Friday, November 30, 2012

Final Day Of NaNo...

No Flashback today; I'm up to nearly 30K on Love Is Color Blind, and it's practically writing itself:)  So goodbye November; goodbye to trying to write as many words as possible while juggling Mommy, Domestic Engineer, and Chauffeur Duties; hello to cookie-baking, Christmas shopping, two birthday parties, and mysterious packages appearing under the tree....which I still have to put up.  Hopefully I'll get that accomplished tomorrow.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, November 29, 2012


No STTBWSNBN....I'm 20K away from my NaNo goal, so I've no time to read.  Come back next week; Finally the words are flowing:)

If all goes well, I'll be watching Burlesque tonight with Mel and BC, then going to karaoke with BC and Monica.  Undecided if I'll begin doing my 'D' titles or do a 'best of' night.  Check back tomorrow; you KNOW I'll report back on 'roke:)

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Hump Day Hook:)

Go here for more Hump Day Hooks:)

NaNoWriMo is winding down, and so far I've attained 22K on book #8.  I'll admit, the majority is awful, and I didn't get a chance to work on it last week at all, due to family obligations.  But a funny thing happened over the weekend; I discovered where I went off-course with it.  But since it's too late to rip it apart and start all over, I'll keep writing and fix it in January.  Or if the mood strikes between cookie batches in December.

Anyway, here's more of Lynne and Nick, which might end up on the cutting room floor:

Two days later, a very nervous and excited dance troupe waited for their cue.  Some girls continued to stretch their leg muscles; other practiced certain dance moves.  Lynne let out a startled squeak when someone grabbed her rear end.
            “Nick!”  She whirled around.  “What are you doin’?”
            “Hey baby...just wanted to tell you to break a leg.  And boy, woman, do you look sexy.”  He licked his lips as his eyes traveled down her bare legs to the white cotton bobby socks hugging her ankles.  “I’ll be watching from the sidelines.”
            “You’d better be listening to your coach.”  She gave him a brief hug and kiss.  “I’ll shake everything for you later.”  She patted his backside.  Nick winked and walked away.
            “Humph.”  A disdain voice behind her caused her to turn around.  “Does he just think he can blow off his pregame warm-up?  He thinks he’s so damn talented.”
            Lynne rolled her eyes at the jealous remarks of her teammate Debbie.  “He’s not blowing off his warm-up.  He just came over to wish us luck.”
            “Antoine says if Nick keeps getting into foul trouble, Coach is going to bench him and put Antoine in his place.”  The girl scowled as they took their places for the National Anthem.

Look for Love Is Color Blind sometime next winter, if my characters continue to speak to me:)

Friday, November 23, 2012

Flashback Friday: Strange Blood Pressure Reading!

Thanksgiving 2002:
The spouse had his physical, and managed to stump two doctors and five nurses.

Nurse #1 took his BP.  "That's not possible."

Nurse #2 (looks in.)  "What's not possible?"  (Goes and gets her blood pressure cuff).  "What the hell..?"

Dr. S comes in, gets fresh blood pressure cuff from drawer, removes protective plastic, and takes his BP.  "That's not possible!"

Dr. S sent him over to Cardiology, where Nurses #3-5, AND the cardiologist took his BP, with the same results and same comments.  His BP was 165/20; 165/0.

Cardiology put him an a 24-hour heart monitor.  The man decided to go deer hunting the next morning, and while he didn't get a deer, the neighbor he went with asked about every ten steps, 'Are you all right?  Doing ok?'  

(Spouse seriously considered shooting the neighbor at this point!)

He went back the next day, and the cardiologist scheduled him for a heart cath the next month.

It was a few days later the spouse revealed he'd hit a 9,000 volt power line with the excavator he'd run back in September.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

No STTBWSNBN today; go off and enjoy yourselves!

For some entertainment, go here for a Thanksgiving Song.

See you tomorrow!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Hump Day Hook

This is the only mention of Thanksgiving (so far!) in any of my books.  Enjoy:)

Her meltdown occurred at her grandmother's house. Kenny made a typical joke about women with PMS, and Keri snapped.
"Just wait until you get involved with someone with a crazy schedule, who hardly has any time for you." She burst into tears and fled into the bathroom, humiliated for losing her temper, and angry at Kyle for not being able to see her the previous day. After several minutes of crying, Keri padded down the hall to the guest bedroom and stretched out on the flowered comforter.
Soon, she heard her mother's footsteps approach. Then Keri felt gentle hands stroke her hair.
"I'm sorry I ruined dinner," Keri muttered after several minutes.
"This is pretty serious, isn't it honey? You've fallen pretty hard for this Kyle."
Keri nodded. "I've never felt this way before."
"Mmmhhhmmm, so he's not a student…It must be rough when schedules aren't in synch. I remember how hard it was for your dad and me when I was in med school."

Forbidden Love can be purchased here.

