Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Life As A Red Vest, Week #9

Day #56:  Memorial Day Up Front
Simon Pagenaud won yesterday's 500 in an exciting finish!  He and Alexander Rossi had battled back and forth the final seven laps, but Rossi was unable to pass him on the final two.  They had red-flagged the race on lap 177, due to a crash involving Graham Rayhal, Zach Veach, Sebastian Bordais, and Charlie Kimball.

Dad left around lap 110, because he was in pain and 'the race was boring'.....both Mom and I said he'd missed the most exciting part, ha ha!

We met Uncle Bill and Will at the Mug-n-Bun and enjoyed a delicious lunch. I stopped at the liquor store and picked up a huge bottle of White Russians for Erica, since Faunia Anne was married on Sat.  Dropped off Faun and Nick's wedding gift (she is now Mrs. Spradlin), and gave E her gift, as the Mother of the Bride needs to decompress after wedding #1, ha ha!

Realized I was running late for work, so called Scott to let him know I'd be 30 minutes or so late.  Erica had given me 2 dozen leftover cupcakes, so dropped them at home 1st before heading into work.  I apparently had just missed the rush, for after I'd clocked in and logged onto Register 13, things were kinda slow.

Robert Goodson kidded me about hiding from him; I told him I'd be back in Lumber in two weeks.

Heard two complaints about Andrew, our Plumbing guy, about not knowing his job.  Cyndee was caught texting at the CS desk, and the customer claimed it was at least 2 minutes before she realized the customer was standing there.  My thought was, why didn't the customer try to get her attention?

I also witnessed an accident before leaving Indy.  I was following a box truck down Ronald Reagan Pkway and we were going through the light at CR 100 S.  I wasn't close behind him, thank god, because all of a sudden, a blue van turned to her left right in front of him.  I hit my brakes; the truck braked and swerved, but still hit her, spinning her toward the curb.  He managed to keep going and pulled over.  I pulled up behind him and called 911.  He got out of his vehicle and I told him I'd seen everything, and was calling it in.  He thanked me, then I got out of the truck to go check on the other driver.

It was a woman with three kids, and everyone seemed to be okay, except the youngest, who was bleeding from a scratch on her arm and complaining of pain in her side.  I heard her tell another witness, "He had no business driving that way!"

I thought, "Lady, YOU'RE the one who turned in front of him!  We had the right of way!"

A man wearing a captain's shirt of the township FD was on the scene, so I turned my phone over to him to talk to the dispatcher.  While I was waiting to get my phone back, the police arrived, as well as a fire truck and ambulance.  The driver of the van's hubby arrived and had to be contained, as he was ready to 'kick the other guy's ass'.

I walked back to the other driver, and a policeman stopped me, to ask my role in everything.  I told him my version, and gave him my contact info, then spoke to the truck driver, who was very thankful I backed up HIS side of the story.

Police told me I could go, so I continued on.

Day 57:  Back in LG!
Got out of the shower and found texts from both Cindy and Adrianna, asking me to come in early.  Called; told A to give me an hour.  Clocked in at 1:41, and was first sent to LG, but they didn't need me, so went back inside.  Worked various registers, then took my 15 min break.  Worked until 5:25, then took my hour lunch break and went over to McAllister's.  Returned, and they put me in LG, where I stayed until close.

The only memorable customer was a woman who had left her cash on the potting soil, but it was gone.

I was in a lot of pain, since I discovered a damn blister on my right heel.  It still hasn't popped.

Off tomorrow, and I get my orthotic!

Day 58:  Up Front!
Arrived at work, only to see a text from Cindy, asking if I'd like to come in early.  Oops!  Wouldn't have taken her up on it anyway, since my foot was in pain.  Took over for Brenda on Reg 9, and things went smoothly until Cindy left for her lunch break.  Luke was acting HC, but when I needed an override, his code wasn't authorized, so had to wait for Scott.  Customer #3 brought up a roll of wire with no bar code; Luke hopped on #10 to ring up the others while the customer went to get the item #, since neither L nor I could find it anywhere!

Cassie arrived from her break and discovered another cashier had gotten a bad phone call and had to leave, so that left C and I as the only ones up front.

HC Cindy arrived back, and things settled back down.....until a couple arrived with a gift card, but neither of their drivers licenses worked.  Turned out the man had used his Michigan license, but switched it to Indiana.  There was nothing I could do, so they voided their order and went to the CS desk.  Cydnee called HC Cindy, who repeated what she'd told me.  Not sure whatever happened after that!

HC Cindy told me the reason some GCs ask for the drivers license is because time has elapsed between the time of getting it and when it's used....maybe rebate GCs.

I barely got the soda coolers stocked and the trash taken out.  Cassie had checked the register tape before leaving at 7, and I know I didn't sweep or clean off the counters!

I also had more customers pay with exact change today than ever before!  Something in the water???

On a good note, I start my new schedule June 17th:)

Here's hoping tomorrow goes well, with no issues!

Day 59:  Front End
Shift began, and all went well.  After I returned from my break at 7, I was told to go relieve Ally in Lumber, and a couple of my regulars were happy to see me, even for only 15 mins!  Loaded Rob Goodson's LAR, rang him up, then took Ally's extra soda's back.  Front was swamped, so both Mgr Brandon and I hopped on registers and helped Mikayla.

Sam Williams 'trapped' me at my register with his scooter; I put my hands on either side of his face and gave him a big ole sloppy kiss on the forehead!

My only CFH tried to use a coupon, but she didn't have the right total, plus had a discounted item.  After explaining all this, HC Cindy rebooted her coupon so she could use it again tomorrow.

Took out the trash, wiped down all the counters, and checked all the register tape.  Cassie had already loaded the soda coolers around 6.

