Monday, October 31, 2011

Life, NaNo, Etc.....

I went home over the weekend to get away from the stress and to attend a 50th anniversary party for friends of the family.  My mom wasn't feeling up to going, so thankfully I was able to fill in.

I'm still not ready to talk about the upheaval in our lives; I'm beginning to calm down and make decisions for all involved.  I've opened up to only a handful of close friends, and I thank you for your continued prayers.  I promise in a month or so I'll disclose everything.  I just need time.

On top of everything, I discovered one of my first serious boyfriends passed away last week.  JF was the man who taught me about how to live with the opposite sex.  During my 3rd year of college, I practically lived with him every weekend.  He was ten years my senior, and I was working weekends, so on Friday I'd pack a bag and he'd pick me up after work.  I wouldn't return to the dorm until Monday morning, as J had to be at work at 8am and my first class wasn't until 9am.

I'd made a huge mistake on Halloween that year, and as a result we didn't see each other for several weeks.  A girl in my 9am class shared an evening class twice a week with J, who carried messages back and forth, as well as telling us how miserable the other was.  When I received word of my pending graduation date, I swallowed my pride and called him.  He picked me up; we talked; I ended up sleeping over that night.  We decided to continue seeing each other, and I even told him I'd stay with him if he asked; I didn't know if I was ready to be separated from him for two months until continuing on with college.

Month #1 went well; we reunited on his birthday.  Month #2 depressed me, and my clingy-ness drove him into the arms of another woman.  I was devastated, and it was eight months until I even considered dating again.

Mutual friends kept me in touch with him over the years.  He married three more times in the past 25 years, and  passed away quietly at home with wife #6.  There will be no funeral; no showing, per his wishes.  I expressed my condolences to his widow, and we had a several-hour dialogue on Face Book last week.  She invited me to stop by any time and share memories of him; I may do that after giving her some time.  And another good thing has come of this:  For years I've often wondered what happened to mutual friends of JF and myself; now I'm 'caught up'.

I regret not going to see him in the past 6 years I've been back in town; I last saw him in 1992, when a friend and I came down to show off our new babies.  I thought I'd run into him eventually; it's a small town.  But no....and I extended an invitation back in 2008 for him to come to Evansville, where I was signing books.  His no-show left me with the feeling he'd moved on and wasn't interested in seeing me.  Now I learn he either never received it or the invitation was misplaced.

But I have happy memories of him; the book loosely based on him will be out in January, and I located the pictures I'd taken of him 25 years ago.  

NaNo begins tomorrow and I'd planned to carve out some writing time, in order to either drag Lynn and Nick back from vacation and talk to me, or else concentrate on either Brock and Trisha or Rick and Thalia, two paranormal romances which are clamoring for attention.  But the way today has gone, I may just have to commit one hour a day to writing.  Every time I settle in, someone wants my attention, be it email, D griping about the housework, or kids needing homework help or needing rides here and there.  I still have two interviews to finish for next month, plus my blog post on the 19th.  I'll try to be here on a semi-weekly basis, so bear with me!

Tonight, S will be taking the youngling around.  I'm going to attempt Mummy Dogs (hot dogs wrapped in crescent roll strips ala mummy) and Mac-n-Cheese since it's an easy, non-complicated meal.

Tomorrow, both S and youngling have dr. appointments; S for her gastritis and youngling for possible ADD. And it's payday, so it means I get to put food in this house.  And buy some books.  Yes, the SU has agreed to let me spend $10 on new books:)

Friday, October 28, 2011

Flashback Friday: My Football Star

During the Youth League Football playoffs, K forgot his helmet.  I dropped him off and returned home as fast as I dared.  Forty minutes later, I arrived; a coach was waiting for me.  As I parked, I saw him sprint to the other side of the football field.

I walked to the bleachers; our defense stood on our 30-yd line.  A time out was called; K ran out onto the field, still fastening his chin strap.  Play resumed.

All of a sudden, the ball was fumbled.  One of our guys picked it up and ran to the other end of the field.  Three plays later, we had scored a touch down.

The other team didn't even get close to our end of the field after that.  During one of the games, my SU overheard one of the opposing team coaches say, "What are we going to do about #72?  He's spending more time in our backfield than our own guys!"

That was the day I learned how valuable my child was to his football team.  Not only could he tackle, but he assisted on offense.

