Thursday, October 28, 2021

Teen Dream Pt 2


I know that's a horrible picture, but it was taken in haste, as I didn't want to lose the opportunity for a picture with him.

Who is it, you ask?

Shaun Cassidy. My former 12 y/o self was very happy last night!

Let's back up a bit.  You'll recall I attended his concert back on Sept 5th, and since the meet-n-greet had been cancelled, we were promised a one-on-one Zoom meeting later that month. Unfortunately, after an hour's wait, a message popped up, saying a rainstorm had knocked out his internet, and my meeting would be postponed.

Was I upset?  A little, but you can't blame Mother Nature.  I waited....and waited....and waited.

Finally earlier this week, I received an email saying my meeting would take place on Wed, and my time would be finalized soon.  I thanked her, and mentioned later in the evening would work better, since I'm usually home between 9:30-9:45.  I told my supervisor I would need off ASAP on Wed.

Yesterday morning, the final email arrived with the link, and my time would be around 10pm.  I was thrilled; went into work and told my supervisor not to worry about getting me out early; 9:30 was fine.  And I left on time.

Went home, rebrushed my hair, set up my card table in the bedroom (only place for absolute privacy, lol!), and set up my laptop. Pinned both SC buttons to my shirt. Grabbed my water bottle, kleenex, phone, and my cheat sheet of questions I wanted to ask, and at 9:57, logged in.

Tested my mic and lighting, and joined the meeting.  And waited....and waited.

Texted a friend; surfed FB; rewatched Shaun's That's Rock-n-Roll video.  Drank water, sucked on a cough drop.  The weather has changed in Indiana; I'm going through the whole sinus mess, and I was praying I wasn't going to cough and hack my way through our entire encounter!

Suddenly, my screen changed, and a new screen popped up, obscuring his face.  I could hear him calling my name as I frantically tried to get the other screen off, all the while thinking, OMG...HE KNOWS MY NAME!!!!

But I composed myself and joyfully greeted him!  We talked about how a Zoom meeting was better than the normal M-n-G, since there's no time to really chat.  I told him about my Comic Con experience with Chandler Riggs and Lana Parillo, and revealed my author status.  He asked where I was from, and yes, I told him about my missed opportunity in 1978, and that I really enjoyed his City Winery show.  He asked if I'd ever been to Nashville before, and I told him about the Weekend With The Authors, and how this year, I'd finally be a signing author..

THEN, I switched the focus back to him by asking if I could pick his brain, and he said yes.  I asked about what it's like to write episodes on New Amsterdam, and how to keep the characters' continuity.  He said they collaborate, and everyone works on the actual episode, and the fact this group of writers is the BEST he's ever worked with.

Traci's voice cut in, saying it was time to wrap it up; I picked up my phone and asked if I could take a quick selfie; he said sure, then noticed my button on my shirt, and mentioned how the Shaun Cassidy Fan Convention had done so much good for his charities, and how he was touched that I was a part of it.  I confess to having rather tunnel vision at this point, and only replied 'Yup!', as I was trying to be fast, and get both of us in the shot!

I then asked one more question:  Do back up singers receive Grammy Awards, if they're backing up a solo artist?  

"That's a really good question!  I'm not sure, but I believe if they're part of a band, such as The Rolling Stones, then yes.  But a solo artist?  Probably not.  But anyone can get a ticket to the Grammy's; not just the nominees."

I thanked him profusely for his time, and said I hoped to see him and the entire band in 2022, and when he said goodbye, the link severed.

I laid back on my bed and sighed....I had just had a professional chat with my Teen Idol from nearly 43 years ago!!! Then smacked myself; I'd forgotten to ask if I could be his back up singer!!  I also forgot to tell him I couldn't be at the November event, as I was already booked, but was semi-seriously thinking about getting someone to man my table while I attended HIS show.  Yes, the things you wish you said....darn time limit.....

Maybe next year, I'll get a better picture....

My former 12 y/o self is still very happy today!

Monday, October 25, 2021

Life in Lumber Y3, W30

 Day 126:  $7245

Today was more of a typical Monday, just with more sales.  Arrived; rang up two customers, then did my LU and AP4Me, then determined with only 3 closers, there was no need to do a soda count.  I just pulled everything forward and gathered the paperwork and trash. At 6, began sweeping, and went to lunch at 6:30.  When I returned, began the closing duties, and one customer decided to play 'which-plumbing-part-fits-what-I-need', and took 30 minutes to decide which combination of pipe, elbows, and fittings he needed before buying.  Needed 3 o/r all night; one for plants; one for flooring; and one for discounted doors.

