Monday, March 29, 2021

Life In Lumber, Year 2, week 4.5

Still confused?  Don't worry; my 3rd official year begins on the 31st, which is Wed!  But until then, the numbers will stop at 371 before reverting back to 1.  There IS a method to this, lol!  My arm is also out of the sling and getting stronger.  Therefore, I'm no longer a 'one-armed lumber queen'....though I still need help lifting a few items.....

Day 369:

Arrived and did my LU after clocking in.  Was busy until Jillian relieved me at 6:45.  Had a few slow times to start prelim duties and pop count.  After break, was steady all the way to close.

Customer A walks up and tosses down a brown wall cover.  "Why don't you have any white ones?  Even W/M is out."

I cracked, "We don't want to be racist."  He cracked up; I cracked up; even Alexa and Jillian laughed!

"At least I said it to the right person; please don't report me."

"Hey, that was a good one."

Customer B ticked me off.  Came down with a Kobalt tool bag and told me his wife had the receipt.  After waiting a few mins (HC M and A were at register #2 and 3), he asked me to page her, so I did.  He soon went back to look for her, then showed back up at 8:55.  I chatted with him as I was finishing up the trash, then my final customers showed up.  As soon as I greeted them, I saw the guy take off out the door.  I walked to the door, but he was scrurrying around the corner.  I called HC M and told her what happened, then finished with my customers.

After we'd locked the doors, Loader K saw the guy come back and get on a bike.  I know what the guy looks like, plus he has a huge spiderweb tat on his neck.

Outfit:  Black/gray long-sleeved tee, dark jeggings, Monet mask

Day 370:

Was slightly late, due to the R/R construction.  Arrived; was able to do LU and pop count, as well as start prelim duties.  Was steady from 5-7, including some confusion when a customer needed help.  One of my guys left; another went to lunch; a third was MIA.  Poor C had load a woman's items all by himself, and even chase her hubby off the forklift!  An hour later, when J returned, the madness stopped....and the rain began.  People cleared out after that, so was able to sweep and sanitize everything.  Was sent to break at 7:45, and when I returned, did the rest of the closing duties.

Outfit:  Brown gauze shirt, dark jeggings, Monet mask

Year 3, Day 1:

Was in a good mood, due to getting my new phone:)  Was fairly steady the 1st hour, then things slowed down.  Was able to get prelim duties and pop count done. Played around with my new phone, trying to remember passwords and all, then swept the entire Pro desk area.  Mgr T paged me; I thought she was going to tell me to get off my phone, ha ha.....but no, she wanted to know if I'd work a full shift on Fri.  Then I asked her about finding someone to cover mine on the 13th, and she said she'd let me know by the end of the week.

Jillian sent me to break at 6:30, and when I came back, started on the closing duties.  Had one annoying customer with 2 carts, one lumber and the other cleaning supplies.  He went off to call his boss for the LAR info.....and left me to bag, ring up, and transfer EVERYTHING!  My left arm got a workout, and is still slightly sore.

Had another customer want to return some lumber, and after a few confusing moments (they'd returned the paint, but had no receipt.  Turned out our CS gal was on her way down to take care of it.  So while she did that, I went up front and got some bags for our area.  Then took the paperwork up to CS and went to get my vest.  Clocked out at 9:20.

Outfit:  Gray leopard stripe, dark jeggings, black mask

Year 3, Day 2:  April Fools!

Today was nice and slow.  Arrived and bought 5 bottles of bleach, then went back in and began shift.  Did prelim duties, soda count, and LU, then began sweeping.  At 6, my brain temporarily blanked, but returned a few mins later!  I was ringing up a customer, then forgot which boards I'd not rung up.

Was sent to break at 7:10, and when I returned, gathered trash and began closing duties.  Learned our runner was back in the store, but he never came down to my area.  Sanitized all the registers, then rang up my final customers, locked the doors, returned two items to Aisle 21, and put up my vest.

Outfit:  Gray IN sweatshirt (it was only 40 degrees!), dark jeggings, black mask

Year 3, Day 3:  Full Shift

Was slightly late, due to D taking the van in for an oil change.  Things were fine 1st half of shift; was able to see HC C and give her a hug, since she retired today.  She even came down to Lumber and took a picture with me.  Met the family for dinner at McA's, and when I returned, the craziness began.  1) I accidentally shut my system down and had to wait for it to reboot.  2) Told two customers to have a happy New-uh Easter.  Loader Justin stopped and asked if I seriously had forgotten what holiday it was!

