Friday, May 31, 2013

Flashback Friday: Peaceful May:)

Currently Reading:  Loved, love, LOVED Lydia Michaels' White Chocolate!!!!!  Definite Recommended Read!  The only reason it took me so long to read this was due to being busy with family, Kenzie's release schedule, and taking care of the granddaughter.  This is a wonderful love story, filled with racial issues, family tensions, and about survival.  Can't wait to read more by this Ms. Michaels, lol!  Also finished Amber Skyze's Spend The Night With Me.  Also Recommended Read!  Now I'm wondering if Kim's story is out.  Love this series!  Finally, I'm up to Ch 3 on The Caline Conspiracy by M.H. Mead.  I won this book several months ago on Bronwyn Green's blog interview with the author, and had forgotten it.  Liking it very much so far!

May 2003:
Story thus far:  After undergoing two open heart surgeries and being told a test tube with his  name on it had tested positive for TB, plus our oldest had experience minor bullying, we looked forward to the end of the school year, plus it was getting close to my spouse returning to work.

May was a calm month.  We celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary once again at the baseball field, as our daughter was entering her 3rd and final year of Coach-Pitch Pee-Wee Softball.  Our son was playing his 1st year of Major Baseball, and was proving to be a pretty good 2nd baseman.  Daughter was still enjoying her stint as catcher, and both teams did well.

The first game K played, they absolutely dominated the other team.  They didn't have a 10-run rule, or 9th batter rule anymore, and after being up 15-0 in the 1st inning and moving players around to strange positions,  the other team finally was able to get on base.  I even cheered when one player got a base hit.  My friends stared at me, but realized that yeah, the other team could use a little encouragement!  I think we won that game 31-3.

And the most important event?  My nephew was born May 2nd:)  My sister and one of her friends went into labor almost at the same time, but I think D was born first.  Her friend had a daughter, G.

Present Day:
Busy with house cleaning today.  There is a baby in the house again on a semi-full-time basis, and we need to baby-proof.  It's a miracle she hasn't swallowed any of the small Leggo's, or BeyBlades, or choked on any other small objects lying around.  I've been busy with Kenzie's Release Contest and other chores, plus losing my computer in the afternoons to the youngling, or the neighborhood kids who want to watch cartoons on NetFlix, or play the educational computer games.  I hope to have my schedule ironed out next week!  It's after 12pm and I'm still in my jammies!  Of course, sleeping in til 8am didn't help.  I must have been extra tired last night.  Anyway, have a great weekend and I'll have those graduation pics for you next week, as well as the End Of The Month Recap and June Reading Schedule.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Congratulations Tony Kanaan! You Did It!

Memories of the 2013 Indy 500:
1)  The Weather:  63 degrees all day long.  I wore three shirts, but took off my sweatshirt mid-race so son K could sit on it for padding.

2)  The Record-Breaking 68 Lead Changes:  Ed Carpenter would lead, then Marco would jump in front....then Ryan Hunter-Reay made a sneaky pass ala 'it's my turn now', then Marco would pass Ryan again on the next lap.  Very exciting!

3)  Only 5 Cautions:  Every single crash only involved one car.  No driver was severely injured, and most of the engine failures or other car issues made it into the pits and were pushed back to Gasoline Alley.  Ed Carpenter at one point drove into the grass, but was able to get back onto the track without causing any 'traffic' issues.

4)  The Safety Crew:  Graham Rahal crashed at Lap 195, with Ryan Hunter-Reay in the lead.  But by Lap 197, the green flag waved.  Tony Kanaan grabbed the lead:)  But Lap 198, Dario Franchitti crashed, bringing out the yellow Caution flag, ensuring Tony Kanaan's win at last!

Mom and I laughed that Dario heard Tony was in the lead and decided to kiss the wall to ensure his friend's win!

Here we are, L-R:  Ben (half of him, anyway!); Mom is behind Ben; Ann (Ben's mom); Shobin; Rob (Friend of Ann and Ben's); Guabin; me; Sam (Shobin and Guabin's son); Kyle; Dad (standing).  The Chinese family are friends of my parents.  Ann's husband Bob was supposed to be there, but he'd chosen to try to jump a curb while riding his bike and broke his femur.  So he's in a cast and undergoing physical therapy!  Maybe we'll see him next year:)

Tony Kanaan, red hat.  They introduce the drivers as part of the Opening Ceremony.