Tomorrow is my long day; I'm working 12-4 in LG, then 5-close in Lumber.  Maybe they'll let me spend the entire day in Lumber?

Management put up a Cashier of the Month board, and when I asked Tasha how they were going to to keep track, she explained we're graded each month on how many LPPs we sell, surveys taken by customers, and other ways I can't remember.  Here's hoping I do well:)

Day 60:
D took me to Jimmy Johns; I managed to eat two bites of my sandwich before we arrived at Lowe's.  Arrived; told them I'd eat as fast as I could.  Clocked in at 12:05, then discovered Tasha, HC Cindy, and HC Adrianna didn't know what to do with me!  Went to the bathroom (I'd skipped it, since I'd clocked in late) and when asked why I had skipped it, replied, "I was under the delusion I was needed!"

Ended up spending time on Register 13, with a brief 15 minute stint in Lumber.  Took my 15 min break at 2:30, and fielded one complaint about A, our plumbing 'specialist'....the customer said he was cocky, and if it wasn't for the fact he'd just gotten out of jail, the customer wanted to punch his lights out.  I suggested doing the survey and voicing the complaints that way, when Mel walked up, and they told HER what was going on.  After they left, M had me call Bethany to let her know what they had told me.  I think A's days are numbered....

Clocked out for lunch at 4, and D took me to Denny's.  Returned at 5 and spent a very happy (and speedy!) 4 hours in Lumber.  Our big dust mop was broken, so I spot-swept the common areas, and underneath all the mats.

Had a customer tell me about a price discrepancy, and brought it to Mel's attention.  Otherwise, I was happy to be back in 'my' area, and time went much faster than it had while up at the front!

Next week, I'm only working three days; it will be a nice break before payday, Alex's 7th birthday, and Spring On Main.  Here's hoping for another good work week!

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Life As A Red Vest, Week #8

Day 50:  Back In Lumber!
Arrived, and was very dismayed to learn that both the scanners on registers 2 and 3 were not working.  Cindy came down and swapped them out, and the one on #2 worked for exactly two customers' worth, then quit.  I spent the next 2 hours keying in everything by hand, and letting Tiffany take the more complicated ones.

Cindy was griping, also.  Apparently, for whatever reason, several of the floor people had been sent home, and we were inundated with questions about different products.

Steph asked me to work her June 1st shift in LG from 12-4, then my own regular shift from 5-close.  I said okay, but we'll see if Tasha approves it.

Today is my 10th anniversary of my 1st published book; I was reading the newest Catered Romance proof on my lunch break, and Cassie asked if I liked to read in my spare time.

"Yes, and even write them."

"YOU wrote that?  WOW....."

Sacred appeared and told me I'd hooked her; she was halfway through AFD and couldn't wait to finish it and continue on.

It was also 'leave everything in Lumber' night.....at the end of the evening, and throughout the shift, we had to return a nightlight, light bulbs, seeds, a T-handle, and electrical tape.

Rain happened to fall the minute Mgr Brandon called for a cart run, which sparked hilarity between the lumber associates!  At the end of the shift, the rain had tapered off to  a light drizzle, and a beautiful rainbow was in the sky.

Tomorrow, I'm back in LG....here's hoping it goes smoothly!

Day 51:  LG
Today was on the cool side, low 70s,  Spent 30 mins in LG, then Sacred told me she was being sent to Lumber, but didn't want to go.  I told her I'd do it, so relieved Aliscia and rang up customers and did the soda count.  Saw friends C and P, who own the local brewery, and chatted with them.

Returned to LG, then took my 15 min break from 6:45-7.  Sacred left at 7, and it was fairly steady.  I ran out of register tape and had to have Aggie bring me some, plus some trash bags.  One gentleman had several plants from the discount bin, plus wanted mulch and a wheelbarrow.

Another lady tried to pay for her purchases with $100, then charge the remaining $15.  Her card was declined twice, so she found another $20.  She returned several minutes later and tried to charge a bag of garden tools, first with one card, then the other, then the 1st one again, even arguing with me she hadn't tried it yet!  She finally got the hint she didn't have enough credit, and I gently suggested she go home and check her bank account.

She left, then Tasha and Aggie arrived to close down LG.  I emptied the trash, then took it and the front line's trash back to the compactor, then shuttled carts.  Went to the bathroom, and when I returned, Mikayla helped me take something back to Millwork.  Twelve more carts, and we were told to clock out.

Here's hoping tomorrow goes as smoothly!

Day 52:  Happy Release Day!
It rained today, but stopped before my shift.  Still, wore long sleeves and jeggings to work.  Shift went well; steady and not too cold or hot.  Didn't have to call for any overrides.

Had a lot of people buying our shredded mulch on sale, 4 for $10.  Just realized I forgot to check the register tape, but had the trash taken out, the counters cleaned, and the covers placed on the credit card machines.

Here's hoping tomorrow is the same!  Supposed to be 85 degrees tomorrow.

All in all, it was a good day, even with the rain.  D took me to lunch at Steak-n-Shake, then we went shopping at Save A Lot.  I watched Nostalgia TV and took a 30 minute nap before getting ready for work.

Day 53:  Promotion!?!?!?!?
I was checking my email before clocking in when Scott called to me from the office.

"I've solved your weekend problem.  How would you like to be the full-time permanent Lumber cashier, M-F, 3-close?"

"I would LOVE that!  Thank you!"

It won't take effect for another week or two, but I'm beyond THRILLED!

Adrianna also said she loves it when I close in Lumber, because she knows everything is done 'right'.

LG went smoothly tonight, just like I hoped:)  I was even able to get off at 9, so I could get home in time for my FB chat/takeover on the Indy Event Reader group:)

Off tomorrow, so here's hoping Friday goes as well:)

Day 54: Roasting In LG
I do mean roasting!  I went through 3 bottles of water.  Evening was slow, but steady.  Register 20's scanner threw a fit, not wanting to scan, so after Tiffany left, I hopped over to hers.