And click here for more Hump Day Hooks

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Next Big Thing

I was supposed to post this last week, but forgot *ducks head*.  Don't hate me; I don't even remember half the things I did last week!  Yes, this has been a hectic month....

1)  What is the working title of your next book?

Endless Love

2)  Where did the idea come from for the book?

The first seven books in the Arbor University Tales series are based on close friends; this is my BFF's story.

3)  What genre does your book fall under?

I jokingly call it 'Young Adult Smut'.  It actually falls under the Women's Fiction genre with historical and YA elements.

4)  Which actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie adaptation?

Caitlyn:  Young Meg Ryan

Bryan:  James Lafferty

Peter:  Channing Tatum

5)  What is the one-sentence synopsis of the book?

Barbie and Ken go off to college and endure a series of mishaps, esp when Barbie gets fed up with Ken and decides she wants to change her life.

6)  Will your book be self-published or represented by an agency?

This will release Feb 2013 with Sweet Cravings Publishing

7)  How long did it take to write the first draft of this manuscript?

I think it took five or six weeks....

8)  Which other books would you compare this book to within your genre?

Probably any Judy Blume book???

9)  Who or what inspired you to write this book?

My BFF.  She went through some bizarre twists and turns in her relationships with three different guys.  I combined two of them to make it easier.

10)  What else about this book might pique the reader's interest?

After writing it, I sent it to my BFF who first called me in tears "Why didn't you TELL me?" (I'd tried, but she hadn't been willing to listen), then later, "It's nice to see what my life would have turned out, had I stayed on track."

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Happy Birthday Paloma!!!

(Sound of clapping hands)
"Happy happy happy biiiiirrrrrrrrthdaaaay
Happy happy happy biiiiiirrrrrrthdaaaaay
Happy happy happy biiiiiiirrrrrrrthdaaaay
To you, to you, to you

Introducing the singers:
Amy, heroine of Love Finds A Way
Keri, heroine of Forbidden Love
Gretchen, heroine of Balancing Act
Caitlyn, heroine of Endless Love (coming in Feb 2013)

K:  Okay, I'll bite.  Who's Paloma and why are we singing the Chi-Chi's version of 'Happy Birthday'?

G:  It's a fellow SCP author of Molly, and today is P's 40th birthday! (Blows party horn)

C:  God, I'd give anything to be 40 again!

A:  Oh shut up.  You're the only one of us who hasn't expanded TOO much!  Besides, this is a party, not a bitch session about our ages.  We've had some memorable birthdays, haven't we?

G:  I think it's a toss up, who had the most romantic 21st birthday.  All I know is I apparently stood on a table and told the band to 'take it off, boys!'

K:  I think Kyle was pulling your leg.  He told me you were bumping and grinding with Lance on the dance floor-

G:  Ssshhhhh!  I don't think I've told Troy that story!  And besides, Amy was proposed to at hers, and got a beautiful diamond engagement ring:)

C:  I got a 'First Promise' ring for mine:)  And Keri got laid for the 1st time.

K:  Caitlyn!  How many glasses of champagne punch have you had?  And that wasn't my 21st; that happened on the 20th.  For the 21st, Kyle took me out; I got hammered; and apparently Stephanie pissed you off afterward.

G:  THAT was funny!  First she kicked you in the head; then she knocked off the magnet and IT hits you in the head; then she shakes you awake, tells you she's drunk-

C:  -then flops down on her bed and shook the damn bed frame.  Yeah, I remember.  Thought only Keri was supposed to get drunk that night.  And this is champagne?  Thought it was just sherbet and ginger ale.

A (laughing):  Lighten up, Cait!  It sounds hysterical!  Wish I could have been there.  And drink as much as you want; we're spending the night here.  You can sleep late and go home tomorrow.  Besides, how long has it been since you had fun with us?

C:  Oh all right.  You've got a point.

K:  Now, can we get to the gifts?

C:  Gifts?  I didn't know we were supposed to bring gifts!!!  Nobody told me!!

K:  It's okay, Cait.  You're not giving anything; I am.  Here's what happened at my 21st birthday party.  Leave Molly a comment about the funniest or most romantic birthday you ever had (or remember!) and we'll draw a name out of the hat at midnight Sunday.

"Ohhh, I don' wanna leave yet. Why can't we dance sommore? 'We can build this world together, Nothin's gonna stop me now…' Issat how that goes, Gresh?" Keri hung onto Kyle for support as they left. "My feet hurt. Lemme take off these damn shoes." She kicked them off, and nearly fell over trying to pick them up. "Oohh, I really shouldn't do that. I almos' pulled Kyle down!" Keri started laughing. "Why'm I laughing? Who told a joke? I don' get it."
Kyle put his arm around her. "It's okay, sweetheart. You're drunk."
"Am I drunk? Hey, it's my birthday! Or, it was my birthday. 'Member my birthday las' year? Now that was memorable! Hey Gresh! Know what he did las' year? Put cake on my boobs and, oh hell. That was supposed to be a secret. Oh well, she's my bes' frien'. She won' tell, willya?"
Kyle smiled as Stephanie started giggling.
"She's a funny drunk." Steph wasn’t so steady herself. "Do I talk like that when I'm in the bag?"
"Sometimes, but you also snore." Gretchen unlocked her car.
"I do not!"
"Yes, you do, you sound like a moose in heat." Keri resisted Kyle’s attempts to get her in the car. "Hey, is sex better when you're drunk? I can't wait to fuck you."

