Monday, October 30, 2023

Life In Lumber: Y5, W36

 Day 154:  $8833

Today was slower, due to the colder temps (high 45). Took over for Kem, and Amy was also there. Before she left at 4, she did the soda count. We were slighly busy for an hour, then when she left, I did the prelim duties. Discovered my broom and dustpan were MIA, so did my LU and AP4Me. Kel sent me to lunch at 6, and when I returned, fronted the soda, rang up customers, and at 8:30, pulled the trash. My final customer was at 9:30; Loaders D and A took the trash at the same time. Did one of my training refresher courses and locked the doors at 10. HC Cam cleaned me out; Loader A brought in the concrete; I returned items to Plumbing and Electrical before putting up my vest. Clocked out at 10:20.

Had a strange episode around 3:30-ish; all of a sudden I got light-headed and dizzy.  Put my head between my legs for a few moments, then was all right.  Thankfully, it never returned!

Outfit:  Halloween shirt, black l/s tee, black jeggings, skeletons

Day 155:  $10,968 (and 6 cents)  146,746/mo, 29,616/wk

Arrived and found Kem already leaving; Adrianne was there:)  She gave me a keychain of Big Ben and a pound note. A was in the middle of an 8-cart order, so I hopped on #2 and rang up several customers until she finished, and we swapped back and forth. She left at 4, and I did the prelim duties, hopped to #1, and fronted all the soda. Brenda sent me to break at 6:15, just after two complicated customer had 42 bags of insulation, and the other had 20 bags of concrete. When I returned, things slowed down. I swept, mucked out the mats, sanitized the registers, and pulled trash at 8:30. Final customer was at 9:30. 

Had 4 trick-or-treaters, and at 9:50, brought in the cull cart. Locked the doors at 10, and Mgr Charlie brought in the concrete.  After HC Cam cleaned me out, I took the trash to the hopper and put up my vest.  Clocked out at 10:30.

Outfit:  "Betsey Ross" outfit, with spider headband, l/s black tee, and black jeggings underneath my Rendezvous outfit, and carried small USA flag.  Skeleton earrings.  Next year, Deaf Leopard??

Day 156:  $9996; 156,743/mo

Was slightly late getting to Lumber, due to figuring out what to do in LU that was required!  Told the new HR girl, Holly, I'd do it during my downtime.  When I got there, K was already gone, but Marilyn was on #2.  Hopped on 1 and we traded back and forth.  She left at 4 and I did the prelim duties, then started on my LU path.  Had to watch 5 vids, then take a quiz, of which I only missed the final question (still passing!). HC B sent me to lunch at 7:15 and when I returned, pulled the trash, swept, mucked the mats, and sanitized the registers.  ASM A bought me a candy bar and Bright a Monster. Locked the doors at 10 and while HC B was cleaning me out, took the trash to the hopper. Loader A brought the concrete in, and got a compliment from Loader D when I told him I'd be gone the next 2 days.  

"Oh crap....they don't run this area the way you do.  How long you going to be gone?"

Thanks D! Clocked out at 10:20.

Outfit:  Blue/white sweater, new faded jeggings, sapphire hoops

Day 157:  Rare Saturday  $8874

Arrived to discover we begin closing at 9.  One of my customers was wanting to make a payment, and Austin P wasn't sure how to do it, so I took over.  Then Al showed up and handled him, and asked him to go get the batteries I needed.  He did, and Chet and Marlene also showed up.  Then things slowed a bit, and I was able to make copies of the new soda count, and my sneak peeks. Was busy from then on, and things slowed around 8. I got the floor swept, then was sent to break. We didn't have any large trash bags, so brought down the square ones. After my break, emptied the trash and fronted the soda, and filled the bags. Walked HC Cam down front after locking the doors, then deactivated TWICE an unruly tool turtle. Took back the returns, then put up my vest and took the loading ticket and tax exempts to the front. Helped Marilyn move 15 carts to the front entrance, then relocated 10 of them around to the back. Clocked out at 9:40.