Sanitized the registers and plexiglass, rented an insulation blower, then was able to go put up my vest.

Outfit:  Blue Cabellas hoodie, new jeggings, blue tools mask

Year 3, Day 4:  Rare Saturday Full Shift and The Band's Back Together!

Arrived and sent Jill to lunch, and things were fairly steady.  When J returned, I alternated between Charlie's register and #3, and did my LU.  Got wind our runner was back, so I guarded the door for a while.  Marci went to break, and J and I were busy.  After M left at 3, we were very busy until nearly 4.  Jill took her final break, then when she returned, I went to lunch at McA's.  Got wind of a bag-stuffer, and when he arrived, HC Chelsea happened to be there.  When I lifted the bag up, the man said he needed to return it to CS, so I called C over.  He said he wanted the warranty, so we added his info, then took his entire cart back when he said he had to get his wallet.  Who DOES that???  OMG....if you have NO INTENTION of buying it, why would you a) wait in line for 15 mins, and b) give up your info?

Managed to do the pop count, gather paperwork, and start sweeping the Pro area.  Around 6, I decided to go ahead and sanitize the registers, which turned out to be a good idea, since things were steady all the way until 8:45.  I gathered the trash, sanitized the register counters, and checked out 3 more customers before locking the doors.  Karlee cleaned me out, and clocked out around 9:30.

Outfit:  Black/white stripe shirt, new jeggings, blue tools mask

Happy Easter!!!

Thursday, March 25, 2021

Life As A One-Armed Lumber Queen, Year 2, week 4

 Day 366:

Confused?  I wanted to see how long before I worked 365 days.  Since this is my official 2nd year, I'm not counting these as 'days' until I reach my true anniversary of March 31st.

First of all, an update:  I took off Monday for a follow up on my arm, and called in Tues, since I was able to take my mom to the beauty shop:)  

Arrived; was fairly steady the first half hour, and did the pop count and prelim duties. Did my LU and the APFM. then began sweeping.  Alexa relieved me at 6, and when I returned, did my RWD lesson plan.  In the middle of it, I saw a person wearing a blue camo hoodie carrying something and walking very fast out the door, and set off the alarm.  After silencing the alarm, I casually strolled out to see where s/he went....and NO SIGN of the person!  Went back to my lesson.

Was very busy between 7 and 8:30, then sanitized the plexiglass, counters, and stations.  At one point, I was ringing up one customer while marking a 2nd's receipt for return items.  Also rang up the wrong code for the outside cement blocks, so had to send her up to CS to refund.

Locked the doors and helped bring in carts, then Gavin took my trash down while I gathered my return items:  3 to plumbing, one to hardware, and two more to garden.  Aggie cleaned out my register and gave me a bunny rabbit pin for the Easter season.  Did my returns, put up my vest, and clocked out at 9:40.

Outfit:  Blue sparkle shirt, new jeggings, elephant mask.

Day 367:

Began my shift by forgetting both my keys and my phone...then going into JC for lunchables....only to remember once inside the store that I'd forgotten my lunchbox!  Oops....

Anyhoo, arrived and bought a Snickers, then found out Marci was there for an hour:)  We caught up, Gary showed up and hugged me, then I hopped over to #1 when she was done.  I'd also done the pop count.  Things got better after that; I managed to get the prelim duties done, and Alexa came down to relieve me at 6:15, and brought cupcakes from HC A:)  I took a chocolate one to the break room.  

When I returned, I had the little bunny ring on my pinky finger, then gave it to a little girl who admired it.  Managed to do ALL the closing duties, since it was raining, and things had slowed down.

We also had some drama; when I got there, both HC A and C were watching a child who had run out the door and into the parking lot.  Come to find out, the boy, his four siblings, and Mom were buying flooring, and at one point, Mom left her kids 'in B's care' so she could shop some more!  WTH???  They came down to Lumber at one point and one kid nearly ran out the door.  I steered him back into the store and tried to return him to Mom, but she was already heading over.

Outfit:  Blue waffle-knit shirt, new jeggings, black mask.

Day 368:

Was thrilled to work with Marci again, but after fifteen mins, my lunch backfired and I needed a few minutes in the restroom!  When I returned, I did the pop count and rang up customers, plus collected carts.  M left at 5 and I did the prelim duties.  Was fairly steady until Jill relieved me at 6:30, and when I returned, I started spot-sweeping and collecting trash.  At 7:30, the 'zoo' arrived....was busy all the way up till closing!  Saw C/ Hall, whom I'd given S's card to. Helped the guys run carts, then took the trash down and clocked out around 9:30.