His team won the Super Bowl, effectively shutting out the defending champs, who had been undefeated for several years until my child joined the Monrovia Youth Football League.

K went on to be chosen for the All-Star team, and once again, helped his team go undefeated and win the tournament.  Soon afterward, parents asked us if we had any plans to move into the school district, already planning for the junior high and high school years!

Present Day:
We're currently experiencing a family crisis, one I'm not ready to talk about just yet.  I just ask for prayers of support and strength as we deal with this sudden upheaval in our lives.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Benefit For Melinda Elmore's Family

I've got a lot of family stress going on, but nothing which compares to what the Elmore family is dealing with at the moment.  Turning my blog over to them for the next two days; please spread the word?  Thanks:)

On 10/04/2011 Dancing With Bear Publishing author Melinda Elmore lost her
husband, Tommy, unexpectedly. They have two children, a son, age 23, and a
daughter, 13. There was no insurance to cover final expenses, so DWB
Publishing is hosting a benefit for the Elmore family on 11/01/2011.

Journey To Christmas Creek is a story Tommy used to tell their children, and
Melinda has written this Native American, historical, YA story that will be released on
11/01/2011 at DWD Children's Line

100% of the royalties from the sale of this book for a one-year period will be
donated to Melinda and her family.

Blurb: This historical Native American story takes the reader back to a time when
Indians traveled from one place to another, depending on the time of year. These
moves were made in order to be able to find food, water, and wood for fires.
In Journey To Christmas Creek, the chief’s teenage son, Spotted Buffalo wants to
be thought of as a man, so one night he sneaks off to find the perfect place for the
tribes’ new home. Unfortunately, he wasn’t as quiet as he thought and his younger
sister, Gentle Tears, follows him, insisting he take her along, or she will tell their
parents what he is about to do.

Being blackmailed by a younger sibling is something every big brother or sister can
relate to!

Agreeing to take his sister along, Spotted Buffalo sets her on the horse in front of
him, and heads out beneath a full moon. They don’t get very far before a snowstorm
comes in and they are both very cold. Spotted Buffalo pushes on until he can go no
further but where he stops is at a place called Christmas Creek by the white fur
traders. All does not go well and Gentle Tears must help her brother, and faces great
danger, risking her life to get back to their parents.

When Spotted Buffalo’s father arrives, he is understandably angry but will that
anger keep him from recognizing his son’s efforts to help their tribe and become a

Spotted Buffalo stepped outside into the radiant sun, and look around the village,
exploding with activity. He walked to the herd of horses, now his responsibility, and
could not wait until he got his very own horse. But first, he would have to become a

He sat on a wooden plank rotting with age, and stared off into the field of flowers
blanketing Mother Earth. Wondering what destiny held for him, Spotted Buffalo
quickly snapped back to reality as his father ap- proached.

“Spotted Buffalo, come, we are preparing to leave.”

Standing proudly, he replied, “Father, this will be best for our people, and I know
Gentle Tears will grow to love our new home.”

Red Sun smiled. “My heart also breaks. I do not wish to move our people from
their home. I also know that it is for the best and sometimes we must make decisions
we do not like.”

Spotted Buffalo walked with his father, as the entire village prepared to leave. It
was a grand sight to see the proud people of the village preparing for the journey

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

And The Winner Is......(drum roll)


Congratulations:)  Your copy is on its way!

Lots To Do, So Little Time....
The daughter has another dr. appointment this morning, to see about sticking a camera down her throat to determine what the hell is going on inside her tummy.  Medicine doesn't seem to be working, and the kid is in agony no matter what she eats.

Also finally have the youngling's parent/teacher conference this afternoon...then a BSA Pack Meeting.  And thankfully karaoke's been cancelled tonight; I woke up at 4am and couldn't go back to sleep.  So yeah, I'm going to have to either schedule a nap or go to bed early.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the contest, and for all the congratulatory posts:)  I'll be going over book #3 again in the coming week before diving back into #4:)

Monday, October 24, 2011

Release Day! I'd Dance, But My Feet Are Killing Me.....

Seriously; this is a dream come true.  One which began in 1985 in a four person suite (Rm 138) of Emison Hall (no longer exists, but there's a nice green park now!) on the campus of Vincennes University.  Of course, the story I began writing that year is still locked in my filing cabinet, but the dream sparked 'hey, I CAN write something longer than twenty pages, and entertain people!'