Locked the doors at 9, and when HC Tall M cleaned me out, I walked her up front, returned an item to Electrical, and took my trash to the hopper.  Then put up my vest.

Outfit:  Colts jersey, dark jeggings, blue check mask

Day 127:  $6114

Arrived, and after ringing up one customer, did the prelim duties, except for soda count (we only had 3 closers again) and did my LU.  Then was slammed from 5:30-7!  Fmr loader Wally arrived; I 'held him hostage' until Mgr BW could come down to talk to him, lol....Victoria sent me to break at 7:05, and Kerri told me she'd seen someone acting sketchy, then BW from Plumbing confirmed the guy dropped some items and left, and that 'she made him nervous'.  Good for you, K!  After I returned, pulled trash and swept.  In fact, didn't finish sweeping until 8:30.  Did a quick sanitize of the registers and stools, then locked the doors.  When HC Tall M cleaned me out, I walked her up front, then returned items to Tools, Electrical, Plumbing, and Millwork, then put up my vest and took an item to RTM before clocking out at 9:25.

Outfit:  Bless This Mess sweatshirt, dark jeggings, blue check mask.

Day 128:  $5015

Arrived; my locker promptly 'bit' me, so after logging on and checking out three customers (B was backed up), I found a fingertip band aid for the middle left finger.  Things calmed down and I was able to do the pop count, but none was actually pulled, so I'll have it for tomorrow.  Did the prelim duties; went to break at 6:30, then swept and rang up customers until nearly 8.  Pulled trash ands sanitized around 8:30, and checked out my final customer at 8:58.  Locked the doors and brought in the cull packs, bothering my right hip in the process.  Returned items to Electrical and RTM, then clocked out at 9:20.  

Tonight is my Zoon meeting with a certain celebrity!  Hope I get to pick his brain!

Outfit:  Teal leafy shirt, dark jeggings, blue tools mask

Day 129:  $4279

Rainy, nasty day.  Arrived and took over for B.  Noted we had plenty of coverage, so did soda count and prelim duties. Ate most of the bag of cough drops; voice is starting to drop into the bass tones. Caitlyn relieved me for break at 7:30, and when I returned, swept and gathered the trash.  Didn't get things sanitized, since I was still sweeping at 8:30.  Final customer left at 8:58; literally locked the doors behind him.  Brought in the two cull packs, and this time had Loader AW help me, ha ha!  He took my returns for me, so when HC C cleaned me out, all I had to do was take the trash to the hopper.  Clocked out around 9:20.

Outfit:  Denim Halloween shirt, black v-neck tunic, 'bat wing' headband, Starry Night mask

My bat wings were a hit with both kids and adults:)

Day 130:  $???

(Forgot to get my sales stats; I was soooo busy!)

Arrived and helped B out. then things slowed down, and was able to get the soda count done and the prelim duties.  Things picked up at 5 and didn't slow down until Cait came down at 7.  When I arrived back, she was ringing up the only 2 customers she'd had....then I was slammed again until close.  Was able to pull the trash and figure out where the returns went, plus put the pop and snacks away. Only swept the highlight areas, then locked the doors; Loader AW brought in the cull packs AND fixed the door that HC tall M tried to break, lol!  Returned items to Plumbing, Electrical, Paint, and Fashion Bath, then put up my vest. Clocked out at 9:20.

Loader AW's brother and family stopped by, as did K, J, and B.  I got to hold B and ring up two customers while holding her:)  They were dressed as Incredibles, with baby B as Jack Jack:)

Outfit:  Halloween pumpkin shirt, black v-neck tunic, scarecrow hat headband, Starry Night mask

