Monday, December 31, 2018

End-of-the-Year Recap

2018 was a strange year.

While having our family Christmas with my parents, Dad revealed he had an aneurism in behind both knees, but only one needed surgery, and asked if I would be willing to come help out for a week or two.  Of course I said yes.

Teen ended up having three root canals and three crowns on his teeth, since he hadn't been brushing.  Life lesson...

Temps were chilly and snowy, so didn't go to karaoke a great deal.

Eagles beat Patriots in Super Bowl 52!!  Brady and my daughter both stunned speechless.  I went to Mom's, only to to discover Dad's surgery is scheduled March 14th.  I drive truck home, so he doesn't have to drive back and forth.  Began playing Words With Friends....hate it!  Enjoyed the South Korean Winter Olympic Games!

Took Dad to the hospital; picked him up the next day and drove him home.  Left later that day and drove first to BWW to watch one game of March Madness, then to Mel B's house, to spend the night.  Watched the 2nd game on the laptop, then she and I drove to Nashville, TN and spent the day with the SCP authors.  Was mildly irritated on the drive home, since Siri took us a different way, and MB continued to follow her even when we could see I-64!  WTH???  Spent the night with her, then got up early, bought a St. Paddy's Day T-shirt at the Washington Walmart, and drove to Indy for the Wanderlust Book Signing.  Dad was cleared to drive the following week, but discovered he was on a 10lb lifting restriction.

Also had a very uncomfortable meal at Outback for Teen's birthday....we really screwed up the seating arrangement!  S and I were also able to see the 3rd movie based on 'That Book'.  Went to PurdueCon and hung out with fellow author Brian K. Morris, plus discovered he was planning to attend Imaginarium:)

Villanova won March Madness!  I went home after Easter, and we joked....Christ died....APRIL FOOL!, since Easter was on April 1st!  The temps were good, so we opened up the brown house and finished scraping up the carpet in the front bedroom, then unloaded our storage unit into it.  Goodbye storage and hello an additional $80 in the budget:)  Enjoyed the Kentucky Book Signing and was thrilled to be invited back the the Dale Library!  Sold 4 at KY and 1 at Dale, but the library had bought a copy of Crossroads.

I sold an unprecedented 8 books at the 1st Art Walk, and was asked to watch the gallery while the owners were on vacation in June.  I was thrilled!  Then turned around and sold 6 at the Farmer's Market:)  Tried having a yard sale, but only made $2.  Will Power won the Indy 500!

We celebrated Miss Alex's 6th birthday in Nashville, In, and eating at Cracker Barrel in Bloomington.  My mom fell June 1st, and was unable to walk; due to my commitment of watching the gallery, I was unable to go up until the last week in June.  Sold 4 at the Art Walk; 4 at PrideFest, and 5 at Corning Irish Festival:)  BC Brown was in Louisville for a Women's Conference, so I was able to hitch a ride with her family and spend a day with her:)

My publisher paid to have a table at InConJunction, so I got a free pass and only had to pay for my lodging!  Ended up selling 8!  Mom's condition continued to stump her doctors.  I set up at the Mosey and sold 9 books, which thrilled me to no end, so I decided to try the Gallery Walk, and sold 6 at that event:)  Went to the 4-H fair with BFF Angela.  MDQ became a mommy on July 14th, and Phoenix 'Master P' apparently had a stroke, and was in the NICU for a week.  I was able to hold his tiny feet, and a week later, when he was home, finally held him.

Drove Mom down to Vincennes for the Watermelon Festival, but it was so hot, Dad didn't bring her down.  I had a discouraging time, only selling 2 books, and at the last minute.  Mom's cardiologist got her signed up for PT, as well a set up an MRI for her, to see if we could get some answers.  The Petersburg event was a bust, and I only sold 2 at the Mosey.

Set up at ISUCon, and sold 8 during the 3 day event!  Took Teen with me on final day, and he enjoyed himself, even joining the Magic The Gathering club at school.  Sold 9 at the Vanderburgh Fairgrounds event and 4 at Eminence:)  We also got a shock:  Fr. Dave was accused of being 'inappropriate' with a woman 'decades' ago, and was placed on administrative leave.

Took the Teen with me to the Imaginarium Convention, but he chose to spend the majority of his time in the hotel pool, rather than the game room.  Only sold 1 book, but my cover artist received a HUGE compliment from a professional photographer!  Sold 7 at the Collections Carnival Craft fair, AND finally launched Whispers into the world.....even though the books didn't arrive until after the launch party.  Went as Little Red Riding Hood for the Karaoke Halloween party.

Had my ankle evaluated, and I have a bone spur that grew UP instead of OUT, and is pressing on my Achilles' tendon.  In an air brace for the next 6 weeks.  Did well at the Indy Christmas Toy and Hobby show, selling another 16 books, and receiving my cover for next year's Catered Romance release.  Sold 5 at the Art Walk, and then an unprecedented 15 at the Rivet Craft Fair!  Had a relaxing Thanksgiving at home.  BFF KC lost her father, so I rented a car and drove up with EYS for the funeral.

Mom ended up being hospitalized for severe pain in her left leg; turned out her coumidin level was out of whack, and was sent to the Cumberland Rehab center on the 14th.  I spent a week with her, then came home.  We're not sure how long she'll be there; it could be January, or March.  Sold 8 at the Washington Christian Craft Fair, then another 4 at the Art Walk.  My total for the year?  145, as opposed to last year's 77!  Spent my birthday with Mom and Dad, with Dad taking me to Red Lobster, then relaxing in front of the TV watching the Survivor finale.

So what will 2019 have in store for us?  Who knows?  It depends on my mother's motivation to work her muscles, if she ever hopes to walk again.  It's rough, seeing one's parent in a wheelchair, but Mom's always had a positive outlook, which is good.  I just hope my dad's health continues to be good.  Also, Mrs. Sato turns 100 years old in April, so I'm hoping we're invited to her party.

Books Read:  67 
           Print:  42
        E-book:  26
            DNF:  3

Karaoke Songs:  88
               Thurs:  34
                    Sat:  71

Weight:  Went the wrong way.  Began at 232; ended 240.

Here's hoping 2019 will be even better!

Happy New Year!

Friday, December 28, 2018

Flashback Friday: Shiny New Toy!

Dec 2008:
We got a new computer!  Unfortunately, it the OS was VISTA, which no one liked.  But, it weighed less than the old monitor, and worked enough that I could write, chat, and receive/send email....sort of.

