Friday, April 24, 2015

Flashback Friday

April 1995:
After being on the job for two months, and being invited out with my coworkers on Friday or Saturday nights, I decided to join them one evening.  We went to a local bar and talked, then I took one of the guys home.  I returned home around 1am, when I'd gotten off at 11, and found the spouse irritated with my lateness.  I stated I hadn't been doing anything wrong, and would not make a habit of it.  Still, he seemed less enthused by my working status while he continued to wait for the union hall to call him.

Next Month:  Rebellion

April 2005:
Went with my daughter's class to Connor Prairie, and discovered touring the living museum with girls a drastic change from going with boys!  When my son went, we hopped from building to building, with he and his friends trying to 'trip up' the speakers by asking questions about the 20th Century.  I finally got them to stop, and by the end of the trip, they enjoyed the playground and a cursory trip through the gift shop for candy.

S and her BFF N, enjoyed the speakers, refused to attempt to make a bark canoe, skin a deer, or even go near that section.  They spent an hour in the gift shop, playing with puppets and picking out souveniers.  I had an enjoyable day with them, and didn't need to soak my feet at the end of the day!

Present Day:
I'm getting ready to head to Nashville, TN for the Day with the Authors.  I'm picking up my rental car this afternoon, then leaving around 6am.  IF I get back in time, I'll stop for karaoke, and will sing the following songs:
I Need You-Leann Rimes
Hit Me Baby One More Time-Britney Spears
I Only Wanna Be With You-Samantha Fox or Dusty Springfield
I Still Believe In You-Vince Gill

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

What To Read After 'That Book'...

Hands down, my favorite BDSM book.  Go get this one right now from Amazon.

I was notified yesterday Brynn has updated all four books in this antho, plus the 5th one (which I've been waiting FOREVER (okay, 4 years...) for) will be arriving soon!

Yes, today's post is short.  I had toe surgery yesterday and it has managed to sap all my energy.  I still need to write five more promo posts for Kenzie and NiKoh, and I'm just not up to it at the moment, even though one is due tomorrow!

See you back here tomorrow for the Flashback:)

Saturday, April 18, 2015

April Reading Schedule

Yes, I know; I'm late with this.  First, did I meet any goals for March?

Add 20K to SaLie's story  Added some, but nowhere near 20K...
-Approve NiKoh's cover art  Check:)
-Promo NiKoh  Check:)
-Send 2nd installment for CTAHS
-Pay for MW Writer's Conference  Paid April 10th:)
-Pay for Day with Authors  Won a free reader ticket!
-Get promo together for Madison signing (NiKoh and Hotel Stories)  Check:)
-Order more Hotel Stories copies  Check:)

Songs Added To Karaoke Good List:  2.

Books Read:  3.

April Goals:
-Double Madison sales from last year Check:)
-Attend Indpls MWW Convention Check:)
-Find a ride to Day with Authors or take truck
-Add words to SaLie's story  Check:)
-Promo NiKoh's Blog tour  Check:)

April Reading Schedule:
My Kindle is on the missing list, so will only read the following print books until it is found:
Dazzle-Judith Krantz  Okay...took me 3 weeks to read.
Water For Elephants-Sara Gruen  Wonderful!  DRR!
If I Stay-Gayle Forman  Loved this!  Tear-jerker...DRR!
Christopher's Diary #2-VC Andrews  Okay...intrigued as to twist at end...
The Grimm Legacy-Addie King  OMG....could NOT put this down!  Wonderful story!  RR
Pop Travel-Tara Tyler
My Beautiful Suicide-Atty Eve
Perfectly Matched series-Maddie James

Karaoke Songs:
I'm only going to be around for one or two weekends, so songs will be limited.

Breathe-Breaking Benjamin
According To You-Orianthe
Don't You Wanna Stay-Kelly Clarkson/Jason Aldean
The Climb-Miley Cyrus
Consider Me Gone-Reba
I Miss You-Klymaxx  Nailed it:)  Plus was cheered!
I Need You-Leann Rimes
I Only Wanna Be With You-Samantha Fox  Not bad:)
I Still Believe In You-Vince Gill

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Dragons and Vampires and Shapeshifters, Oh My!

Day #4 of NiKoh's Blog Tour continues over at RBRU.  Go over and say hi, plus read another thrilling excerpt of NiKoh's Chosen!

