Thursday, December 4, 2008

A Mom Thing??

Currently Reading: Brits in Time. Loved Bron's Mist and Stone! I'm getting ready for Brynn's In The Dark later today:) And received an early birthday present: I popped in on a chat yesterday and when it came up I had read an excerpt last year, but had forgotten about the book until recently, the author very generously sent me a copy! So the good news is, another book has been removed from the list. The bad news? I added three more:)

Word Count Update: 777 yesterday! I'm not sure if what I wrote would be diobolical enough, but at least it has brought tension to my characters. Now to just keep going and wrap things up in a believable manner...and pray the editor likes it! Anyone want to offer to read the scene and give me your input? Please?

Is It Just Me?
Does anyone else do this?

As I drive around during this season, I see various Nativity scenes, from wooden to plastic. Some light up; others can only be seen during the day, unless the headlights hit them or churches have spot lights.

Take a look at Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus. What goes through your mind?

If they are surrounded by a shelter and animals, I admire it and drive on. But a simple trio... I want to go get a box, some straw, or tell the owners that the baby Jesus looks COLD!

This began several years ago, when my parents put their own Nativity on the front porch. Plastic Mary and Joseph had on their clothing, typical of what you see in biblical times. But the baby...he was naked, except for a 'diaper' and lying in a wooden manger. My sister and I both agreed he needed some straw, or at least a blanket, with the freezing temperatures! Dad went out and wrapped an afghan around the 'chilly Christ Child', if anything to get his nagging daughters off his back! And ever since, a sheet or a blanket has been wrapped around baby Jesus, since yes, Dad forgot the next year and I said something!

That was also the year my dad fell and broke his arm putting the Nativity away for the year...Don't mess with the baby Jesus' comfort, ha ha!

Memory Loss, or am I Losing the Ability to Read?
As stated yesterday, I'm suffering from a strange ailment. On Thanksgiving, I completely skipped over the 3 T of flour to put in the pumpkin pies. I put them into the oven...and ten minutes later, thought, "Wait a minute...didn't that recipe call for a little flour?" They still turned out okay!

Tuesday, I was mixing up the first batch of chocolate chip cookies and wondered why the batter was dry. Head slap; I'd forgotten the eggs!

Last night, I received an email from a friend. I immediately hit 'reply', typed a quick message, and hit 'send'. I then noticed at the bottom of her message she'd written 'Call Me.' Oops! She'd send the darn thing an hour earlier and was now en route to her job...she's probably looking at it about now, and thinking, ' told me this last night on the phone!"

21 Shopping Days left!
Gifts bought: 0. See previous posts as to why.
Cookies made: Another 6 dozen chocolate chip! I only had to rewash the spatula and the scoop once, due to toddler licks. I don't mind fingers going into the batter; I do that myself! Yes, I'm a firm believer in if the batter tastes good, so will the cookies! No lectures on E Coli or Salmonella, please...I've been a die-hard raw cookie dough eater for over 40 years. Today, however, will be a different story. Oatmeal Raisin cookies, and I neither like oatmeal nor raisins. Why do I make them? Hubby's favorite. And since I want to keep him happy this month, as I buy gifts with his hard-earned money, I need to keep a supply of his favorite cookies on hand.

A Bit of Good (bragging) News:
I received another royalty check in the mail the other day, and if I remove the cost of the website from my numbers, I'm actually in the black, finanacially! Otherwise, still $123 in the hole. Think I can sell 9 more books by the end of the year?? We'll see what the accountant says in February.


Anonymous said...

Yay for hitting black. And yay to the 777 words. I just finished my MS, happily. Christmas shopping completed. Now to buy birthday gifts for the girls. Both girls. Both in January. Four days apart. sigh.

Molly Daniels said...

Yay for you! I bought K's b-day gift, and since I don't buy my own, it's on to the X-mas gifts.

Unknown said...

Ooh! I love cookie dough. One of my heroines was a cookie baker, too, and she and her hero liked to lick cookie dough off each other - lots of different flavors. That's "Purrfect Justice" at Ellora's Cave. I've been meaning to try it.