I couldn't comment on the blogs, or even google anything, unless I went to the library or used my daughter's laptop (XP).  This caused friction at times, when I wanted to work, but was unable to leave the house or use the daughter's 'toy'.

For K's birthday, he received contacts, plus we went to Outback Steakhouse.  Then-toddler refused to sit on Santa's lap.

For my birthday, friends/neighbors, my BFF EY, and ourselves went to Cheeseburger In Paradise (now a defunct Fuddruckers), and enjoyed dinner.

We enjoyed Christmas Day at home, then went to Grandma's and Aunt Linda's later that week.

I also achieved my goal of blogging every day!  366 posts (leap year)!

Next Month:  My 1st Contract and New Pet In The House!

Present Day: 
Mom had a very good Christmas at the rehab center, even going to PT that day!  Our Christmas was quiet, with everyone sleeping in until 9am.  We celebrated with K and his g/f J on Christmas Eve, then played Cards Against Humanity until midnight.

Christmas Day, Sara made homemade chicken and noodles; I made ham and cheese sliders and deviled eggs.  We'd also bought a veggie tray, a fruit tray, and a shrimp ring.  Later, we played the new Trivial Pursuit, 2000's edition, and with some coaching, 6 y/o Alex won!  S was 2nd, followed by me, W, then D.

Wishing you a safe and happy New Year's!

Friday, December 21, 2018

Flashback Friday: Relaxing Christmas

Dec 1998:
I think this was the year it snowed, and we decided to stay home on Christmas morning.  The kids were happy to simply stay home and relax, at least for a few days.  Two days later, however, we received a phone call that my in-laws had been in a car accident, so we gathered everyone up and went down.  My FIL was severely injured, so my SIL and I took turns taking care of the kids and fielding phone calls while my hubby and MIL were at the hospital. 

For New Year's, we ended up watching the ball drop on TV and rejoicing that my FIL was recovering nicely, and would soon be released from the hospital:)

Next Month:  Pampered Chef and Monster Trucks!

Present Day:
My mom has now been in the rehab center for an entire week.  She's been doing OT and PT during the morning, and one mystery was cleared up today.

Mon:  Mom had a good day, even though she blew up at Dad when he tried to leave early.  He stayed with her while I went to Office Max to fax documents for our new roof financing.

Tues:  Another good day.  Mom and I sorted the Christmas jewelry presents, so I knew whom was getting what.  Dinner was Ham and Beans, so residents were grumpy.  Mom and I ordered Arni's pizza, which Dad brought.

Wed:  Mom slept wrong, and her neck was in pain all day.  Dad took me to Red Lobster for my birthday dinner.

Thurs:  Mom was slightly better, though we noticed her slurry speech, plus I clarified whether or not I was to help her to and from the bathroom/chair/wheelchair/bed.  (No, I'm not supposed to, a chore I was happy to relinquish, since I nearly dropped her on Wed.  In fact, the aid dropped her in the afternoon.)

Today:  When Dad and I arrived, Mom was snoozing in PT, and we became slightly alarmed when she didn't wake up right away.  Plus, her speech was slurry.  HOWEVER.....after drinking some water, coffee at lunch, and sipping a diet coke afterward, she did better.  I don't think she's getting enough fluids in her body.

I'll be heading home on Sunday, to spend Christmas with my family.  There's been some confusion over how long Mom will be at Cumberland Point.  Somebody said SS will pay for 90 days, but the hospital or Medicare claims she only has 20 days.  Dad's going to check on this.  No word on if I'm needed after the holidays.

Have a safe and Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 14, 2018

Flashback Friday: Finals!

December 1988:
I think DB had his mom bring me a dozen roses (I could be confusing this with Valentine's Day??).  I finished up my finals; ended up spending my entire Christmas vacation with DB, and his mom got me a beautiful mint green bathrobe.  I think I did go home Christmas Day.

At the country club, I managed to get both my boyfriend and my best friend to my Staff Christmas party:  I said DB was another girl's 'date', and E was my 'dancing partner'.  The three of us had a ball, and my boss, Mr. G, got drunk and was running around with someone's falsie and holding it up to all the women, asking 'is this yours?'

Nowadays, that would be construed as harrassment and grounds for a nice fat lawsuit.  Same with the busboy's behavior when I hired in.

I don't remember how many drinks I had that night, but I'm eternally grateful that I wasn't pulled over for a DUI....when I drove the three of us back to DB's house, I stopped on a green light and drove through a red one, prompting fits of hilarity.

"New concept:  Stop on the Green Light!"

I never got sick, but I did have a slight headache the next morning.

I was tapped to work the New Year's Eve ball, and proved to be a good cocktail waitress, though I did get one of the members seriously drunk.  Again. I'm thankful the laws which changed a few years later were NOT in effect at the time!

Next Month:  Happy New Year!  I Break It Off With DB.

Present Day:
My mom went to the hospital last weekend.  On Sat, they simply gave her a shot of morphine and sent her home.  Sunday, they thought she had a herniated disc.  Monday, they thought she'd fractured her hip, but that and the disc issue were soon proven wrong.  Dad said she was adamant about not having a doppler test for blood clots in her left leg, but he was trying to talk her into having it anyway.  When I called on Mon, she was alert.   When I spoke to Dad, he said he was concerned, since she was saying she had internal bleeding (no) and sepsis (again, no).

Tuesday, I called her and she seemed slurry and confused.  She spoke to me about possibly being moved to a rehab facility, but when I asked her to clarify later, she denied it.  Dad called later that evening and confirmed that they WERE looking into moving her to a rehab facility.

Wednesday, my sister called and said Mom was doing much better!  I called later that evening and found out that Mom's coumidin level had gotten out of whack, it caused inflammation in her liver and intramuscular bleeding.  She was finally able to use the restroom on her own, and is feeling almost like herself again:)  When I spoke to Dad Thursday morning, he said there was no need for me to come up and stay, unless I just wanted to.  Given the fact that choir is singing on Sunday; I have a writers meeting/combo birthday party on Tues, and MY birthday on Wed, I think the family may go up for a day visit.  We'll see how everything goes.

While all this is going on, Dad is also having the main bathroom remodeled, so there is a walk-in shower, so Mom can take a shower.  It should have been completed yesterday.

I went to the Old Chicago Pizza with my CHRP group and we had a nice dinner, plus played 'Nasty Santa', where we could 'steal' each other's gifts.  I held onto a bottle of wine until the last round, and ended up with a pink drink bottle.  I should have taken Kathy's bottle of wine!