K:  OMG posted THAT one?  I wanted the scene of the morning after!  Oh that what I did when we left the bar?  I'm so embarrassed....

G:  No more punch for Cait.  Time to put her to bed.

C:  Thank God Steph's not around to kick me in the head.  Night's been real, and it's been fun....

All:  But it ain't been Real Fun!

C:  Cool beans

A:  Hot chips...

G:  Warm beer....

K:  Cold Pizza!

All:  What A Party!!

G:  Remember to leave a comment about the funniest or most romantic birthday you remember for a chance to win Keri's story, Forbidden Love.  You can also buy it on Kindle here.  Happy birthday Paloma!  

Complete List of Paloma's Birthday Bash Bloggers

Friday, November 16, 2012

Flashback Friday: Baby K's First Thanksgiving:)

Thanksgiving was being held at friends' house, so I dressed baby K in a blue outfit with a blue-and-white-striped shirt, plus his little white shoes.  The weather was warm that year; I wore my red, deep V-neck sweater and white shirt, plus my black slacks.

There previous week, I'd taken K over to my grandmother's house, and put him down beside the first chair so he could creep along the furniture, his favorite past time.  To my utter shock, the child let go and walked across the floor and into his grandmother's waiting arms!  The day before, he'd attempted to let go several times and fell plop! on his diapered bottom.

Anyway, we arrived at our friends' house and told them K was 'mobile'.  Several guests were invited, and it became an afternoon full of 'grab him!' and 'No K!' as he walked around, thinking everything within his reach was fair game for going in his mouth.  He ate very well, as did all of us, and the next day we headed down to my MIL's for her annual Thanksgiving weekend.  And once again, with him being mobile, and Grandma having table after table of pretty breakables, we had to keep a close eye on our child.  Nothing was broken, but his hands were slapped more than once by his aunt and cousins.  He finally sought refuge in the kitchen, where he had access to the pots and pans, and all the turkey he could eat:)

Present Day: 
This is our Santa Stroll weekend, so I'll be setting up one table at The Open Gallery from 5-9pm.  Miss Alex may join me, since her parents have training for their jobs from 5-8pm, and Uncle Youngling has basketball practice from 6-7:30.  I don't think Grandpa really wants to haul her to b-ball, so she might go with me.  We'll see how the day plays out!

Come back tomorrow for the Birthday Bash!  A fellow author's birthday is tomorrow, so there will be many books to be won!  And this time, I'll remember to post, I promise!

Have a good weekend!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Part 3: Sequel To The Book Which Shall Not Be Named

I know, I know....I've changed the acronym again.  STTBWSNBN.  Anyway, moving on.

Ch 5:  Bad writing aside, the story is beginning to interest me.  In this chapter, we find out more about the former sub and what she may be up to. I rolled my eyes at the way A handled the salon scene, but oh added words to the chapter.  And maybe this was a NaNo project?  Who knows?  And there's even some insight to C, as he explains and pg 105 that being in control and having women do what he says is 'getting old' and her 'rebellion' is 'refreshing'.

Ch 6:  I have to admit, I skipped over the sex scene.  Not sure if it was due to lack of interest or a time constraint.  And I kind of had an eye-roll moment when (at the end of Ch 5) he gives her a tube of lipstick and the has her draw the 'boundaries' on his body, front and back, of where she's allowed to touch him and what to avoid.

They dress and go to a masked ball.  She's still peeved about the fact he has a dossier on her with everything from social security number to her driver's license photo to bank account info.  And also about the fact he deposited $24K into her checking account.  So much, that when at the charity auction, C's donation of a weekend at his condo in Aspen is up for grabs and is about to be sold for a $20K bid, she yells out '$24 thousand!'  End of chapter.

And need I say that two pages prior to this, she realizes she's left her purse and wallet behind?  I can only surmise that C will have to pay for it, and then there will be another argument over the fact she will feel she now 'owes' him $48K.

Present Day:
In case you missed my FB posting the other day, I was interviewed on local television!  Here's the link, should you be interested. 

One of the hosts heard us out in the hall and came running out.  "Is this the sex author?"

I laughed, and so did BC Brown.  "Yes, I'm the sex author.  The TAME one!"

I was nervous and scared to death, but I took BC's advice and tried not to look at the camera.  But every time I spotted the monitor, my brain froze.  So I tried to keep my gaze fixed on the host or the table!

NaNo Update:  I've temporarily stalled out at 20K, but Kenzie's had edits.  And now I have to go back into 'Kenzie Mode' and fix the hero of Class Reunion.  He's got so many walls around him, 1) he's acting like a 16 year old and 2) coming off unlikable.