Fast-forward to 1999.  I have an agent, and three books written.  Unfortunately, they are AU #2,3, and 4.  I would send off my three sample chapters, never dreaming it was all a hoax.

In 2000, I had #5 written.  Time to get to work on #1, which would prove to be rough:  How to write a PREQUEL, and still keep the timeline intact?  Somehow in the space of 5 weeks, I managed to pull it off.

June 2002, I discovered a selp-publisher.  Six months later, the book was out.....and had problems.

And then I discovered my 'agent' was a fraud.

So now, nine years later, thanks to the kind folks over at Secret Cravings Publishing, my dream has come to fruition.  This book is better edited; has a MUCH better cover and title, and Gaddafi has been killed.  Yes, the United States issue with this man began in 1986, and is alluded to in this book.  Turns out I spelled his name wrong, so please forgive it?

To order your copy, please go here.  And remember, book #2, Love Finds A Way releases in December:)

It's not too late to enter my CountDown Contest:)  Scroll down for details; winner will be announced tomorrow!

And Why Are My Feet Killing Me?
Simple.  Remember my complaints of aching feet and my undignified plop into the mud on Tuesday?  Went to the dr on Friday and ended up having both feet X-rayed.

Left foot:  Ankle is NOT broken, but they put me into an air cast to keep it stabilized.

Right foot:  Planter Fascitis and a hairline fracture below my pinky toe.  I have nightly exercises, plus I am not allowed to walk barefoot.  And, I'm to stay off my feet as much as possible!  Which means the SU is going to have to step up for housework and cooking.  Yay!  I get to be online all I want:)  Plus, I've been icing my ankle every day, and what TV show lasts 15 minutes long?  So yeah, I get to watch an hour or so of my DVR'd programs every day with no complaints from the family:)

So today I'll be around the internet, posting excerpts and accepting congratulations.  Tomorrow, Wednesday, and maybe even Thursday, fellow author BC Brown and I will be 'Rockin' the Karaoke' in celebration.  People are buying the antho Fracas at an incredible rate, so we have plenty to celebrate:)

Friday, October 21, 2011

Flashback Friday and Final Trivia Question:)

How to play:
-Read each excerpt.
-Answer each question about the previous day's excerpt.  Gather the answers and send them to next Monday the 24th and I'll pick a winner:)

Final Question:  Where does Eric take Elicia after the Spring Formal?

Oct 1991:
Being two months from delivery, and in an apartment where trick-or-treating was not allowed, I was pleasantly surprised when my upstairs neighbor introduced me to the concept of 'reverse trick-or-treating'.
E handed me a baggie filled with bite sized candy and a gift bag.
"Happy Halloween:)  I'm not asking you for candy; I'm giving it to you.  The other is a pre-Mommy gift for you."
I think this was also the month we had the boys (Rosey, Tag, and Tiger) neutered!  The vet only charged us for two, since we took them in at the same time.  Gizmo seemed bewildered to be the only cat in the house for a few hours!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Are You Sick Of Hearing About It Yet?

How to play:
-Read each excerpt.
-Answer each question about the previous day's excerpt.  Gather the answers and send them to next Monday the 24th and I'll pick a winner:)

Final Excerpt:

She turned her attention to her companion, and throughout the night, noticed a change in Eric. He had started by holding her rather stiff, but now, he held her tight against him, and several times placed kisses on her ears, cheeks, and even her lips. His hands skimmed over her hips and even down her backside. Maybe tonight will be the night. Elicia shivered with anticipation.

"Cold?" Eric murmured in her ear.

"No, just having a wonderful time."

"So am I, darlin', so am I."

After the last dance played, Eric asked her if she wanted to go somewhere and get dessert. Thinking she knew what he meant, she agreed, but was flabbergasted when he drove, not to his dormitory, but to the restaurant adjoining the Holiday Inn.

"They have the best cheesecake and apple pie." He pulled into a parking spot.

Confused, and a little let down, she followed him inside, and they ordered cheesecake.

Over coffee, Eric asked what was wrong.

"Oh, I guess I just read your signals wrong." She tried not to sound too disappointed. "I thought you had another form of 'dessert' in mind."