Also, Monday a bunch a shingles fell off our roof.  We called a roofing company for an estimate, and after inspection, there are 5 layers of roofing material on our 1890 house!  So guess what the spouse and I will be giving each other for Christmas?  I got a couch and he's getting a new roof, ha ha!  We had hoped the roof could wait 6 more months, but oops, no.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Friday, December 7, 2018

Flashback Friday: I'm A Teenager!

December 1978:
This month was very eventful.  I was allowed to get my first pair of high-heeled shoes ( blue pumps, with a strap and maybe a 1 1/2 heel?) for the choir concert.  Being on the top tier of the risers and walking in heels for the first time, while wearing a long dress, was a bit tricky, and I lived in fear of falling or tripping on my skirt!  Thankfully, neither happened.

For my 13th birthday, Mom invited member of her small group Bible study over, which included my 'secret' boyfriend, SH.  He'd made me a wooden car and a large spiral drawing that I dubbed The Black Hole, in keeping with my 'Space Age' theme on the wall above my bed, since it already boasted a picture of Shaun Cassidy in a silver jacket, and Han Solo and Chewie from Star Wars.  I would soon move Shaun to the other wall, with my other rock star posters.  I'd like to say S kissed me, but since there were a lot of people around, I don't think he did.  We DID manage to finally get our picture taken together! 

For Christmas, I received a red hooded robe, among other gifts.  Uncle Bill sent both of us beautiful dolls (mine was dressed in pink, and my sister's white).  Wendy also received a slime monster game AND red plaid, blow up furniture, that I think only lasted a day or two before collapsing.  There's a photo of us both sitting on each chair, and I'm holding a tiny 'pillow'.

When we went to Granny's, I'm wearing my Shaun Cassidy T-shirt and when I wasn't on the exercise bike, I was playing the organ.  There's also a picture of me with my cousin Lynn's son Jeremy, showing him how to play Mary Had A Little Lamb.

Next Month:  Fall Out From Last Year's Blizzard

Present Day:
I'm going to be at the Open Gallery tonight, for the final 2018 First Friday Art Walk.  So far this year, I've sold 141 books, and am hoping to either reach 145 or even 150.  Tomorrow, we're off to Terre Haute to celebrate Kyle's 27th birthday at Outback, then I'm going home with Mom and Dad for a week, in order to help Mom out with her Christmas baking, decorating, and possibly gift-buying.

Our Early Christian Music ensamble sang at a Christmas Party at the Old National Bank, and we've already been 'booked' for an event in March!  More details later.

200 years ago, in 1818, Silent Night was 1st sung on Christmas Eve?  We're singing it this year, and announcing to the congregation about the history behind it.

Have a safe and happy weekend!

Monday, December 3, 2018

December Goals

How was your Thanksgiving?  Ours was nice and relaxing!  How was the rest of the month?
Buy promo for ICGAHS  Check:)
Mail TP to Harlie and WA to JDC  Not yet...
Do well at 1st Friday Art Walk  Sold 5:)
Make CD covers for Women's Retreat  Check:)
Do well at ICGAHS
          11/7:  Sold 3:)
          11/8:  Sold 3:)
          11/9:  Sold 4:)
        11/10:  Sold 6:)
         Total:  16:) 
Do well at Debut Author's Fair in Lafayette  Sold 2:)
Do well at Rivet Craft Fair  Unprecedented personal best:  15 sold:)
Write NaNoWriMo words on any wips  
     11/3:  185
     11/11:  532
     11/12:  332
     11/14:  1703
     11/26:  1731
     11/28:  2429
     11/29:  1230
     11.30:  1941
     Total:  10,083
Have an enjoyable Thanksgiving Check:)
Take final stuff to auction from Brown house (if weather permits) Nope
Lose 5 pounds (assuming my starting weight is still 241....haven't been near a scale in 2 months!)  Maintained, so that's good:)

Neck Update:  Unchanged.  Some days it's better, but other days there's weakness in the left bicep.

Achilles Tendon Update:  Began having ZERO pain on 11/1, but after beginning PT on 11/6, pain returned.  Did my exercises faithfully until the 13th, forcing myself through the pain.  Talked to Mom's PT guy about it on the 13th, only to be told that since the pain had gotten worse, to STOP.  So I did....and it's gotten better.  Pain level down from 5 or 6 to a 1 or 2, depending on my activity level.  Still wearing air cast, and return to Ortho Doctor on 12/3.  No surgery; go back to see her on an 'as-is' basis, keep wearing the air cast/brace.

Books Read:  0
           Print:  Still on Panda Girl, 75% done
        E-book:  Still on Wheeler, maybe 40% through it

Karaoke Songs Added To Good List:  7
                                                   Thurs:  4
                                                        Sat:  3

December Goals:
Do well at Washington Christian Center Holiday Vendor Fair  Sold 8:)
Do well at 1st Friday Art Walk  Sold 4, bringing my monthly total to 12, and the yearly one to....145!  WOW!
Lose 5 lbs (starting 241)
Bake cookies
     12/3:  4.5 Doz Choc. Chip. 3 doz Winter Chip, 4.5 M&M
     12/4:  3.5 Doz Oatmeal Raisin, 3 doz Maple Chip
Bake cookies at Mom's Nope; plans changed.
Send packages to Japan and Canada 12/20:  Got some put together!
Get my mother up and walking each day I'm there Nope; plans changed
Celebrate K's 27th birthday (check!  Fixed him a large T-bone steak!) and my 53rd (check!  Dad took me to Red Lobster, and watched the Survivor finale LIVE!)
Finish buying Christmas Gifts Daughter took care of this, though there is still one more gift to be bought!
Write Holiday letter (Check!) and send out Christmas Cards Had Mom's ready to send out on the 24th!
Get closer, if not finish, Hair Affair
Mail packages to Harlie and JDC
Have a wonderful Christmas (Check!) and New Year's Eve

December Reading Schedule
Panda Girl-Jeri Lyn Ryan  Finally finished!  Some of the details were choppy, but some answers were wrapped up at the end.
A Feast of Crows-GRRM Loved this!  Finished in 9 days!!!  Not completely understanding how the prologue ties into the ending, but hoping DWD will clear it up.
From Mis-Matched to Miss Matched-Suzanne Purewale  DRR!  Hilarious and fun read!  SO glad I don't have to go through the perils of online dating!
Emmie of Indianapolis-Kay Castaneda Very interesting!

