Monday, June 26, 2023

Life in Lumber: Y5, W18

 Day 75:  $9600 (and 5 cents!)

Arrived early and took pics of our rolling laundry baskets for Mom.  Clocked in and took over for B, then had to call up the website for a customer to look at the different shingles we offer.  Turned him over to Loader A, as I was getting busy at the register. Did the prelim duties, fronted the soda, and discovered my mop was MIA.  Did my LU and AP4Me.  Was fairly steady all evening until 8. McKay sent me to break at 7:15, and when I returned, continued ringing up customers. Around 8:15, went ahead and pulled the trash, and started spot-sweeping. Brought in the cull cart at 9:45, and locked the doors at 10.  Helped Loader A bring in carts after taking the trash to the hopper. He brought in the concrete; I shut the large door and returned items to Millwork, Aisle 49, Plumbing, Wire, Tools, ISLG, and took a tub faucet to RTM. Hung up my vest and clocked out at 10:40.

ASM K left at 6:)

Outfit:  Blue/white stripe tee, cut off capris, sapphire hoops

Day 76:  $7513

Arrived and took over for B, and was fairly busy the 1st 30 mins, then was able to do the prelim duties.  Needed an o/r for a damaged trim board; SM J arrived to give it to me. Did my LU, and Loader E found my dust mop, so swept the area. Needed a pit stop at 7, and another one at 9. At 8:30, pulled the trash, and helped Jaylee fill the soda coolers. Loader E took the trash and brought in the concrete; I brought in the cull cart and checked out my final customer at 10.  Locked the doors, then returned items to Paint, LG, and Seasonal. Clocked out at 10:30.

ASM K off today!!  ASM S closed:)

Outfit:  Gray LU tee, cut off capris, blue danglies

Day 77:  $5827

Arrived and took over for B; did the prelim duties and rang up customers. Fronted soda. HC J came down and hung around for maybe 15 mins until she left, and gave me an o/r on a discounted plywood. Em came down at 7:15 and sent me to break, then Austin did the same thing an hour later!  Told him to go take his own, and he agreed to take my shifts on the 14th and 16th.  Now crossing my fingers I have the funds to go see Foreigner/Loverboy on July 21st.  Saw Randy B (pacemaker surgery scheduled for the 5th) and Nan. Another customer bought me a 3 Musketeers:)  Brought in the cull cart at 9:45 and locked the doors at 10. Took the trash to the hopper when HC C cleaned me out. Returned items to Electrical and Tools, and sent some tile spacers to Flooring with one of the night shift workers while I took a pit stop. Clocked out at 10:25.

ASM K was off:)

Outfit:  Brown tee, cut off capris, neutral beaded danglies

Off tomorrow!

Day 78:  $11,924 ($9715 between 5-8:30!)

Was BUSY!  Barely had time to get the prelim duties finished; was steady all the way until HC J sent me to break at 8:30. Came back and swept, and fronted the Mr. Dew side of the cooler. Locked the doors at 10, brought in the cull cart, and while OSLG Blake brought in the concrete, I took the trash to the hopper. After HC J cleaned me out, returned items to Electrical, Paint, and Hardware. ASM K asked me to take 4 boxes to Receiving, and HC J wanted me to put up her phone, Dealt with the cardboard, retrieved a roll of Lg trashbags for outside garbage, and put them in my locker. Put up J's phone and my vest and went up front. HC J asked me to take back the cart to Fashion Bath and some items back to Lumber, so after going to FB, retrieved the trash bags from my locker and went back to Lumber.  Put the sealant on the Pro desk and the trash bags in the cabinet.  Went back up front and clocked out at 10:50.

ASM K is off tomorrow!!!!

Outfit:  Black blouse, new dark capris, peach and gold danglies

Day 79:  Rare Saturday $5102

Today was long.  Began by driving to Clinton, In and going to Shia's bridal brunch.  Was fun!  Ate bagals and cream cheese, and fruit, and played 4 games....won two of them, but only accepted one prize. Then was off to Kyle and Jeanna's for Olivia's 1st birthday party.  Ate cucumber sandwiches and pasta salad, and Sara's Mac-n-cheese. Video'd Miss O devouring her cupcake:)  Then off to work.

