Friday, March 25, 2016

Flashback Friday: Youngling Turns Two:)

March 1996:
With the spouse in Ft. Wayne, we celebrated W's 2nd birthday with cupcakes and a few friends.

I was also able to watch the NCAA tournament on one TV while the kids watched their shows on another:)

Other than that, I don't remember much....

Present Day:
It's Good Friday, so today we're in full Easter Prep Mode.  MDQ and ME are arriving tomorrow, so today we're grocery shopping and getting supplies for the coming week.  My Tween took off too many days while I was gone earlier this month, so instead of being on Spring Break, we will be doing Spelling, Literature, and Grammar lessons next week.  The other day, I went over to Clark MS and picked up his enrollment papers for next year.

Last night at karaoke, I sang three songs:
You Learn Not bad....
Picture  This was by request, and I ended up being Kid Rock. Again, not bad, since I also had to sing Sheryl's part, since Violet didn't read well.
Champagne Supernova  Ugh.  Too low, though Brower told me I sang it better than another guy who regularly sings it!

Happy Easter!!!  He Is Risen!

Friday, March 18, 2016

Flashback Friday: Uh-Oh.....

March 1996:
Recap:  My marriage was strained, due to an old friend reentering my life.  At the same time, my great-grandmother had to be removed from her home for her own safety reasons.  Depressed, since being told my spouse intended to leave me any day, I sought solace in helping my mother sort through Grandma's belongings in preparation for the house to be sold.

Mom contacted an auctioneer and a real estate agent, in order to determine what changes needed done to the house in order to sell it.  The auctioneer's people arrived and assessed Grandma's things, of which the only really valuable ones had sentimental value to Mom.  But some of her Hummells did have to go to auction.  Mom told my sister and I to each choose one Hummell as a keepsake; I chose 'Out of Danger', which had always been my favorite.

Later that month, after the house was on the market, Mom discovered a few of the things she'd set aside to bring home were missing.  I didn't have them, and we think they were carted off to the auction.  Lesson Learned:  Definitely keep things in a designated area!

Friend KC and I went to see Up Close and Personal, and since it was a tear-jerker, I was finally able to cry and let out my pent-up emotions.  Easter was a somber affair; I think we simply stayed home, bought a meat and cheese tray, and spent a relaxing day with the kids.

Present Day:
I'm in Lafayette, and have spent a wonderful five days watching SVU, sleeping in, working on cross-stitching quilt blocks, and enjoying the peace and quiet.  Yesterday, for St. Paddy's Day, I wore my shamrock earrings and met friend AB-P at BW3 for fried mushrooms, eight boneless wings (4 parm-garlic, 4 teriyaki), and a Guinness as we watched Butler win in the 1st round game.  Purdue lost later, but IU won:)

Today, Mom and Dad are due back sometime tonight, so am pretty sure I'll be returning home tomorrow.  I'm not ready; if it weren't for the fact I have to sing Sunday morning, and have choir practice in Evansville, plus have to sing Tuesday night at the Chrism Mass, I'd stay here another week.

I didn't go to karaoke last week, due to extreme sleepiness.  Since I'm not sure when I'm going home, I won't post the same songs for tomorrow night.

Have a safe and happy Palm Sunday! 

Friday, March 11, 2016

Flashback Friday: Spring Break!

March 1986:
Recap:  I'd begun dating JD, one of my roommate's ex-b/f's, and so far had enjoyed two months of letters, phone calls, and seeing him twice.

Spring Break arrived, and EY, K,and I drove north.  EY's brother worked or attended ITT on the north side of Indy, so we drove there, and JD arrived.  We had a nice reunion in a private hallway, then he had to return to his duties at the Volunteer Fire station, while K's mom drove me to my great-grandmother's in Broadripple.  I spent the night with Grandma, and my father picked me up the next morning and drove me home.

JD came up one day to see me, and it just so happened to coincide with the HS sectional games, which my mom worked.  We ate an early dinner with my mom and sister, then went to the game.  After dropping me off at home, I went to bed.

Mom woke me up a few hours later, to tell me JD had called; he'd been in an accident, but was okay.  I didn't take it too seriously, since the prank call in January, and this time he'd said he was unharmed. I went back to sleep.

I did speak to him the next morning and discovered he had indeed totalled his truck, after dozing off at the wheel.  After I returned to school, he sent me pictures of his truck, and thank god he'd been wearing his seat belt!

My AF Officer Returns!
I'd already informed JD of my friendship with my AF officer, and told him I would see him while he was home.  What I had not counted on was a series of events that would ultimately change my life.

S called from the lobby, and I joyously ran down to meet him.  He couldn't stay long, but would call me the next day.

I waited.  And waited. Finally, he called and told me to round up some people for a bonfire/keg party.  I tried, but no one wanted to party on a Monday. Finally, BJG told me she'd go with me, and I waited for S to come get me.