Wheeler-Sara Butler Good, but loooong!
All Jacked Up-Mysti Parker Loved this!  DRR!
High On You-Mysti Parker  DRR!  Enjoyed this very much:)

Karaoke Songs:
Windy-The Association Ugh...too low, except for ending!
Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now-Starship  Very good, except for Marty's part of the verses!
Amnesty Is Granted-Meatloaf  DNH
Because You Loved Me-Celine Dion Nailed it!  Gary also sang with me:)
Winter Wonderland-X-mas Did well, once we found the right version!  1st one was an 'Urban Christmas' one, waaaaayy too slow!
Not Gonna Be The One-Olivia Newton-John DNH
(Brower played 'Walkin' Round in Women's Underwear:)
Breaking Up Is Hard To do-Neil Sedaka I couldn't hear myself, so thought this was too low, but one guy complimented me on
Christmas Canon Rock-TSO This time I managed to get video of myself singing it:)  Whether or not you can HEAR me remains to be seen...hopefully next week I can do the 2nd half of What Child Is This!
Wish You Were Here-Pink Floyd Would have been better if my voice hadn't been so gravelly...
No Way Out-Starship DNH
Young Love-The Judds Did well!
Baby Love-The Supremes Nailed it:)

Red Red Wine-UB40 Rap part was NOT practiced; made it through a few verses, then reverted to melody.
The Power of Love-Celine Dion Not sure how this was skipped in the 'P' titles, but nailed it:)
Redneck Woman-Gretchen Wilson  Nailed it!
Refugee-Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers Did better than I thought I would:)
Rehab-Amy Winehouse Managed to get through it....
Relax-Frankie Goes To Hollywood  Nothing like realizing the true meaning of the song as you're halfway through the first verse, lol....
Release Me-Wilson Phillips  DNH
Remedy-Seether Bill sang it with me, and he complimented me on it!  Did better than I'd thought, ha ha.....
Remember Me This Way-Jordan Hill 12/8:  Blew the bridge again; somehow landed on the wrong note. 12/29:  Nailed the bridge, but screwed up on 2nd verse!  AAAARRRGGGHHH....
Renegade-Styx Nailed it!
Rhiannon-Fleetwood Mac  Did fairly well!

Friday, November 30, 2018

Flashback Friday

Nov 2008
This was the year of the 1st Turkey Fryer!  We had a 22 lb and a smaller 12 lb.  The large one went in the fryer, while 'Junior', as he was dubbed, was sent across the street to be cooked traditionally.  Everyone loved both, and our combined family's (ours and the neighbors across the street who were feuding with their relatives) had an enjoyable day.

K got contacts for the 1st time.

Blogger was acting up, and I was unable to comment on anyone's blogs for about a week.

For NaNo, I decided not to put any pressure on myself, to avoid the disaster of the previous year.  I don't think I even reached the 1000 word mark.

I shopped on for the 1st time on Black Friday.

My brand new jeans decided to hide from me behind the shop vac.

Hubby brought home our tree and ornaments from storage; we'd previously been using his mom's tree and ornaments, which we sent north to Jamie and the kids.

Love Finds A Way turned 1, and its sales outsold Love Is Sober, 62-34.  I set up at Zander's for the Santa Stroll, and it was so cold, the dance teams performed inside Zander's.  I had a captive audience....except everyone's BACKS were to me!  A common theme I heard that year was 'Money's Tight'.  Gas was $2 a gallon, and Barak Obama had been elected.

I had voted absentee, since my license still said I lived in Morgan Co.  To this day, I have no idea if I voted for John McCain, whom I thought had automatically lost when he picked Sarah Palin to be his VP, or Barak Obama, whom I thought needed another four years in the senate before running.  I closed my eyes, marked the ballot, then folded it up and stuffed it in the envelope without looking at it.

Next Month:  Christmas, and a Very Enjoyable Birthday!

Present Day:
Our tree and decorations are up; my NaNo word count is over 8K, and both W and A are doing well in school.

My friend Kris C said goodbye to her father this week, and Erica and I went up for the funeral on Tuesday, in a damn snow storm.

The price of gas has dropped to $2.27, and not sure if I reported this or not, but in the last election earlier this month, the Dems took back the senate, while the Repubs held onto the house.  At press time, it looks as if Nancy Pelosi will get Speaker again (gag).  In Indiana, Mike Braun defeated Joe Donnelly.  I voted Libertarian, with the exception of our Sheriff race. D's friend Brian was running, but didn't win.

Monday, I start baking cookies, and should have the goals posted!

Friday, November 23, 2018

Flashback Friday: Catch Up 1988 and 1998

Nov 1988:
The election:  George Bush vs Michael Dukakis. 
At the time, I fully admit to hating politics.  Two of my professors were HUGE political junkies, and impressed upon us the need for a Democrat in the White House, since "Democrats understand the need for social programs and the Republicans do not.'  My sister had been following Gary Hart's run, but when the scandal broke about himself and Donna Rice, and he dropped out, we were both heartbroken.

On election night, Bush won, and both my professors the next day predicted doom and gloom.  I was just happy it was all over, and no more political ads on TV!

My boss at the country club needed me to work, so I spent the weekend at DB's house.  After the Thanksgiving buffet was over, Mr. G, Nancy, and Betty set up a long table for the wait staff, and poured us all (the ones over 21) a glass of red wine.  I horrified Nancy when I spooned a few ice cubes into my room-temperature wine, and a few others followed suit, causing her to roll her eyes at us.

The next day, I met Mom and my sister at Castleston Square for our annual Mother-Daughters shopping spree.  I had to work the evening shift, and again the next day, so it was a busy weekend.

Next Month:  Finals, My Birthday, and Christmas:)

I think we went to my parents' for Thanksgiving, then down to the in-law's for the weekend, as usual.  Decorated his mother's house, and drove around to see the Christmas lights.  I also think this might have been the year his mom retired, so we drove down for the party.

Next Month:  Getting Snowed In At Christmas

Present Day:
Just received word that a friend's father passed away this morning.  Mr. C was a jovial man who enjoyed spending time with us on Father's Weekend at college and whenever we visited.  When my spouse was in the hospital in '03, Mr. C brought him communion every morning.  As soon as I know the details, I'll be heading either north to a service or to Louisville for the service (or even both...).

RIP Ken Corbett.  You will be missed.

Monday, November 5, 2018

November Reading Schedule

Is it just me, or did October go by in a blur?
It just seems like yesterday that the Teen and I packed up and headed to Louisville!

