wishing you and yours all the best for 2009, and I will chat with you soon, hon!


barbara huffert said...

I'm proud of what I write even though my mother publically asked what she did to deserve a daughter like me.

Anny Cook said...

Never write to the market... write what you love. The market goes away as it's a fickle cheat.