Outfit:  Maroon plaid, red tank, dark jeggings, black mask  

Monday, March 15, 2021

Life As A One-Armed Lumber Queen, Week #82

 Day 361:

Shift began on an odd note:  When I went to clock in, the time clock told me I was late; my scheduled arrival time was 4AM!  I added a note..."My shift is 4PM!"

Right off the bat, Loader Wally and I were played.  Woman arrived with 4 cut pipes that Justin cut for her, and after I rang her up, she asked the price.  We were past the point of no return, so when she got her receipt, she claimed they were $2 less.  I called W to go check; he reported back the bin was mixed, and what size did she want?  The 1-1/4 for $4.47 or the 1" for $2.47?

"The $2 ones."

"The ones he cut were 1-1/4."

"Yes, these are the ones I want, but I want to pay the $2 price."

So I called Mgr T, who told me to go ahead and give it to her.  I adjusted her receipt and sent her down to CS, then called CS to alert them to the issue.

Afterward, we discovered Pro Denton had pulled those 4 pipes from the correct bin!

Oh more CFH taken care of....

Due to the rain, things were fairly slow at first, then as the rain cleared, people trickled in.  We didn't need a whole lot of soda, and went on my break at 6.  Had already done the preliminary duties, so swept the floor and due to the amount of customers, didn't start sanitizing until nearly 8:30.  Only got the Pro desk plexiglass cleaned, and all the registers sanitized.

My scanner quit, so only hand-keyed in one order, then switched to #2.  After the 4th customer, I heard the scanner reboot, so moved back to #1.  But an hour later, #1 was out of 5s and 10s, so moved back to #2 for the rest of the evening.  Had 2 customers at closing.  A's order was 15% off, but couldn't figure out how to do it, so was happy when they said they were fine with 10%.  B rang up, but then decided to be chatty.  ASM Scott arrived, and I joked that he was going to lock them in the store!  They left:)

HC C cleaned me out; I shut the garage door when Justin returned with the hopper, and took a brush down to aisle #1.  Clocked out at 9:30.

Joked with Scott on the way out...."I'm coming!  I've got a broken arm."

"Oh, that's right.  See you tomorrow."

Outfit:  Gray IN sweatshirt, red/black leggings, tools mask

Day 362:

Shift was busy!  Ran out of 1s on #1, so hopped over to #2 until HC C could bring them, then went back to #1.  Was steady all the way til 6, when I had managed to do the pop count, prelim duties, and one pass with the broom.  Took my break, then things slowed down.  Had everything done by 8:40.  Had one final customer at 9:05, and joked good-naturedly he was locked in!  He even thoughtfully returned his cart, then Karlee cleaned me out.  Returned a tape measure, some plumbing couplings, and took the trash to the compactor, since our hopper was awol.  Inventory is in full swing, fun, fun.

Outfit:  Blue/white striped fleece shirt, faded jeggings, blue check mask

Day 363:  St. Paddy's Day!

Stimulus $$ hit; we were BUSY!  Arrived; had to be on #2, due to Charlie working with a customer.  Once I hopped back over to #1, it wasn't long before I was out of pennies.  HC M told me to hop to #2, since she was on a register.  A few minutes later, I called to let her know #1 was almost out of 1s, but since I had plenty of quarters, could supplement.  She wasn't able to come down until nearly 7, and due to the back log, I didn't get a break; SHE didn't get a break, and customers finally slowed around 7:30.  

Managed to get all closing duties done, then took the trash to the hopper and went to get the soda.  Filled the cooler with what was available, then clocked out around 9:40.

Sara and I went to OC for a Guinness and a small pizza.

Outfit:  Pug Crawling tee (black and green), faded jeggings, blue checked mask

Day 364:

Arrived; things were nice and slow.  Did the soda count right away and the prelim duties.  Took my break at 6:15, and started on the closing duties around 7:30.  Rained on and off.

Outfit:  Red/black plaid, black jeggings, black mask

Day 365:  I've officially worked 'one year'!

Today was a ZOO!  Was steady for a half an hour, and all the 'problem children' were in my lane....the man who wanted shingles that were outside, but I couldn't find the item #; items without codes; a man who tried to go over his credit limit.  All the while, S, A, and Abby are waiting patiently to talk to me.