"The night's not over yet." He took her hand and looked into her eyes.

"Then..." Maybe he did get a room?

"You'll see." He paid the bill then drove her around to the back of the motel. After finding a spot to park, he reached in his pocket and pulled out a key. "Your choice." His voice sounded husky. "We can go inside and talk; we can go inside and see what develops; or we can go back to campus. Whatever you're comfortable with."

Elicia looked at him, not believing what she was hearing. She unbuckled her seat belt and slid over to him. "Eric, you sweet idiot. A lady doesn't like to be asked inside. She just wants you to take her inside."


Question #3:  What's the name of the guest who keeps pestering Elicia?

Bonus Question (Hey, it's my contest!):  What are full names of Elicia's roommates?  (Hint:  check the RBRU post)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

5 Days!

Can you believe this was the original cover back in 2002?  I've come a long way since that rush to be published!  Granted, it was a learning experience.  I learned people liked what I wrote, and that if I smiled and greeted strangers, sometimes they smiled back, and even acted interested in what I had to say.  I also learned to fake self-confidence and lo and behold!  I think I'm finally comfortable with being ME.  And of course, remind me of this should I ever venture to RomantiCon or any other convention by myself....

It's also my day to blog over at RBRU.  Plus, there's another excerpt over there:)

 How to play:
-Read each excerpt.
-Answer each question about the previous day's excerpt.  Gather the answers and send them to next Monday the 24th and I'll pick a winner:)

Excerpt #3:

"Oh, 'scuse me." He took a drink from his cup of beer. "Y'know, you're awfully pretty, lady. How'd you like a beer?"

       Elicia looked at the short man, whose greasy hair fell past his shoulders. "No thanks, you're drunk."
       He pulled himself up straight. "Am not. I'm jus' getting started. Wha's your name?"

Instead of answering, Elicia moved past the group to the other side of the flames and joined another group, this time discussing the campus policy on coed dorms. She had voiced her opinion when she was jostled again by the same guy.

"Hey, pretty lady, I'm Ron. Wha's your name again?"

"I'm not telling you my name. You're drunk." Elicia sniffed and turned her back on him.

"Now tha's not very nice. I jus' wanna know, can I get you a beer?"

"No thanks." Elicia excused herself and moved on.

The third group of people she joined were gossiping about a couple's sexual activities, and when she saw Ron approach, she headed for Eric's side and slipped her arm through his.

Eric looked surprised. Elicia whispered, “I can't get rid of this guy over there...please, just play along?"

"Sure, whatever." He slid his arm around her waist. "Which guy?"

Out of the corner of her eye, Elicia saw Ron's obvious disappointment as he came closer.

"Oh, hey, man. Didn't realize she was your woman. Pretty lady you've got. All I was trying to do was get her a beer."

Question #2:  Where does Wayne take Gretchen for breakfast?

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

LOTR Trivia Contest:)

How to play:

-Read each excerpt between now and Thursday.
-Answer each question about the previous day's excerpt.  Gather the answers and send them to next Monday the 24th and I'll pick a winner:)

Excerpt #2:
“You know this town better than I do. The only place I know that’s open this time of night is Denny’s.”

“That sounds better than Waffle House.” Wayne steered the car in the right direction.

Once seated, Gretchen with a cup of hot chocolate, and Wayne with coffee, and several bacon strips to share, Wayne revealed his turmoil.

“I can’t believe I didn’t see the signs.” He shook his head. “I mean, at first, and please don’t take this the wrong way in any shape or form, but the majority of the girls who hang around the House play by the same rules. There’s no getting serious, they are there strictly for the fun, and if it lasts for a while, it’s great.” He shrugged. If it doesn’t last longer than one night, hey, that’s cool, and they move on. But Elicia...” He paused. “I don’t know what she’s told you about us, but tonight, she made it clear she’s planning long-term, and I don’t want that.”

“The only thing she’s said is how wonderful, and sweet, and sexy you are.” Gretchen sipped her hot chocolate. “And she glows whenever she talks about you, but even I notice she has a tendency to boss you around sometimes.”

“Yeah.” Wayne smiled. “At first it was cool, you know, kind of fun, because later, I would boss her around. And she didn’t seem to mind it, but lately, she’s fucking insane. She’s actually making plans for things I never dreamed about doing.”