When I first began networking with other authors, I never thought I'd enjoy paranormal romance.  But four authors caught my eye back in 2008, and I quickly fell in love with their books.  I strongly urge you to check out these talented authors:)

Computer science professor Eric Gordon has to find the hacker responsible for a virus on campus. When his investigations show some sort of reptile may be living in the steam tunnels under campus, he turns to biology professor Lori Tremain for help. Lori’s life is crazy with her tenure review looming, but she’s too curious and way too attracted to Eric to turn down his request. Together, Lori and Eric uncover things that their scientific minds can barely imagine, along with a passion they never expected. She doesn’t have time for love or dragons, but adventure and romance find her anyway.

Get your copy here. 

When mortal Bounty Hunter, Mitch Baine, decides to spend one night breaking all the rules with a sexy masked vampire, he has no idea that the stranger is Jarrod Axlerod, lead singer of the famous band Heartstrings, or that he will be contracted to kill Jarrod the very next day. Mitch has been trained to believe that the only good vampire is a dead on—a lesson cemented into his brain after years of killing them on contract for the US Army.

But his feelings toward the creatures begin to change after spending an incredible night at the masked ball. When he receives his newest contract, he is horrified to see that the vampire he has been hired to kill is none other than Jarrod Axlerod, the sexy vampire he has just broken every one of his personal rules with.

Get your copy here. 

Don't get me wrong; I enjoyed Book #1 of this series; I just feel this is the better of the two.
Book 2 in the High Plains Shifters series but may be read as a stand-alone story. She came to dusty west Texas to bury the dead. But one look from Joe’s smoldering eyes made Quinn Harlow grow wet and needy. The cowboy was too big, too sexy, too everything, and more man than she’d ever had before. Though she was just a visitor, her heart begged her to stay and find her destiny with him on these desolate plains. Joe McKinnon, alpha of the Wolf Creek pack, takes one look at his destined mate and knows he’ll have his hands full dealing with the sassy female. A single glance has his cock going hard. One touch has him willing to move mountains to claim her. He knows it won’t be easy to tame the woman who holds his future in her hands. Reader Advisory: Includes a scintillating M/F/M ménage scene. Enjoy!

Get your copy here. 

Last, but not least, the book which started me down my paranormal romance:

Everything Lovers Can Know:
From the time they were children, Baron and Jade were heart-bonded and mind-linked. But children don't stay young forever and when they reach adulthood, they yearn for more than a mind-link. They yearn for the bond of physical love.When Jade's secret plan to seduce Baron backfires, their families separate them using coercion and blackmail. Jade goes on to a successful career as a musician while Baron completes medical school and begins his internship.Now, three years later, Jade has a new plan to end their separation. Baron arrives at the isolated cabin where Jade is waiting to find out once and forever if the fierce longings and desire they had for each other before are enough to make them truly two-as-one.

Get your copy here. 

After reading this book, I was forever hooked on Anny's Mystic Valley series, and devoured her Flowers of Camelot quartet.

I hope you enjoy these authors, and all of their books, as much as I have:)

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

HDH #5

I know, I know....this is the 15th Wednesday of 2015, yet I'm only on #5??  Proof I've been an inconsistent blogger.  But you love me, right?  Hahahahaha....

In honor of Tax Day, here's a snippet from Kenzie's Teacher's Pet.  Enjoy!

Kevin called later that evening. “Can you swing by Knox’s office tomorrow, so he can take your statement?”

“I’ll be there as close to nine-thirty as I can. I’m filing my taxes at eight.”


“I got my information the other day. Why? Are you one of those who waits until the last minute?”

“Not exactly. I just like filling them out myself.”

“Not me. I let H&R Block handle everything.”


“Why wait? Unless I owe anything, and then I send the check late at night on April fifteenth.” She grinned at the sound of Kevin groaning. “But that’s only happened a couple of times.” Switching gears, she told him about Danny’s interest in the upcoming Valentine’s Day dance.

“Yeah, I overheard Ariel asking him if he was going to be there. I think I kindled a budding romance when I moved her in front of Danny.” He told her about the conflicts he’d noticed between the boy and Kelsey.

Tammy laughed. “Kelsey had been his girl all through the third and fourth grades. And when her body began to develop, all the boys were vying for her attention. And when Cody kissed her and bragged about it, well, that was the end of her and Danny.”

“Kelsey keeps it up, and she’s going to be trouble in a few years.”

Tammy sighed. “So will Cody.”

Teacher's Pet is available here.

Speaking of tax day, we're very thankful today is also payday, so the tax check we have to send in today for our State taxes won't interfere with our utility bills:)

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Unleashing Another Alien Into The World:)

Welcome to Day #2 of NiKoh's Blog Tour!  I'm thrilled to announce the release of Book 2 of The Chosen, NiKoh's Chosen:  Family Matters:)

NiKoh and I have something in common:  We're both the older sibling, and we both have a child who dreams of being an astronaut, ha ha!  Although, to be fair, mine wanted to stay at Mission Control.  I used to tease him that his 1st objective was to restore Pluto as a regular planet!