Currently Reading:  Finished Mary Martinez's Three Weddings and A Dress, and LOVED it!  Recommended Read:)  I'm now halfway through Heather Peters' Playing For Keeps (excellent!)/Body Check.  Going to go ahead and also call this a Recommended Read:)

Print:  With A Twist by Deirdre Martin.  I'm on Ch. 6 and enjoying it so far.  Really enjoying the characters in the Irish Pub:)  Looking forward to more 'interaction' with them, esp to see what comes out of the parrot's mouth!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Blog Hop Winner and Hump Day Hook:)

First of all, congrats to Cris Hanson, who wins the copy of Balancing Act!  Cris, email me at !

Here's a snippet of another partial, temporarily titled 'Mark and Becca'.  Becca's a dancer who's moved back home and is, at the moment, dodging the attentions of the orthopedic surgeon Mark Erikson.  Becca's brother Bob is still holding onto a grudge against the Erikson brothers for the way they treated him in high school.  Mark has long forgotten the feud, but Bob's determination to keep them apart is, of course, backfiring.  Especially now they've teamed up to win a ballroom dancing contest.

"Mark, Paul, and Joe thought they ruled the school." Bob picked up his newspaper again. "But Mark was the worst. Always had girls hanging on him, just because he made the State finals in wrestling. And now I guess he's some kind of hot shot orthopedic surgeon." He rattled the paper again and looked at Becca. "So stay away from him. He's bad news, just like that asshole you shacked up with."
"That asshole gave me a pretty good boy upstairs." Becca mentally counted to ten.   Zach's father was usually a topic she avoided. But the sting of the breakup was still raw.
"How the hell can you defend him?" The newspaper hit the floor. "He took every dime you made; maxxed out your credit cards; and left you for someone else." Bob's face was red. "You're home for a month and what happens? Big Shot Ericson's all ready to pounce on you. Christ, Rebecca! I knew Mom should have been stricter on you."

You can read more Hump Day Madness here:)

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Happy Autumn!

Forgive me; my brain apparently went on vacation yesterday, and forgot to post this!  Here's the list of other Autumn Harvest authors:)  Here are the prizes:

1st Grand Prize: A Kindle Fire or Nook Tablet
2nd Grand Prize: A $50 Amazon or B&N Gift Card
3rd Grand Prize: A Swag Pack that contains 10+ paperbacks, ebooks, 50+ bookmarks, cover flats, magnets, pens, coffee cozies, and more!

First of all, a pressing question:  Does Back To School Time count as 'autumn'?  Because if yes, then that's one of the best things about Fall:  I get my life back.  No more worrying if the kids are occupied, or running them here and there.  No, from 8am - 2:30, I'm free to write my little heart out:)  Providing, of course, the spouse doesn't have a lot of errands or other projects planned.....

If 'no, it doesn't count' is the answer, then I like the slightly cooler temps (notice I said slightly cooler, lol!) and the fun I have setting up at the fall festivals, providing the weather cooperates, or we're indoors.  And when we lived at our old house, I'd get out the rake and hatchet and spend time in our woods, clearing away the dead stuff for bonfires.  And of course, who doesn't love Halloween?

In Balancing Act, Gretchen gets a surprise visit one chilly Autumn day.  Enjoy!

“Kate's worried about you. She says you hardly call home anymore, and when you do, it's not as filled in as much, you know, like you're hiding something or holding back.”

“So what?” Gretchen averted her eyes. “I don't always have to tell Gramma everything I do.” She busied herself with stirring her nadacolada. Oh great. Grandma sent him to check up on me?

“I know. I've kept secrets from my folks too. Are you and Joe having problems?”

Gretchen looked up, surprised. “No!” Hold on; this is Troy you’re talking to. He can spot a lie a mile away. “I mean, just the usual spats. That's all.”

“Sure that's all?” Troy looked concerned. “Gretchen, I don't want to pry, but, well, you don't look the same.”

“So don't. I am fine, Joe and I are okay, and school is going okay. What do I have to do to get that through your head?” Gretchen insisted in a low, fierce tone.

“Whoa! Okay, all right if you say so.” Troy held up his hands and leaned back in his chair. “I'm just expressing concern. Don’t get your panties in a bunch.” He patted her hand.

Their food arrived; Gretchen concentrated on her chimichanga and fought the rising flood of emotions.

I can't tell him the truth! He'll tell Gramma, and she'll worry. I just have to get through this myself. She forced the panic aside and smiled.

“How many girls did you pick up with that line, I could get shipped out tomorrow?”

“Actually, that's something else I wanted to talk to you about.” Troy took a bite of his steak fajita and laid down his fork. He reached for Gretchen's hand. “My unit leaves for Egypt in a couple of weeks, and I'm pretty sure we'll be there for six months or so.”

Gretchen felt the blood drain from her face. “S-six months? But why?”