Day 131:  Halloween Day (rare Sunday)  $21,850

Arrived, and admittedly wasn't feeling 100%.  Hopped on #2 to help Jill.....and stayed there.  J went to break soon after, and I continued on #2.  Took my break at 1 when we got a lull, and S arrived with my belt (I'd forgotten it).  By the time I logged on again, the lines were backed up.  J left for lunch at 1:45, so I took over her register.  Was slammed....and at 2:25, a customer complained about not having 2 registers over.  I stopped, went to the phone and called for a Code 3 (croaked it out; my voice is going), and he thanked me, then thanked the guy who let him cut in line.  No one showed up to help, so I kept going.  J returned soon after, and I went back to #2.  When we got another lull at 3:30, I called to ask if it was okay to go to lunch, and was granted.  Went to McA's, and met the family.  Returned an hour later and was steady until J left at 6.  Then things slowed a bit, and discovered J had already pulled the trash.  I started sweeping, and at 7, sanitized the registers.  My final customers:  A had brought a cart with siding with a sign $32.  BUT, it wasn't for all 6; it was $32 per sheet.  A decided not to buy them. B had four H-carts full of lumber and one cart with other items, all totalling $1500.  C had $41, but had only brought $40 with him; I spotted him the extra $1. My lunber associate AW had a soda.  Earlier in the day, two gentlemen bought $22 worth of items, but only had $13 on his card, and $5 in cash.  I remembered I had my card on me, so I whipped it out and plugged it in....JUST as the other guy pulled $3 from his wallet he'd forgotten about!  So they gave it to me, and made up the rest in change.

After we closed, I locked the doors, finished sweeping, and helped AW reorganize the carts before putting up my vest.

Outfit:  'Spider Pirate' costume:  Pirate costume, Spider (Webster) headband; black jeggings, spider mask. 

Monday, October 18, 2021

Life In Lumber, Y3 W29

 Day 121:  $ 7055

Someone forgot to tell the customers it was Sleepy Monday, for we were packed!  It took me 2.5 hours just to get the pop count finished! Gathered the paperwork at the start, and then was busy ringing up customers.  Lee relieved me at 7:30 for break, and when I returned, was able to do my LU, check my schedule, and gather the trash.  Didn't sanitize or sweep; was too busy. Locked the doors at 9, and after HC Shortie cleaned me out, took two items to plumbing and the leftover snacks to Receiving.  Clocked out around 9:30.

ASM M came down and asked why I was taking vacation in the middle of November; told her about the the Christmas show.

Outfit:  Blue Colts jersey, faded jeggings, starry night mask

Day 122:  $5215

Arrived; hopped on #1 to help with the line. Began pop count at 5:30, and it only took me an hour.  Was able to do my LU and AP4Me, then swept the entire area, except for under the mats.  Took my break at 7:50, then sanitized the counters and registers.  Locked the doors at 9, then rang up last customer.  After HC C cleaned me out, took the trash to the hopper and returned one item to Aisle 18 and another to Aisle 49.  Clocked out at 9:30.

Outfit:  Brown, 3/4 length sleeve, faded jeggings, starry night mask.

Day 123:  $7821

Arrived; was surprised B didn't have a line! Began pop count, but was soon slammed.  Finished by 6:30, then slowed enough to get the prelim duties and my LU accomplished.  Swept, then discovered we only had 4 closers, so  told C not to worry about my break; I'd eaten a foot-long at Subway before my shift, so wasn't hungry.  Did get to make a pit stop at 8, then began the closing duties.  Will, Austin, and Floyd stopped by, and showed A how to find his paystub.

Loader T took my trash down, and returned an item to the roofing area.  I took an item to Aisle 14, then hung up my vest after locking the door.  Mgr S came down and had me sign another form from my arm leave.

Had one customer ask about 'exposure' when it comes to shingles.  Told him I thought it was the part of the shingle that overlapped the previous one....then Loader T looked it up and explained it to the customer.  I said, "Didn't I just say that?"  Customer goes, "Oh....exposure....part that's exposed....okay, I feel stupid."

Later, he appeared and tried to be helpful, but made it worse.  I teased him about it, and he said, "Hey, I just asked you the world's dumbest question, so I guess it's par for the course."

Told him, "There are NO dumb questions, and if I didn't like you, I wouldn't tease you."  

He felt better after that!

Clocked out at 9:30.

Outfit:  Gold tee, faded jeggings, solid blue mask.

Day 124:  $10,454

Darla texted me to see if I'd come in early; I said yes, and went in at 3, while Bill went up front.  Had pop count finished by 4, and the prelim duties finished by 5, along with the LU.  Went to lunch at 5:30 when K arrived to talk to me.  When I returned, continued to ring up customers and began closing duties at 7.  At 9, had seven Mexican customers all paying with $50s or $100s, with the exception of the final one, who got chips and a drink, and paid with ones.

Also had two incidents:  Brandon from plumbing escorted a guy with a cart, and was paging for a manager.  I started round the counter, but was told no....Confused, I stopped, then watched the customer leave the cart, call B an a$$hole, and leave the building.  Come to find out, he'd been cursing at Brent in Millwork, and BW had tried to diffuse the situation.  Then, AT THE SAME TIME, another customer walked out the back lumber doors with $600 worth of merchandise.