I was talking with a girl two rows behind us before the race, and she insisted I try this Straw-Beer-Rita (strawberry margarita infused with Bud Lite).  I didn't really care for it, but managed to drink maybe a fourth of it.

Our seats were directly in front of Dario's pit.  Here he is, getting gas and tires.

TK's pit was also within viewing distance.  Here he is, getting the same.

Sandi Patti (blue dress) sang the National Anthem.  So good to hear her sing this again!  No one sings it like Sandi:)

Since Ben Schruben was cut out of the group photo, here he is with his mom, Ann Mead.  We've been friends with them for well over 25-30 years.

After the race.  Mom and Dad have handicapped parking, and it took us an hour to get out of the parking lot.  Here are Sam, Shobin, Guabin, and my mother, just hanging out and waiting for signs of cars to begin moving out of the lot.

The people parked next to us had a Hibachi set up and were grilling brats and burgers:)  When we left, some other people had set up a corn-hole tossing game.  Dad sent Kyle ahead to direct him out of the parking spot and to make sure we weren't going to run over or hit anyone's grills/coolers/games.  The race ended at 3pm; we were at the bar by 3:30; we didn't get out onto the main road until nearly 5:30.  Made it back to Lafayette around 7, just in time to watch the recap on TV.  Mom and Dad took the Chinese family home while I unloaded the coolers.  When the parents arrived back, Sandi Patti was about to sing again.  I began uploading my photos and we had a nice relaxing evening.

My uncle called from Florida; he and my cousin are going to try to make it up for next year's race:)  Also received alarming news my aunt has a malignant mass on one kidney and her consultation is tomorrow.  She's already in remission from Melanoma, so we're keeping her in our prayers.

Not sure if I'll participate in Hump Day Hook tomorrow or not.  I'll post my daughter's graduation pics tomorrow or Thursday.  So have a great day!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Flashback Friday

May 1993:
The weather warmed up; T's mom and I took our baby boys to a festival downtown on the Circle, and both boys enjoyed themselves.  We also went to the zoo, where 17 m/o K climbed on statues of frogs, kicked nanny goats (we had to take him out of the petting area), and called 'Here Kitty Kitty Kitty' at an elephant. When that didn't work, he switched to ' dog....'

Emerson Fittipaldi won the 500, and I walked home from the track afterward.  The spouse and K had dropped me off as close to the track as they could get me, then took of for Grandma H's house.  I spent a quiet evening watching the race coverage on TV, so I could see what I missed, and ate Cookie Dough Ice Cream.

Present Day:
Daughter graduates tonight!  Meeting my parents at the Mexican restaurant, then heading over to the ceremony.  Tomorrow, I'm heading to the Farmer's Market to buy two pies, raspberry and peach, from a friend and to secure a slot for June 8th, during the Red Skelton Festival.  One of my friends has a book coming out sometime soon, and so I get to show him how to work a signing:)  Then K and I are returning with my parents in order to go to the 500 on Sunday.  So have a safe and happy Memorial Weekend!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

2 More Days.....

Currently Reading:  Finished Teen Fury:  Unleashed by Amanda Torrey, and LOVED it!  This is the 2nd time an author has combined fiction and mythology, and now I can hardly wait til I can purchase book #2.  Recommended Read.  Now reading White Chocolate by fellow SCP author Lydia Michaels.

My youngest only has two more days of school; technically only one, because tomorrow is a 'Field Day'.  They'll play games outside and have a picnic lunch, then come inside and watch a movie.

Today is 'tie-up-some-loose-ends' day.  Daughter is graduating tomorrow, so have to whip the house into shape; take her shopping for necessities; and begin preliminary packing for myself, which includes keeping an eye on the weather forecast.

I did go to the T-shirt shop yesterday, and ordered two more tees with the correct website on them.  I'm planning to wear one to the 500 race on Sunday, since the weather's due to be lower 70's.

Really nothing more to say this morning; Kenzie will probably run a contest, and I might even have her on here next week as she gears up for TWO releases two days apart.  So stay tuned!  And tomorrow I'll be flashing back to the 1993 Indy 500.  So see you tomorrow:)

Happy birthday to my BFF!!!!  Hope you have a fantastic day:)

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

HDH #14

For more fun HDH fun, visit this site for all the links:)

Today's hook is from book #3, Keri's story in Forbidden Love.
In honor of the Indy 500 coming Sunday, here's a snippet from when Kyle goes to spend the day with Keri at the 1986 time trials.  Enjoy!  (BTW, she's wearing shorts under her jeans, lol!)

