Tuesday, December 23, 2008

More Bad Weather Moving In...

Currently Reading: O. M. G!! I loved both Breath of Magic and Touch of Magic! Today I hope to read Whispers of Magic and Anny's Magnolia. And Elvin Magic comes out tomorrow, so I'll be first in line (figuratively, anyway!) to get it in the morning. Yes, I'm still playing the 'birthday card' with my spouse...normally I don't 'milk' it this long, but hey...he only got me BED SOCKS! Soon, I'll download the pics from last Friday and show you that HUGE margarita! Tonight, I'll finally get my chocolate martini and mudslide.

Yesterday, the forecast predicted a nasty mix of sleet and ice. Fortunately, today they have tweaked it some, and later in the afternoon we're supposed to only get rain! I'll take rain over snow and ice any day!

This means my postponed Christmas party with my writer's group is still on for tonight! One member of our group didn't get the update on the 5th and spent several hours waiting for us at the ice cream parlor. We had moved it to my house at the last minute, and we found out four days later he had made the two hour trip unexpectedly. We knew he wasn't expected back in town until the 20th, so we made plans for tonight. Hopefully the rain won't put a damper on the festive spirit tonight!

2 Shopping Days Left!
Gifts bought: 20 or so. Still have one more trip to Walmart, for a couple of items in the electronics section. I tried to get them the other night, but the crowd managed to destroy my mood to shop. Have you ever had that happen? Be gung-ho to buy, buy, buy...only to have rude people take all the joy out of it? Now I remember WHY I bought so many things on Amazon earlier in the month. Should have ordered ALL of it, and stayed away from Walmart! Note to self: DO THIS NEXT YEAR!
Cookies baked: 0, but check back tomorrow. We still have yet to make the Rice Krispy Treats. And the boys found the marshmallows last night, so unless I follow through on my promise, the older one is going to consider them all his. And yes, I still have to finish the chocolate chips...and maybe indulge in some chocolate covered pretzels.


Anonymous said...

lucky you the roads here are getting slick so jackie couldn't go to her doctor's appointment today, but she has one tommrow in indy. and john will bring me home tommrow night on his way to work. we are trying to keep busy today not much will be done tommrow.today we are baking and finishing up with decorations.but anyways love ya and see you all tommrow night....

Unknown said...

Merry Christmas.

I just got back from Walmart and bought two last Christmas gifts and a birthday gift for a Christmas Eve baby. I'm so tired of shopping - I'm just so tired in general.

I hope you had a fun Christmas party.

Regina Carlysle said...

WOOHOO. Thanks for mentioning our series. You are just the sweetest thing! We've been so lucky with weather here in Texas. I've been worried about my friends in the east.