Thursday, February 28, 2013

End Of The Month Recap

For a complete list of books I listed at the beginning of the month, go here.

Currently Reading:  Am about halfway through The Prize by Julie Garwood.  Also am up to Ch 6 in Christmas Babies by Mona Risk:)  And bought six more paperbacks yesterday, so come back tomorrow for another list:)

Books Read:  Paperback:  3, and am halfway through a 4th.
                      HB:  3.
                      E-Book:  5, and am on a 6th.
                      Total:  11, with two more began.

Days Spent Editing:  4 or 5.  Yeah, had my mind on other things this month.

Karaoke:  Went twice.  Once out of town with friend B, and the other with friend M.  Did not add any new songs to my repertoire.

Days Spent Back On Predisone:  10.

Days Spent With Right Ear 'Clogged':  Welcome to day #52:)  Though thanks to my doctor's appointment last week, I have an over abundance of ear wax in that ear.  Yay me.  So bought an ear wax removal kit and have walked around with cotton balls in my ear for the past three days.

Days (Nights) Spent Thinking I'm About To Drown In My Own Phlegm:  20.  I noticed last week my coughing was down, and no longer needed the Mucinex DM, the Vicks Vapo-Rub, or the extra pillow at night:)

Yes, I think I'm gonna live!!

And the doctor put me on Nasonex, and I'm to go back in a month.  I think I'm allergic to my house.  Aren't you glad you tuned in for this?  LOL:)

Looking Ahead To March:
Youngling's 9th birthday is tomorrow.  His class is going to go see the HS production of 'Little Mermaid' in the morning, then I'll drop off cupcakes in the afternoon.  He wants to go to Chuck E Cheese, but I'm not taking him on a Friday night.  We'll do ice cream and cake after dinner, then take him and a friend on Saturday for lunch, after baseball sign ups.

I'm also ten pages from finishing the self-edits on Love Weighs In, so hope to get it submitted soon.  Yes, I know my 'deadline' was Feb 14th.  I've been sick.  Did you not notice I only blogged eleven times the entire month of February?

Endless Love releases March 5th, and I'm hoping I'll receive cover art and edits for Stephanie's story soon.  Not sure what we're doing for Spring Break; Maybe going back to the Buccaneer Bay indoor water park in Lafayette and spending time with my parents again.

I'm also involved in an Author's Fair on March 15th and 16th in Madison, IN, so watch for more details as this date gets closer.  And B's schedule will allow her to 'roke again on Thursdays, so come back on Fridays not only for the Flashbacks, but for the report of what songs I sang and how well I (think I) performed.

Have a great day!

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Hump Day Hook #7

I know; bad blogger again.  But with everything going on (release date approaching, filling out interviews, deep cleaning the house, edits, and self-edits), I honestly didn't know if I was going to be able to participate this week.  And surprise, surprise, I can:)  So here's more of book #7, Love Weighs In (I'm open to title suggestions).

 Susan, who had watched her food intake all week, was still disgusted with the way her dress felt around her waistline.  She’d complained about it earlier in the week to another girl in one of her classes, and the girl had revealed her own secret to dieting.
             “If I don’t like the way I feel after I’ve eaten, I just stick my finger down my throat and throw it back up,” she’d confided in a whisper.  “I still eat, so I’m not anorexic.  I just do it when I eat too much.  No harm in that.”
             Susan had thought the idea was horrible, but kept her opinion to herself.  Now, inside the hall, surrounded by her friends, and seeing all the happy couples, she took a mental inventory.  The ones who look the happiest and most in love are the ones who are slim, or at least not overweight.  She patted her stomach, and felt the bulge straining against the material.  I just won’t eat anything else.  In a near panic, she pictured what she must look like, even though the mirror in her room several minutes earlier had showed a different story.

I'm ten pages away from being finished with the self-edits, then I can send this off for submission.  And in case you missed it, Endless Love releases next Wednesday, March 5th, so keep watching for the chance to win your copy, or any of the previous four books:)

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Meet Caitlyn McCarthy:)

Yes, I know.  I've been a bad blogger.  I did post last Friday; did you see it?

Anyway, I'd like to introduce you to a young lady who has been patiently waiting for her story to be told.

You first met her in Love On The Rocks:

Caitlyn McCarthy tossed her light brown hair over her shoulders. "Aren't you just down the hall from me?"
"Yes. Is Todd your boyfriend?"
"Oh, no. Mine goes to the University of Illinois. I’m just hoping for a motorcycle ride."

In Love Finds A Way, she was the supporting best friend, comfortable in her long-distance relationship with Bryan Johnson, and revealed a quirk:
Amy checked her backpack while Caitlyn was putting on her makeup. “Couldn’t you do that at the airport or something?”
Caitlyn applied another coat of mascara to her lashes. “Sorry, it’s just something my mom always did, and she harped on me in junior high if I didn’t put my face on before leaving the house.” She inserted the wand back into the tube and picked up her hairbrush. “You’re going to wait until later?”
“Cait, nobody’s going to care if I’m wearing blusher or not at four in the morning.” 