The only notable thing was, a Vietnamese lady came through with two items and used her card, but didn't know her PIN.  She seemed confused when I told her to cancel it and run it as debit, so I cleared it for her, then had her re-insert the card and push credit  She was amazed that it worked that way..."but ees debit..." and went on her merry way.  An hour later, she was back with a LOT more flowers!  I think I may have unleashed a spending monster, ha ha!  That's all for now;  I'm tired, and facing a LONG day tomorrow.  I just hope and pray that it goes well, with no issues!

Day 55:  Farmer's Market, Rendezvous, LG, and Heading North
Got up at 6:30 and was at the Farmer's Market by 7:15.  Set up and sold 5 books, plus bought two of Dan Vaughn's scones, one Ham and Cheese, the other Spinach, Parmesan, and sun-dried tomatoes.  The Spinach one was AWESOME!

K and J brought MJ and Jasmine to see me, and I packed up at 1.

As I was heading home, all went well until I reached my driveway.  A woman ducked into the empty spot, then seemed confused when I turned on my signal.  A man happened to be walking by; there was no traffic behind her, so I rolled down my window and asked him to please guide her backward so I could get into my driveway!  He did, and everything was okay.

Sat down for about 30 mins, then went over to the Rendezvous.  Saw my friend Lori as Martha Washington, so I bought two Buffalo Burgers and went over to sit down and watch her presentation.  Greeted Derek, Liz, Bryan, Adore, Ariel, Jamie, and Master P, then wandered over to see if my friend Pam was there.  She was, and gave me her Twisted Fairy Tales book as a Thank You for putting her in touch with the coordinator three years ago!  Tried to pay her $5, but she refused.  Lori arrived soon after, and we had a good chat.  Left around 3 and went home to take a quick nap and cool off before starting my shift at 5.

Finished packing, then loaded up the truck.  Arrived and discovered Subway had been brought in, so enjoyed 1/3 of a ham sandwich before heading back into the 'sauna'.  Ran hit about 10 mins later, and lasted maybe 30 minutes.  Shift was steady, and at the end of the night, Scott said we did over $200K in business, and he'd heard NO complaints at all:)

Got back in the truck and went first to McD's for a sweet tea, then hit the road.  Trip was uneventful, except for a moment north of Clinton.....I'd turned on my high beams and saw a deer in the median, but it turned around and went the other way when my headlights shone on it!  Thank you Lord!!!

I'm staying home with Mom and listening to the race on the radio, then will watch the replay on TV.

I'm exhausted!

Next Week:  Another Week In LG!

Friday, May 17, 2019

Flashback Friday: Let The Games Begin!

May 1999:
I met with the Concession Manager and learned how to set up the stand before the games, plus was given a key.  Remembering how, from my waitressing days, and the fact the year before had irritated me, about the stand not being open until the game BEGAN, I started arriving an hour early, or at least when the kids had to be there, so I could get the coffee started and some of the snacks ready for 'breakfast'.  The parents on my team were most appreciative!

Our kids struggled through, and had fun, though I don't think they won any games in May.

End of 1st Grade!
K had a rough 2nd semester; his BFF's father shot his wife, and one of the hardest conversations I ever had with him was explaining why Brandon wouldn't be in school the rest of the year.  He and B had a friendly competition over who would finish their math papers first, and spending weekends at each other's houses.

S, on the other hand, enjoyed being back at Mother's Day Out, and was looking forward to her final year.

Next Month:  Miscommunication Between Concession Reps

Present Day:
Finally broke down and called the ortho doctor; my right foot has gotten progressively worse.  Hoping that maybe a shot of cortisone helps?  The compression socks have also helped, but now the pain is going up the calf and on the inside of the ankle.  Plus, it has throbbed the last two nights.  I'd forgotten to take my meds Wednesday, also.  OOPS!

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Life As A Red Vest, Week #7

Day #45:  Mother's Day in Lumber
Was thrilled to learn when I arrived I'd been moved to Lumber!  We were pretty slow from 10:30-2; I was sent on my 15 minute break at noon, and Brenda and I pretty much took turns checking people out.  Management brought in doughnuts and chocolates; I had 2 doughnuts before I clocked in, then Robert brought me a 3rd.  A customer bought all the cashiers candy bars, so I also had a Snickers.  Brenda left at 2, and I decided to do most of my closing duties after my lunch break at 3.

Aliscia relieved me, and D took me to McAllister's, who gave me a free Rice Krispy treat.  When I got back, I did the returns before clocking in, then started on some of my closing duties.  Customers picked up; we were steady until 6pm.

At closing, Brandon let me out first, since I think I was the oldest Mom in the building!

Quick Notes:
-I gave a woman free chairs, since I couldn't find a barcode, and we were only about $30 away from the projected total.
-I griped at Ben for spitting in the clean trash can....TWICE.
-At the end of the shift, I was straightening up the carts in the Masonry aisle when I heard Adrianna speaking.  Told her what I was doing....

"You're supposed to straighten OUR area!"

"I did!"

Ben chimed in, "She did....and yelled at me for spitting in the trash can."

All I had to take up front was my tax exempt forms, since Jordan had brought down the register tape, Darren had taken out the trash, and Ben had brought me the bleach water.  Justin had even taken some of the other returns back already (hanging lantern and a 1"x8').

Earlier, I'd placed a container of Auto Wipes on the Home Decor desk, since the display I thought they went turned out to be Heavy Duty, not Auto.  While sweeping around Register 3, I found an entire display.  At the end of the shift, that container was still on the HD desk, so on my way back from my locker, I picked it up and detoured past R3, as A was calling me to clock out!  Told her what I'd done...."Because I'm thorough like that!"