Arrived; was surprised to see a new girl, Kari, working. I took over #1 and turned on the fan, and was fairly busy.  Did the prelim duties while she was on break, then things died down, so I fronted the soda and did a quick pop count.  Went down to get the soda, and had to return, because K didn't know how to load an LAR. Showed her how, then resumed my soda stocking. Hopped back on a register to help with the line, then put away all the soda.  K left at 7, so started sweeping. Dawson sent me to break at 7:30....just as the storm hit. Afterwards, I rang up a few customers, then pulled the trash and started the closing duties. I'd remembered to take my Clorox wipes, so sanitized all the registers and counters. Locked the doors at 10, then final customer arrived.  After he left, Loader E brought in the concrete, and I closed the large door.  Loader N took my trash down; HC J cleaned me out and I walked her up front, returning an item to Tools.  Put up my vest and clocked out at 10:30.

Outfit:  Black/gray/white square neck blouse, new dark capris, black danglies

Day 80:  Rare Sunday $8590

Arrived and hopped on 1, taking over for Loader E. Was steady until 4:30, then took a quick break, since Marilyn left at 5. When she left, I did the prelim duties, then was fairly busy until 6:30. Pulled trash, sanitized the registers, and swept the area, then at 8 had 4 customers. Locked the doors as ASM S cleaned me out, then opened the large door and put the trash in the hopper; Loader E brought in the cull cart AND the concrete; closed the door and returned items to Tools and Aisle 10. Put up my vest. Clocked out at 8:30.

ASM K off!!

Outfit:  Gray flag tee, new dark capris, red danglies, fancy r/w/b scrunchie

Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Life In Lumber: Y5, W17

 Day 72:  $6091

Arrived and took over for B, then played register roulette with the guy fixing the camera above #1.  After an hour, was able to move back to #1.  Was able to do my LU and AP4Me, then had a bit of a rush at 6:30.  Did the prelim duties, and wrote a bit, and swept.  Jaylee sent me to break at 8, and when I returned, did the closing duties. Loader N brought in the concrete and took the trash.  I brought in the cull cart and locked the doors at 9:55. HC J pulled me; I returned items to Drywall, then walked her up front, dropping items off at Electrical, Tools, and Lights before heading to Flooring and putting up my vest. Clocked out at 10:30.

ASM K left at 6:)

Got an EARFUL from HC K about ASM K, and even ASM S asked about what happened Fri and Sun, then revealed he'd watched the footage and didn't see me doing anything wrong; it was just bad timing. He wasn't mad; just told me to use my best judgement.

Found out Colton quit, and Mack is close to being fired for her NCNS (3).

Outfit:  Red LU, new dark capris; thin gold hoops

Day 73:  $7528

Arrived and spoke to SM J about my Blessed G'ma tee and the IN one....he said they were going to discuss things further soon. Took over for B, and a note that said Austin would take my shift tomorrow!  Whoot!  Did the prelim duties and LU, then the soda count. Swept between customers, then wrote a bit. Marilyn brought down the soda, then sent me to break at 8. Returned and had to hop to #2, due to #1 being out of $1s. Pulled trash, then at 9:55 brought in one cull cart, DS G the other. Locked the doors, then G brought in the concrete and took the trash to the hopper. When HC J arrived to clean me out, I took a bag of hangers back to Aisle 52, then walked her up front. Put up my vest and clocked out at 10:30.

ASM K off!

Outfit:  Gold tee, cut off capris, black danglies

Day 74:  $9043

Dropped an earring under the bed, so had to go with Plan B.  Was nearly late to work! Arrived and took over for B, and did the prelim duties and soda count......then was steady until 9.  Jaylee sent me to break at 6:45 (she tried at 6:30, but I was waiting for an o/r, then people kept coming to me!). Around 8, I got got a break in the crowd and was able to go ahead and pull the outside trash, but it was after 9 before I could finish.  Swept the area, and rang up three more customers at close. HC C cleaned me out; Loader E brought in the concrete and took the trash; I locked the doors and returned items to Plumbing, Electrical, Hardware, Flooring, and Millwork. Put up my vest and clocked out at 10:30.  ASM K let me out, since the others had already escaped.

Outfit:  Blue floral tee, cut off capris, small gold hoops.

Off this weekend for Pepper Choplin concert!!