Bought a pink Kobalt toolbox:)

Outfit:  Blue crew neck Cabela's sweatshirt, red NHRA polo, new dark jeggings, sea horses

Time changes tomorrow, and I start my vacation on Tuesday!!!

Monday, October 23, 2023

Life In Lumber: Y5, W35

 Day 150:  $14,908 "Pink Day"

Arrived and helped a customer with the downspouts, then took over for Kem. Was busy for 2 hours, then did the prelim duties. Was sent to lunch at 6, and did my AP4Me as soon as I clocked back in. Did the soda count and started sweeping, plus mucked out the mats. Fronted all the soda, and when Kel brought it down, she filled it while I went on break and cleaned out the coffee container. Came back; sanitized the registers and counters. Sent Loader Jax down with the trash at 9:50, then locked the doors at 10. Put up my vest and took the expired soda down to RTM. Clocked out at 10:30.

Outfit:  Shaun tee, gray/pink 'Mama Bear' sweatshirt, dark jeggings, pink danglies

Off the next 3 days, unless they call me in (I told them to call me in Tues!  Wed, I'm doing Ned's laundry and some yard work; Thurs is choir practice).

Day 151:  $4521 "Superhero Day"

Discovered today was Mgr Jess's last day.  I'd hugged her yesterday and told her I'd keep her and her dad in my prayers.  She appreciated it:)

Was called in to work at 5; took over for Dawson, and immediately had 2 'special' was a Pro who wanted the Pro $20 delivery fee, and the other was a phone order.  Was steady until 6, then did the prelim duties and fronted all the soda. Started sweeping at 7, and was sent on my break at 8. Came back and finished sweeping, then pulled trash. Loader Dale locked the side doors and brought in the concrete; my final customer was at 9:30.  Did my LU, and sanitized the registers. HC Cam and Kait cleaned me out, then told me about the new policy of keeping some funds in certain registers, so the morning crew has it already.  Whatever.... Returned items to Tools and Paint and put up my vest. Clocked out at 10:15.

Had to chew the loaders out; I'd called for a Code 50; no one came.  Paged for Lumber Associate to #1; Aaron continued to flat stack.  A customer complained the three of them (not sure who all was involved) just stood around talking while she struggled to load a heavy board, and never once offered assistance.  Dale's excuse was he was in the training room, catching up on his AP4Me; Aaron claimed he hadn't heard me page.  Aaron's also PO'd at either Will, Charlie, or Wyatt, for not doing more during the day.

Outfit:  Yoda tee, dark jeggings, Mickey Mouse

Off until Friday!

Day 152:  $12,250

Arrived and took over for Kem Was busy for an hour, then did the prelim duties. Found out 'more than likely' Mgr G will become the ASM, and Mgr Ian will take over Pro, with ASM Shaun taking over Appliances, and Chris back over LG.


HC Cam sent me to lunch at 5:30, and when I returned, helped her ring up the large order for Matt...$6K!  Hopped to #2 while they pushed all his carts out of the way, then got back on 1. Fronted soda and swept; final customer was at 9/ Sanitized the registers and counters, did my LU. Loader Dale took my trash and brought in the concrete.  Closed the large door at 10 and clocked out at 10:30.

Outfit:  Blue sparkle blouse, new faded jeggings, copper and larimar ovals

Day 153:  Rare Saturday $9816

Arrived and took over for Austin P, and was busy for 2 hours. Did the prelim duties, and was sent to lunch at 6. Got my evaluation from Shannon:  "Molly does very well on the lumber end of the store; she knows her customers and checks them out friendly and quickly; She asks the prompting questions, such as EPPs and her monthly rating shows it; she needs to remind customers to complete the surveys and ask for 10s; I would like to see her get more credit apps aswell; she does complete her trainings on time with little follow up; she comes in when we are understaffed and she is appreciated for that."