Anyway, here's an excerpt from NiKoh's Chosen, where he's truly experiencing the 'empty nest', after the death of his mate, and with his son away at school.  Changes are about to be the household ready for them?

Still mourning the tragic death of his beautiful mate, could another Chosen one already be waiting for NiKoh SiLah? To avoid what he’s not ready to accept, he throws himself into his work at Planet Security.  

Leaving the Academy behind to follow her dream of working with animals, GiNae SoJae returns home. Preoccupied with work and not ready to take a mate, she’s horrified when her body enters Maturity. GiNae fights the changes occurring within her. But during nightly dreams she cannot control, an unknown man teaches her the secrets of her body. 

Will NiKoh and GiNae succumb to the paths they think have been chosen for them or will they discover the true Chosen life that awaits them?

Nikoh's Chosen:  Family Matters can be found at the following places:




“I’m tired of my lonely table, ViShe. Will you and your daughter join me?” His head hurt and his eyes burned from staring at the computer monitor all afternoon. The last thing he wanted to do was sit at his empty table and eat food he wouldn’t even taste. Since BeSai’s death, he had lost enjoyment of many things.

“Tis not proper,” ViShe exclaimed. “Domestics should never occupy the same table as the master of the house.”

NiKoh scowled and shoved his plate away. “Since when do I observe division of labor? There are many who think nothing of keeping their Domestic staff awake until the wee hours, only to insist they be awake at dawn. I only insist on large breakfasts when I have company and most mornings I am capable of getting my own coffee and nourishment. All I want is some conversation and focus my attention on someone else for a change. Is that so bad?”

ViShe set down the empty platter she held. “NiKoh, I know I overstep my bounds many times during our interactions, and yes, you have always been a courteous head of household. But if GiNae observes a blurring of the lines, so to speak, she will continue to push the rules of society.”

“For God’s sake, ViShe!” NiKoh pounded the table. “I do not think society will fall if you and GiNae share a meal with me. How about leaving the kitchen door open? I will move to the other end and we can converse through the door. Will that satisfy your need for decorum?” He glared at his Domestic, who looked flustered and twisted the hem of her apron.

ViShe picked up the platter and moved toward the door. “It is time for GiNae to return from the clinic. I know she will be hungry and I made her favorite appertites for dessert.” She propped open the door and vanished from NiKoh’s view.

Chuckling to himself, NiKoh gathered his place setting and moved to the other end of the table. He saw ViShe set two steaming plates on the little table she kept near the stove and positioned a stool at each place. GiNae’s voice reached his ears and he activated his senses to hear better.

“I am starving. RaKel let me exercise the panneis this afternoon, and I had forgotten how hungry I get afterward.” GiNae entered his line of sight. “Why is the door open?”

ViShe turned her back to NiKoh. Damn her; she knows I will not eavesdrop on a private conversation. 

Just hearing GiNae’s brief account was enough to cheer him up. NiKoh reached for his fork and tasted the zesty vegetables for the first time in weeks. He saw GiNae move around her mother and approach the smaller table. 

“Greetings, NiKoh. All is well with our planet security?”

NiKoh chuckled to himself as he returned her greeting. “There are always a few mishaps, but nothing out of control. Are you enjoying your work with the animals?”

GiNae took her seat and said a quick blessing over her food. To his surprise, NiKoh silently joined in respectful silence.

“I love it. Neither RaKel nor I ever have a dull moment.” She began to eat, telling NiKoh of the various antics of the animals and relating anecdotes of clients. One story reminded NiKoh of a childhood memory and soon all three were laughing at the thought of BaRok running through the forest with his tattered pants flapping around his knees.

NiKoh swallowed the last bite of his dessert from his plate and drained his goblet. A burp caught him by surprise; it had been weeks since he’d eaten everything set before him. He patted his full belly, then stood up.

“Thank you, ladies. I enjoyed your company this evening.” NiKoh smiled, then retired to his study.

A holographic image soon appeared. “Greetings, NiKoh. Am I interrupting?”

“No, Mother. How are you?”

“I am well. BeHah has informed me of a family who recently lost everything in a fire. Would you be willing to donate some of BeSai’s things?”

Anger welled up. “Another woman wearing my mate’s clothing? I think not. How dare you ask me that?”

“Patience, my son.” ReNei remained calm. “If you are not ready, then I will take my leave. It is not good to hang onto such things, NiKoh. You need to let go. Remember, others are not as fortunate.”

“Maybe I could donate a few things,” NiKoh relented. He blinked back tears which tried to blur his vision. “I will have them ready in the morning.”