So How Did I Do Last Month?
-Mail HS to customers (check!) and TP to Harlie (Not yet)
-Enjoy Imaginarium!  Didn't sell any books last year, so no expectations other than to do well on my panels and enjoy catching up with friends!  Last year, our goal was to expose Brooke and Nancy to everyone....Nancy sold one book and Brooke was picked up by a publisher:) Sold 1, but had a great time seeing everyone!
-Take more things to auction from Brown House (Brian Thais came over and took several items to his dad's house!!!  Was too busy to get back to auction.
-Finish cleaning out Brown House front room and re-organizing front bedroom  Not yet
-Finish cleaning out Green House  Not yet
-Have successful launch of Whispers Had 8 others show up for our Open Mic/Launch Party, but books never arrived from Amazon.  Still, a good night was had by all:)
-Do well at Collections Carnivals Craft Fair on the 27th Sold 7:)
-Have enjoyable time with Ghost Hunters  Postponed til after the first of the year.
-Send Suzanne check for ICTAH show Check:)
-Buy Whispers inventory Buying on consignment until more $$ comes in!
-Buy WHH inventory It's in my shopping cart!
-Decide on cover art (check!) and pay for it (Catered Romance)  Still waiting on final; need to add 2 logos to back cover.
-Decide on costume for Halloween Going as Little Red Riding Hood :)

Neck Update:  Improving!  Still feel slightly weak in left bicep, but only at the start of my shower.

Achilles Tendon Update:  I'm now in an air heel cast for 6 weeks.  Was supposed to start therapy this week, but my insurance will only pay $50.  Since the initial consult is $500, I guess I'll just have to take my chances.  DID find out that if I pay $100, they can still treat me.  11/6:  Went yesterday and now have at least 6-8 exercises to do every day.  Therapist said bad shoes and walking on uneven pavement *probably* contributed to my issue.

Granddaugher's Gift....
She shared her cold with me on the 14th, and it morphed into an upper respitory infection.  Started on Azithromycin  and Prednisone on the 29th.  Already seeing results; I'm not trying to hack up a lung or needing two breathing treatments per day!  Did learn a valuable lesson this morning:  Do NOT take Predisone on an empty stomach!  11/5:  Took last meds this morning; cough is 90% gone!

Books Read:  5
            Print:  5
            DNF:  1

Karaoke Songs Added:  11
                            Thurs:  5
                                 Sat:  6

November Goals:
Buy promo for ICGAHS  Check:)
Mail TP to Harlie and WA to JDC
Do well at 1st Friday Art Walk  Sold 5:)
Make CD covers for Women's Retreat  Check:)
Do well at ICGAHS
          11/7:  Sold 3:)
          11/8:  Sold 3:)
          11/9:  Sold 4:)
        11/10:  Sold 6:)
         Total:  16:) 
Do well at Debut Author's Fair in Lafayette  Sold 2:)
Do well at Rivet Craft Fair  Unprecedented personal best:  15 sold:)
Write NaNoWriMo words on any wips  
     11/3:  185
     11/11:  532
     11/12:  332
     11/14:  1703
     11/26:  1731
     11/28:  2429
     11/29:  1230
     Total:  8142
Have an enjoyable Thanksgiving Check:)
Take final stuff to auction from Brown house (if weather permits)
Lose 5 pounds (assuming my starting weight is still 241....haven't been near a scale in 2 months!)

November Reading Schedule: Print:
Panda Girl-Jeri Lyn Ryan
A Feast of Crows-GRRM
A Dance With Dragons-GRRM

Wheeler-Sara Butler
All Jacked Up-Mysti Parker
High On You-Mysti Parker
Sealed With A Kiss-Mysti Parker
Her Snow White Christmas-Cara Marsi
The Party Plan-Melanie Jayne
Skater's Waltz-Peggy Jaegger

Karaoke Songs:
Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow-The Shirelles Thought this went well:)
No Surprise-Daughtry DNH
Blue Bayou-Linda Ronstadt Verses slightly low, but did well on the chorus:)  Gary even joined in!
Remember Me This Way-Jordan Hill Nailed it, all but one line.  Same one I blew last year...
Winds of Change-Jefferson Starship DNH
Nobody's Home-Avril Levign Did well:)
Winds of Change-Scorpions Nailed it:)
Bleeding Love-Leona Lewis Gary backed me up and it was a crowd-pleaser!

Reach Out and I'll Be There-Four Tops Bleh....started off in wrong key
Ready To Run-Dixie Chicks  Slightly better; found right key by the chorus!
Real Love-Jodi Watley  Bleh.....didn't get a chance to brush up before I went on...only got the chorus right!
11/24:  No camera in batteries, so sang the following songs:
Edge of 17
Girl Crush
Stop Draggin' My Heart Around
Better Dig 2
Silver Springs
Real World-Matchbox 20 Ugh, too low on verses.
Reason To Believe-Rod Stewart Did well:) Had hoped for the Wilson Phillips version, but oh well.
Red High Heels-Kellie Pickler Didn't think it was too bad:)

Friday, November 2, 2018

Flashback Friday: Home Improvements Continue.....

Nov 1978:
The next phase of our home remodel plan was to replace the wood tile in the family room with carpeting.  The salesman arrived and showed Mom several samples....the one she decided on was a two-tone blue, and his pitch was, 'if you spill anything, say coffee for example, then you can just rub the nap the other way and it won't show!'  I liked the color; Mom liked the color, so it was ordered:)  I was also thrilled to learn we were also getting carpet in the kitchen.  No more mopping that floor!

I think Thanksgiving was spent at Great-Grandma Geis's house, with Uncle Ed, Aunt Cheryl, and my cousins Tammy, Richie, and Chad.

This might have also been the year (not the month...think I left this tidbit out??) that Tammy and I spent time at each other's houses.  T sleepwalked at ours; Mom found her in my closet, flipping the light switch on and off.  When I was her house, I went to cheerleading practice and learned some new cheers, plus we rode bikes in her neighborhood, and I got hopelessly lost.  Finally a neighbor recognized my plight and showed me the way to the right street.  I followed her car up a hill and down the next street; I thought that hill led to a dead end!  This experience led me to remember my landmarks better.

Next Month:  1st choir concert, my 13th birthday, and Christmas!