In Forbidden Love, Cait is moved into the room with Gretchen, Keri, and Stephanie.  And immediately clashes with Keri, concerning Keri's boyfriend Kyle:
Caty threw her notebook on the floor, her green eyes turning dark. "The man has responsibilities. He has a child. He's starting a new job. He does not need you whining, feeling sorry for yourself. Every time you talk to him, it's, 'When can I see you? When can we get together?' Get a grip on yourself and give the man some space!"
"I do give him space, damn it!" Keri dropped her book on the desk. "We've hardly seen each other in the past three months."
"You can't schedule him to act the way you think he ought to act, and it's driving you nuts. Wake up, Keri. The man is not your knight in shining armor."

And in Balancing Act, she clashes with Gretchen:
“For God's sake, Gretchen!” Caty burst into the larger room. “Talk to him. Hear him out. He's driving us crazy! He calls at all hours, ties up the line. Bryan and Kyle can't get through. You've got to do something.”
“Are you kidding?” Lynne shot back. “Give him time. He'll stop calling.”
“No, it's getting worse.” Caitlyn's green eyes blazed as she sat down on Susan's bed. “Some guy named Tom called last night, demanding that Gretchen hear him out.”
“Oh, no.” Gretchen felt the blood drain from her face. “That's his boss. Okay, the next time he calls, I'll talk to him.”
“Thank you. I'm sorry, but listening to Joe yell at me for something you did is not my idea of fun, especially at two in the morning.”
“Why didn't you turn off your phone?” Lynne suggested. “That's what we did.”
“Your boyfriend isn't three hours away.” Caty’s voice rose with anger.
“Stop.” Gretchen looked from one to the other. “It's not worth yelling about.”
“I'm sorry.” Caitlyn stood up and moved past Gretchen. “I just don't like my sleep interrupted.”

Endless Love shows Cait's stress level going off the charts in the fall of 1988.  The previous February, she'd had a fight with Bryan and went to a party with Stephanie, waking up in Peter Criswell's arms the next morning.  Furious with herself, she gave him a fake number and tried to put him out of her mind.  But when Stephanie crashes her car in early October, Peter resurfaces and demands answers.  Panicked by the thought of her infidelity reaching Bryan's ears, Caty makes a decision which soon has her torn between the two men and at odds with her parents.  When everything in your life goes smoothly and suddenly you begin to question everything you've been taught, whom do you believe is telling the truth, or steering you in the right direction?  Caitlyn tries to please everyone and discovers when you try to have your cake and eat it too, everyone ends up miserable.  Maybe she's been a spoiled brat this entire time and is just now realizing it's time to grow up?
 “I can't believe this.” Gretchen set her glass down with a bang. “Doesn’t this qualify as harassment?”
 “It’s the only way I can get him off my back.” Caty took a bite of her salad. “If I file charges, then Bryan learns about last winter, and anyway, all he wants is a week of my company.” She swallowed. “So all I have to do is show up, choke down something from wherever he takes me, suffer through three hours, and get my homework done. I think I can tolerate him for five days. The man's not unattractive.”
 “No, he's downright gorgeous.” Stephanie set down her tray and sighed. “I assume you're talking about Peter?”
 “Yes, and he says if I still don't like him at the end of the 5 days, he'll leave me alone. Small price to pay to get someone off your back.” Caty wiped her mouth. “And I'm meeting him on campus, so he won't find out where I live.”
 “I wish he'd woo me like that.” Steph sat down and sprinkled salt over her meal. “Did I tell you my dad bought me a Sunbird?”
 “So you're not buying from him?”
 “No. Dad found it for $500. It's six years old and needs a new clutch, brakes, and a tape deck, but it runs.”
 “That's good. What color?” Amy scraped the last bit of mashed potatoes from her plate onto her fork.
 “Dad didn't say. Keri's going to install the tape deck for me.” Stephanie drained her pop. “I’m going for a refill. Be right back.” She stood and left.
 “Why would Bryan have to know the details?” Gretchen's mind was still on possible harassment charges.
       “Look, my mother would fill him in, trust me.” Caitlyn picked up her tray. “This will work faster and not cause a lot of financial or mental hardships. Besides, if dinner lasts an hour, and I do my homework for ninety minutes, add in travel time, the three hours add up pretty fast. Piece of cake. I'm going for ice cream.”

There's your sneak peek:)  I received my round #2 edits yesterday and sent them back late last night.  I don't know if we're still on track for the release date of tomorrow, or if it's been pushed back another week.  I'll find out later today:)
Come back tomorrow for more details!

This just in:  Endless Love will release next Wednesday, March 5th:)

Currently Reading:  Loved, loved, LOVED I Never Fancied Him Anyway!!!  Definite Recommended Read!!  Saw at the back it's been optioned for a movie.  Wonderful!!  Now reading Julie Garwood's The Prize and in e-books, Mona Risk's Christmas Babies:)

Friday, February 22, 2013

Flashback Friday

Currently Reading:  I've been a busy reader this week.  Finished Streisand and have been listening to a lot of her music now!  Was also disappointed there was no mention of her relationship with Barry Gibb, and was surprised to learn she'd had a relationship with Don Johnson!  Also finished Four Blind Mice by James Patterson, and was disappointed.  Maybe it's the fact my dad and I have discussed his novels before, and dad points out obvious clues to different things?  This time I was reading with my mind on high 'alert', and found a major 'flaw' in the story line.  Now reading I Never Fancied Him Anyway by Claudia Carroll.