“I'm not supposed to say much more, other than it's some kind of war exercise.” Troy lowered his voice and leaned closer. “Gretchen, if you needed to get a hold of me, I'll be out of the country, and I wanted to make sure you’re all right before I left. I also wanted you to hear it from me, face-to-face, and not over the phone.”

“I told you, I'm fine.” She jerked her hand away. He’s leaving? Why do I care? He’s not my boyfriend, but I’ll miss him over the holidays. “Will you still be here for Thanksgiving?”

“I don't know. I think so, but I can't make any promises. This is my last weekend of my leave, and I wanted to see you before I left. I didn't want to chance missing you at the end of the month.”

“Oh.” Why does this bother me so much?

Was autumn the beginning of a new romance for you?  Or did it happen more in the spring?  And weigh in on the question of BTS is included in the autumn, or if it's a continuation of summer, or even the '5th Season'.  I'll draw a winner out of the hat on Tuesday.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Flashback Friday: Land of the Little People:)

Nov 1982:
Our Marching Band had earned the 10th place in State Competition, and now we were off to Nationals!  We traveled by bus to Johnson City, Tennessee and spent two nights in the gymnasium of an elementary school.

Elementary School!

In case you don't get it, picture this:  The shortest person in our band was maybe 5 feet tall.  The tallest, over six feet.  The bathrooms?  Scaled for a 4 foot and under person.  Therefore, the toilets were ankle-height; the sinks at knee-height; and the mirrors?  We girls were on our knees doing our hair every morning.  (Yes, I'm exaggerating, but not by much!)

Sleeping arrangements:  Boys on one side, girls on the other; chaperones in the center.  But those couples serious about each other slept head to head, a few feet apart.  A and I actually discussed doing this, but my girlfriends decided we'd put our sleeping bags over by the steps to the stage, where it wasn't so crowded.

The show:  Thankfully, it was an indoor venue!  After being reminded our ears might pop while entering the dome, we took the field for an awesome performance.  When the scores came in, we'd scored high enough for the finals.  We were ecstatic!

During finals, tensions were high.  It was cold outside on the practice field, and since we girls performed a dance to the opening of Chicago's 'Break Away', that became our warm up routine (and yes, I can still do it today!).  It got the blood flowing, and after going through it a few times, I actually welcomed the cool breeze.

We performed, then lined up on the field with the nine other bands.   Again, we took first place in nearly every category:  General Effect; Inspection; Drum Line; Brass, Drum Majors....but came in 10th over all.  Still, not too shabby for a band who didn't even make State the year before!

On the way home, A and I ended up sitting right behind my mom.  After arriving back in Indiana, Mom said to me, "I was proud of the way you and A conducted yourselves on the bus."  Ummmm, Mom?  Kinda hard not to behave when you're sitting right in front of me!  LOL:)  But seriously, rumors flew around that one girl had given several boys 'special treatment' at the back of one of the buses.  And since I wasn't gonna do THAT until waaaaaayyyy off into the future (25 or 30?  LOL!), it was a non-issue anyway.

And my best memory of that trip was the fact that A had woken me up (ungodly) early that morning.  We shoved a tuba case in the doorway so we could get back in the building, and went outside in the chilly air.  He hemmed and hawed for a second, then told me he enjoyed hanging out with me the past few months, and pulled me into his arms.

"Will you officially be my girlfriend?"

I hugged him tighter.  "I thought I already was!"

He kissed me on the cheek, took my hand, then led me back inside before we were discovered missing.

The following Monday, we were able to watch the tape of our performance.  There was a shot of me, tossing my flag in the air, and the next shot was all of us catching our flags in unison.  Greg kept rewinding the tape and saying, 'Yes!  That's how it's done!'  And there was also a great shot of one of the rifles, dropping her rifle and the word 'Shit!' clearly on her lips.  Greg rewound it a few times and teasing her 'And WHAT did you say again?'

Two weeks later, I headed for the Basic Youth Conflict seminar with several of my Youth Group members.  To my utter surprise, I found myself the only girl who'd signed up.  I hung out with about ten guys, including D, my 'Sunday Date' (see July's post).  D knew I was seeing A, but after the intermission each night, he'd hold my hand.  And when we arrived back at church, where our parents picked us up, he'd kiss my cheek.

On Friday, we'd planned to stay overnight.  I discovered later the only reason two of our Youth Leaders' wives went along was so I'd have a chaperone in the motel room.  I had a great time; I was with seven good-looking young men, aging 18 to 16.  They ribbed me good-naturedly about my appetite (I was barely 100 pounds, but could out-eat them in pancakes and white chocolate!); and about D and I holding hands.  On Saturday, one of the guys discovered he had a 'stalker', and enlisted my help in getting her to leave her alone.  He pointed her out; I followed her to the bathroom and positioned myself at the sink beside her.

"That guy you're with is sooooooo good-looking," she commented.

"Which one?  I'm here with seven."

