Monday, December 8, 2008

Pancakes, Anyone?

Currently Reading: Finished Brits in Time yesterday:) Excellent anthology! Next up is Just a Kiss by Lara Santiago.

How's this for the perfect birthday gift for the teenager?

Woke up to freezing rain; ticker said 2-hour delay.

"Hey Mom? Can I make pancakes?"

The phone rings.

"Hey, Mom? Turn on the news; Sam got a text message from Dalton. School's closed, maybe??"

I switch channels. Yup; kids have no school today!

"Sweet! How cool is this?"

Happy birthday, Kyle!

In Other Birthday Torture...
I ordered his cake last night. Since he said 'Surprise me', I told him I got him either Hannah Montana or High School Musical! Now he's scared...I'll tell you what I got him tomorrow. There's a chance he'll read this today!

He's got his Boy Scout Court of Honor tonight, and we're supposed to bring a dessert. No brainer here; we're taking birthday cake! And my Life Scout now has exactly 364 days to complete his Eagle rank. He needs a project and two more merit badges. Plus we have to find his documentation which was misplaced in the move 2 years ago...

He's also received his birthday spanking. After he put the dog outside on her chain, I held open my arms for a hug. As pre-arranged, his friend Samantha promptly started spanking him! Hey, when your kid grows five inches taller than yourself, you have to devise sneaky ways to give them their birthday paddles!

17 Shopping Days Left:
Gifts Bought: Bought 5 stocking stuffer gifts for my niece and nephew last night.
Cookies Baked: More oatmeal raisin cookies will be made today. Too busy yesterday.


Anny Cook said...

Happy Birthday, K! Many, many more!

Regina Carlysle said...

Ahhh, a Hannah Montana cake sounds perfect for a 17 yr old 'young man' lol. Have a great celebration.

Cindy Spencer Pape said...

Hannah Montana? Snicker. My boys are 16 & 17 too, but closer to a foot taller. They take after their dad, not their 5-foot-nothing mom. Good luck with the kids home all day!