“Such as...marriage?” Gretchen seemed to hesitate over the word.

“God, has she talked about marriage?” Wayne set down his coffee cup. “God damn, we’ve only been together six weeks.”

“Calm down." She placed a hand on his arm. “I thought that’s what you were talking about. What plans is she making?”

“Oh, the damn Halloween party, Thanksgiving, and that stupid Christmas Formal."


Question #1:  What was Elicia drinking? (From yesterday's excerpt, remember...)

Monday, October 17, 2011

Flash Drive Distress

Something's up with one of my flash drives.  The one I bought to hold all the e-books I'd bought.  I think gremlins have invaded, or maybe the pirates.

The first time I noticed anything afoot, I was looking for Tielle St. Clare's Through Shattered Light.  But before I got to her title, I noticed Brynn and Bron's folders were missing.  Two quick emails between friends, plus a quick trip back to the TEB VIP Lounge and everything was restored.

And in the distress of that mess, forgot all about looking for Tielle's book (sorry!).

Fast-forward to last week:  I'm finished with the self-edits on Forbidden Love (book #3, yay!) and want to read a good book.  Hmmmm....think I'll try to find Tielle's again....

Nope.  Gone.  GONE!  And so are-hold onto your hats-Barb Huffert's and Dakota Rebel's!  Once again, two quick emails between friends, plus another trip back to the TEB VIP Lounge and Molly's a happy lady again.  Except, of course, for the book I WANT to read.  It's an Ellora's Cave, and my receipt is lost forever in cyber-trash.   I did recently become friends with her on Face Book, and sent a polite message to her, with hopefully enough details about the plot to prove I actually DID read it back in 2007 or 8, and would she please send me another copy? answer yet, and I THINK I have the book saved on a 3.5 floppy.  So I guess I'll have to find someone with a computer who still has a disk drive.  Or go buy an external.

You know, if every online publisher/bookstore would have something like the VIP lounge at TEB, this whole thing could have been avoided....imho!

And The Countdown Has Begun!  One Week From Today....
You can own your own brand-spanking new copy of Love On The Rocks:)

And to tease you even more, I'm going to be posting excerpts.  And then we'll play Trivia.  But don't worry; it shouldn't be too painful.

Excerpt #1:

He kissed her again, this time slow and gentle, teasing and nipping the corners of her mouth. Elicia followed his lead, head spinning from the alcohol and the knowledge that Brent knew what he was doing. None of the guys she’d kissed before had his ability, they had all been awkward and sloppy. Here was a guy who knew what to do with his lips, and how long to keep his tongue in her mouth without getting gross about it.

Brent ran his tongue over her ear. ”Sweetheart, you want to see my room?”

His room? All of a sudden, her common sense came flooding back. If she went to his room, there was no telling what might happen, and she wasn’t ready for that. No, it was better to keep him in a semipublic place.

“Why Brent, honey, I haven’t even finished my wine.” Oh my god…are my words slurred? Surely, I’m not drunk! “And it is a Monday night. I’ve got an early class in the morning, and I need my beauty sleep.” She glanced down and looked at him from under her eyelashes.

Brent laughed. “It’s impossible for you to get more beautiful. But I wouldn’t want you to miss your class.” He eased away from her. “Do you want me to drive you back?”

Elicia downed the rest of the liquid. “It’s only four blocks; we can walk.” She tried to stand, but the room tilted and she sat back down. “Oh oh, thas’ no good. I thin’ you will have to drive me, after all.” Shit…this is so not cool! I’m acting like that goofball Fred, who got drunk at the Prom!

How to play:
-Read each excerpt between now and Thursday.
-Starting tomorrow, I'll post a question about the previous day's excerpt.  Gather the answers and send them to next Monday the 24th and I'll pick a winner:)

Good Luck:)

Friday, October 14, 2011

Flashback Friday: Marching Band

Oct 1981:
The first two Field Shows, I dressed in uniform and placed the rifles on the field (our entire Guard all twirled flags at first), then joined my fellow alternates at Parade Rest on the sidelines.  The third week, one of the girls injured herself.  I suddenly had to learn her entire field placement, plus her 'count', as some of the flag work was alternating.  On Saturday, we headed for Chesterton HS, and it rained.  We were NOT looking forward to performing on a muddy field; we gals in the Guard had a dance routine to Tuxedo Junction, and at the end, we all dropped in a hurdle stretch.  Yeah, this was not going to be fun.....