E-book-wise, I loved Ryelee's Cowboy!!  I wanted to shake Ryelee many times, but it all worked out in the end.  Also read Desiree Holt's Dark Desires and Blind Ecstasy.  All three are Definite Recommended Reads:)  Now reading Heather Peters' Rules of The Game #2.  I just finished the first one and am nearly finished with the 2nd.  Another Definite Recommended Read:)

Yes, I've been a bad blogger this week.  No, I'm not going to apologize; I've had to prioritize my time this week.  But I promised you the continuing story of my spouse's health issues, so here is what took place this month, ten years ago.

Story So Far:  Spouse had blood pressure issues after hitting 9K-volt power line with construction equipment.  Heart cath revealed his aortic valve now resembled a butterfly's wings.  He went in for surgery Jan 10th, and after ten days, was sent home.  But after the Super Bowl that year, he wasn't feeling so great.

February 2003:
Our normal am routine was like this:  I woke up around 6:30, start the coffee, and wake the kids.  I'd take them to school, and arrive back to find the spouse enjoying his first cup of coffee.  But the Friday morning after the Super Bowl, something woke me up at 6am.  I went into the restroom to do my morning business and was alarmed when a) the spouse was already up and b) there was a faint but noticeable pink tint to the toilet water.  After I finished, I went into the family room and found him in his chair.

"Are you all right?"

"I don't know.  I think something's wrong."

I considered my options.  "Can you hold on until I take the kids to school?"

"I've been sitting here since around 3.  I think I'll be okay for another two hours."

I made a pot of coffee, then dressed, woke up the kids, drank my coffee and ate a quick breakfast, then hustled the kids into the car and drove them to school.  When I arrived home, he was dressed.  I drank another cup of coffee and called a neighbor to come down and help me get him into the car.

"If he falls, I won't be able to help him up.  I'd appreciate having someone he can lean on."   (There was still plenty of snow and ice on the ground)

He came down and between the two of us, got him settled in the car.  I went back in the house and picked the plastic bag with all of his medication bottles, thanked the neighbor, and we took off.

"Where are you taking me?"

"I'm not taking any chances.  We're going back to St. V.  Can you hold on for one more hour?"

He smiled and settled back in his seat.

And hour later, I pulled up at the ER, jumped out, and grabbed the first wheelchair I saw.  Two orderlies followed me out to the car and wheeled him inside while I parked the car.  When I arrived, they'd already taken him back and hooked him up to the monitors.  After many tests, they determined he was bleeding internally, and was again whisked back to the cardiac ICU.

In the meantime, snow begins to fall.  I called a friend to find out the weather conditions near our house, and to make arrangements for the kids.  Turns out it was much worse down there, and I was told by the friend not to worry; she'd get K to solo/ensemble the next day and that both kids were taken care of.  I then called the school to let my children know where to go after school, and returned to hubby's side.

I began to worry about my own accommodations.  Money was tight, and my closest relative was a half hour away.  Thankfully, St. V put me up in their hotel for the night, free of charge.  I walked into the spouse's room the next day to be met with, "NASA lost the space shuttle!"

I turned around and watched the footage of the shuttle catching fire upon reaching the atmosphere.  Brought back memories of Challenger in 1986.

Met with his doctor, who scheduled him for another surgery on Wednesday, to remove the fluid around his heart and the mass behind it.  I managed to return home that night, and promised to bring the kids up on Sunday.  They were very happy to see their dad, and promised to behave for me again.

It was during this week my Author's Assistant at iUniverse and I began playing phone tag.  I contacted her the following Monday with the glaring mistake I'd discovered in the book, and she left a message for me on Tuesday while I was gone to pick up my kids from school.  I had no cell phone, so couldn't give her an alternate number.  My dad met me at the hospital on Wednesday, and kept me company during the surgery.  The doctors ended up removing 3 units of blood/fluid from his pericardium, and a blood clot so large, "It fit in both of my hands", said the surgeon.  "My assistant literally held your husband's heart in his hands while I fished this thing out."  It probably equaled another unit of blood.

What caused the bleeding?  Turns out he's very sensitive to coumadin!  They knocked his 10mg dosage down to 5mg and he maintained a good INR.   But then he went into A-fibb (atrial fibrulation), and when he didn't convert on his own, they took him down after 3 days and shocked him back to normal sinus rhythm.  And then we were able to bring him home again.

Oh, my son's baritone solo?  He placed 1st:)

And my phone tag with the author's assistant?  I came home on Wednesday to another message "Going before the editing board at 2pm.  Please email me the changes."  I arrived home around 5pm that day, my neighbor taking care of the kids again, since we didn't know how long the surgery would take.  And my AA had already left for the day, so I called her the next day and explained why I'd not returned her calls or emailed the information.