They had no sooner cleared the restricted area when Keri unzipped her
jeans and pulled them off, shocking an elderly Safety Patrol parking attendant.

"Is this the same girl who wouldn't let me take off her shirt after New Year's?" Kyle

"I don't care, I'm about to have heat stroke." Keri hugged him. "I wish there was
someplace private we could go."

"Come with me, I've got a truck." He dropped a kiss on the back of her neck.

Keri pulled away. "What truck?"

"My friend Jim's. I haven't seen you in three weeks, and I want to be with you, alone,
private, and no clothes."

"Not very private with everyone around." He still wants to be with me!

"Given the stories I've heard about what goes on in the infield, I don't think we'll
attract any attention."

Forbidden Love is available at Sweet Cravings, Amazon, and B&N.

Happy birthday to an extra-special friend of mine, who's celebrating her big 5-0!  Hope you have a wonderful day!!!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tuesday Happenings

Currently Reading:  Loved, loved, LOVED Jean Joachim's If I Loved You!!!!  Definite Recommended Read!  Also read Reveal Me by Cari Quinn, and now I want to know more about Kelly's character.  Sabrina York's Rebound grabbed me at page one and refused to let go.  Loved it, and can hardly wait to read more of this series!  Another Definite Recommended Read!  Then ran into a couple of duds which looked good in the blurb, and truthfully, the first one held my attention all the way through half of it until I got bored.  And tried to read the 2nd and 3rd books, but nah.  Again, maybe I'll try again when I have nothing left to read.  Now I'm on Teen Fury:  Unleashed by Amanda Torrey.

Spent the weekend working on Kenzie's two upcoming releases, and getting the ARC's shined up.  Including writing in more of Cara's pet Labrador Shadow, in Off The Clock.  So hopefully that won't cause dog lovers to email me with 'what happened to the dog?', which was my reaction after I saw it in pdf form!  Not sure why I didn't catch it sooner.

Here I am with the former Adoptee #1; she doesn't come around as often anymore, so she's been bumped to #5.  She's graduating this year, and I'm very proud of her!

Had an impromptu 'reunion with my BFF and her daughters....

L-R:  Shia, Sara, me, Erica, Faunia, my mom, and Miss Alex:)

4 Generations!  Alex, Sara, me, and Mom:)

Another shot...Sara, Alex, Faunia, me, Shia (we took 5 pictures, trying to get one of Shia with her eyes open, but no!), Erica

Not sure if this is coming through real good or not, but this is Erica and I back in /Sept 1994, with Faunia and Sara, ages 1 and 2 months old.  Our baby girls were due just a few days apart, but my 'firecracker' came 3 weeks early while Faunia decided she'd 'cook' an extra two weeks:)  So they were born a month apart instead.

My, how they've changed in 18 (almost 19!) years!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Flashback Friday

May 1983
This month was full of events.  On May 12th, I met friend B at his locker before we headed outside to our elementary schools.  His friend J came over, greeted B, then asked, "And how's the missus?"

Silence.  Then B said, "Molly, he's talking to you."

"Oh."  I blinked.  "I'm fine.  Yourself?"

"Good.  And how are the kids?"

Kids?  "They're fine too."  I looked at B, who was laughing.  He slammed his locker closed, hi-fived J, then curled his arm around my shoulder and led me down the hall.

"So when did we get married?" I teased him after he dropped his arm.

"You don't remember?"  He spun around and motioned to J again.  He whispered something in his ear; J adopted a solemn look.

"By the power vested in me, I now pronounce you 'people'.  B, kiss her before I'm late to class!'

I laughed and turned around.  B followed me.  "So how many kids do we have?"

"I don't know.  You had 'em!"

The next day happened to be Friday the 13th.  The J-Club officers were announced during the morning announcements, and B had been elected President for the next year.  After 1st period, I made a beeline for B's locker to congratulate him, but before I could say anything, J swooped in.

"Here's the President and his First Lady!"

I also discovered that with my crazy schedule the next year, I'd have to take Government during the summer.  Mom also signed me up for a typing class.  When I complained, she reminded me I was only a year away from college, and would be required to type my papers.

"If you know how to type, kids who can't will be willing to pay you to type their papers."

Who can argue with that logic?  I agreed.

