Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Question For Authors...

Currently Reading: I'm on chapter 4 of The Prosecuter's Paramour by Lara Santiago, and again I am marveling at her futuristic world! I can hardly wait to get back to it!

I've had a question bugging me for several months now.

When you submit a manuscript, do you go ahead and write your 'Acknowledgments'/'Author's Note'/'Other Books By...' pages, or is that done after you've received a contract and doing the FLE's?

I know this probably seems like a silly question, coming from an already published author, but remember, I kinda did it the easy way. I self-pubbed, and learned my lesson from book #1's fiasco!

Book #1 contains no thank-you's; no 'teaser' to the second book; has a bad cover and title; and still has eleven spelling errors in addition to the glaring editorial 'oops'. I envisioned being able to write the Acknowledgments later. Didn't happen.

Book #2 I submitted with the Author's Note; a list of acknowledgments; a small blurb for book #3; and a list of books both written and planned.

So far, I'm subbing without the extra info, and just wondered if I'm doing the right thing??

What was on Kyle's cake Monday?
No, it wasn't Hannah Montana or High School Musical. We got him a Hummer cake, complete with a yellow Hummer toy! How's THAT for a birthday gift? What's that? You wanted a real one? Not in this economy, baby! When you do get a car, it will be a nice compact with fantastic gas mileage or even a hybrid!

15 Shopping Days Left:
Gifts bought: 0. Hubby was home, and it rained all day yesterday. I DID drag everything out and made a list...I need to shop for my honorary grandchildren this weekend. And the toddler only has two gifts.
Cookies baked: 6 dozen Oatmeal Raisin cookies were baked yesterday, to my spouse's delight. And I was appalled to learn that 2 dozen chocolate chip cookies, earmarked for teachers, were eaten by my teens! But I recounted, and I'm in good shape as far as the chocolate chips are concerned. Today I'll make the butterscotch chip, Reecee Pieces, and M&M cookies. Will I make more chocolate chip? Depends on how much time I have today. I may have to do them tomorrow.


Anny Cook said...

I suspect each publisher is different. At EC/CP all that stuff comes after your first edits.

Cindy Spencer Pape said...

I never remember to do that stuff until my editor asks where it is.

Congrats on all the shopping and baking. I am sooo behind.

Anonymous said...

You are a trim woman, Molly. How do you eat that many cookies and stay that way?

Cindy, I'm the same way. I always head slap and think, "of course."

PS. Molly You are in the drawing on my website. Thanks for the interest.

Bronwyn Green said...

Wow...I'm in awe of your cookieness.

Oatmeal are my hubby's fave, too. :)

Molly Daniels said...

If I don't stay on top of the cookie consumption, Santa will end up with Oreos for his snack:) And our Santa likes them fairly fresh from the oven!

For the record, I've not eaten a single cookie I've baked. A few swipes of dough here and there, sure. And the beaters...the spoon...the bowl...

As I just told Ms Kelly, I guess I hide it well! I'm actually 30lbs heavier than I'd like. But it's Christmas; no diets allowed!

Sandra Cox said...

I'd say after.
Send some of those cookies this way:)