"It's too late.  The editing board looked at your 1st correction sheet and decided what you'd written didn't meet the requirements to fix it.  Your only other alternative would be to pay us another $200 to reprint."

I mentioned money was tight, right?  So yeah, this was an expense I couldn't afford.  I just had to hope and pray no one would slam me for the fact Challenger explodes twice in Love Is Sober!

Next Month:  The Spouse turns 49:)

Friday, February 15, 2013

Flashback Friday

Did you catch me on Blog Talk Radio last night?  You can catch the podcast here:)

Feb 1993:
My husband surprised me by bringing me daisies for Valentine's Day!  He also provided the requisite chocolate, and I cooked him a good meal and provided a cake.

I also discovered something when I had the mother of the five-year-old babysit while I went to the dentist.  I explained to his mom the afternoon routine, so I was pretty confident she would have an easy afternoon.  But when I arrived home, I found the babies sound asleep and B bouncing around on the couch.  He looked up and saw me and froze.

"B, are you supposed to be napping?"

He smiled, then dropped onto the couch and didn't move for several minutes, until I heard his familiar 'snoring'.

L, his mother, was at the table doing paperwork.  "How did you do that?  I've been trying to get him to settle down for an hour!"

That was when it hit me; B listened to me, rather than his own mother!  Probably because I spent more time with him.

I discussed with L the fact I would be going out of town the last week in March, and she said she'd make arrangements for B's care.  The babies hadn't given her any grief, lol!

Present Day:
Kenzie is participating in the Swept Away Blog Hop.  So go check out her blog for more details:)

Update From Karaoke Sunday:  Was able to sing four songs:
The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia
Stop Draggin' My Heart Around (duet with 'Dad', Terry)
Just Breathe (messed up the bridge; it had been so long since I'd heard it, lol!)
I Remember You (did NOT clear the bar this time!)

And was told by many SOBER strangers that I had a good voice:)

Currently Reading:  Finished Blind Sight, but wondered aren't ME's bound to confidentiality?  If you're up for a Laurie Montgomery story by Robin Cook, pick this up.  Now I'm on Streisand, a biography of Barbra Streisand.  I'm loving this:)

E-book:  Finished TV Bride and LOVED it!  Now I want to read more by Meg Bellamy.  Definite Recommended Read!!!  Esp if you're a fan of reality TV, lol:)  Began reading Kathleen Ball's Ryelee's Cowboy.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Meet Robert Wacaster:)

Welcome!  Please introduce yourself and tell us about your latest release.

     Hi, my name is Robert Wacaster and my latest release is called A Writer’s Love Story and is the first in a series of three books (Possibly four...working on the fourth now) about two characters named Robert and Katie.  Robert is a new author with a best selling book and Katie happens to be the executive assistant for his editor.  Through a chance meeting Robert ends up buying Katie an expensive watch to cheer her up (She had just found out the man she was going out with was married and had kids.) and she agrees to go out to dinner with him.  From there they quickly fall in love.  But this isn’t a typical love story.
     After only having one weekend to get to know Katie, Robert has to leave for Hollywood where he’s supposed to be consulting on casting for a movie based on his first book.  Katie and Robert continue their relationship through cell phone calls always telling each other they are “fine”.  But things are far from fine.  Robert has writer’s block and begins to suffer from depression not able to stop thinking about Katie.  He’s afraid to tell her about how he really feels, or invite her to California with him thinking she has her own life in New York.  Meanwhile Katie is being stalked by the married guy she was going out with and afraid to tell Robert thinking he’s under a lot of stress in California and not wanting to worry him.  The two characters each deal with their own problems until things finally come to a head and they finally do share their real feelings with each other.  The story does have a very happy ending and prepares you to move into the second book, A Writer’s Proposal which is due out later in the year.

Have you ever had an idea for a story which scared you after you began writing it?

     Not that scared me while writing it.  But I do have a story with some odd characters in it that I really haven’t submitted or shown to anyone.  I thought it was hilarious when I wrote it (a run of jokes about “squirrel tranquilizers” *chuckle*) but now am not sure how people would take the sarcastic story.  Maybe one of these days I’ll get brave enough to show someone.  *chuckle*  I think it’s titled “Loving the Other Side”.  It’s off buried somewhere.

Have you incorporated actual events from your own life into your books?

     No, my books are complete fiction.  I do occasionally use the names of people I’ve known throughout my life.

How much research do you do?  Do you research first and then write, or do you write first, then research as needed?

     A Writer’s Love Story really didn’t require much research.  I think about all I did was to look up how much a new BMW would cost (A bit important to the story.  I don’t want to spoil things, so you’ll have to read the book.  *chuckle*).  And I also looked up a price for a woman’s watch.  That’s about it.  HOWEVER...

     For the first book I had accepted by Secret Cravings Publishing, I had to do quite a bit of research!  The book is called Kiss the Darkness and is about an Air force sergeant who is blinded by a mortar blast in Afghanistan and then falls in love with a nurse at a rehab hospital in Germany during his recovery.  I searched and searched to find out anything I could about a military rehab hospital, but couldn’t find any real information.  No one wants to talk about things like that.  Finally after an exhaustive search I did come across a blog written by the wife of an Army captain who had been blinded by a mortar blast just like my character.  I did use a number of what she had written in my story.  Researching blindness taught me that 70% of our perception is visual.  Now imagine losing that!  That’s quite a tough thing to have to deal with!  In some ways, that was a rough book to write.  It’s actually only a “novella” at around 35,000 words.