Going up, I discovered one of the trumpet players liked me.  I was thrilled to have male attention, so we talked the entire way.  One of my friends J started teasing us about being 'married', since I helped K with his uniform and he helped me with mine.  I also got a secret thrill; I knew K would be watching from the sidelines, and I was now the third flag from the front.  Part of our dance routine included turning slowly around and shaking our asses at the audience.  I would now be 'dancing' for a potential boyfriend!

Before we took the field, the rain slowed to sprinkles.  We marched onto the field; the weather cleared.  One moment of humor:  At the end of Tuxedo Junction, when our Color Guard dropped into a synchronized hurdle stretch, there was a collective 'PLOP' as we all landed in-you guessed it- MUD!

Ever try to maintain your dignity while marching off the field when your backside is cold, wet, and you can feel mud oozing into your underwear?

( We won Best General Effect that day, on top of other awards!  We always won Inspection, Percussion, and sometimes Best Color Guard)

Anyway, after struggling out of uniform and into dry clothes, K and I walked around while we waited for the awards, and got to know each other better.  And had a great time joking around.  As time grew nearer to leave, I noticed K and J 'in conference' a lot.  I asked what was going on; K said he'd tell me later.  So I waited.  And on the way home, he asked me to be his girlfriend.  My sense of humor kicked in after I accepted..."So does this mean we're no longer 'married'?"

Our final competition was State on Halloween that year.  We didn't place in the top ten, so we only had to perform once.  And this was the first Halloween I didn't dress in costume and go around the neighborhood.  But my sister had taken two bags with her and handed me one later that night.

"I told the neighbors you were gone and couldn't trick-or-treat.  K and I joked your costume was a realistic Invisible Man'."

What are some of your childhood Halloween memories?

Thursday, October 13, 2011

This Season's TV Viewing

Some seasons I add new shows to my viewing habits; other times I stick with my faves.  This year I've only added one, though one of my shows has been moved to a new night and it's both frustrating, yet nice.  Why?  See below:

CBS Sunday Morning (always DVR'd and sometimes watched later in the week)

60 Minutes (if there's a particular story which catches my attention.)

Amazing Race (I wanted to see how Ethan and Jenna from Survivor would do; sadly, they were eliminated the second episode...bummer!  Haven't figured out who I'm rooting for yet....)

The Good Wife (what was wrong with leaving it on Tuesdays?)
This night has its advantages; since football usually runs over, this is the one night of the week I exercise my right to sit in front of the telly and watch my shows.  We have two TVs and two DVR's, split between four people.  Mine all end up on the DVR, but thanks to whoever moved Good Wife, my Sunday shows get pushed back.  So I feel no guilt at sitting in the living room one night a week while the spouse does bedtime duty with the youngling.

Two Broke Girls (DVR'd)

Two and a Half Men (DVR'd)

Mike and Molly (DVR'd)
I've not watched all of TBG or M&M, but they are saved on the DVR because the spouse loves the show.  And TBG I missed a couple of episodes, but there's always reruns later in the year.

90210 (DVR'd)  Sometimes I'll watch this when I get home from Writer's Guild; other times I'll watch it later in the week.  Like when I'm taking a break from writing/edits or spouse wants to use my laptop.  I also think this one is about to run its course; Dixon's following in David (original 90210)'s footsteps, only with ADHD meds instead of meth.  When they start recycling storylines, isn't that a sure bet it's time to move on?

One Tree Hill (supposed to air as mid-season replacement?) I whole-heartedly HOPE this is the final season of OTH.  Last season was rather painful to watch, so I hope the producers call it quits.

Survivor (DVR'd) I WILL watch this one if youngling doesn't have football practice and dinner is on time.  But mostly I end up watching it later.  Like last night; settled down at 11pm.

Law and Order:  SVU (DVR'd)  Sometimes this recording gets stopped, since the SU likes Criminal Minds at the same time.  Depending on which DVR records it, either the youngling stops it before he's sent to the tub or the spouse stops it if it's on 'his' television.

Big Bang Theory (DVR'd)  I began watching this show about two or three years ago, and sometimes I'll catch reruns on TBS from prior seasons.  I love Raj's antics and Sheldon's idiosyncrasies!