And I also made my decision regarding Band Camp.  I was quick to pick up routines, so I was positive missing five days of intense practice wasn't going to hurt my chances of having a slot in our parade or field show.  I decided to travel to Florida with my Jr/Sr High Church Choir.  Little did I know the drama which would follow in June.

Next month:  "You're letting a SOPHOMORE teach you the routine?"

Present Day:
We're heading north tomorrow for my BFF's daughter's graduation party.  Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

HDH #13

For more fun HDH fun, visit this site for all the links:)

Here's a snippet of book #2, Love Finds A Way, which asks the question, If you date a man halfway across the country, and only see him twice a year, is it 'out of sight, out of mind' or 'Absence makes the heart grow fonder'?  Enjoy:)

Set Up:  Amy surprises Matt with a visit to the AF base, and then reveals she doesn't plan to sleep with him, wanting to know if their relationship is based only on sex, or are they also friends?  After three days, this decision is hard to keep.  On Matt's day off, a trip to the pool provides playful fun.

“I’d better be careful, I almost lost my top!” She climbed out of the pool and
squeezed the water out of her hair. “Besides, that wasn't a very good one.” Aware Matt’s
eyes were looking her over, Amy tried not to be self-conscious of the fact her swimsuit
clung to her body.

“How's the water?” Matt swung his legs over the side of his lounger.

“It's just right, very refreshing. Coming in?” Oh please do…regardless of how I act,
I’m dying to feel your skin next to mine. Tingles of anticipation ran up her spine. Being in
the water with the opposite sex provided many flirting opportunities, and she’d always
dreamed of good-natured horseplay with the man she loved.

“Yeah.” He took a sip of his soda and got up from his seat. Amy returned to the
diving board, her heart pounding. I know he’s watching. Will my top fall off again? Amy
surfaced in the middle of the pool. Of course…when I want it to fall off, it stays in place.
Spotting Matt sitting on the edge near the ladder, she swam over and hoisted herself up
on his feet.  “You going to sit here all day?”

Love Finds A Way is available on Kindle
                                                    Sweet Cravings

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Testing Tuesday

Currently Reading:  Loved No More Lies by Mona Risk!  Recommended Read:)  Also devoured Cari Quinn's No Dress Required and it's also a Recommended Read!  Mona's Neighbors and More reminded me of Knot's Landing/Dallas/Falcon Crest/Melrose Place, lol!  Very enjoyable, so pick this one up also.  Could NOT finish Christine Cappleton's Stealing Megan's Husband.  Maybe it's just a sign I'm noticing little editing errors, but the choppy writing and the head-hopping bothered me (and reminded me of my 1st book, so am I really in any position to criticize?  Maybe I'll read this when I don't have anything else to read this month).  Now I'm on Jean Joachim's If I Loved You, and already I'm giggling over the first conversation between the hero and heroine!  Very well done, and I'm looking forward to the rest of the book:)

I absolutely hate bureaucratic red tape.


I'm glad you asked!

My spouse took early retirement two years ago this month.  His insurance premiums for himself and I would be nearly $700 a quarter, I think was the figure.  I could be wrong.  All I really know is it's a lot of money, more than we originally paid.

He's now on Medicare, and I'm on the Healthy Indiana Plan (HIP).  My youngest lost his Hoosier Healthwise (Medicaid) last fall, after the disability and SSI payments pushed our income level to $200 over the limit for Medicaid.  So any doctor visits and his medicine are now paid out of pocket, which isn't much, and thankfully his teeth were fixed while under the Medicaid plan, other than his last cleaning.

Now my HIP is up for renewal.  I sent in the necessary paperwork in March, and waited.

April arrived, with a request for more documentation.  I sent it in.

Last week, another request for my Schedule C and the OFFICIAL paper for my husband's pension payment, like a check stub, or the OFFICIAL letter.  The only OFFICIAL letter I have (or can find!) was dated two years ago, which I'd sent in with a handwritten 'Since March, he now gets $  Apparently they didn't like that handwritten notation.

We don't get a pay stub; it's directly deposited into the account.  And nope, FASSA will not accept a bank statement as proof.  So after turning my filing cabinet inside out, looking for the letter we'd received in March, I called the Central Pension Fund in Washington DC.

Call #1:  No answer
Call #2:  "I'll put it in the mail."
              "Can you expedite it?  I need it by Friday."
              "I'll get it in the mail, ma'am."
Call #3:  "Can you email or fax it to me?"
              " soon as you fax your husband's signature to me."

I did that.  And waited for the return fax.