Is there any message you want readers to take from reading your work?

     A lot of fiction is based on reality.  I haven’t yet found the “Katie” who belongs in my life, but I’m sure she’s out there somewhere.  So for readers who delve into romance novels thinking nothing like that will ever happen to you, you never actually know.  Someday someone special might just walk right into your life and sweep you off your feet!  There are plenty of true romance stories out there.  Go out and find yours!

Are you a plotter or a pantser?  And have you ever had a story take on a life of its own?

     I would have to be called a “pantser”.  I just sit down and write.  I do see the story in my imagination and usually when I sit down to write I know where the plot is going.  But I don’t plan things out and make plot notes and things like that.  Things just happen in a story for me.

How long did it take for you to be published?

     Now I’m not certain how to answer this question.  I’ve written for years going all the way back to high school.  But until recently I never really kept anything I wrote, or tried to write seriously.  The major publishers always made things so difficult to get anything published unless you were already some huge best selling author.  After finishing my first novel back in 2007 I tried to query some literary agents and just got back form rejection letters in the mail.  They wouldn’t even read anything.  Self publishing was just beginning and I went that route.  A few of my self published books are pretty rough and not edited.  The two books with Secret Cravings Publishing are much more professional, well edited, and have much nicer covers.  I submitted my first book to Secret Cravings last year in 2012.  So maybe you could say I was trying to get published since 2007?

If you could go back and tell yourself anything when you first began your writing career, what would you say?

     If you really want to self publish, get a real editor and have someone who knows what they’re doing design your book covers.  *chuckle*

Laptop or pen and ink?  What are your ‘must-haves’ when writing?

     Laptop.  I don’t think I’d be able to keep up with my thoughts by using ink and paper anymore.  Too used to typing.  I’m not sure I could use any kind of voice dictation stuff either.  I wouldn’t be comfortable trying to speak my story out loud as I wrote it.

Who are your favorite authors?  Who would you say influenced you the most?

     My favorite author would have to Stephen King.  I love his books!  But as to who has influenced me the most in my writing career?  Dawne Prochilo and Sable Hunter.  Dawne has probably helped me more than she’ll ever realize as I moved into getting my books published.  She’s influenced a lot of my writing, too.  And Sable?  Sable Hunter is a good friend who is probably one of the sweetest, most humble authors I’ve ever come across.  And the popularity of her books is something I’d love to shoot for.  Sable has shown me that no matter how popular your writing may get, you still need to pay attention to your readers.

What would your readers be surprised to learn about you?

     Probably that I’m still single.  *chuckle*  After reading A Writer’s Love Story (I used my own name for the main character) one lady asked me if it was a true story.  I told her that no, it was all fiction.  I am hardly a best selling author and have never sold any movie rights for any of my books.  She then replied “No, I meant the relationship.  What went on between you and Katie in the book just felt so real.”  *chuckle*  Unfortunately no, none of it was real. 

For Fun:

What is your favorite love scene to write or read?  (ie:  First kiss, passion after a fight, reunion)

     My favorite would probably be one that I had written myself and is near the end of A Writer’s Love Story.  Robert is trying to come on to Katie and keeps trying to kiss her and she keeps pushing him away telling him she needs to concentrate.  She wants him too, but is trying to get him ready for an appointment.  Long story...sort of.  *chuckle*

What is your favorite Valentine’s Day memory?

     I don’t know.  Back in the military I left a Valentine’s Day card taped to the door of a girl who had just had her wisdom teeth pulled.  (, she never did like me in that way.  *chuckle*)  The other thing that stands out was a few years ago when I sent a “Vermont Teddy Bear” to a girl who lives far away from me.  The bear has a heart tattoo on his arm with her nick name inside it.  *chuckle*  Sorry, can’t reveal that friend’s name, though. 

Sweetest gift ever given to you?

     My brother cleaned the spider webs out of my garage a couple months ago.  Does that count? 

Thank you for being here today!  Please tell us where we can find your books.


A Writer’s Love Story

Kiss the Darkness

     Thank you very much for having me today, Molly!  For anyone interested, you can find me on Facebook and my Twitter name is Secbuzz!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Flashback Friday

Another Valentine's Day and I was without male companionship.  A and I had definitely 'drifted apart' by now; friend D was still being friendly every Sunday; and I did receive a lovely bag of cartoon Valentines from my 1st graders:)  Plus, the chocolates my mother gave me.

So the day wasn't a total downer:)

Present Day:
I've been hard at work with Kenzie's promo demands, and also editing Endless Love. We're heading to a coffee shop in Washington, IN tonight, in order to hear a friend play in an Irish Folk Band.  Then, hopefully hitting the karaoke.