“Blessings, NiKoh.” ReNei blew a kiss before her image shimmered and disappeared.

NiKoh dropped his head into his hands. Do I have the courage to enter that room again? Mother is right; I will have to let go of her eventually. Others could benefit from her belongings; BeSai would want that.

All month long, Kenzie is holding a contest.  All you have to do to enter is comment with what format you'd like your free book to be in (pdf, kindle, nook, mobi) as well as your contact info.  Winners wiill be chosen at random for the books, and at the end of April, one lucky person will be the recipient of a special gift, containing items represented in NiKoh's story.  More on this in later posts, so watch Kenzie's Blog and other social media sites for the links to the next leg of the tour.

Did you miss yesterday's post?  Go here

Friday, April 10, 2015

Flashback Friday: Life-Changing Event

April 7, 1985:
Everyone has one of Those Moments, when your life is forever changed?  I arrived back at college after a rather stressful whirlwind Easter weekend (which involved six hours on a bus round trip), so was in a rather rebellious frame of mind an hour later when EY entered our room with the news the guy she was seeing had a friend who was home on leave from the Air Force and needed a date.

EC, her usual partner in crime chosen companion, declined the offer.  I said I'd go.

EY looked at me, then sounded a little reluctant.  We went to the lobby to meet him, and he looked okay to me.  I returned to the room to finish unpacking and get ready; EY entered and said while I'd passed HIS 'test', she had some rather unsettling words for me:

"He thinks you look like a librarian."

Having not 'fessed up about my shenannigans with TM, I set off for the date, determined to show him how 'un-librarian' I could be.  I confronted him about the comment; he said he meant I didn't look like a partier.  Two hours later, he changed his opinion, and we had a wonderful nine days together, though we also had a major fight the next day, since I let it be known, in no uncertain terms, I was NOT to be taken lightly.  When he left, he took a piece of my heart with him, and I didn't think I'd ever see him again.

During those two weeks, EY and I discovered what I'd known all along:  We were destined to become BFFs for life.

Even if we were afraid to admit to each other what we were really doing at night with our men!

April 1975:
We celebrated Easter at my Grandma G's house, and in school, I was reading Tall Tales with two others.  My crush on BH continued, as I would kiss his coat sleeve whenever I found myself in the hallway alone.  I nearly got caught once, but was able to cover it up!

A friend, Debbie Sprinkle, refused to wear skirts or dresses.  I remember Ginny Curwick asking her, "Don't you want to show off your legs to the boys?"  DS replied, "NO WAY!"

I loved wearing dresses, and wished I was allowed to wear my Sunday dress all day long, instead of changing into play clothes after church.

During Sunday School, we talked about Passover, and my teacher brought in some lamb.  No one would touch it, but I ended up eating all of it!  That was when my love of Lamb was recognized, and every chance I got, I would order lamb chops at a restaurant.

Present Day:
The spouse is having surgery on his toe, to remove an ulcerated callus.  I'm also gearing up for Kenzie's Release Week and Blog Tour for NiKoh's Chosen:)

Karaoke Songs:
I Miss You-Klymaxx
I Need To Know-Marc Anthony
I Need You-Leann Rimes
I Only Wanna Be With You-Samantha Fox or Dusty Springfield (whichever version is fine)

Have a good weekend!  Yes, I'm upset Kentucky didn't win last weekend, but yay Duke!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

HDH #4

I know; I've been a really baaaaad blogger lately!  Sometimes Life just smacks you between the eyes and doesn't let you have time for anything!

Today's HDH is from SaLie's story, coming next fall.  Hope you enjoy this!

SaLie grimaced as the recording began to play again, recognizing her nephew’s voice.  As the shuttle pod drew nearer to the landing bay, she couldn’t help but stare in awe at the silver structure hovering in space around her, looking like a massive wheel surrounding a tall building.  How was it OkVei was given the honor of recording the welcome message?  Did he have to sound so syrupy sweet?  I guess finding his Chosen has made him sappy.  She chuckled at her own pun.  If her nephew could spend three months on this station, then so could she.  SaLie hoisted her bags as the landing bay clamps locked onto the shuttle, halting its forward motion.  The doors hissed open and she joined her fellow passengers toward the opening, grateful for the blast of warmer air which filtered into the cool shuttle.  I can’t wait until we can teleport here.  It will be so much easier!  OkVei had told her during his last visit home that problems with the gravitational force had caused a few crew members to be lost.  Everyone was anxious for a solution to be found, as shuttles were slow and only operated when full.  This created some tension if emergencies rose.

Kenzie has some good news on her site, so go over and find out, unless you've already seen her post on Facebook:)