Friday, December 26, 2008

Week in Pictures

Currently Reading: Loved Magnolia by Anny Cook! And I had just reached chapter 2 of Elvin Magic when it was time to start Christmas dinner. I'll get back to it as soon as I've checked my email. And then it will be Josh's story in Gentle Control!

Thank God I posted this month's reading list! I'm going to have to take my TBB list disk to Mom's and print it out...but I don't think it is complete. I'll know in a week or two if I can ressurect the files from my old compouter! There are only 4 that I really care about; 3 WIPS and my master TBB list!

I hope this works!

I'm sorry about these two pics; just turn your head to the right. #1 is my toddler's favorite gift. He announced he was going to 'help Daddy around the house and build stuff."

This is our tree after Santa arrived. You can see the rat cage to the right, along with the piano.

My new toy! The entire thing was lighter than the monitor of the old one! And who knew the desk top actually extended to the wall? Shocking!

My birthday celebration at Cheeseburger in Paradise. Me and the margarita; Derek our waiter; my two girl friends, E and D.
I can insert my camera memory card directly into the CPU; I don't have to hook up the camera in order to download the pictures. I've also lost my 3 1/2 floppy drive, but Santa left me another 2 GB flash drive in my stocking. I'll be taking all my e-books I've saved on the disks to either my mom's house tomorrow, or the library in the coming weeks and transferring them to the flash. I can also write them to CD if I want. And as we still have two more Christmas parties to attend, I may end up with that elusive E-Reader after all!
Today is all about preparation for the weekend. We are opening gifts with my parents on Sat, and again at my aunt's house on Sunday. I have to bake more banana and pumpkin bread; my oldest son's been requested to bring his 'Volcano' cake on Sunday, and as my mother's oven is temperamental and only works when it wants to (no joke!), it all has to be baked today. I also have to wrap the rest of the gifts and later I'll hit the store for the fantastic sales on Christmas cards, tape, and gift labels. I might even make it to the post office to finally mail my sister's gifts, and another roll of stamps! Yes, I was only able to mail out half of my Christmas if you didn't get one from me, it's still sitting in the sack, addressed and ready to go...but needing the postage!


Unknown said...

Merry Christmas. I like the pics. Hopefully hubby will download my pics this weekend so I can post them.

Anonymous said...

Yay!!! Your OWN computer. That's gotta be the best gift yet. Happy birthday and congrats on a major holiday gift-take!

I have fans?! That rocks. Tell them I'm working as fast as I can just to make them happy.

Gracen Miller said...

Woohoo! You got a computer!!! That should make posting comments to blogs so much easier now!

Merry Christmas! Loved the pictures.

Molly Daniels said...

Weeeellll...not ENTIRELY my own; the kids and D have been playing on it too! It will only be mine during the hours of 8am-3:30pm. Unless I'm typing furiously on a brainstorm!