Monday, June 12, 2023

Life In Lumber: Y5, W16

 Day 68:  $7931

Arrived; things began slow. Did the prelim duties and brought in carts. Around 7, a CFH arrived, wanting an estimate on roofing. I informed her the pros were gone, and she asked if I would be able to look up the prices.  So I said yes....and the nightmare began. She and her hubby were looking on Amazon and HD, and not all the brand names added up.  Plus, after I found the shingles, I had 3 customers in line, so excused myself and took care of the line.  Then found the starter strips....5 more customers in line.  Underlainment.....3 more customers.  Found the nails and starter caps....then something called 'electric boot' had me stumped.  Called Loader N over to help while I took care of a PL customer.....went back to him....and my screen went black.  Signed back in....lost everything.  CFH exclaims, "I'm on house arrest, been here for an HOUR, and I have to be back home in half an hour. I live in Washington."  

I was ready to walk outside and scream, but stayed calm and offered her a candy bar or drink after we told them to call in the next day and let the pros handle it. After they left, the place died down again!

Also had issues with Reg #1. Had to reboot it twice, due to freezing.  Matt rebooted the pin pad, and then everything worked fine. It just wasn't my night.

Hailey sent me break at 8:10, and when I returned, pulled trash and began the closing duties. Swept, mucked the mats, sanitized the registers, and put away the soda.  Loader N brought in the concrete and took the hopper around.  I locked the doors; he brought in the cull carts. When HC J cleaned me out, walked her up front and put away the extra soda.  Clocked out at 10:30.

Outfit:  Def Leopard tee, new dark capris, treble clefs

Day 69:  $8011

Arrived and discovered ASM K was back....and closing. Took over for B, then did the prelim duties. Was steady until 7:30, when I started sweeping.  Greeted K, and asked about her hubby; she was pleasant. Then when a customer needed a forklift, she was brusque in telling me there was NO ONE to operate it, and went to tell the customer. I went to break at 8:15, and when I returned, finished sweeping and mucking the mats, then pulled all the trash, sanitized the registers and counters, and brought in the cull cart.  Was done by 9:45, so decided to dust...and missed the closing call. ASM K said she'd lock the doors while I rang up Lee.  Then put the trash in the hopper as Loader N was bringing in the concrete. Shut the large door and waited.....and forgot to look at my stats.  HC J finally showed up to clean me out; I took the cardboard to the container, then returned a set of light bulbs to Aisle 10 and put up my vest.

ASM S earlier brought me the April vest that everyone signed, and my $25 GC to Texas Rdhouse:)

Took Lee home.

Off tomorrow due to choir practice.

Outfit:  Rob Strong tee, new dark capris, sapphire hoops

Day 70:  $12,922

Was asked to come in and work up front, which I did for about an hout. Then something happened to Colt, and ASM K sent me down to swap places. I managed to get the prelim duties finished, and a few carts brought in before ASM K told me "10 feet, please..." Ran our of $1s, so hopped to #2.  Was fairly steady the rest of the night. Pulled the soda forward, and around 9, had to ask Adam to watch the register while I took a quick pit stop. Got the trash pulled around 8:30, but didn't have time to sweep; just sanitized the registers at 9:45. Locked the doors, took the trash down after HC C cleaned me out, and returned items to Plumbing, Paint, and Hardware.  Clocked out at 10:30.

ASM K actually THANKED me for taking over Lumber tonight.   I nearly asked her if she was feeling all right, ha ha!

Discovered Mack closed Lumber last night, instead of Colt.  Now I need to train her....

Outfit:  Blue LU, new dark capris, small gold hoops

Day 71:  Rare Sunday  Father's Day $17,592

Was asked to come in; there were a couple of call ins and two NCNS...I hopped in the shower and arrived around 1:30.  Ate 2 hot dogs and clocked in, and went up front. Was slow for about 15 mins, then the sh*t show began.  Olivia had to hop on a register to help with the lines, and had 2 suspended transactions from Self-checkout!  Went to lunch at 4, then discovered I'd left my wallet at home.  I was also dealing with a sinus headache, and had taken a Benadryl before work. Ate 4 more hot dogs and some chips, then clocked back in and went to Lumber.