Hopefully I'll be attempting:
Doo Wah Diddy-Manfred Mann
Do That To Me One More Time- Captain and Tenille
Do You Know The Way To San Jose-Dionne Warwick
Do You Really Want To Hurt Me-Culture Club
Do You Want To Know A Secret-Beatles
I might even attempt Rod Stewart's Do Ya Think I'm Sexy!

Check back on Monday; I'll give a report!

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Thursday Happenings:)

Kenzie's riding the tidal wave of Release Week and her Reunion Contest.  Today, she's over at Jean Joachim's blog; Jean interviewed Brian Vellinger, the hero of Class Reunion.  And he has an offer for Jean!  Come over and see what he has to say about her squirrel problem:)

Also, she's featured on Liz Flaherty's blog... and on her own blog...geez that girl gets around!

My only news is that I finally ordered new business cards.  And I'm buried in edits.  So check out her links; she's got all the fun!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Hump Day Hook #6

Did you hear the news?  Kenzie's Class Reunion released yesterday, ahead of schedule!  Get your copy HERE, unless you'd prefer to wait for the Kindle or Nook version.  They'll probably be up next week
So head over to her BLOG and enter her Reunion Contest!  Two people have already won; you could be next!

Ready for today's hook?   Thought I'd treat you to some more of Lynne and her roommates from Love Is Color Blind.  Still working on this one.  Enjoy!

“What do you mean about us being opposites?  Besides the obvious, I mean.”

Tara dropped down on the floor.  “Well, he likes to party and you don’t;  I’ll give you the athletic ability, since dancing takes a lot out of you; you’re black and he’s white; and I think you’re a better student-”

“Hold it.”  Lynne sat up, whacking her head on the support bar.  “Ouch!  I always forget that’s there.  What do you mean, he’s white?”

Susan turned down the music.  “I just figured he was a mix.  You know, black father, white mother.  He’s always had a gorgeous tan.”

Tara looked puzzled.  “He looks Caucasian to me.  And besides, who cares?  There are a lot of black guys who date white girls.  Kudos to you for evening up the score.”

“He’s well spoken when he wants, but he also slips into that ghetto-dialect once in a while.  Guess I didn’t really pay that close of attention when Nick and I were together.  And he doesn’t have any pictures of his parents.  Maybe I should ask him tomorrow.”

“Does it really matter?  Say you find out he’s adopted or something, and has white parents.  Or one of his parents is black.  Or he’s a white boy adopted by black parents.  Would you stop having feelings for him if you find out his heritage?”  Susan sat down in her desk chair.

Lynne frowned.  “No, but if he’s white, my mama’ll have a fit.”

Go Here for more Hump Day Madness:) 

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Terrific Tuesday With Kenzie Michaels:)

Welcome!  Please introduce yourself and tell us about your latest release.
 Thanks for having me back Molly!  Your blog always gets more traffic than mine (pout!)

Class Reunion is the sequel to All She Ever Wanted.  A reader emailed me after reading it and wanted to know more about Brian the Banker-dude.  And since I'd just attended two class reunions and ideas thrown at me for 'your next book', it was born.  Here's the blurb:

After being burned pretty badly by two different women in his past, Brian Vellinger has sworn off romance. Commitment-shy for the past fifteen years, he is stunned by his sudden attraction to a woman he's not seen since the last day of their senior year. 

Natalie Collier thinks she's successfully put Brian Vellinger out of her mind. After harboring a secret crush all through high school and into college, she is both alarmed and thrilled when Brian makes his intentions known at their 25th class reunion. But will she succeed in softening his casual, 'sex only' policy, or will she end up just another notch on his belt?

You can pre-order it HERE, or enter the contest on my blog for a chance at winning it:)

Have you ever had an idea for a story which scared you after you began writing it?

OMG, yes!  I still have a wip which I get the urge to write more of every so often.  The problem is, about a month later, I discover a friend is going through something similar.  Eeerie.....I've not worked on it in several years.  I'm kind of scared to finish it!

Have you incorporated actual events from your own life into your books?

LOL....there's a little bit of 'me' in every book.  My love of Food Network (obsession??) played a big part in Appetite For Desire and All She Ever Wanted; my real-life crush on my son's teacher inspired Teacher's Pet (I would have LOVED to act on it, but no....); and my love of Colorado showed up in Wild At Heart.  And the person 'Brian' is based on, he and I had a love/hate relationship when he moved in two doors down from me in the 3rd grade and continued on through high school.  But when we met up again in 1995, we realized we could maybe be friends again:)  And in 2009, I posted a picture of us with our arms around each other with the caption directed at his sister, who I consider my 'other sis'' :  "Did you ever think I'd get this close to your brother?  LOL!"

How much research do you do?  Do you research first and then write, or do you write first, then research as needed?

I do it primarily on an as-needed basis.  Which can be frustrating when phone calls take too long to be returned, or I can't find what I need.

Is there any message you want readers to take from reading your work?

Just pull up a chair, grab something to nibble on, and lose yourself in my story:)  If I can brighten your day with a good HEA ending, then I've done my job!

Are you a plotter or a pantser?  And have you ever had a story take on a life of its own?