Think my Memorial Day weekend issue has been solved:  D said I could drive the truck Sat, but I'll have to be home on Monday.  I may be late for my shift, but at least I'll be able to work, and won't need subs or a call-in.

Here's hoping tomorrow goes smoothly!

Day #46
I knew this day wasn't going to be typical when I couldn't log into the register.  Finally, Cindy came down and had me log in under her account, until Tasha could figure it out.  Thirty minutes later, Tasha came down and gave me my new log in info.  Turned out I'd been logging in a Ben for two months, lol!  I'm now MH3, and have a new password.  Hope I remember it tomorrow....

One of my early customers had a stack of lumber, and when I went to scan the final stack, he kept bobbing the cart up and down.  We joked about making me seasick.....then when I went to give him his receipt, I waved it up and down as 'payback'.  He burst out laughing!

Things went fairly smooth until 6:30.  I began to feel the urge to use the bathroom, but held it, due to both being busy and the hopes that someone would relieve me for my break.  No such luck.....Jared walked by and I asked him if he could cover for me, but he's not trained on the register.  So I asked him to go to the restroom for me, ha ha!  He did go get Aliscia to cover for me, and it was none too soon....my bladder was screaming at me!

When I returned, she informed me we weren't doing sodas, and there were only four of us closing, b/c Jill hadn't shown up.  Justin, my lumber associate, left at 7, and Kaleb either called in or did a no-show.  Scott sent down a newbie named Malik, and he did a fine job. If I needed extra help, the guys from Tools, Flooring, and Plumbing came to help load.  At the end of the shift, ALL the guys were bringing in the lumber carts.

I also had a guy with 13 cabinets, and we couldn't find the barcode for the 15% off.  So I figured out what the total would be, then figured out which items to discount/total out to make up the difference, so he'd get some sort of discount.  Ended up taking $280 off his total, instead of only the $275 needed....then he informed me of his military discount!  $1888 worth of stuff knocked down to below $1500.

I also didn't get a lunch break, so I brought my food to the register and ate between customers.  Swept my area AND the masonry aisle, since there was a huge pile of concrete mix in the middle of it.  Chad was MOST appreciative of that gesture!  Logged out at 9:45, and thanked all the guys who'd helped me out tonight.

Here's hoping tomorrow goes a little smoother.....oh, and I have to work Thurs.  Darn it, I was looking forward to having 3 days off in a row!  But as of now, I don't close; I'm scheduled 4-9pm.

Day 47:
Shift began smoothly; I'd arrived before 2:30 and completed my 'Violence in the Workplace' training before clocking in.  Discovered Chelsea has been promoted to Flooring Specialist, so starting next week, I won't have her to talk to.  Got a back-handed compliment; Ben exclaimed, "Who am I going to talk to now?  Molly's not here every day!"

Discovered what had happened Monday night:  KARL was supposed to work, but he'd been moved to MST, and whomever did the schedule confused him with KALEB.  I teased Kaleb, "That's what you get for spelling your name with a K!"

Had left a proof copy of Catered Romance in the 'little library', and when I told Sacred about it, she snapped it up:)

Around 7pm, we had a moment of hilarity.  Ben was placing a pallet of Quikcrete on the shelf, when all of a sudden he hit something, and ripped open about 4-6 bags!  Cloud of concrete dust billowed from Aisle 21; I whipped out my phone and took pics.  Ben yelled, "Don't take a damn picture!"  Kaleb and I could barely stand up, we were laughing so hard!

Any time I found myself with a lull, I went over and swept up what I could.  When Chad came on at 9, he just shook his head.

Also had a weird thing happen....woman handed me $200.53 for her payment.....but when I rang it up, it logged it as $301.53.  WTH???  Did the math; I only owed her $34 in change!

Am off tomorrow!  I work again Thurs from 4-9, later, if they need me to close.  Here's hoping all goes well!

Day 48:  No Good Deed....
Clocked in, then discovered Mikayla wasn't dressed for LG, and I'd worn a white shirt and Capris, so I switched.  Not an hour into my shift, I rang up a woman's Round Up, then the free sprayer.  Sprayer didn't ring up, so I zeroed it out.  Three customers later, another woman brings her duo in.  Me, assuming it's not going to work, informed her of this issue.

"I used to be your LP (loss prevention)."

"Okay; I'll ring it up."

Low and behold, that time it worked.  She'd also left her utensil tray behind; I looked for her, but then got busy, so held onto it.  She returned and asked, rather snottily, I thought, "Do you have my tray?"

"Right here." I tried to be nice, then watched her enter the store.  I figured she was going to report my actions, and I was right.  Ten minutes later, Tasha came out and reminded me to 'scan all items.'

Thought that was going to be the end of it, but no, at the end of my shift, I got The Lecture.

Thankfully, I have thick skin....but at the same time, it came on the heels of D yelling at me for the way I've been spending my half of my paychecks!  WTH....I did the math.  If I hold onto all three of my next paychecks, I'll have everything paid off....or at least, close to it!  So I just fell victim to a bad day.

A day that, as of last week, I wasn't even scheduled to work!

So yeah.....fuming a little over here.

The only other significant thing that happened was I lifted a yellow plant to scan and it turned my left hand yellow.  Tried to use my water bottle to clean my hand, but all it did was fade....I looked like I had a healing bruise for a few hours!

Rachel came down and relieved me for a few minutes, so I could swap out my hearing aid batteries, which decided to quit around 6.  Stretched it to a ten minute break by using the bathroom, then helping out two people in Flooring!  Got my 15 min break around 7:45.

At the end of the shift, we had a guy who wanted 20 bags of mulch and 8 bags of potting soil, in addition to all 20 of his discounted plants.  I clocked out around 9:15.