Nothing, unless there's a movie I want to see, or an unwatched L&O:  SVU (see Wednesday).

I'm sorry Eureka is coming to an end after a Christmas episode later, and I still need to watch this summer's Warehouse 13.  I only saw the season finale.  Also on the DVR:  Deadliest Catch (I'm nearly finished with Opilio season); a few Waltons episodes; one Dr Quinn Medicine Woman; last year's Undercover Boss; and yes, even the Royal Wedding.  (The family laughs at me for still having it on there; I'll get to it!)

Any shows on your 'don't miss' schedule, or do you DVR them for a later date?

Monday, October 10, 2011

Two More Weeks!

Once upon a time, the Arbor University Tales series was born.  And since books #2,3,4, and 5 were written, it was crucial book #1 needed to be finished.  Since I wanted 'Love' in the title, and 'Love on the Rocks' was the current working title of #2, I needed something which expressed the drinking/driving issue.  And 'Love is Sober' became the working title.

Fast-forward to 2002.  I discovered the self-publishing industry, and finished writing LIS in 5 weeks.  Ran it past several beta readers who all loved it, and the day after Thanksgiving, uploaded it, paid the $160 fee, and crossed my fingers.  The above picture is their interpretation of my cover sheet request, and being a newbie, thought, " college depicted; no party scene, no people...but they're the pro's, so maybe this will work?" and accepted it.  On New Year's Eve, I received the notice it was live on amazon, and made the spouse take me out to dinner.  Ten days later when I received my proof copies, reality set in.  What the hell had I done?

Fast-forward to 2011.  I've changed the title of book #2, so now 'Love On The Rocks' is free to be the title.  An awesome new cover is designed, and a good friend came up with a beautiful logo.

And two weeks from today, you can order the better edited, better titled, better STORY of the fictional life of my first roommate.  I'm thinking of doing a trivia contest to celebrate the re-release, so watch for details in the coming weeks.

Flashback to October 1971:
Yes, I was a bad blogger last week.  My second Halloween in the neighborhood, I dressed up in a witch costume and went trick-or-treating with Kimmy and Tad (I think).  There's a picture of my sister, now age 1, reacting with fear to my costume.  I don't know if I went around with my friends or if a parent went with me.

Fall Festival
Saturday went well!  I only sold one book, but I did meet a few people interested in Kenzie's work, and a repeat customer was looking for more erotica authors.  I pulled out the print copies of Brynn's Tribute For The Goddess and Regina/Cindy/Desiree's Mistlestoe Magic trilogy, and wrote down names, plus Anny's, Mia's, and Bronwyn's books.  Hopefully these ladies will soon see an increase in sales:)

I'm off to do laundry and some light housecleaning before diving into more Forbidden Love self-edits.  Have a good day!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Finally A Break....Or Not?

Finished edits for Teacher's Pet (Kenzie's story which has been coming...and coming....and coming.....) and sent it back to editor yesterday!!  I had a few questions inserted, so hopefully the next round of edits won't be so time-consuming.

Daughter is STILL sick with acid reflux....and our new insurance says not to go to ER unless contacting the doctor first.  Well, there's a problem.
-We just got her insurance last week.  Called the doctor assigned to us yesterday; they say they're full.  Contacted insurance again.  There are NO available doctors in our ENTIRE COUNTY for this (POS??) insurance.  Found one 30-40 mins away who will take my kids.  Bad news:  Can't get her in until next week.

-Yesterday, she seemed to be doing better, so thought she could return to school today.  Nope; she had a miserable night.  Tummy only settles down when she doesn't eat anything.  Liquids don't bother her.

-So this morning, since the new doc is an hour BEHIND us (thank you screwed- up- Indiana- are-we-on-Daylight-Savings-Time-or-not-issue-that-EVERYONE-hates-and-we-don't-know-what-time-it-is-in-Indiana-anymore-did-you-see-that-episode-of-The-West-Wing-where-they-poked-fun-at-it???), I called the 24-hour Nurse line.

-It was a waste of time, in my humble opinion.   All she did was ask questions concerning my daughter's health/pain and tell us to call the doctor and see if we can get her in today.  Hmmmm.....okay.  I'll wait an hour and do that.  Or, I can call the doctor's office and MAYBE they'll have an 'after hours' service???