Present Day:
I'm still trying to catch up with my NBC, CBS, and ABC shows online.  Discovered I'd only seen the 1st episode of Manifest, so have two more episodes to watch, plus 2 of New Amsterdam, and I'm caught up.  Today, we want to go early vote, then I plan to plop myself at the computer or Kindle, and watch last night's CBS comedies, plus SVU and maybe even catch up on The Connors (formally known as Roseanne).  When will I get the DVR'd 70's shows (Charlie's Angels, Different Strokes, The Facts of Life, and The Jeffersons)?  Hopefully this weekend!  I was all caught up two weeks ago, ugh.

I'm also getting ready to send my trifold pamphlet to Office Max for printing.  I plan to hand out the rest of my Sneak Peeks before handing out the pamphlet at the Indpls Christmas Gift and Hobby Show.  Last year I was given 10 tickets to hand out; this year, was only given 4.  Sent two to my cousin (next week's her birthday, plus she's been out of work for several months and finally got a job last month) and the other two to a friend I've not seen in over 18 years.  Going to irritate another pair who have come to *expect* tickets, but since they're both employed, they can pay their own way for a 2nd year.  I've provided the link to the discount offer, so no guilt there.

Voting Today:
I'm pretty sure who I'm voting for in all races except the Senate.  I'm not happy with Donally voting with the Dems against the new Supreme Court Justice, but I'm also no thrilled with reports of Braun wanting to raise health premiums on people over 65 and instituting pre-existing conditions on health care.  I have one of these pre-existing conditions, and only 12 years away from 65, so thinking I might just vote Libertarian and put the rest in God's hands.  I don't know.  Maybe I'll google him and see if the claims are false?  One one hand, I LIKE a senator who's not afraid to step across the aisle, but Donnally's been doing it on the wrong issues (imho).

Check back next Wednesday, when I'll hopefully remember to post election results.

Anyway, have a wonderful day and a safe weekend!  It rained all day yesterday, so really hoping we have clear weather for tonight's Art Walk.  I'll be in front of the Open Gallery with my books, and I THINK I've already sold 2 copies of Whispers!  Which knocks me down to twelve.  I may have to 'borrow' some from either Ben or Nancy to take next week, or hope someone will be willing to preorder, like last year???

Friday, October 26, 2018

Flashback Friday: Memorable October!

Oct 2008:
My son was diagnosed with allergies.
My sister came home with her two small children and we threw our parents a 45th anniversary party.  The cousins enjoyed getting to know each other, and family pictures were taken.  I also renewed a friendship with a childhood friend.

Halloween, my older kids took their brother to the 'Safe Trick-or-Treating', and afterward, he discovered he enjoyed handing out the candy.  So much so, he decided to go down to the corner and hand out Nestle Crunch Bars to anyone who would take them!

The next night, I went around the neighborhood with him and had a good time, then his siblings took him down Hart St and collected goodies from the businesses.

On the creative front, I set up at the Fall Festival and at the Blue Moon Gallery.  I also found out a local man was thinking about starting a publishing company and was veeerrry interested in my Arbor U series.  I was excited by the news!

Next Month:  Thanksgiving!

Present Day:
I've been in Lafayette all week, helping my parents deep clean the house.  Leaving today, since I have to be in Evansville tomorrow for a craft fair.

Our hearts have been heavy this week, since on Monday, my former SCP authors learned that one of our own, Tamara Hoffa, had been in a fatal car accident.  Her funeral is today in Tennessee, which I was fervently hoping it would be held next week.  I'm only two hours away, but since I'm traveling, it is impossible.  So hearts, prayers, and thoughts go out to Tamara's family.  I loved her Bear Shifter stories, and might take some time to reread them next week.

Still Undecided About My Costume....
I kinda want to go as Little Red Riding Hood, but not sure if I have the right accessories.  If I can't get to the store to find a red cape, then I'll either pull out the pirate costume or go as Molly Pitcher.

Have a good weekend!

Friday, October 19, 2018

Flashback Friday: Sonic Boom!

Oct 1998:
D's relatives arrived for the pre-arranged weekend, and we had an enjoyable visit.  They had brought their camper, so their kids and mine spent the night in the back yard.  The next day was our planned picnic, and the boys decided to start a bonfire.

One problem:  It refused to light.

D had just come in, laughing at their problem-solving skills, when all of a sudden, there was a loud


We four adults ran outside and discovered the oldest boy had dumped Coleman lantern fuel over the wood, then tossed a match into it!

He got his butt chewed for a few moments, for possibly endangering everyone's lives and nearly setting the woods on fire, but after the adrenaline rush, we laughed about it!

Halloween that year was different:  One of the neighbors loaded most of the kids into the wagon behind his lawnmower and took the kids all over the neighborhood:)  I don't remember if S was Queen Amidala or Barbie that year.

Next Month:  Thanksgiving!

Present Day:
Happy 55th Wedding Anniversary Mom and Dad!

Also, tomorrow is the launch of Whispers!

There's one slight hiccup to our launch party/Open Mic Night:  No confirmation of books shipped, which means.....a launch party w/o books.  Oops....

I still think it will be okay.  All we have to do is explain the snafu about Amazon delayed shipping; we'll have our proof copies to display and read snippets from; hopefully enough people will be willing to share their own works.

If nothing else, just some comradarie and some delicious cupcakes and finger food!

I have two short stories in this antho:

Badass Fairies of the Wabash:
Trouble is brewing along the Wabash River.  A young fairy who’s recently released from Solitude, is rebelling against her new duties in the Three Bridges area.  When the High Council intervenes, will things improve?
Spirit Pottery:
Ciera is convinced her apartment is haunted by the ghost of her ex-boyfriend.  When she consults a medium, she is shocked to learn she has ghosts in her pottery studio as well.
Trevor is more than willing to help Ciera come to grips with her past.  Can he put his attraction aside to help an angry ghost with his unfinished business?
Have a fun weekend!

Friday, October 12, 2018

Flashback Friday Catch Up

Oct 1978:
My Uncle Bill (my favorite uncle) arrived for visit:)

Cathy C made my choir dress....mauve with 'chilly shoulders', ruffled flowered around bodice. There was some confusion over how to wear it; some girls arrived at the concert with their arms through the straps, instead of just around their shoulders.

My sister celebrated her 8th birthday with Campbells, Mcintire clan, including Michelle and Aunt Linda.

I have no idea what I went as for Halloween that year....

Next Month:  Thanksgiving!

My Thursday night Astronomy class was fun!  For years, I'd not understood the blurred voices of the astronauts as The Eagle touched down on the moon, and my teacher cleared it up for me:

"Tranquility Base here....The Eagle has landed!"
(I'd heard it as 'ingoldy base here....' yeah, I guess I've always had a hearing problem??)