Had a 5 min lull and did my pop count....then was slammed again until 6!  Needed a couple of o/r.....for discounted fence panels, 2x4s, and shelving.

Alexa sent me on break at 6:30, and when I arrived back, she said, "You can have the zoo back; I don't want it!"

Had another lull to get the trash combined and the paperwork collected.....then was busy all the way to close....and even had people still shopping at 9:15!  Lumber was a hot mess....after we dragged all the carts in, Justin took out the trash hopper and I spot-swept the floor.  Returned items to Tools, Plumbing, and Hardware, then returned an LG cart before putting up my vest.  Clocked out at 9:41.

Family took me to Applebees, and drank 2 White Russians!

Outfit:  Red v-neck, black/white poncho, black jeggings, black mask. 

I've got a dr's appt on my arm Mon, so 3 day weekend!  Whoot!

Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Life As A One-Armed Lumber Queen, Week #81

 Day 356: 

For whatever reason, I was told to report to LG first.  Got to see Marci, who told me her next appt is April 20th.  Had maybe ten customers, then had zero for 30 mins.  When I tried to log back in, the system locked up.  HC A came out; ended up having to reboot the system.  In the meantime, I hopped over to 21, but both their cards declined.  Took cash....then discovered there was no cashbox in the register.  HC M came out with the $$, and all was well.  Was sent to lunch at 5:30.  When I returned, had ZERO customers.  HC A closed me down at 7 and told me to go up front.  After a pit stop, was told to go to Lumber and give Jillian her 15.  Rang up several customers and stayed there while J helped some other customers, then was sent up front at 7:30.  

Things went well; Carmen and I chatted while we waited for customers, and I helped her with a few tasks she was unfamiliar with.  Final customer left at 9:10, and we clocked out ten minutes later.

Outfit:  Gray home grown sweatshirt, new jeggings, Monet 2 mask

Day 357:

Was back in my happy place:)  Busy for the 1st hour, but managed to get the pop count done.  Started the preliminary duties, and was sent to lunch at 6:15.  Returned and began the closing duties.  Makenzie came down at 7:50 and gave me a 15 min break, then finished closing duties.  Had one customer with $5 gloves, courtesy of Scott, but only one pair needed an o/r!  Jumped on #2 while waiting for HC A to come down....and put my customers to 'work', bringing in the carts and putting them away, lol!

Had one last customer at 9:10, then closed the garage door.  Clocked out at 9:20.

Outfit:  Brown 3/4 shirt, new jeggings, Monet 2 mask

Day 358:

Arrived and was busy for 15 mins, then did pop count and preliminary duties.  At 5, began sweeping in between customers.  Had 2 CFH:  One bitched about the price of saw blades; the second apparently didn't understand my sling, and had to have Justin pick up their box of heavy duty house wrap.  Was sent to lunch at 7:15, and when I returned, began sanitizing.  Discovered I'm only supposed to take a 15 min break; joked with HC A I could take 2 15 min breaks consecutively, ha ha...she said to let her know if I needed the full half hour!

Clocked out at 9:25, after returning a box of screws to tools, a sponge to paint, and taking the trash to the far corner by Receiving.

Outfit:  Maroon plaid shirt, new jeggings, new black mask

Day 359:

Shift was slow.  Had a few 'rushes', but for the most part, we were very slow, due to the rain.  Had everything done by 8:40.  Was extremely hot, due to my shirt.

Outfit:  Gray and white striped fleece shirt, new jeggings, new black mask

Day 360:

Shift was fairly busy!  Didn't get pop count or even preliminary duties started until nearly 5.  Was sent to lunch at 7:40, and when I returned, Karlie was trying to explain to a customer that the discounts don't stack; he'd already used his military, so he couldn't take an additional 5% off.  For a moment, I thought he was going to start yelling at her, since he raised his voice and said, "But the one in TH does!"  Finally, he left, and the rest of the night went smoothly.  Had all my closing duties finished by 8:55, including the soda refill.

Outfit: White plaid shirt, blue tank, faded jeggings, tools mask

Sunday, March 7, 2021

What A Difference A Year Makes!