I mainly let the characters dictate their story.  And the zombie story I'm working on?  I did NOT plan on two twists which had me jerking my hands from the keyboard and say, "Whoa....did NOT see that happening!"  In one case, it went totally the opposite of what I thought was about to happen!

How long did it take for you to be published?

I got lucky; I subbed my first two books in August, 2008 and both were rejected in October.  Turned right around and sent the one I liked best off to Freya's Bower and it was accepted on the condition I add a few more chapters.  I sent them off after Christmas, and by January had signed the contract.  All She Ever Wanted was released May 2009.

If you could go back and tell yourself anything when you first began your writing career, what would you say?

"Why did I wait so long to 'get' the idea of the e-books?"  No, seriously....I would have subbed my work a lot sooner than I did.  But I just didn't have the confidence at the time.  Everything was about baby steps....and boy did I ever crawl!

Laptop or paper and ink?  What are your ‘must-haves’ when writing?

Lately, it's all been laptop.  But when the youngling begs to watch NetFlix, I've been known to grab the pen and paper:)  Especially since battling bronchitis since the beginning of the year.  And the muse loves her sweets.  Last fall it was Candy Corn; she also likes Hershey Bliss Chocolate Squares.  I'm trying to switch her to Kettle Corn; less calories.

Who are your favorite authors?  Who would you say influenced you the most?

Look at the authors on your blog roll.  Nearly every single one of them 'encouraged' me to spice it up a little.  Teacher's Pet remains my 'spiciest' book to date, and is also my best seller:)  As to favorite authors....check your reading schedule.  I read just about anything which catches my attention, and like you, have a short list of e-books on the 'read again' list.  Which includes Jae Roth's Access Denied; Anny Cook's Mystic Valley series; and anything by Ms. Pape.  I also love, love, LOVE Brynn Paulin's  Brotherly Bonds!  Josh Cress can tie me to the bed....okay...Tempest might object to that...

What would your readers be surprised to learn about you?

Seriously?  After all of those 'Ten Things People Don't Know About You' Memes, you still ask me this question?  Hmmmm.....something I've not divulged yet.....I was painfully shy until about ten years ago.  Now when I walk into unfamiliar territory or a gathering, I paste a smile on my face and head toward the food!  I can ALWAYS find someone to strike up a conversation with over food, lol!  Unless I'm the only one there.  Then it's search the room for a friendly face.

For Fun:

What is your favorite love scene to write or read?  (ie:  First kiss, passion after a fight, reunion)

I love reunion stories!  Especially when they're well written.

What is your favorite Valentine’s Day memory?

Okay; maybe this falls into the 'thing you don't know about me' category.  I have a bad track record with Valentine's Day.  I've either broken up with boyfriends before, or even ON that day, but there are two memorable ones.  4th grade, when my crush gave me a beautiful handmade Valentine (I still have it somewhere!) and when my spouse and I were dating, he gave me a huge Hershey Kiss, which I'd asked for, and a chocolate rose.

Sweetest gift ever given to you?

Mom always made sure we had some form of chocolate or a gift on Valentine's Day.  But my Hershey Kiss was the 1st time a man had ever brought me that much chocolate!  I knew he was a keeper, lol!

Thank you for being here today!  Please tell us where we can find your books.
Here is where I can be found:


“Our second night together and we’re already acting comfortable with each other.”  Natalie hugged him close.
“What do you mean?  We’ve been friends for years, Nat.  Just because we started sleeping together doesn’t change anything.”  In the dark, Natalie felt his hand stroke her breast through the cotton shirt.  “Like I said earlier, I thought we’d slow down a bit, and get to know each other.  But every time I’m near you, my dick swells so hard it’s all I can do to keep from jumping your bones.”  His voice grew husky as his hand slid under her shirt.  “Shit.  You left your panties on?  Take ‘em off.”
She felt his fingers assisting hers as she complied, tossing the silky scrap free of the blankets.  “Are you taking off yours?”  She ran her hand down his chest and stroked his length which poked out of the elastic.
“Coming right up.”  Soon they lay skin to skin from the waist down, exploring each other.
“Not fair,” he protested.  “Now I’m naked and you have a shirt on.”
“That’s easily taken care of.”  Soon, she was naked in his arms again.  “I actually like this better, but didn’t want you to think I was a sex maniac or anything.”
“You mean you’re not?  Darn…” Brian’s lips found hers.  His tongue probed the corners of her mouth as his hands rediscovered her curves.  “How long has it been since you’ve slept with someone?”  His fingers smoothed her hair from her forehead.
“At least two months.  You?”
“You don’t want to know…not now.”  He kissed her, but she pulled away.
“We said we’d be honest with each other,” she reminded him.  “Or does that only apply to certain questions?”
“Just trust me on this one.  I’m single; that’s all you need to know right now.”  He reached for her, but she rolled away.  “Damn it, Natalie….”
“Just answer the question.  You’re single, but you have, what, a favorite call girl or something?”
“Do you really have to know this right now?”
“What’s the problem, Brian?  You’re the one who asked me about my prior sex life.  Don’t you think I have the right to ask about yours?  Unless you have a habit of picking up hookers,…thank God you bought the condoms the other night.  At least you care enough to practice safe sex.”
“I don’t pick up hookers.  I don’t do that.”
“Then what’s the problem?”  She reached over and turned on the light.  “Do you or do you not have sex with anyone on a regular basis?”  Natalie hugged the blankets to her chest.
“I-okay, you want to know?  Fine, I’ll tell you.”  Brian sat up and faced her, squinting as his eyes adjusted to the light.  “Yes, I get together on a semi-regular basis with a woman who I met a few years ago.  We have an arrangement, and meet once a week for a drink and to relax a little.  There’s nothing serious going on; we just talk and enjoy each other for a couple of hours.  Is that so bad?”
“Are you…..never mind.  I guess I don’t have the right to ask.”  Natalie bit her lip.
“Am I going to see her this week?  I don’t know.  I told you this wasn’t going to be anything more than just a weekend thing, Natalie.”
“I know. I’m sorry I pushed the issue.”  She snapped off the light, but stayed curled up on her side of the bed.  “I guess I walked into that one.”
“No, I’m the one who started it.  I’m not going to apologize for my lifestyle…”
“And you shouldn’t have to.  You’re right. This is nothing more than a weekend fling.”
“Do you want me to leave?”