Things calmed down a bit, and was able to do the prelim duties.  Needed a pit stop at 6, before Loader E left, so KNOWING it was just HC K up front, Austin in LG, and myself, I asked E to watch the register.  Returned to find ASM K there, and she asked me not to ask the Lumber guys to watch the register, but to call my HC in the future.  I just stared as she left, and asked Loader Dale, "But there's NO ONE LEFT to cover me!!!"  I just rolled my eyes; E left, and D agreed with me.  Shift was fairly smooth after that. Locked the doors at 7:55; ASM K brought in the concrete; I shut the large door.  HC K arrived sometime around 8:30; I took a board back and pushed a cart full of Millwork stuff back, then returned items to Hardware, Seasonal, and Flooring.  Put up my vest and took another pit stop, then returned HC K's phone and got her phone card, and we took three carts down to RTM.  Clocked out around 8:55.

There's also a new dress code:  We're not supposed to wear graphic tees unless they say LU or NFL-affiliated.  That reduces my summer wardrobe to about 8 shirts.  ASM S is going to check to see if my Blessed G'ma, Indiana-themed, and the American one I BOUGHT AT LU is okay, as well as the patriotic tees for the 4th of July coming up.

Outfit:  Black Alaskan Hwy tee, new dark capris, small gold textured hoops

Monday, June 5, 2023

Life In Lumber: Y5, W15

 Day 65:  $7759

Woke up not feeling that great, but after lunch at Arby's and walking around Walmart, I felt okay, so went in. 7 I was going downhill. Got all my closing duties done; did my LU and AP4Me, but sniffled, sneezed, and coughed my way through the night. Loader N brought in the cull cart; it was too heavy for me. Locked the doors at 10 and after HC C cleaned me out, took the trash to the hopper and returned an item to Aisle 10.  Clocked out at 10:30.  Told ASM S I was probably going to call in tomorrow, unless a miracle happened.

Outfit:  Hank Plank tee, cut off capris, thin gold hoops

Day 66:  $7903

Felt better today, though I sounded horrible.  Went in and took over for B, and started the closing duties. Dealt with a 'headache' of a customer, who wanted everything done 'yesterday'. He finally left around 6:30. Shift was fast; needed 2 o/ for a discounted fridge, and the other to print out the loading ticket. Jaylee sent me to break at 8:20, and when I returned, started the closing duties. Brought in the cull carts at 10 and locked the doors. Cough drops tried to drown me twice; once in front of a customer, and once while waiting for HC J to arrive. Sanitized the registers and mucked out all the mats.  Returned items to Electrical and Hardware. Clocked out at 10:30.

I'm Cashier of the Month again!!!!

Outfit:  Black Mom tee, cut off capris, thin gold hoops

Day 67:  $5868

Sounded better today, though still stuffy.  Arrived and was told my SM J, "I wish you'd been here fifteen mins ago.....I was bragging on you to one of our District Managers for being COTM twice in a row."

Gee, thanks for putting me on her radar, Jeff....

Took over for B; did the prelim duties, and new hire Em arrived to do the soda count.  She was THRILLED when I told her about the chart! Later, she came down and filled it:)

Had two CFH:  A wanted blocks from top stock, and thankfully Loader N was back from lunch by then. DS G sent Dale down to spot him.  B wanted the 2x4s from outside, and didn't listen to me when I told him I'd have to get the FORKLIFT to move the safety pallet.  He tried to move it and tore it up...."I didn't know there were bags of sand inside...." DS G went out and yelled at him.

Had to take the trash to Receiving; the trash compactor's broken again.  Found the large trash bags for outside and took a roll to lumber. Told Loader N about them, in case he and DS G felt ambitious enough to switch out the trash!  Returned one item to Lights, and put up my vest after ASM S cleaned me out. Clocked out at 10:30.

Outfit: Purdue tee, cut off capris, thin gold hoops

I'm off to Superman Celebration on Friday!!!

Saturday, June 3, 2023

June Goals

What a whirlwind month that was! Granddaughter B's birthday, Daughter's baby shower, Memorial weekend....whew!
-Lose 5 lbs  No clue
-Finish Sage Did get closer to Dark Moment
-Finish new short story Still working on it
-Find cover artist for DYL/AU Omnibuses Nope
-Do well at First Friday Art Walk Sold 7:)
-Have a good anniversary Sort of.....went to dinner 4/28; he took me to breakfast 5/3 and sent me off to Lafayette....had disappointing meal at Pepe's.
-Have a relaxing Mother's Day Check:)
-Do well at GSH Fair Sold 4:)  Then intestinal flu hit....
-Order inventory??? (need BD, Bridge, and Whispers) Nope
-Take over files of FCB anthos? Nope
-Set up Fed Tax payment MUST DO THIS NEXT MONTH!!!
-Work enough hours to pay for bills, events, and inventory Check....was kinda dicey, but pulled it off!
-Finish watching Charmed (Check; now just watching 1st season again) and Pit Bulls/Parolees Not yet
-Watch Marvelous Mrs Maisel Not yet
-Start evicting/cleaning up Brown House Not yet
-Finish cleaning out Green House for tear-down Check!  Was TORN DOWN:)  $6500
-Enjoy the Indpls 500 Check!  OMG.....what an ending!  3 red flags...Josef Newgarden won!!!