 Last year at this time, we had moved my mom into her assisted living facility, and had begun cleaning out the house.  We had moved the basics into Mom's room; her bed, desk, couch, clothing, filing cabinets and the items she wanted around her.  My BIL was with me, to help move the heavy stuff, and every day I'd go pick up Mom and bring her back to the house so she could go through stuff.  C and I quickly realized we were doing better without the hour-long trek to get her and take her back, since not much was actually being accomplished! After C returned to Canada, I went over to help Mom get her things more organized.  Her friend CC came over and I unpacked boxes and put her 'pretties' on the cabinet shelves (we had the doors removed) and hung up her clothes.

Then the coronavirus aka Covid-19 arrived in Indiana.  Mom's facility went on lockdown, and I was no longer allowed into her room.  By the 24th of March, all residents of the state were supposed to 'shelter in place', so my daughter came up to help me.  We moved everything into the garage and had the auctioneer and men from church get the other big items out of the house.

The ORIGINAL plan was to store Mom's items in a storage unit, and every week or month, we'd take a box or two over for Mom to decide whether to keep it, donate it, or give it to a family member.  My sister had also set aside several items to be shipped to Canada, and my BIL had taken what he could when he returned.

Suddenly, the entire country was on lockdown, with mask restrictions; businesses closed or severely restricted hours/occupancy.  The US/Canada border was closed.

This past summer, when the house finally sold, I was able to attend the meeting and sign the papers.  By August, we were able to schedule face-to-face meetings with Mom, for an hour per week, and only in the Chapel, both masked and 6 feet apart.  No touching (though, with the nurse's back turned, I gave Mom a quick side hug and a kiss through my mask!).

This fall, residents and staff tested positive for CV, so they went on lockdown again.  It was just recently lifted in Feb, when staff and residents began receiving the vaccine.  Mom's 2nd shot caused her to shake severely the next day, but otherwise, no adverse reactions.  Her friend CC, had more severe side effects, but recovered.

Had we NOT moved Mom in when we did, I'd still be up there and funds would be running tight. So in that regard.....we made the right decision. Kudos to my sis on that one (I had wanted to wait until warmer weather!).

As of now, we're still trying to move Mom's couch out and her new lifty chair in.  The 1st time we tried to do this, I broke my arm.  Here's hoping we can get things moved in and out without any more damage to me, lol.

We're also still waiting for the day when I can have full access to her room again, to put things away, rearrange, and take stuff back to storage.  I'm hoping that on March 22nd, we can move her Christmas stuff back to storage (not much; just maybe a couple boxes and bags) and bring her Easter items to her.  I also plan to make monthly trips to see her, and hopefully one day the northern border will open so my sis can come see Mom and maybe even take some of her cherished items back to Canada.

But for now, we're still playing the waiting game.

Thursday, March 4, 2021

March Goals

 Hard to believe it's been a month since I broke my arm!  How'd I do on my goals?

-Lose 5 lbs (starting 244) 2/22:  Lost 1!

-Buy a scale Not yet 

-Finish cleaning out bedroom Not yet

-Buy shelves for basement One set; need 2-3 more

-Hang pictures Nope

-Finish binge-watching Gilmore Girls 2/17:  Began Se 5; 2/20:  Begin Se 6; 2/24:  Begin Se 7

-Begin watching Mandelorian Nope

-Type up my stories Not with one hand...

-Begin artist search Not yet

-Buy 10 more styluses No

-Pay for new magnets and stickers Typo; getting them next month

-Buy new laptop Check!

-Get Mom's chair safely delivered and couch to storage Scheduled for 3/22:)

Health Update: Able to return to work, but wear sling.  Cannot push, pull, or lift with left hand.  Still cannot sleep on left side, and still taking extra pillow to bed.  Have to take painkillers at bedtime.

Books Read: 3

           Print: 3

       E-Book:  0

            DNF:  3

Karaoke Songs Added:  2

Updated Book 'Tour':

-Evansville Women's Conference (April 8th) Cancelled; hopefully Nov 4th.

-Liberty Writers Conference (reader mode only):  April 10th, New Jersey

-Weekend With The Authors (June 17-20) Nashville, TN

-InConJunction (July 2-4) Indpls, In

-Imaginarium (July 9-11) Louisville, Ky Info resent; funds paid last year.