Thanks again for having me today Molly!  And don't forget to enter my contest!

Monday, February 4, 2013

February's Reading Schedule

Last Chance Saloon-Marian Keyes  Finished this last night.  LOVED IT!  
Broken Rules-Fran Lee  1st story, fast-paced and good description!   Her Own Rules, read this two years ago and enjoyed it:)

Blindsight-Robin Cook  Enjoyed it, but aren't ME's subjected to confidentiality clauses?
Lovers-Judith Krantz  Good, but now I know where I got my 'talk about what happened', rather than 'show the action' tendencies came from....was irritated by certain scenes.
Streisand-Barbra  Enjoyed this, but was disappointed her relationship with Barry Gibb was left out.  And did NOT know she'd been involved with Don Johnson!

TV Bride-Meg Bellamy  Loved, loved, LOVED this book!  Must. Read. More!!!
Rylee’s Cowboy-Kathleen Ball Excellent!
Dark Desire-Desiree Holt  HAWT!
Blind Ecstasy-DH  Loved this!
Rules of the Game-Heather Peters  Loved both stories!!
Christmas Babies-Mona Risk  Loved this!
The Teacher’s Billionaire-Christina Tetreault
Hearts in Darkness-Laura Kaye

Lush Velvet Nights-Tina Donahue
Assassin's Kiss-Paris Brandon
Forbidden Love-(??)
Shut Up and Kiss Me-(??)
Sweat Equity-Liz Crowe
Closing Costs-L.C.
Star Crash-(??)

As you can see, I love Marian Keyes' stories!  This one is another Recommended Read:)  Still reading TV Bride and can hardly wait to return to it:)

This week, Kenzie Michaels is having a week-long Reunion Contest, due to her new book arriving on virtual shelves Wed Feb 6th.  You're all invited to visit HER BLOG for a week of memories, excerpts, and daily winners.  And at the end of the week, she's giving away a Grand Prize:)  So what are you waiting for?  Get over there now!

She's also guest blogging on Carol's Blog today....and tomorrow, she'll be here.  So enjoy this week with her, please?  This book was definitely a labor of love.

So How's The Health?
Still fighting bronchial crap.  Not sure if I mentioned it or not, but when we took the youngling to the ER a week ago, we came home with a nebulizer.  So we're all taking daily breathing treatments.  And College Kid tested positive for the flu.  I really don't care to be swabbed for the flu virus/bacteria, so think I'll hold out til my appointment on the 22nd.  I know; I'm a coward.....Doing lots of hand washing, and everyone has their own designated Kleenex box.

See you back here tomorrow! 

Friday, February 1, 2013

Flashback Friday: Chicken Pox!

Feb 1973:
The chicken pox went through our neighborhood.  T, my next-door neighbor, had a bad case of it.  I remember my mother going over to give advice, and my friends and I both giggled at his plight and hoped we wouldn't get it THAT bad.  He even had the dots on his eyelids, and all over his body.

Then I caught it.  And since my mother worked, and my sister went to nursery school, I was allowed to stay home by myself.  I didn't have as bad of a case as T, and took Allerest (I think today's Benadryl equivelent) and had a TV tray in my room with a clock, my medicine, and of course, plenty of reading material.  I just remember sleeping a lot also.

And in the evenings, my three-year-old sister refused to stay out of my room.  So it's no wonder she was the next victim.  Mom pulled the record player into the hallway and kept us amused with a stack of records, since W obviously wasn't old enough to read, and keeping her in bed was tough.  And after it was over, Mom allowed me to keep the record player in my room.

The girl down the street was the next victim....and my friend L, who lived at the opposite end..  And several in my 1st grade class were absent over the course of this month.

I think this all occurred after Valentine's Day, because I enjoyed collecting my bag of cartoon character valentine's and enjoying the ones with the suckers.

Present Day:
Kenzie's going to throw a party next week!  For preliminary details, visit her blog for the 'staging instructions'.

I'll post my February Reading schedule on Monday.  Have a good weekend!