Her jaw dropped.  "You're here with seven guys?"

"Yes.  They've worn me out this weekend."  (Yes, I have a devilish streak in me!)  When it was my turn, I did my business, washed my hands, and exited with her on my heels.  I walked up to T, the object of her infatuation, and slipped my arm through his.  "Where are we going for dinner tonight, honey?"

She left him-and all of us-alone the rest of the day!  T kissed me on the cheek in thanks!

I found my workbook several years ago.  Here I held hands with D, and scrawled 'M-L-A 4-Ever' all over the top of pages.  I'm surprised D kept holding my hand, and surprised at myself for holding his, while professing my love for A!  A 'what-the-hell-was-I-thinking moment.

Present Day:
Didn't write a blasted thing on my NaNo project yesterday, but spent several hours with Miss Alex, who can now say 'Ma-ma and Da-da':)

Come back tomorrow for the Autumn Blog Hop!  I'll be giving away a copy of Balancing Act, and Kenzie will be offering up a copy of Teacher's Pet.  Other prizes will be offered, so come join the fun!

Thursday, November 8, 2012


Happy Thursday!  Those of you doing NaNo, how goes your 1st week?  I've managed to attain 17,481:)

Brief recap of story so far:  A breaks things off with C (bk 1) then grieves so much, she doesn't remember to check her cell phone or even that she's forwarded all her calls to his number.  C emails her; they agree to go to her friend's art exhibit, and in the process, get back together.

Ch 3:
Pg 46:  There are three lines where I'd rewrite it so either she's looking in the mirror or she thinks that's the expression on her face.  And I'm not sure why she thinks her boss's comment about her 'radiance' is inappropriate.  Is she that sensitive to sexual harassment?

Pg 52:  I highly suspect the female who asks, 'What do you have that I don't?' is one of C's former subs, who wants him back, or is unhappy he's moved on.  Chick's got guts; I've often wondered this myself, twenty-odd years ago when I'd see an ex-b/f with the new lady.  Esp if I was the one jilted.  But say it to her face?  Nah.  Friends, yes.  Anyway....moving on.

Pg 53:  If you're not aware the above encounter 'slips farther from my mind', then how can you state this?  I'm confused.  Split personality?  Left side of the brain is fully aware of what's going on in the right side?

Pg 55:  She's gone for a drink with a coworker, and the boss is making her feel uncomfortable.  I get it.  But why does she introduce C to him in a mumbling, apologetic manner?  And then she asks herself the same question, lol.  And how does she know her boss is assessing the 'fine specimen of manhood' in front of him?  And what IS it with every single female secondary character (except K, that is), who drools over C?  Is there no female who can resist his looks?  (eye roll)

Pg 56:  Why is his grin 'ridiculously broad'?  If the man is happy to be with you, it should not be 'ridiculous'.  Anyone else suddenly hearing Harry Potter shout 'Ridikulas!' to ward off a whatever-the-hell-it-was?

Pg 61:  I think the time frame has been one or two weeks since this chapter and the end of book #1.  So how did she 'forget' to take her pill every morning?  Okay; I'll give her this, since I have a character in one of my books forget it also....but then, she was involved in a move, and her routine switched around after retirement.

Pg 62:  I'm a little disgusted here.  Now she begs for sex?  Then wants to cook for him, rather than go out?  This, after she finds out he BOUGHT the company she works for, just so he knows she's 'safe'???  I nearly quit reading at this point.  What woman in her right mind would continue seeing this jerk?  Oh wait...he's loaded and bought her a car, an IPad, a Blackberry, and a laptop.

Pg 63:  Oh good god....two more unnamed females ogle C in the supermarket....

Pg 65:  They're cooking together in the kitchen, and at one point, I think her back is to him, which causes me confusion....but I could have simply misread the action.  And having three editors gripe to me about my over-use of adverbs, apparently her editor doesn't mind the use of them.  See?  A NY Times Best-Seller has 'mutter darkly'; 'mutter ironically'; 'say quickly' in the span of a paragraph or pages.  Maybe her editor needs a refresher course, or mine need to loosen up?  (Kidding....just kiddding....)

Pg 66:  If C's never been in her apartment, how can he 'sweep her up and carry her to the bedroom' w/o any verbal instructions or non-verbal cues from her?  Or did I miss something and he HAS been there before?  I was so busy picking apart book #1, I failed to retain any info.....

Ch 4:
Pg 71:  Would a Dom really 'implore' his sub 'not to leave me ever again'?  Did this woman not ever see the movie Misery?

Pg 72:  *dancing around*  I found it!  Found the Twilight Fan-fic reference!!!  (Yeah, I know; should have caught it in book #1...)

Pg 73:  How the hell does she know C is 'trying to stifle a smile'?

Pg 79:  He's restrained her wrists....but suddenly flips her over.  Isn't that a bit impossible?  Wouldn't he untie her wrists first?  And I want to take white-out to the 'inner goddess' references.  Pardon me while I gag.