Outfit:  Gray hooded sweatshirt, faded jeggings, Monet mask

Day 125:  $8802

Arrived and discovered I had no loader; C called in and J was 'waiting on CV results'.  So after Mgr B left, I texted Austin and told him to kidnap Will, who came in and ran carts, put items away, and was a tremendous help.  Took him to Wendy's afterward.

Was fairly steady all shift; didn't even consolidate the trash until after 7.  Only thing I accomplished prior was gathering paperwork and the soda count.  Did the rest of the closing duties after 8.  Didn't even get to do LU.

Outfit:  Purple/white stripe, dark jeggings, Monet mask

Monday, October 11, 2021

Life In Lumber Y3, W 28

 Day 118:  $4403

Had Alex with me; D took W with him to Indy. She was with me for 30 mins before they showed up.  Did soda count and prelim duties, and after my break, did the closing duties.  Had Loader AW and Ty take items back to Paint, Electrical, Plumbing, and flooring.  I took the ISLG items back after dropping off the trash.

It absolutely poured for about an hour after I arrived.

Outfit:  Colt's jersey, dark jeggings. Starry Night mask

Day 119:  $9954

Was called to come in at 3; did my prelim duties and soda count by 5.  Began sweeping, and was sent to lunch at 6:20.  Afterward, continued to ring up customers, bring in carts, and completely much out under the mats.  Sanitized the registers and the three counters, and clocked out at 9:20.  

Tomorrow is Mgr T's final day, and discovered Marci was told by Maria to choose either here or CVS.  Darrin reported it to HR.

Outfit:  Red LU tee, darker jeggings, Starry Night mask

Day 120:  $6028

Was called in again; took cupcakes and both TP and HLC for Mgr T's last day.  Wasn't as busy as we were yesterday, but still steady.  Had pop count done by 4:30, and prelim duties done by 5.  Swept; went to lunch at 6:30.  Returned and started closing duties, then after HC Tall M cleaned me out, waited while Loader C took hopper out.  Clocked out at 9:20, after autographing T's books.

Outfit:  Blue Vancouver tee, darker jeggings, white tools mask.

Monday, October 4, 2021

Life In Lumber Y3, W27

 Day 112:  $7587

Arrived; was thrilled to discover Austin, W's bff, is now my loader:)  Rang up a few customers, then did pop count; J had already gathered the trash, so gathered the paperwork and did my LU and AP4Me. Was fairly steady all shift, but did manage to sweep and sanitize. Took my break at 7:30, and when I returned, put away the soda.

Had one customer with an issue; she paid cash for her tub, flooring, and vanity, and will return sometime this week for the toilet and fittings.

Customer B didn't have enough on his LAR, so will return for his toilet and fittings in the morning.

Was told Mgr BG put in his two weeks; Mgr Jess's last day was last Fri; and HC Aggie quit last Friday.  Mgr T put in her 2 weeks; wonder if HC M will take over her job?  HC N was promoted to Millwork, so now we're back down to 2 HCs.

Clocked out at 9:25.

Outfit:  Classy tee, cut off capris, starry night mask

Day 113:  $$7322

Arrived; J had already gathered the trash again.  Rang up two customers, then did soda count and LU. Had another rookie loader, AM, that C was training.  Discovered Mgr BW tested positive for CV, so he's off for another week.  Catelyn relieved me at 6:30 for break, and when I returned, did the closing duties.  Locked the doors at 9.

Outfit:  'Attic' tee, cut off capris, starry night mask

Day 114:  $7691

Arrived; did my LU before clocking in.  Got a $.19 raise!  Am now up to $12.95/hr.  I don't know why they just didn't go ahead and give me that final nickel to bump me up to $13/hr....oh June I'll get it.  Approved my Health benefits for 2022....kept 'em the same.

Went down to Lumber and took over for Bill, then did the soda count and other prelim duties.  Alexa brought my soda to me before 6, so it was kinda nice to get it out of the way. Went to break at 7:30, and when I came back, did the closing duties.  Nice, relaxing shift.

Outfit:  Yoda tee, faded jeggings, blue tools mask

Day 115:  $2392

Arrived; did pop count and LU and prelim duties; it was pouring rain, so business was slow.  In fact, when I arrived, hardly anyone was in the parking lot!  A brought down the soda around 6:30, then relieved me an hour later.  Swept and sanitized when I returned, and locked the doors at 9.  

Received the nicest compliment!  EJ, one of our CSAs, is leaving us for another store.  She asked if she could hug me, and I said, 'of course!'.  She thanked me and said I was one of the sweetest people she'd met while working here:)  Told her if it didn't work out in her new place, she could always return!