Just checked; my last 'bad day' was on Day 18, so thirty days apart....not too bad!

Day 49:  LG again
Shift went well!  Only had one 'cranky' customer, who didn't understand why her flowers weren't ringing up $4 a piece.....til I pointed out she only had 2!  So she FINALLY went back and got the 3rd, after I'd already knocked the price down to $6 to appease her.  Still, she insisted the final cost should only be $18....I managed to convince her the tax made up the difference.  *eye roll*

Was asked if I could stay til close; I said sure.  As I was returning from taking the trash to the compactor, Tasha asked if I could work tomorrow, 2-close.  Sure!  It bumps me up to 22 hours instead of only 17:)  I'll be in Lumber tomorrow!

Friday, May 10, 2019

Flashback Friday: May-mester!

May 1989
I moved into the dorm across the street from Lafollette (blanking on name!), with the Z-shaped rooms.  I was the first one to arrive and chose the bed by the window.  My new roomie was also from Lafayette, and we got along well.

My math class went well, until the 2nd day.  I had THE most BORING professor that ever lived, and since I'd just done the material anyway, I thought I could breeze right through it.  The geometry unit gave me fits, but still, I thought I'd done well.  The guy we couldn't decide if he was an ugly girl or a pretty boy turned out to be a guy named Roger, who was transitioning to a female, Rachel.  Sometimes s/he would wear girl clothing; other times neutral ones.  He turned out to be a fairly decent person; it was just strange to see a man in drag!

New Guy!
Met a guy at work, and ended up taking probably most of his paycheck in tips.  His friend was flirting with me, offering to take me to his yacht, and flying me down to the Bahamas.  He was fun to flirt with, and I didn't take it seriously.  Bill, the other guy, stuck around at the end of the night, and it turned out he was a friend of Jimmy, my boss.  Jim encouraged me to go out with him, saying Bill was loaded, and to 'use him'.  I said I wasn't that type, but when B offered to take me to dinner in Chesterton the following evening, I said sure.

Turned out the restaurant had good food, but the first thing that happened was I discovered a fly in my rum and coke.  Bartender gave us free drinks, and we enjoyed a delicious meal and talked.  Went out to a nightclub and danced and drank some more, before driving to his apartment.

B said to me, "We're adults; we can sleep in the same bed w/o anything happening if we don't want it."

I agreed, so I took off my jeans and got into bed.  Neither of us could sleep, though, so started fooling around.  In the middle of it, B suddenly exclaimed, "I love you!  Marry me?"  He shook his head.  "Wow....that's the first time I've ever asked a woman in this manner."

I kissed him.  "Let's get to know each other better, and you ask me again in a few months?"

He let me borrow his BMW to return to campus for a change of clothes, and I spent the next day with him.  We went out for a nice steak dinner with one of his friends, and the chef couldn't get my steak done enough, so we ended up with free desserts.  The third night, he picked me up after he finished working and cooked me dinner.  I returned to the dorm on the 4th night, to watch Roe vs Wade on TV, and DB called, wanting to know where I'd been.  I was honest, and though he whined, got angry, and even cried, I was trying to watch the show and got mad at him for not taking the hint back in February.  Then I was mad because he caused me to miss half the show!

Later that evening, my friend Tim H called, and asked if I'd be his date to his family reunion that Sat.  I said yes, then told him everything that had happened....my break up, the new guy, and my professor trying my patience.

Told B about the reunion, and reassured him we were only FRIENDS.  Had a good time at the reunion, and discovered I play darts better on an empty stomach, ha ha!

Toward the end of May, B wanted to set up a double-date for us and his friend Jay, so I invited a girl across the hall to join us.  We started out with drinks at Chi-Chi's; played Putt-Putt golf, in which I discovered B was NOT a golfer (I won the game, L came in 2nd, J 3rd, and B dead last); went out to eat, then to another bar, before going back to J's apartment to watch a movie.  B and I left soon afterward.  L told me the next day that while she enjoyed herself, they really didn't 'click'.

Race weekend, B packed what he could of my things in his BMW and drove me to Lafayette.  Neither one of my parents were home, so we simply unpacked the car and he left.  I had an enjoyable time at the Indy 500, then Dad drove me back to campus for my finals.  He returned a few days later, and I turned in my notice at work (more on my job later).  Dad and I stopped at the Engine Co 59 bar/restaurant in Frankfurt, and I asked if they were hiring.  The server told me I had to be 21 to work there, then looked shocked when I revealed I was 23!  I was wearing faded clam-diggers and a white ACC tennis T-shirt, and no makeup.  She got me the app, then told me to turn it into the bartender.  I did, and even the bartender thought I was only 18!  Dad got a kick out of the whole thing.

Any Other Anecdotes About King's Crossing?
-Turned out I had a knack for telling the DJ what song to play, so people would get up and dance;
-I went out with another server, on a semi-blind date, and ran into my old HS friend, Kelly!  The guy she was seeing was a roommate of the guy I'd been fixed up with, so that was the ONLY good thing about the evening.
-Doug, the DJ had a mild crush on me.  His final night, he hugged everyone....then dipped me and kissed me!
-E and I went to the mall with another friend, and ran into Jimmy, Doug, and Frank (another bartender), and E's eyes nearly bugged out of her head, saying, "You work with some CUTE guys!"

Next Month:  Search For Another Math Class

Present Day:
I have to work this weekend, so not really doing anything for Mother's Day.  I missed out on karaoke last week, due to the family going to see Avengers Endgame, so Alex and I snuggled, read 4 books, and watched The Incredibles.

Have a happy Mother's Day!!