Anyway, Saturn was close enough to be seen through a telescope, so our professor took us upstairs so we could view it.  I think I amused him, because when it was my turn, I saw a white dot with Mickey Mouse ears, which drew laughs.  He later revealed it had been knocked out of focus, but I wasn't able to view it any clearer.  Still, I can say I saw it!

Our dorm decided to offer trick-or-treating, so I put on my 'southern belle' outfit, and Erica dressed in her 'old-fashioned girl' look.  The girls across the hall decided to be the Tin Man and his Oil Can, so E changed her look to 'Dorothy', which made me Glinda the Good Witch:)  'Toto' was one of our stuffed dogs!

Next Month:  Working Thanksgiving

Present Day:  
We're getting closer to the Whispers Launch Party!  I've spent this week recuperating from a busy Imaginarium weekend.  My ankle/Achilles tendon bothered me all weekend, but Monday I stayed off my feet, and Tuesday I could walk semi-normally again.  WTH???  Wednesday, I had twinges of pain, and I think I'm gonna have to buy new tennis shoes next week.  I go see the Ortho doctor next Friday, so maybe that threat is shaping my feet up?

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Imaginarium 2018

Reminder of what I said last year:
"Might try the one hour thing again, since I'll be an official Stardust author, and if B and N want to get a table again, I'll not do so many panels, so I can be behind the table.  Which means seriously cutting back on craft fairs, except for local ones.  Or maybe not; it's a double-edge sword:  Make money or keep having to order inventory?  Check back with me on this later."

Did I Follow My Own Advice?
Sort of.  You be the judge.

I decided to take my Teen with me, since he's into gaming now (Magic The Gathering, World of Warc, Minecraft), and we left around 10:30am.  Grabbed lunch at the Arby's off I-64, then headed to Louisville.  Arrived, checked in.

Hiccup #1:
There's a work cart in our room, plus the bathtub faucets are completely dismantled.  Phone in room doesn't have the same room # (2113), and not working.  I called the front desk, who said they would call maintenance.

No sooner than I hung up did Maintenance knock on the door and express surprise.  They crew spoke broken English, and front desk called them thirty seconds later.  We all trooped downstairs (luggage and all!) and went to the lobby, where Teen and I were issued a new room.  Right across from where we were, 2114.  Luggage could have stayed upstairs...and did I mention I'm still limping from an 'irritated' Achilles tendon?  And the elevators are waaaaaaay at the back of this hotel.

Yeah.....poor planning on that one.

Anyway, W and I unpacked, then drove to the convention center and unloaded my stuff.

Hiccup #2:
I'd forgotten my money bag with my Square.

Brian Morris, my tablemate, said I could use his.  Problem solved.

Hiccup #3:
I decided to attend a 'How to Sell Books At Conventions' workshop.  For whatever reason, I had this in mind to be a 'which conventions would be optimal'....uh, no.  It was on How To Present Yourself....everything I'd already know.  Have your 'elevator pitch', smile, be positive, etc.  The only part I disagreed with was about bringing all your titles.  What happens if I bring only the Women's Fiction and everyone is looking for Romance?  Or vice versa?  This way I cover all bases.

I walked around and took pictures, and briefly chatted with a few.  Did my 1st slot of Prime Author Signing and sold one book:)  W and I ate dinner at the pizza buffet, and since the convention had arranged for food trucks, this took the pressure off the restaurant.  Ate 3 slices of pizza and two salads.  Went upstairs and watched Survivor, New Amsterdam, and TBBT, took a shower, and went to bed.

W refused to wake up, so left him some $$ and went down to breakfast, then over to the convention, so I could sit in on the 'Marketing 101'' panel, suggested by my friend CP.

Hiccup #4:
Found this informative, though I already knew most of it.

Discovered Frank Hall had arrived, and wanted to show him the sneak peek of my time-travel story.

Hiccup #5:  Where Was It?
Not at the table; not in one of the totes.  I'd not left it in the truck....but remembered the last time I'd seen it was Friday night at the was against the wall, where someone had graciously placed it:)

Sat for my 2nd slot of Prime Author Signing and it was Baby Row.  LS had her two week old; LP had her 9 month 14 y/o showed up, lol!  LS sold a few; LP sold one.  Me?  Nada.

Game of Thrones Panel:
Enjoyed this one!  I was able to contribute to the discussion and it fueled my desire to read the rest of the books AND watch Season 6 in full (I've only seen 2 episodes!)

#3 Prime Author slot followed, and while I didn't sell any, my cover artist received an amazing compliment from a professional photographer!  He was comparing CJ's covers to mine and said mine were more 'professional' looking, and it made him want to pick up the book to look at it further!  I sent off a message to Dawne, who was thrilled!

Lunch was a delicious crepe from the Sweet-n-Savory truck, chicken and goat cheese:)  W had the chicken BLT.  Afterward, he went back to the motel and swam.

Advice To New Writers
This panel was fun.  We had several guests ask questions, and we were able to provide a lot of good information.

Crowdfunding For Creatives
This one was definitely informative!  I may actually look into doing this.

After the expo hall closed, W and I followed CP to Cracker Barrel and had a delicious, relaxing meal.

Hiccup #6 and #7
My teen took his sweet time returning to the truck.  C had just decided to go on and get the table when he finally showed up!

After dinner, W returned to the pool and I watched my Thursday night comedies online.  Around 11pm, W asks for a candy bar, and my wallet turns up missing.

Panic.  Did it fall out in the suitcase?  No.  Did it fall out in the truck?  No.  Had it fallen out while hiking back to the room?  I went to the front desk.  No one had turned one in.

We returned to the convention center, for we HAD made a lap around the game room and I HAD taken a picture of the steampunk costumed lady.  It wasn't under a chair when we checked it earlier.  As we're walking in, a lady was coming out.  W asked if she knew anything about a missing wallet, and the reply was that yes, one had been found.  I quickly found Holly, who said Robyn had it, but she'd gone to bed.  David said he knew where R had put it, and went to get it.  My wallet was found, with everything still in it!  I thanked God and everyone!!!

W got his candy, and I went to bed.

Decided to pop into 'Frugal Conventioning'.

Hiccup #8
Again, for whatever reason, I thought this was going to be more about how to do Cons on a shoestring budget, and it turned out to be common sense stuff:  Share a table/room.  Watch VistaPrint for sales.  Stick to your Con budget.  Yeah....stuff I already knew.