Next Month:  I meet my Soul Mate

Present Day:
I'll be attending the Eagles Craft Fair tomorrow, 9-2pm, then on Sunday, choir is singing at 8am service.  I'll have Chrism Mass practice from 2-4, then heading back to Lafayette with my youngest, know known as Tween, since his birthday was two weeks ago:)

Tonight's Karaoke Songs:
Kerosene-Miranda Lambert
I'll Fall In Love Again-Sammy Hagar
Killing Me Softly-Roberta Flack
Kind and Generous-Natalie Merchant (Back Up song)
Kid Is Hot Tonight-Loverboy (Back up song)

Have a great weekend!

Friday, March 4, 2016

Flashback Friday: OOPS!

March 1976:
This month was full of ups and downs.  One of my classmates had a birthday, and while we were cleaning up our learning stations, I noticed two girls in my class not helping.  I took it upon myself to go tell them to help, but got caught up in conversation.  Before I could go back to what I was doing and let Mrs. V handle it, she swooped down on us and declared that since we were 'goofing off', there would be no ice cream and cake for the three of us.  We had to sit in a corner of the rug in the other room while our classmates ate in front of us and stared at us.

I was furious and humiliated.  In my mind, I had been unjustly punished. 

I'm not sure when Palm Sunday was, but the weather was cold.  My sister, friend KE, and I are bundled in coats before church.

Right before Spring Break, I contracted impetigo and was vomiting everywhere.  Upset due to the fact if I missed school on a Wednesday, I would not be allowed to go bowling with my Girl Scout troop, I tried to go to school, but as Mom fixed my hair after breakfast, my cereal and bacon revolted.  Mom sent me back to bed, then told me if I was feeling better by noon, to go next door and catch a ride to school with my sister.

The morning went well, so I went next door.  But the minute I handed my pass to my teacher, I vomited all over her desk and was sent to the nurse's office.  Mom was furious, since I spent that bowling trip laying down across the seats, too sick to stand up for long. 

I went back to bed as soon as we returned home and didn't try to go back to school again.  I DID find out from one of my friends, that classwork had been halted until Mrs. R could clean up her desk, and a test that was scheduled was postponed until the next day, so everyone was thanking me!

Present Day:
I'm currently in Lafayette, helping Mom and Dad get ready to go to Florida.  Yesterday, I took Mom to a dermatology appointment, then lunch at Arni's, and shopping at Pier One and Walgreens.  After we returned home, I took Dad's truck and went to Indy to meet BC Brown for dinner.  Picked her up at her grandmother's house (g'ma is in the hospital in failing health), and had a delicious meal at Texas Roadhouse.  She's only up here for a few more days, so I was thrilled to see her face to face for three hours.

We woke up to snow yesterday, but since the temps are above freezing, everything is melting, thank god!

Not sure if I'm going to karoake tomorrow night or not, and if so, don't know what I'll sing, other than some of my better ones.  I'm also supposed to get together with my Gal Pals for either lunch or drinks some time in the near future.

Have a great weekend! 

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

March Reading List

Did I meet my goals for Feb?
-Write Heart Song not even close...
-Pay for Writer's On The River  Check:)
-Buy Inventory  Some.....
-Find a publisher for KiRah  Maybe...I subbed to Roane Publishing, and they requested the full MS!
-Attend E'ville authors meeting  Cancelled, due to Tammy's family emergency
-Did manage to write 2 poems!!!

March Goals:
-Work on Heart Song
-Write April Blog Post for 50 States  Check:)
-Attend E'ville writer's meeting Postponed til April
-Buy inventory for Madison and Nashville events Check:)
-Do well at Eagles' Craft Fair (March 12th) Sold 4 books and 4 CDs:)
-Sing at Chrism Mass  Check:)
-KiRah publisher?  Self Pubb?  Close to a decision....
-Take picture for AU back covers  Check:)

Books Read:  9
Print:  1
E-Book;  8
DNF:  1

Health/Weight Loss:  Unfortunately, I'm going the wrong direction.  Hope to change this, since warmer weather is moving in, AND the groundhog predicted an early spring:)

Songs Added To Karaoke Good List: 18
Thurs:  8
Sat: 10
Retry:  2, due to flubbed words or camera batteries dying.

March Reading Schedule:
Devon Drake-Jean Joachim  DRR!  LOVED this!!!
Sly Brodski-JJ  DRR!  OMG.....Loved, loved, LOVED this!!!
Al Mahoney-JJ  DRR!  Once again, I thoroughly enjoyed this book:)
Puppy Love-Morgan Kay  Enjoyed this!

Karaoke Songs (Thurs):
You Got It-Roy Orbison  Bleh. Too low.
Chiquitita-ABBA Good! Slightly faster tempo, but still good.
You Got It All-Jets Nailed it:)
You Learn-Alanis Morrisette  Not bad...
Champagne Supernova-Oasis Ugh. Way too low, though B said I sang it better than another guy.