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Life In Lumber, Week #6

Day 40:
Shift began rather ominously.  My 1st customer had two carpets reduced down to $.40/yard, which needed an override.  I tried calling the HC four times before paging Adriana to call me, then paging Code 99.  Finally, Kem went down to get Cindy.  Turned out they were swamped up front, and C was on a register.  K took her place so she could come down and rescue me!

The rest of the shift (thankfully!) went much smoother, other than we had a mix-up in breaks.  A had called me to double-check my shift schedule, since I was listed on the flow chart as 4-9.  I told her I was 4-close, then she offered me the choice of taking my break 1st or 2nd.  I told her to tell Aliscia to go 1st.....but at 6:15, Al trots down to send me to lunch.  Confused, I went ahead and took it, but later found out A and C had had a miscommunication.

Had two humorous moments:  I rang up a customer and when I ran his phone #, I stared at the name.  "You're married to Michelle.  I know Ashlae; I'm Billie's friend."  He laughed and we had a brief chat about why an author was working there!  Secondly, my friend Chris, who owns the local brewery, pushed his cart toward me.

"Did anyone ever tell you that you look like that famous local author in town?"

I smiled.  "So I've been told a few times...."

We had a nice chat before he left:)

At the end of the shift, A told me that she'd heard someone say we had the best closing team of all the closers:)  Kudos to us!

Here's hoping tomorrow goes well; I AM filling in for Ms Ally, so she can study for finals!

Day 41:  All Three!
Shift began on a positive note!  Was up front for about an hour, then sent to Lumber, to relieve Morgan for her lunch.  Did the soda count and gathered the tax exempt and loading tickets.  Ran out of pennies, fives, and tens, so moved over to #2, and did some sweeping.  M came back; took the soda count down and was told to go on MY 15 min break, then to relieve Imogene in LG, where I stayed the rest of the night.

Couple of interesting things happened tonight:
-I knew A was busy, so when I needed an override for a 25-cent bag of river rock, I simply zeroed it out.  Then we couldn't find the item # for some screws, so I said to forget it, and put them in his bag.
THEN joked with the customer who said he had a military discount.

"I just GAVE you a fairly decent discount.....and you want MORE?"  Wink wink.

-Woman shows me a Menards online price for the 12' patio pavers, $1.19.  I said we'd price-match.  A arrives as I'm ringing her up; I told her I needed an override and why.  A did it, ONLY because a) I'd told the customer we did and b) one manager allows it, the other doesn't.

-Man wanted to buy a maple tree, but it didn't have a bar code.  I'd left my phone at home, so couldn't look it up on the app.  I tried searching for it; nada.  Emma tried matching up leaves, but nada.  Finally, I was busy with a customer when apparently the guy took it back....then placed it in his car and drove off!  The new LG person was so startled, she didn't know what to do!  A arrived at that moment to close down LG, and calmed the girl down.

Day 42:
Got called in, since there was a death in Jill's family.  Spent the day in Lumber, and things were fairly steady from 3-6pm, with only two 'oopsies'....a guy who's working on the Walmart renovation announced he was paying for his items to be delivered, then began unloading his cart.  Confused, I began ringing him up, then expected him to pay for an invoice.  Nope, that's not the case, so we had him wait until Chelsea was free to fix it.  2ndly, the guys from last week's fiasco were back....only with a smaller order.  Rang them up, then their card needed an approval code.  Was on the phone to them for at least twenty minutes, with my register hijacked, until everything could be sorted out.  Turned out, boss paid by check, and it hadn't cleared the system yet.  Voided everything, and pushed both carts aside, with a note on it.  They'll return first thing in the morning with a new form of payment.

Asked Mgr Brandon if I could re-request for my summer days off, since the vacation days had all been approved, and he said sure.  So logged in all my June, July, August, and some of September days.  Need to double-check my Saluki Con times, as well as D's dr. appointments.

After lunch, things went much smoother, and toward the end of the shift, Darren pointed out someone left us a 'present'.....a full litter box, complete with kitty turds and trash!  Thanks, whomever you are...

I also had two bathroom emergencies, something that's not occurred before.  Not sure if it was eggs last night or my Chicken Teriyaki from Subway for lunch???

Tomorrow, I work 4-close, then off Friday.  Thank god....I need a break from being on my feet!  Here's hoping tomorrow's shift goes well; it's supposed to rain.

Day 43:
Work was steady tonight, since the rain broke in the afternoon, and was gone by the time I arrived.  We were extremely busy from maybe 4:30-6, esp when the guys from last night showed up again, and I had to take payment by phone.  THEN, they wanted seven sheets of plywood to be picked up Friday.  I arranged for it,then told them I'd double-check that it would be ready when they arrived.  (I forgot...)  THEN they decided to pick up the entire thing Friday, so Aggie had me fill out the 'pick up later' sticker and put her initials on it.  I shoved it behind the counter; they left; and so did the majority of the customers.

Tiffany relieved me for break, and when I came back, did my closing duties and rang up the stray customer here and there.  Tiff called to say that a couple who were having wire cut were authorized 10% off, and when it was finally ready, I needed an override.  Ag came down and the night progressed.  The sky grew darker, and around 8pm, opened up with a deluge, just as we had a small 'rush'.

Jen's hubby DH came in, and as I was ringing him up, I told him, "Your youngest is in love with my granddaughter."

"He's a charmer; Jen says he gets it from me."

He also told me the fire to his business last year was ruled an accident of unknown causes, so he's just doing construction jobs out of his house.  He lost nearly $200K in tools AND 6 Harleys in the fire.

The only closers tonight were myself, Tiff, and Sacred, so no sodas were filled in Lumber.  Hope I'm not blamed for it, since I turned in mine!