We went to lunch.  Still no fax.

If I don't get that piece of paper from them by close of business on Friday, I stand the chance of losing my health care.

If the 2nd guy had the info in front of him, and KNEW I was faxing it over asap, why can't he send my fax as soon as he received 'permission'?

Why is it, when you're in a hurry, it seems the rest of the world is functioning in slow motion?

Friday, May 10, 2013

Flashback Friday

Currently Reading:  Still on No More Lies by Mona Risk.  I'm loving this one!

May 1973
School was ending, and I hoped and prayed I'd move on the the 2nd grade!  Yearbooks were passed out; the birthday parties were held for the kids who had summer birthdays; and I looked forward to the city pool opening.  That's about all I remember still.

Present Day
Kenzie has some exciting news over at her blog; why don't you go check it out?

We have another exciting weekend ahead of graduation parties and baseball.  See you back here on Monday!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Hump Day Hook #12

Currently Reading:  Finished Cheryl Dragon's A Firm Hand and enjoyed the way it showed a Dom introducing his somewhat innocent bride to 'playthings'.  Mariah's easy acceptance of everything, like the candle play and the flogger, surprised me.  Now reading Mona Risk's No More Lies.  Wonderful so far!

I'm over at Jamallah Bergman's blog today!  Come over and say hi?

By now you know the drill:  For more Hump Day goodies, go here:)

Taking you back to 1984 and the first Arbor U heroine, Elicia Keller.

“Good morning to you.” A kiss landed on her forehead. “Last night was wonderful." His hand slid up her thigh.
Elicia squirmed, then stopped, the pain in her head unbearable. Whatever happened, his touch was causing no pain and movement was. “Did...did we…ah, you know, do..ah, anything?” She caught her breath, feeling stupid. She didn’t have on any underwear and from what she could tell, Brent was naked. Brilliant, just brilliant. Of course we did. Only I don’t remember any of it.

     Brent caressed her cheek. “Shall I refresh your memory?” He kissed her again, his free hand moving up across her buttocks. “I couldn’t get you to take off your shirt, sweetheart, but the rest was fantastic.” He nibbled on her earlobe. “I want to make love to you again." 

Monday, May 6, 2013

Monday's Musings

Currently Reading:  Finished Drilled over the weekend, and it was definitely worth the 3 year wait!  Discovered I also have two more in this series to read this month, so yay me!  Definite Recommended Read:)  Also read Ashley Ladd's Whirlwind Relationship and while I enjoyed flashing back to 1978, I would have liked to know if she was doomed to repeat the next 22 years, or did she suddenly wake up one morning to find everything had changed?  I'm now on Ch 4 of Cheryl Dragon's A Firm Hand.  And the candle scene in Ch 3 sort of squicked me out.  If anyone dripped hot wax on me, I'd let them have it!

Spent a rainy weekend indoors, reading and watching my DVR'd shows.  Youngling's baseball team put up a fight Friday night, losing 5-4 in the bottom of the last inning.  The daughter has moved out of her apartment and into the boyfriend's mother's crowded house.  She now has  20 days to come to her senses before I make a phone call.

Yesterday, I was soooo thrilled when Bates and Anthony won the Amazing Race:)  I was hoping Max and Katie would win, but I definitely did NOT want Mona and Jennifer to get it.

Went to karaoke Sat night with Jean and Angela, and sang 'Invincible' (rocked it!) and 'All You Wanted (it was okay).  And got ticked at the bartender/server.
-I gut up to use the restroom, and he came back after I'd sat down.  I ordered another water, then realized my wine glass was gone!  He claimed it was empty; I say there were still a few drops left.  And then he never brought my water.

-I got up to sing All You Wanted (Michelle Branch) and when I returned to the table, my water (okay, ice cubes!) was gone!  I swear, next time I'm going to put a Post It note on my glass:  Do Not Take!

-I was 6th in the rotation, and at 11, Mark began the rotation again.  But after the 3rd singer, he let two or 3 others in before resuming.  So instead of singing at 10:30, 11:30, and 12:30, I sang at 10:30 and 11:45.  This town really needs another karaoke place.  Or have I just been royally spoiled by Brown and the 'Billie and Molly Show'?  I don't mind waiting my turn; it's just I have a 'curfew' and when you let others into the rotation, it cuts down on the songs I get to sing!  I've gone from 6 per week down to 2.  And was not in the mood for the two sexy songs which are next on my 'D' list.