-Heroes For Kids (July 20th) Perrysville, Mo

-Royal Readers (Aug 9th) Mall of America, Bloomington, Mn

-Indpls State Fair (TBA)

-Penned Con (Sept) St. Louis, Mo Cancelled; however, going virtual again

-Kokomo Con (Oct 16) Kokomo, In Same weekend as ComicCon; will see about selling my table

-Indy ComicCon (Oct 15-17) Indianapolis Convention Center

-Collectors Carnival and Crafts (Oct) Princeton, In

-Indpls Christmas Gift and Hobby Show (Nov) Indpls State Fairgrounds

March Goals:

-Lose 5 lbs (starting 243)

-Buy a scale Daughter moved home and brought hers with her

-Finish cleaning out bedroom 

-Buy shelves for basement

-Hang pictures ;

-Finish binge-watching Gilmore Girls  3/4:  Se 7, Ep 14; 3/5:  Finished regular season!

-Begin watching Mandelorian 

-Type up my stories

-Begin artist search Check; found two and waiting for 2nd one to send test sketch

-Buy 10 more styluses Check; bought 20, due to mistake

-Pay for new magnets (Check:) and stickers

-Buy new phone Check!  Moto G with stylus, only $180:)

-Get Mom's chair safely delivered and couch to storage Check!

March Reading Goals:


Fire and Blood-George RR Martin Excellent!
Hook's Little Mermaid-Suzanne Lynne Read half, then somewhat lost interest.  Will buy rest of series for my DIL's sister, since she LOVED it.

Going Down In Flames-Chris Cannon DRR!  LOVED this book, esp since I wasn't sure I was going to like it.  Chris sucked me in to the story, so good job!
Blackmail Boyfriend-CC OMG....could NOT put this down!  DRR....Great job!
The Dating Debate-CC
99% Faking It-CC

Written On His Heart-Cathy Jackson Enjoyed this, though I really hate 1st person present....
Achieve-Jade Waltz
Some Kind of Wonderful-Jean Joachim
Tequila Sunrise-Susanne Matthews
Champagne Coctail-SM
Buck's Fizz-SM 

Karaoke Songs:
Do You Know The Way To San Jose-Dionne Warwick Good!
Do You Think I'm Sexy-Rod Stewart Not too bad; was even hi-fived and complimented!
Do That To Me One More Time-Captain and Tenille Nailed it:)

If I Could Turn Back Time-Cher Nailed it:)
Don't Know What You've Got Til It's Gone-Cinderella Nailed it!
Broken-Seether/Amy Lee (with Peppers) Did well:)

3/18-Rainy and cold.  Decided to skip.

Take My Breath Away-Berlin Nailed it, and was congratulated!
Shake Your Booty-KC and Sunshine Band LOL...this was sooo bad....but had a dancer and some good-humored ribbing!
What's Up-4 Non-Blondes Nailed it and cheered and whistled:)

Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Life As A One-Armed Lumber Queen, Week #80

 Day 352:

Arrived; went to Lumber and discovered Matt had already done the pop count:)  Was fairly steady; by the time Alexa came down to send me to break (6:50), all the preliminary stuff had been done.  Did my LU and AP4Me while on my 15, then returned.  Pulled all the glove displays away from the Pro desk and swept under them; had all closing duties finished by 8:50.  Clocked out at 9:15.

Discovered loader K was being bumped up to Supervisor, while Mgr BW was made an ASM. 

Outfit:  Brown sweater, faded jeggings, Monet mask

Day 353:

Had to clock in at the pro desk; all the computers in the training room were in use.  Was fairly steady for an hour, but managed to get the pop count done and the preliminary chores finished.  Matt relieved me at 6:55; again, I bought a snickers and did the LU on my break.  Things slowed way down when I returned, and had all closing duties finished by 8:30.  Clocked out at 9:15.

Outfit:  Teal flowered shirt, faded jeggings, Monet mask

Day 354:

Arrived; Marci had a line, so hopped on #2 and checked out two customers before logging off and relieving her on #1.  Did the pop count; my back was hurting so badly, I went on a Tylenol hunt.  Had two at our 1st Aid kit, but none at the others.  Matt sent me to break at 5:55; Mel gave me 2 more at 6. Was very slow; had all closing duties finished by 8:40. Did my LU, then locked up, took the trash to the hopper, and returned items to tools, plumbing, paint, and hardware.

Outfit:  Bless This Mess sweatshirt, faded jeggings, Monet mask.

Day 355:

Arrived; Makenzie was with me until 7.  We were fairly steady until she left, then it slowed.  Went to break before she left, then did the closing duties. Clocked out at 9:20.

Outfit:  Palm tree sweatshirt, black leggings, tool mask