Pg 86:  Why does she feel guilty for kissing him while he sleeps?  And if he grabs her hand to prevent any more touching, then he's fully aware you've been touching him.  It does NOT 'stay secret', except in your mind....or that part of your brain which is asleep from the other....

Pg 88-89:  She's mad about getting the car back?  Then rips his check in two?  (why didn't she deposit it two weeks ago?  Oh yeah....grief will do that to a person...)  And how does she know her anger surprises him?  Aside from the sex, she's yelled at him for twenty pages!

Pg 90-93:  She wants to get her hair cut; he recommends a salon.  She's surprised that he's known there?  And talk about bad timing:  Mrs. R is there, so obviously I'm wrong about the 'situation' at the end of book #1.  Maybe it has to do with the ex in Ch. 3?

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Hump Day Hook:)

I'm moving my BWSNBNS posts to Thursday, so check back tomorrow for Chs 3 and 4:)  And boy is it a doozy!

Welcome to the new Wednesday feature on this blog!  This technically began two weeks ago, but I was busy entertaining you with the Book Which Shall Not Be Named. 

Every Wednesday, I'll be posting a paragraph or two about either a released book or WIP.  And since this is NaNoWriMo, today you get a peek into Lynne Harcourt's life.  She's the heroine of book #8, Love Is Color Blind.  In this scene, Lynne's announced she made the Pep Squad, the dance troupe.  Enjoy:)

“Hey, baby, got good news for you.”  Lynne smiled into the phone. She told him her news, and then sighed.  “Nicky, you’re going to get into trouble if you don’t stop it.  Yeah, bring it over.  Athletes!”  She hung up  and rolled her eyes.  “His history report is due tomorrow, and he’s not even done writing it.  He wants my help with the rest of it, and then wants me to type it up.”  She flopped down on her bed.  “Did anybody take American History recently?”
“I took World History,” volunteered Gretchen.  “What’s his topic?”
“Something about the expansion of the West, or the Oregon Trail.  With Nicky, who knows.  I’ve typed reports that wander all over the place.  Once, I couldn’t stand it anymore, and just rewrote the damn thing.  He got a ‘B’ instead of a ‘C’, and I hope he doesn’t want me to write it for him.”  Lynne shook her curls.
“And you shouldn’t.  What happens if he doesn’t make it to the pros?  He’ll have to have an education to fall back on.”
“I know, but try to tell him that.”

Want to read other Hump Day Hook snippets?  Click here and enjoy:)

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Problem Solved!

Since I’ve been having issues with book #8, I thought I’d sit down with Lynne and pick her brain a little.

Hi Lynne.  How was your extended vacation?

Very well thanks!  Sorry; I just couldn’t stomach that red-haired kid you paired me with.

I had an epiphany of sorts this morning; how would you feel if I paired you with Shane?

(spits out her coffee)  SHANE?  You’re gonna pair me with playboy SHANE?  Oh good lord…..

Wait, wait, wait….here me out.  Nick goes off to Duke, and Shane knows both of you better than whatever-the-hell-I-named-the-red-haired-guy does.  And since I got the sense you quit ‘talking’ to me because of the zero chemistry-thing, and Shane really doesn’t have a storyline…

So it’s a pity-thing?  He’s gonna see right through that.

No; not that.  You two already have your tense moments, and I thought we could play with that.  Pairing you with a computer geek didn’t exactly work, so I thought another ball player-

Now I see where you’re going!  Keep talking.  So how do we ‘get together?’

I thought I’d keep it along the same lines as already written.  You return from NC tired, bitter, and Shane’s the first person you run into back on campus.  The sight of him reminds you of Nick, so you light into him, and in the process, he holds you to get you to stop hitting him.  Then exhaustion takes over….and common sense returns…..but the seed has been planted.

I’m not sure which way I want to tackle the racial issue; have your parents object, have his parents object, or both….and for sure have fellow students voice their issues.  So if you’re game, I’ll need you to stick around the rest of this month or so.  I need to get your book written, if we have any hope of it coming out next year.

You’re that close?  Wow….

Yes.  Caty’s book arrives in Feb; Stephanie’s in March, and I’m submitting Susan’s sometime around that time; I’ll be cleaning hers up in Jan, with the hopes of getting it subbed by the month’s end.  And then there’s yours.

I see.  You’ve been busy while I’ve been away!

Yes, I have.  And I’m going to have to interview some 500 princesses or Queens, so if I get remotely close to that process by Feb or March, I’ll be thrilled.

I’m going to compete for a 500 Princess?  Awesome!

Then Nick will see what he let go.

Do we ever get back together?

Not sure at this point.  I’ve written the finale, but don’t think you’re mentioned, except in context of dating Nick.  And that’s not written in stone.  And you don’t have to stay with Shane.  Just for the sake of this story.   And I’ll have to write some of it in book #9, which I’m also trying to ‘flesh out’ at the moment. 

Who’s the main character of #9? 