Lunch at the Schnitzelbaum on Friday was wonderful!

Tomorrow, I'm going to the zoo with Youngling's class.  Praying for good weather!

Friday, May 3, 2013

Flashback Friday

Currently Reading:  Finished Mona Risk's Right Name, Wrong Man and LOVED it!  Definite Recommended Read!  (I know, big surprise right?  I love Mona's books!)  Next up:  Regina Carlysle's Drilled.

Doing something a little different this week, since there are 5 Fridays this month.  And since this is my blog, I get to break my own 'rules', ha ha!  So sit back and enjoy.

May 3, 1991
I woke up this Friday morning, kissed D goodbye, and took off for Lafayette.  I had my hair done, then went to my parents' house to take a leisurely shower and put on my lovely new white suit and pearl jewelry.  One of Mom's friends used to sell Avon, so she did my makeup.  And at 3:00, I headed over to the church.

Met D, and we chatted with my favorite pastor, Dr. T.  I remember him telling my Communicants Class about people automatically assuming pastors had a 'free pass' to heaven, and so I thought I was prepared for the Faith question.  But nerves got the best of me, and I blew it.  D, however, was still thinking clearly, and responded with the answer my brain was screaming at my mouth.

After the meeting, we went out into the foyer to meet my mother, who slipped my wristlet corsage on my wrist, and pinned D's boutannier on his lapel.  D's parents and few friends arrived, including his Best Man in Dress Marine uniform.  Suffered a moment of panic when it looked as if my sister was going to refuse to stand up with me, and my BFF was ready to stand in.  But Dr. T spoke with her, and she agreed.

And after everyone (50+ people) was seated, we walked down the aisle and were married.  About halfway through the ceremony, it hit me that this was the REAL THING, and I wouldn't be whipping off my make-believe veil and telling someone, "You're next!".  I also realized I still had on my engagement ring.  During the prayer, I switched it to my pinky finger and tried to stop crying.  I think I finally quit halfway through the receiving line afterward!

We drove back to my parents' house for a lovely meal and to open our gifts.  And at 10pm, with only a handful of people still there, we dashed to the car in a shower of birdseed.  And promptly hit a deer on the way to our hotel in Carmel, IN.  No damage was done to the car; we'd merely clipped her backside.  And by the time DNR arrived, she'd moved off the highway and into the woods.  So we didn't get to keep it.  (I'm sure the French Quarter Hotel would have loved a deer carcas hanging in the bathtub, lol!)

And two days later, met my parents back at our apartment to find a place for all the lovely gifts, plus begin writing thank you notes.

Over the past 22 years, we've celebrated our anniversary by going out to eat or at our kids' baseball/softball games.  When K and S quit playing in 2004, we joked that we didn't know to spend our anniversary without  nachos, soft pretzels, and hot dogs.  This year, instead of driving to Kansas City as originally planned, we'll be eating lunch at a German restaurant an hour away, then returning for our youngest's baseball game.

So enjoy your weekend!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Meet Stephanie Ridgeman:)

Currently Reading:  Finished Just One Victory and enjoyed it!  A good account of a girl's dream of being popular and her slide into alcoholism.  I'm also on Chapter 2 of Right Name, Wrong Man by Mona Risk.

A special HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my nephew David, who turns 10 years old today!!!!  You're the best nephew north of the border, sweetheart!

Now, On With The Interview:

Hi Stephanie!  How are you?

It's about time you got around to interviewing me.  I'm good.

How's your friendship with Caitlyn?

It's pretty much been reduced to only Christmas cards, though she's friendly when we do see each other.  But it will never be the closeness we had before I came out.  And Keri's the same way.  As long as we stay off the subject of sex or our love lives, she's cool.

That must be frustrating, knowing you can't confide in your friends.

It's okay.  Gretchen's always willing to listen and offer advice, and of course, I've made other friends now, Molly.  People grow and change.

Do you still drink Mountain Dew?

(sputters)  I still can't believe you put that scene in there!  How do you remember that?  It's not like you had your camera on and took pictures!

No, but it was funny at the time.  You know me; I remember the strangest things.
How about your relationship with your parents?  Did it ever heal?

Before Mom died a few years ago, she told me she'd finally accepted me again.  Dad and my brothers, well, as long as I don't bring it up in mixed or polite company, they're fine with having me around.  But Jo could never go with me, so we pretty much spent the holidays with her parents.