Found our Tuesday night thief; he's the same guy who ONLY buys our ripped backs of concrete; I told Darren I suspected him of ripping the bags himself.  I also managed to write down his license plate # (420SC) AND took a picture of him with his golf cart/truck.  As soon as I can upload the photo, I'll post it here.

As stated, I'm off tomorrow, so come back for the weekly Flashback:)  See you back here on Saturday, when I'll be in Lawn and Garden (fun, fun.)

Day #44-Front
I got a reprieve!  I had worn my dark blue hoodie, plus had taken my red hooded zip-up, only to be told they needed me up front!  So spend the entire shift on Reg 13, until 8pm, when A moved me to Reg 9.  It poured all afternoon, then tapered off, but customers still braved the weather and high 50 degree temps.

Had to go out and retrieve carts; I tried to get out of it, but AMgr Scott pulled the 'I'm-the-manager-and-I-can't-push-carts-because-I-had-surgery-on-my-elbow' guilt.  Pulled my sweatshirt hood up and helped bring in several carts, plus a cart for the Lumber area.  Scott kidded me about it later.

"You didn't melt!"

"No, but if I start sneezing and running a fever, I'm blaming YOU."

"That's not how you get sick..."

"I know that; I'm just giving you some shit."

NONE of my customers set off the theft detection system tonight!  Happy dance!!!

Tomorrow is Mother's Day, and I'm scheduled to be in LG all day.  So see you later on Sunday or Monday, for Life As A Red Vest, Week #7.

Friday, May 3, 2019

Flashback Friday: End of the School Year!

May 1979:
This month was full of activity.  We held our final choir concert of the year; our school held a 'carnival day', and I signed up for Cracker Whistle.  Basically, it was a relay race in which contestants consumed a package of Saltines, then attempted to whistle.

I practiced, since I didn't want to let my team down.  The day of the event, I did well; it only took me two tries to get the whistle approved, so I could run back and tag the next player.  I think we came in second.

The last day of school, however, disaster struck.  I had my key out, ready to unlock the door, and my sister hit my arm, causing the key to drop.  We never DID find that thing, and I'm still convinced it fell into the only crack in our porch, that keeps getting wider over the years.

We ended up borrowing a Phillips head screwdriver and a straight edge one, so I could open the kitchen window and shove W through it, in order to open the door.  She was not amused, and neither were our parents when they found out about my lost key.

Next Month:  Summer!

Present Day:
Today is our 28th wedding anniversary.  Since I'll be setting up at the 1st Friday Art Walk tonight, the spouse is taking me to lunch, hopefully to our Japanese restaurant.  I've not been there since last summer!

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, May 2, 2019

May Reading Schedule

How Well Did I Do In April?
-Mail packages to Wa and Tx Nope
-Write #2 Regrets Added a few words, but not many
-Write Bad Decisions Decided to use the rejected Family Matters from Crossroads Antho for it.
-Lose 5 lbs (starting weight:  240) 4/26:  238.  Lost only two, but 8 since March:)
-Organize more basement Filled two more totes!
-Buy new table Check!
-Buy laminating sheets and Velcro, for prize wheel Check!
-Clean out Green House or more Brown House Been too cold to go in.
-Call school to double-check son's summer PE form Check:)
-Do well at Spring Vendor Fest (April 5 and 6th) Sat:  Sold 1...N sold 1 on Fri and 1 on Sat.
-Do well at Kentuckiana Author Fair (April 20th) Sold 1....think the weather was against us, plus the ones I saw were after non-fiction.
-Do well at North HS Craft Fair (April 27th)  Sold 1; Nancy sold 3.  Several women told me they only buy through Kindle, so I'll find out in 3 months if anyone did:)  At least I'm showing consistency, ha ha....
-Enjoy the Rock Opera (April 14th) It was AWESOME!  Final song, think choir and Trevor were out of synch, but overall it was fantastic and had a packed house:)
-Have an enjoyable weekend with EY and BJG Check:)
-Have a fun Easter with the kids Check:)  Nice and quiet, low-key.
-Work as many hours as possible, in order to finish paying for upcoming events You be the judge....
-Order proof copies of CR Check:)
-Find someone to switch with for April 14th 4/3:  Possibly switching with Makayla, and working the 15th for her.....Approved:)

Health:  The compression socks help, but not much.  I think they're a little too tight with the brace, but I need the brace by halfway through my shift.  Maybe I need to go the cortizone shot round??

Books Read:  4
           Print:  0
       E-Book:  4
Karaoke Songs Added:  6

                            Thurs:  6
                                 Sat:  0 Too tired one week; Easter weekend the 2nd.

May Goals:
Enjoy our 28th Anniversary Check:)  Ate lunch at Yamoto Japanese Steakhouse!
Do well at 1st Friday Art Walk Sold 1....still consistent!  Miracle occurred....the reader who's hounded me for six years finally bought the one she wanted!
Mail pkgs to Wa and Tx
Write #2 Regrets
Lose 5 lbs (start 238) (5/10:  237!!  -1)
Organize more basement
Work in either Green or Brown House
Order copies of CR (Proof copies ordered 5/10!; 10 copies ordered 5/24:) and Dreamscape
Work as many hours as possible, in order to finish paying for upcoming events Check:)
Do well at Opening Day of Farmer's Market Sold 5!
Have an enjoyable Memorial Day weekend with family:  Check:)
     -Rendezvous:  Liz and kids Didn't get to socialize much; spent more time with Ariel, Adore, Jaevon, and baby Phoenix, who is trying to learn to pull himself up.....if we can keep A and J from 'helping' him!
     -Race Day/Mem Day:  Uncle Bill and Will I opted to not go to the race, so we met Bill and Will at the Mug-n-Bun for an hour, and had a great time!  Simon Pagenaud won in an exciting last seven lap battle between himself and Alexander Rossi.