Donna.  It’s the Gambling Addiction one.  Or Kathy, with the adoption.  Then Tara and the snow issue, and an unnamed character with the drugs.  Then Cassie and her younger man, then the Reunion.  At this rate, I’ll have Arbor U knocked out by the year 2014 or 15.  Just depends on if I can get everyone to talk to me at some point.

You’re doing well, lady.  What’s after Arbor U?

Probably stay on the tame side of Romance…and finish my zombie story.  Thanks Lynne; sorry to yank you back to Reality here.

Write it well, and I’ll stay in your head.  But one more misstep, and I’m running back to Nicky.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Flashback Friday

Nov 1972:
We always went to Indianapolis for Thanksgiving dinner.  My great-grandmother would pull out the 'good' dining room table (most of the time, it sat against one wall) and set it with the good china.  I was reading by now, but loved being read to by a grandparent.  And Great-Grandma had a little cabinet which held a stack of books:)

My sister and I were also allowed to play in the hall closet.  Grandma had a box of old toys, and a Teddy Bear which, for whatever reason, we tied a red ribbon around one of his outstretched limbs and 'nursed' him back to health.

We were only allowed down in the basement when Grandma was down there.  She had a wringer washtub and cautioned us not to put our fingers in the wringer.  We'd help her bring up cans from what she called the 'root celler', a tiny room to the left of the stairs.  I always wondered why Grandma kept her pantry in the basement, instead of being upstairs in the kitchen.  I was too young to realize the space issue!

And then we'd return to my other grandparents' home and take a nap, or watch football with my uncles.  I don't remember if this was the year one of my uncles got the clanging cymbals monkey, but it scared my sister silly.  Me, I was content to ride the rocking horse in the living room and ignored the toy monkey.

Present Day:
Day #2 of NaNo!  Yesterday I finished editing Class Reunion (a Kenzie title) and sent it back to my editor.  I'm hoping to dive into Love Is Color Blind today, so wish me luck!  The MS already has 18K words on it, but I'm going to clean it up a bit before I actually begin writing.  Don't yell at me; I started writing this before I understood the updated 'rules' of writing.  And this will give me a jump when I have to self-edit the thing in a few months anyway.

Have a good weekend!  Tonight and tomorrow I'll be in Washington, IN for my final signing of the year.  And then going to see my friend BC Brown in action as Van Helsing in the Old Towne Player's play Dracula.  Should be interesting.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

NaNo 2012: NOT A Repeat of 2007, LOL:)

NaNo 2007:
Up at six, took one child to HS at 6:30; came home and picked up 6th grader and toddler.  Drop 6th grader at middle school, then toddler at Head Start.  Return home and hit keyboard until noon.  Pick up toddler; back at work by 1pm after lunch.  Pick up other two at 3pm; resume writing until 6pm.  Break for dinner.  Resume writing around 8pm; put toddler in bath at 9, then bed.  Nag teens to bed at 10; write until midnight. Log word count and go to bed.- Whoa!  What the hell-?

(needle scratch)

In what alternate reality was that?  You expect me to believe your kids were perfect angels while you wrote all day long?

That was how it was supposed to go.  Here's what REALLY happened!

Up at six; took one teen to HS at 6:30.  Came back and nagged 2nd teen to wake up while getting toddler out of bed.  Screaming match 5 minutes before leaving house, and usually catching train.  Dropped off teen #2 just in time for tardy bell or blatantly late.  Dropped toddler at Head Start; returned home and begin writing.

Pick up toddler at noon, and have lunch.  Distract toddler with TV, toys, etc, or nap, and resume writing, interrupted  every few minutes to make sure toddler is still in house or not doing what he's not supposed to.

3pm:  Pick up teens and negotiate computer rights.  Write in longhand if teen needs computer for homework.  This usually involves a timer, if teen decides to also play a game or update MySpace.

6pm:  Start dinner.

8pm:  Kids watching TV; resume writing.

9pm:  Put toddler in bath and put one teen in charge of him.  Keep writing.

10pm:  Send everyone to bed.  Write until midnight, then log word count and go to bed.

By the third week, teen #2 was out and out refusing to get up in the morning.  In desperation, I went to her principal and ended up having a mini-meltdown in his office.  Afterward, I think that's when it hit me; I was trying to do too much at once.  Single parenthood doesn't come easy to me, and when the spouse would return on the weekends, I'd lose all the power I'd accrued during the week, plus he expected me to spend all day Sunday washing his clothing.  And the kids complained about my short-temperedness.  By the end of November, I'd turned into someone even I didn't recognize, and didn't like what I saw.

So this year, while I'm hitting it hard, I've relaxed the pressure.  My goal isn't to WIN NaNo, with 50K words logged.  I'll consider it a success if I have at least 30K, or at least can see the ending of Lynne's story.

I probably won't be around much this month, other than posting the BWSNBNS posts, Hump Day Hop posts, and of course, the Friday Flashback.  Have a great day:)