Outfit:  Black Alaskan Hway tee, faded jeggings, Monet mask

Day 116:  $5277

Arrived, and did the soda count and prelim duties, then tried to make more soda count sheets, but printer ran out of ink.  Matt picked up the soda count and the paperwork; discovered Melissa 2 had been promoted to HC.

Met Tyler, my new rookie loader.  Went to break at 7:30, then put away the soda, swept, and sanitized.  Clocked out at 9:15.

Outfit:  Rebel tee, darker jeggings, Monet mask.

Day 117:  Rare Sunday Mid-Shift, 9-6 $13,084

Arrived, and ended up being on Reg 9 most of the day.  Had lots of people ask me, "What are YOU doing here so early?" or 'What are you doing up here?"  Told my lumber customers I was keeping an eye on 'em, ha ha!  Took my 1st break at 11:30, and did my LU.  Went to lunch at 2:20 and walked over to McA's, and returned an hour later.  Took my 2nd break at 4:15, and at 6, was sent to Lumber.  Helped Lee do a phone transaction, then shanghied Austin W into helping out for the next hour.  Showed him how to amend his timecard, then swept, gathered trash, and helped a customer with the plywood.  He wanted the $29 plywood, but it was ringing up (4 black stripes) at $36.  Told him I'd honor the $29 price, since it was mis-marked.  Victoria arrived with the soda, and after she put it away, I told her what needed to be done, and clocked out at 7:30.

Outfit:  Journey tee, cut off capris, Elephant mask

Sunday, October 3, 2021

October Goals

Did it seem to you that September flew by?  How did I do on my goals?

-Lose 5 lbs (start: 235)

-Empty Mom's storage unit Not yet; got some things out, but still need to get it emptied by next summer.

-Have good, productive visit with Wendy Check!

-Do well at Autumn on Main Sold 8!!

-Do well at SI Comic Con Sold 8:)

-Do well at Non-Con Sold 1.  Poor turnout, which was strange....

-Pay down debt

-Buy Inventory

    -Mixed Bag 


    -Bridges Check!

    -Hotel Check!

    -CR Check!

    -Bad Decisions Check!

    -HLC Check!

I also went to Nashville with a friend and was able to see Shaun Cassidy in concert, plus meet his brother Patrick:)

Books Read:  6

            Print:  1

          E-book:  5

Upcoming Events:

-Daviess Co Wine and Art (Oct 2nd) Washington, In 2-10pm Pd 8/13 Cancelled; check returned

-Pride Festival (Oct 9th) Harmony Park, Vincennes, In 10-11pm Pd 8/13 Cancelled

-First City Music Festival (Oct 1-3) French Commons, Vincennes, In 12-8pm Sold 10:)

-Indy ComicCon (Oct 15-17) Indianapolis Convention Center Pd 9/23  Sold 18:)

-Collectors Carnival and Crafts (Oct 30th) Princeton, In Pd 8/13 Sold 8:)

-Indpls Christmas Gift and Hobby Show (Nov) Indpls State Fairgrounds Pd 2020

2022 Events:

-Saluki Con (Jan 15-16, 2022) Carbondale, Il $70 Pd 10/22/21

-SI Comic Con (April 2, 2022) Benton, Il Pd 9/18/21

-Superman Celebration (June 9-12th, 2022) Metropolis, Il 

-Wild Deadwood Reads (June 16-18th, 2022) Deadwood, SD 10-3pm Cost:  $160 (full table) Going to skip this year; I don't have the funds.  Will hopefully be able to afford it in 2022.

-Heroes For Kids (June 17th) Perrysville, Mo

-Imaginarium Convention (July 8-10, 2022) Louisville, KY $110 Pd 9/15

-Royal Readers (Aug 6th) Mall of America $110 Pd 9/16/21

-State Fair

-Daviess Co Wine and Art Fair

-First City Music Festival

-Cil-Con Mattoon, Il Pd $100 10/21/21

-Non-Con Middletown, OH

-Collector's Carnival and Crafts (Oct 29th) Princeton, In

-Indpls Christmas Gift and Hobby Show (Nov) Indpls State Fairgrounds

October Goals:

-Lose 5 lbs

-Do well at First City Music Festival  Sold 10:)

-Do well at Indy Comic Con Sold 18!  Day 1:  2; Day 2:  10; Day 3:  6!

-Do well at CCC

-Pay down debt

-Promo for ComiCon Check!