Payday Schedule:
-April 27-May 3: 25
May 10th Payday hours: 46
   -Projected income:  $480/$240
       - $24 for church (Check!), buy proof copies ($20-CR Check!); send payment for ICGAHS ($50 Check!); pay cover art ($75-Check!)); pay Saluki-Con ($65 Check!); pay Heroes For Kids ($50-bring own table Check!)  ($284 total)
Banked:  $29+$5=$34 + $17 in petty cash= $51+$240=$291-$284=$7 saved
May 4-10: 25
        11-17: 31
May 24th Payday hours: 56
         -$59 to church (check!); pay Oldest Son back-$60 co-pay Mon and $15 HBO subscription ($75-Check!); pay medical bill ($50 Check!) ; buy inventory ($57-CR Check!); pay cover art ($75 Check!); Jasper Fair ($50 Check!); Celebrate Main ($15 Check!), ($528+ $50 need cashed= $578 total)
Banked:  $7+$15 saved= $22+$25 FM sales=$47+$20 petty cash=$67 total
May 18-24: 26
         25-31: 25
June 7th Payday hours:  51
     Projected income:  $490
         -$49 + $4 (FM sales) to church; pay school ($75)  Secure InConJunction space ($60); Pay medical bill ($50); Pay Aug CC ($35); next installment for ICGAHS or State Fair ($50); Rivet Craft Fair ($45); pay Maurices CC ($50). ($418)
Banked: SOM sales+$76 saved +$10 banked (expenses came up)+$20 petty cash=

Payments Owed:
-Farmer's Market:  $12 (May 24th Check!)
-Pride Donation (June 22nd)
-Heroes For Kids $50 (May 10th Check!)
-InConJunction (July 5-7):  $60+ expenses ($200 hotel?  $100 rental car??) (May-June)
-Watermelon Fest (Aug 2nd-3rd):  $45 (June 7th)
-Collector's Carnival (Aug and Oct):  $70 (Aug-June 7th; Oct-Late June)
-Indy State Fair (Aug 6th-$50-100, depending if I take the whole day or half) ($50 sent 4/26)
-Minneapolis travel expenses ($512-hotel, $120-food,$120- gas=$752 needed) (July-Aug)
-Indy Author Fair expenses (Sept 13-15):  $200 hotel?  $100 rental car?  Food/gas? (Aug)
-Imaginarium (Oct):  $120+ expenses (Sept)
-ICTAHS:  $155-240+expenses (gas/rental car/food/lodging) (May-June-July-Oct) ($50 sent 5/10...now owe $105-$190)
-Saluki Con:  $65 (May 10th Check!)
-Rivet Craft Fair:  $45 (June 7th)
-Jasper Craft Fair:  $50 (May 24th Check!)
Obviously NOT ALL this month, but just listing so I can start chipping away/saving up!
May Reading Schedule:
Three Wishes-Barbara Delinsky Finally finished it!  Did NOT see the ending coming.
Jericho's Walls-Cathy Jackson Good story over all; however, the formatting errors pulled me out (probably b/c I've been reading my own proof copy!) and it's in that damned 1st person-present POV which I intensely dislike.  But, the author is a friend, so I read it.  Did I like the story?  Yes, and am looking forward to the next one.  Just wish she'd write in 3rd person.....
False Memory-Dean Koontz  Very intriguing, and surprising ending!
All We Ever Wanted-Emily Giffin  Loved this!  DRR!

Be Mine, Maybe-Sandra Sookoo Good story, but clueless heroine.  I knew by the time I was 25% in who her secret admirer was!
The Counterfeit Bride-Liberty Blake Good story; some details were glossed over, but overall, a RR!
Mountains Wanted-Phoebe Alexander  Writing was very good, story excellent!  However, was apparently NOT prepared for the swinging/bisexuality aspect, so some of the attitudes expressed caught me by surprise.  But over all, really enjoyed it!  RR....if you're into that lifestyle.
One-Jane Blythe
Should've Known Better-Cassandra Carr
Money Can't Buy Me Love-Julie Reilly
Guide to Amazon Reviews-Brian K. Morris

Karaoke Songs:
What If I'd Been The One-38 Special Did well:)
The Best of Times-Styx  Nailed it!
Whatever It Takes-Lifehouse  Slightly too low...
Pocket Full of Sunshine-Natasha Bedingfieild Did well!
What About Me-Moving Pictures Nailed it!
Boulevard of Broken Dreams-Green Day Ugh, waaaaayy too low.  Maybe if I'd jumped up an octave??
Vacation-The Go-Gos Did well!  Crowd pleaser:)
Power-Kansas DNH
Bop-Dan Seals Ugh...too low.  Deleted video
Video Killed The Radio Star-The Buggles DNH
Bye Bye Bye-N'Synch  Sang this with Gary and Richard...think it went well!
Islands In The Stream-K. Rogers/D. Parton  Gary asked me to sing with him, and we nailed this song!
View To A Kill-Duran Duran Slightly too low on verses...
Perfect-Pink Nailed this one, and was praised:)
Vogue-Madonna Wasn't too awful, and batteries died during it.  Will have to check to see if  I need to re-sing it. Verdict:  Ugh.
Back In My Arms Again-Supremes Decided not to sing this one.
Voices Carry-Til Tuesday Nailed it!
Bye Bye Love-Everly Brothers Ugh....too low

5/4:  Family went to the movies, so I was on Grandma Duty:)  Read 4 books, watched Incredibles, and had snuggle time:)

Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree-Brenda Lee Did well:)  Everyone participated too!
Rockin' in the Free World-Neil Young DNH
Rockin' Robin-Bobby Day Crowd pleaser!
Rockin' the Paradise-Styx DNH
Rock of Ages-Def Leppard Nailed it!  Plus, another crowd pleaser!