Are you still teaching PE and coaching?

Sometimes.  I discovered I was actually a good hospice worker, and I help out at the local YMCA with the kids in basketball, volleyball, and soccer.  Sometimes I umpire for the softball teams, even though I can't hit the ball to save my life.

What attracted you to Jodie?

No drama going on, other than with her friend Laura and her on-again/off-again girlfriend Daphne.  I could hang out with her and be, well, normal.  Not listening to anyone obsess over whether or not they should tell so-and-so they danced with this guy or not, or how to tell the parents they've broken up with Person X and now want to be with Person Y, or even if Susan's not eating enough.  Jo and I watched TV, went out to eat or to a bar, and as long as Curtis had enough chips and dip at Jo's house, he was fine.

Yeah, what's the story on Curtis and Brandon, anyway?

How the hell should I know?  They came out of YOUR imagination.

Point taken.  Thanks for sitting down with me today, Steph.

Any time.  Who's story is next?

Susan's is slated to be released in August.

Okay; I look forward to seeing that one.

Here's another excerpt from Searching For Love:

“So how long have you known...known you were gay?” She lowered her voice.

“Ever since the eighth grade.” Jodie sounded matter-of-factly. “I got turned on by models and the female stars, instead of the male ones. Guys, I really have no use for, other than for comedy.”

“No kidding?” Stephanie choked on her Mountain Dew. “Have you ever...ah...done it with a guy?”

“Oh, hell yes.” Jodie leaned forward. “But, you know, it just didn’t feel right. For me, I mean. I was totally turned off by him, the feeling wasn’t there. Do you know what I mean?”

“Kind of.” Stephanie frowned, trying to understand. “It’s like having a one-night-stand, waking up the next day with the oh-my-god, what-have-I-done, and how-the-hell-did-I-let-this happen sort of feeling, and then putting as much distance as you can between yourself and that person?”

Jodie smiled. “I suppose you could say that. You know, that’s what I like about you, you have the darnedest way of cheering a person up.”

“That’s me, class clown Steffie. I was voted ‘Most Likely To Join the Circus’ or become the next Paula Poundstone.” She swallowed and shoved her salad bowl away. “Like that’s ever going to happen. I have stage fright in speech class.”

“All you have to do is picture everyone in their underwear.” Jodie’s eyes sparkled. “Haven’t you ever heard that?”

“Every time.” Steph wadded up her napkin. “Then I end up with a bad case of the giggles.”

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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

May's Reading Schedule

Here's a list of the books I plan to buy this month and load onto my Kindle:
 Right Name, Wrong Man-Mona Risk  Loved it!
 Drilled- Regina Carlysle  Loved it!
 Kissing Steel-Laurann Dohner REALLY loved it!
 Twelve Nights-Carole Remy Interesting tale
 Whirlwind Relationship-Ashley Ladd  Interesting.....
 No Dress Required-Cari Quinn Awesome story!
 A Firm Hand-Cheryl Dragon  Interesting Regency
 No More Lies-Mona Risk Very enjoyable!
 Neighbors and More-Mona Risk  LOL....reminded me of Dallas/Knot's Landing!
 Stealing Megan's Husband-Christine Cappleton DNF
 Reveal Me-Cari Quinn Hawt!
 If I Loved You-Jean Joachim  Loved, loved, LOVED it!  DRR!
 Rebound-Sabrina York  LOVED it!  DRR!
 The Good Servant-Doug Lukas DNF
 Conversation With A Dead Man-DL DNF
 The Good Servant's Wife-DL DNF
 Teen Fury: Unleashed-Amanda Torrey LOVED it!
 White Chocolate- Lydia Michaels REALLY Loved it!
 Black Irish Rising-Marie DuFour

The lone print book I have by my bed at this time is a YA book I picked up: 
Just One Victory- Becky Tirabassi  Very good!

My 1st Piece of 'Hate' Mail:
Received a shock yesterday in the mail.  Someone sent me an anonymous note, telling me to 'put my money where my mouth is' on Face Book, and that I'm 'stupid'.  WTH???  Postmarked Indianapolis, on April 29th.  The only thing I can remotely think of is someone didn't like my mini-rant about my spouse.  So maybe I need to cool it when my anger spills over?  Maybe I need to save my mini-rants for Twitter.....

Anyway, have a good day.  Not participating in Hump Day Madness this week; I've been gearing up for Kenzie's Big Announcement.  So go over there and cheer on her good news:)