Books Read:  14

          Print:  1

       E-book: 13

2023 Events:

June:  Superman Celebration ($100) Pd 6/2 Sold 19!!

        2nd:  Spring On Main, Creative Market, Pantheon, 5th and Main Sold 6:)

        17th:  Farmer's Market, 2nd and Busseron, Vincennes, In ($15)  Sold 1...

       17th:  Pride (donation), Patrick Henry Drive, Vincennes  Sold 6:)

July 7- 9th:  InConJunction, Indianapolis, In ($95) Pd 6/16

July 14-16th:  Imaginarium Convention, Louisville, Ky $165 for table 12/2:  Pd $120; 1/20:  Pd $40

Still owe $50 for banquet dinner Pd 4/21

July 15th:  Heroes For Kids, Perryville, Mo (vendor fee rolled over from 2022) Bring own tables:) UPDATE:  Discovered HFK and Imaginarium were booked on same date, so cancelled HFK.  Will do it next year:)

July 22nd:  Peoria Quad Con On Waiting list...

July 29th:  Farmer's Market 2nd and Busseron ($15)

Aug:  State Fair??

Aug:  Hanna House $20 (Pd 6/23)

26th:  Evansville Museum Geek Con, Evansville Museum of Arts, History, and Science, 411 SE Riverside Drive, Evansville, IN $40

Sept 9th:  Magic of Books, Columbus, In ($40-50)   

Sept 15-16th:  Cil-Con, Effingham, Il $50 (bring own tables)

23rd:   Hoosier Indie Author Book Fair, The Big Tent, 5502 South Evans Rd., Gas City, IN

Oct:  TBD

Nov 8-12:  Indianapolis Christmas Gift and Hobby Show $350 1/27:  Pd $60; 3/3: Pd $60; 4/7:  Pd $60; 4/21:  Pd $30 (Owe $140); 5/5 $30 (Owe 80 (missed a payment somewhere!)); Pd $30 6/16 (owe $50)

June Goals:

-Lose 5 lbs
-Finish Sage 
-Finish new short story 
-Find cover artist for DYL/AU Omnibuses
-Do well at Spring On Main Sold 6:)
-Do well at Superman Celebration Sold 19:)
-Do well at Farmer's Market Sold 1....
-Do well at Pride Sold 6:)
-Pay for InConJunction Pd 6/16
-Pay for Magic of Books
-Pay for Hanna House Check!  Pd 6/23
-Enjoy singing in Pepper Choplin concert Check!  LOVED it!!!
-Order inventory??? (need BD, Bridge, and Whispers)
-Take over files of FCB anthos?
-Set up Fed Tax payment  Check!
-Work enough hours to pay for bills, events, and inventory
-Finish watching Charmed (Check!) and Pit Bulls/Parolees
-Watch Marvelous Mrs Maisel
-Start evicting/cleaning up Brown House 6/2: FINALLY got rid of the ATV on porch!!!
-Move Mom's storage to one with better door

June Reading Schedule:

Darkness-John Saul Good story!


 The Single Dad-Marni Mann RR!  Excellent, though I thought the plot twist was a bit 'out there'.

Beneath The Stars-Emily McIntire, et al Good story!  Now want the rest of the series!
Kiss Me, You Animal-Dakota Rebel Interesting.....quite a change from the vampires!
The Duke She Married-Jessie Clever DRR!  Loved this!!!
Sweet Love Remembered-Jean Joachim Cute story!
Breathless-Roz Lee DRR!  Fun story!
The Affair-Gianna Darling Interesting story....
Very Wicked Beginnings-Ilsa Madden-Mills Interesting story...
I Dare You-Ilsa Madden-Mills Think this was only a smippet; seemed unfinished???