-Rip up DRM carpet

-Get CG2 up and order copies

-Order BOBW copies Check!

-Promo for ICGAHS

October Reading Schedule:


The Long Way Home-Pamela Horner Loved this!  Made me cry....not only from the ending, but for certain characters.
Lucky You-Carl Hiaasen DRR!  Loved this!
Lost Letters-Lori Roberts Interesting story!
The Worst Book in the Universe-Southern Writers Very interesting....
Herding Cats and Other Alien Creatures-SW I'm becoming a fan of Brenda Drexler!  Really enjoying her stories!
Apollo and Athena Walk Into A Bar-SW Interesting....
Conspiracy of One-Leonard and Ann Marie Wilson DNF
Sorcery, Spaceships, and Sarcasm-NE Riggs Read maybe the 1st chapter or so of all four stories...just not my preferred genre
Secular City Limits-Matthew Barron Very interesting take....disliked ending though
Tales of the Crypt-Rob McCuen Fun read!
Barefoot in Hyde Park-Chasity Bowlin Got bored halfway through and skipped to end....then discovered I missed a few details and went back and read the rest.  Good story!
The Coin Collector-Carol Preflatish Excellent!
Girl's Guide To Time Travel-Penny Pearson Interesting.....
Girl's Guide To Purgarory-PP Interesting....
The Making of Letters To Daniel-Amy McCorkle OMG...LOVED this!  As someone who met Amy in 2015 or 16, and bought the book and loved it, then watched the movie and loved it, plus went to the premier last year, this was great to really read all the behind-the-scenes stuff.  I know the editor, and was rather disturbed by several typos, double words, and reading the same content twice, or sometimes three or more.  It bounces around a lot, time-wise, so it can be confusing if you don't pay attention.  I DRR both the original book Letters To Daniel AND the movie.  If they both capture your attention, then read this one also.
The African in America-Nini Mohamad DNFI wanted to read this, I really did....but the formatting got to me, and had to stop.  I'm sure it was a wonderful story (I thoroughly enjoyed talking to the author back in July!), but whomever edited/formatted this book did him a disservice.  I'm truly sorry.
Min Eurozan-Cathy Jackson Definitely something different from Ms Jackson!  Enjoyed it, and hope that #2 will explain the ending further.
Written On Her Heart-CJ Interesting....
Neurosis-Amy Hale DRR!   This book was worth the wait!  Couldn't put it down, and stayed up til 2am to finish.  I suspected a character was hiding something, and I was right, but WOW!  What an ending!
The Awakening-Ellie Mack Interesting:)
Sultry Neopolitan Nights-Michele Shriver DRR!  Really enjoyed this!


Wrapped In Red-Sandra Sookoo Interesting story!
The Laird's Bride-Vanessa Brooks Very interesting story....spanking back then?  Okaaaayyy.....
Going Home Again-Carol Cassada Good story; writing rather stilted at times.
Redeeming A Tarnished Lord-Sandra Sookoo Good story!
Rule Breaker-Phoebe Alexander Interesting story.....
Break My Heart-Jean Joachim Enjoyable!
Renovating The Billionaire-JJ Really enjoyed this one!  DRR
Smoother Than Spumoni-Marilyn Barr DRR!!!  Loved this!
His Pretend Duchess-Sandra Sookoo DRR!  I think this one is my favorite of all the ones I've read by this awesome author!  Need to get this on in print:)
Just One Kiss-Jean Joachim Good story!

 Karaoke Songs:

Teenage Dream-Katy Perry Nailed it!
Satisfied-Richard Marx Fairly good:)
Down On The Corner-CCR Good!
Better Dig Two-Band Perry Nailed it:)

Telephone-Lady Gaga Did well on this!  Only screwed up once or twice
Saturday Night-Bay City Rollers Ugh....this was so bad on so many levels....too low!!!
Downtown-Petula Clark Nailed it!

Tell Him-Celine Dion/Barbra Streisand Not too bad; slightly flat in some places.
Saving All My Love For You-Whitney Houston Nailed it!
Drift Away-Dobie Gray By myself, too low.  Backing up Elaine, sounded better!

Tell It To My Heart-Taylor Dane Did well:)
Say Goodbye To Hollywood-Billy Joel DNH
The Earth, The Sun, The Rain-Color Me Bad Decided to scrap this one; too low.
Remember Me This Way-Jordan Hill Nailed it!
Telephone Man-Meri Wilson Nailed it!  My voice was also slightly gravelly at this point.  Had fun with it!