I went to my table and talked with BKM, plus walked around to take more pictures.

Importance of Networking
This panel was also fun, plus I was able to reconnect with an author I'd not seen since last April:)

MailChimp 101
I'd begged Holly to get someone to present a step-by-step tutorial of how to set up a newsletter on this site, so I was eagerly anticipating it.

Hiccup #9
Was deeply disappointed when it turned into 'why you need a newsletter' and 'what content to provide'.  'What site to set it up (MailChimp, MailerLite, etc)' and 'where to promote your newsletter'/  I wanted to cry.....I could have spent that hour at my table!

Blog Tour Strategies
Another fun panel, plus had some great advice from a guest!  Who knew the guests could teach a panelist something?  LOL!

At 4:30, everyone was packing up.  Said goodbye to new friends and old, and resolved to stick to my strategy next year!

Ate dinner at Fazolli's, then hit the highway.

Hiccup #10
Got stuck in traffic, due to bad accident on the bridge over the Ohio River.  Semi vs car.....pretty sure the car lost.  I shut off the truck to conserve gas....we were stopped for 45 mins.

In New Albany, I pulled into McDs for a sweet tea and W promptly asks for chicken mcnuggets.  I changed it to a #6 combo, and he let me eat 4 or 5 nuggets.

What Will I Do Differently Next Year?
-Leave Teen at home (unless the YouTube panel/workshop will be presented.
-Double-check panel descriptions and ONLY ATTEND MY PANELS!!!
-Try to fund a full table ($110) and leave my display racks at home.
-Spend more time at my table!

Check back next year to see if I actually follow through on this?

Monday, October 1, 2018

Oct 2018

Is it just me, or did September drag?  Of course, I spent so much time running back and forth to it any wonder I don't know if I'm coming or going?

So What DID I Do Last Month?
-Do well at ISU-Con Day #2:  Sold 2; Day #3:  Sold 2; Total:  8  Tied my InConJunction total:)
-Do well at 1st Friday  Ugh.....rain out.  Did hand out 9 copies of the 'sneak peek' and found out a woman had TP on her kindle, but hadn't read it yet!  YAY!
-Do well at Eminence Harvest Fest  Sold 4:)
-Do well at Vandeburgh Craft Fair  Sold 9:)  7 Sat, 2 Sun.  Reversal of last year, lol!
-Successfully move all books to KDP  Check:)
-Have a successful launch of Whispers  Oct 20th
-Finish cleaning out Green House  Not yet
-Finish cleaning out front room and DRM of Brown House  Getting closer...
-Resume clearing out magazines in Brown House  Check:)
-Order more AU inventory  Check:)

Neck Update:  Continuing to improve:)

Ankle/Achilles Tendon:  Apparently, when I chose to walk to my CHRP meeting, then walk home from choir practice on 9/12, I strained my achilles tendon area.  This area has bothered me off and on throughout the summer, but normally I can walk out the stiffness.  Not on the 15th....I limped all over Eminence school during the Harvest Fest.  Mom's friend Marian, who's a former sports trainer, told me to do some exercises, which have helped.  However, I've discovered the problem MAY be connected to my tennis shoes.....the temps turned cooler, so I wore my riding boots all weekend, with no limping, and a little discomfort.  Barefoot doesn't seem to bother it.  But my year-old tennies....well, it might mean I need another pair!  More on this later.

Books Sold:  17, as compared to last year's 24.  But in all fairness, I only sold 4 at EHF, as compared to last year's 9.

Books Read:  7
            Print:  5
        E-Book:  2

Karaoke Songs Added:  14
                            Thurs:  4
                                 Sat:  10

October Goals:
-Mail HS to customers (check!) and TP to Harlie
-Enjoy Imaginarium!  Didn't sell any books last year, so no expectations other than to do well on my panels and enjoy catching up with friends!  Last year, our goal was to expose Brooke and Nancy to everyone....Nancy sold one book and Brooke was picked up by a publisher:) Sold 1, but had a great time seeing everyone!
-Take more things to auction from Brown House
-Finish cleaning out Brown House front room and re-organizing front bedroom
-Finish cleaning out Green House
-Have successful launch of Whispers Had 8 others show up for our Open Mic/Launch Party, but books never arrived from Amazon.  Still, a good night was had by all:)
-Do well at Collections Carnivals Craft Fair on the 27th Sold 7:)
-Have enjoyable time with Ghost Hunters  Postponed til after the first of the year.
-Send Suzanne check for ICTAH show Check:)
-Buy Whispers inventory Buying on consignment until more $$ comes in!
-Buy WHH inventory
-Decide on cover art (check!) and pay for it (Catered Romance)
-Decide on costume for Halloween Going as Little Red Riding Hood :)

October Reading Schedule:
Wired-Julie Garwood  Very good!
Skip Quincy, Shortstop-Jean Joachim  DRR!  Loved this!
Will Grant, Center Field-JJ  DRR!  Loved this one also!!!
House Sitter's Christmas-JJ  DRR!  A wonderful short, sweet story!
Conversations with Caris-George Kramer  Cute collection!  Just wish the formatting would have been better.  Looking forward to Caris the Teenage Years:)
Cat Magic-Lydia Sherrer DNF

Karaoke Songs:
Wild Wild Life-The Talking Heads There were parts that weren't too bad, but overall....ugh.
Wild Wild West-Escape Club Slightly scratchy, but otherwise good:)  I also now know the words to the spoken part in the middle!!
No One Like You-Scorpions Rocked the bar!
Borderline-Madonna Not too awful; camera batteries died during final chorus.
Will You Be There-Heart  Did well:)
Love The Way You Lie-Rhianna/Eminem Between me, Gary, Richard, and Cooper, we nailed this one!  Was complimented!
No Son of Mine-Genesis  Think it sounded good!

R.O.C.K. in the USA-John Mellencamp Wasn't too bad:)
Radio Gaga-Queen  Did well!
Radioactive-Imagine Dragons????  DNH
Rainbow Connection-Muppets Ended up singing an octave higher....not too bad!
Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head-BJ Thomas Bleh....too low, which is too bad; I love this song!
Rainy Days and Mondays-Carpenters Thought I sang it pretty good:)  Now to see if I can get the vid from my phone to YouTube.....forgot to take the camera.  10/27:  Resang it with the camera on:)
Raise Your Glass-Pink DNH
Ramblin' Man-Allman Bros  Nailed it:)
Rapture-Blondie Did VERY well; surprised the people at my table with my ability to rap, lol!