-No, they don't.  I left a message.  Daughter went back to bed.

-I remember we're still on Charity at the local hospital.  I can go ahead and take her to the ER, and if insurance refuses to pay for it, I can contact Financial Aid and give them our case #.  And this time, the insurance can pay for her medicine.

I'm sorry; I have tried to go through the proper channels in order to treat my child.  Why is it a few people who don't care about their health can f*** it up for those of us who DO?

Back To The Store....
You'd think that with a list, I'd get everything I needed from the store.  Nooooooo.....I forgot to put dog food on that list.  Plus, I entered from the wrong side and neglected to go the Health and Beauty aisle.  I'm starting to stock up on cold meds, plus my spouse is out of his daily dose of baby aspirin.  So back we go....oh, and yes.  I bought the wrong size jeans for my (growing, it seems!) youngling.  The only pair which fit him is a size 8; okay, I bought him three more pairs.  Surprise.....they're too tight!  I guess I'll get him some size 10's!  Shoes, socks, and underwear fit just fine.

I also found two items at Cato I like, and they're both on sale.  Hopefully I can get them today and wear one to karaoke tonight and the other to my signing this weekend (or not; I have another outfit planned).

So instead of working on Forbidden Love edits, I'm headed first to the ER with the daughter and then back to the store!  See you later.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Monday Mania

Had a tragedy occur over the weekend; my son K received the heartbreaking news one of his good friends was in the hospital and pronounced brain-dead.  The SU and daughter S (who'd known her too) left late Thursday night and drove to Purdue to be with him and drive him to Indianapolis on Friday to say goodbye before they unhooked the life support.  An autopsy is scheduled, since everyone wants to know WHY this happened.  Here's the timeline of events leading up to it:

9/26 Mon:  B complained of toothache and went to dentist.  Verdict:  Infection in gums; given antibiotics.

9/27 Tues:  B can hardly stand up; taken to local hospital, who then transferred her to our hospital.  Kidneys were beginning to fail, so they set her up on dialysis.

9/28 Wed:  Life-lined to Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis.  Given an MRI; told her brain has swelled, then collapsed into the brain stem.

9/29 Thurs:  9pm:  Total renal failure.  10pm:  No brain activity.

9/30 Fri:  Taken off life support around noon.  Friends and family in total shock.

K will be home for the funeral sometime this week.  Keep B's family in your prayers?  Her sisters are 17 and 10; B was only 20.  No parent should ever outlive their children.

In other Manic Monday news:
I finished the 1st round of 'Rocks' edits and sent them back.  Now I'm back to editing Kenzie's Teacher's Pet again (I'm up to Ch 7).

The festival on Sat was a BUST!  I was told it was indoors; it was not.  The wind was horrible, so after 5 hours I called it quits and came home.  The two bright spots were 1) I was able to inform a past customer book #3 is due to be released in January and 2) I met another author who's written a Christian Inspy trilogy and was wondering what to do with it.  I plan to pass his name along to two authors who might be able to help him out.  Also, I'm breaking in a new 'assistant' at Office Max, and my order was so messed up Friday night, the manager gave me the promo materials for free.  Maybe they need to hire me?

Last Sunday I answered a call for help.  My friend J in Bicknell is disabled and has home health care workers two or three times a week in her home.  The last one had not done anything, but gripe about how bad HER life was, so they fired her.  The laundry had piled up, so I went over and spent Sunday and last Tuesday organizing her laundry room and folding clothes.  When I left on Tues, there were only 5 loads of sheets, blankets, and odds and ends left.  Yesterday, I returned and finished the last two loads, plus did a catch-up load.  And then her granddaughter (age 3) wet the bed....and we discovered an entire laundry basket full of dirty clothes and sheets (plus the mates to all the socks I hadn't matched up, lol!).  I'm heading back this afternoon to finish up, and the new health care worker can take over from there or I'll go back every Sunday to help out.  I get to visit with my friends and edit to my heart's content:)

Currently Reading:  Catching up with more Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury and am now reading Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men.  I also just finished Cindy S Pape's Motor City Wolf and LOVED it!  Now I want to get the other two books, MC Fae and MC Witch:)  Excellent job Cindy!!!!!!!  Next up:  Sharon Hamilton's The Stimulus Package:)