Afterward, I began sweeping, then got on a survey kick.  ASM SC told me if I got 2, he'd give me a FitBit, and got my next 3 customers to do them, even getting a 4th one a few mins later.  So I guess I'm getting a FitBit....

Sanitized the registers, and after Loader Charlie brought in the concrete and set the safety pallets, he took my trash down while I closed the large door and returned items to Tools, Aisle 9, and Hardware.  Clocked out at 10:30.

Outfit:  Gray IN sweatshirt, new faded jeggings, sapphire hoops

Off tomorrow!

Monday, October 16, 2023

Life in Lumber: Y5, W34

 Day 146:  $10,849  "Pink Day"

Was 45 mins late, due to Taco's vet appt.  Verdict:  Allergies.  He got a shot in the butt, had his temp taken, and was told to continue giving him the meds from last year.  He weighs 14.8 lbs and is due for his heartworm test in Dec. 

Took over for Brenda, who was VERY happy to see me, and promptly got 2 'special case' customers...both for beadboard. Fortunately, I knew where to find the code! Did the prelim duties and started the soda count. Bella sent me to lunch at 5:30, and when I returned, finished the soda count and began sweeping. Put the soda away; pulled trash; did my AP4Me and LU, and sanitized the registers and counters.  Didn't have any customers from 8:15-close. Locked the side doors while Mgr Charlie brought in the concrete; Loader Dale took my trash after we hauled in the cull cart and closed the large door.  ASM Sh cleaned me out and brought down my Front End Appreciation Backpack, with a travel coffee mug and Milk Duds inside, plus a nice note from her and Mgr SC, Returned items to Electrical, Lights, and Seasonal.  Clocked out at 10:30

Austin P is going to take my shift on Friday, so I can travel to Memphis!!.

Outfit:  Dark gray/white striped sweater, dark jeggings, 'Beach' danglies

Day 147:  $8887  "Super Hero Day"

Arrived and hopped on #2 to help with the line, then finally got back on #1 around 3:30! Did the prelim duties and fronted the soda; did my LU and got a credit app. Patty sent me to lunch at 6, and when I returned, swept the entire area; mucked the mats; brought in the trash, and did the soda count after finding out Corporate AND Regional were arriving in the morning.  Helped Bright with a complicated order; the dishwasher wouldn't cooperate when it was keyed in; wanted to be delivery or pick up later. Finally, B scanned it....went right through!  Weird......HC K opted NOT to fill the soda, and after Loader Dale brought in the concrete, locked the doors and closed the large door at 10.  HC K cleaned me out; returned items to Aisle 21, Plumbing, Electrical, Tools, and Hardware.  Clocked out at 10:30.

Outfit:  Star Wars tee, red l/s tee, dark jeggings, Darth Vadar

Day 148:  $14,041 "Wacky Socks"

I forgot to wear my SW sox.  In my defense, I had to be up early and dressed by 10am, in order to set up at a local event, and I forgot about it.

Arrived and took over for Kem, who informed me the coffee maker broke. Did the prelim duties, then the pinpad on #1 threw a fit, so was on 2 while I unplugged it, let it sit for 5 mins, then reattached it.  Then, it worked fine! Fronted the soda, and at 6, called down to see if someone could cover me for a pit stop.  HC Brea said I was supposed to have gone to lunch at 5...oops! Loader Dale covered for me, then a few mins after I returned, Dawson sent me to lunch.

Side Note:  Our Regional director insisted the boxed display of soda be moved behind the counter and out of the center of the walkway in front of the Pro desk.  Well now, it's blocking my access to thr trash can AND the EAS system!  The walk-through went fine, thankfully!

After I returned from lunch, I swept the floor....and discovered Loader D had borrowed my dustpan.  "I'll bring it back..." Uh, no, he didn't! Fortunately, I have a small handheld one. Did NOT get the mats mucked for that reason; I got it after taking the trash to the hopper. Sanitized the registers and counters, and two customers bought me 3 musketeers candy bars.  One even told me, "I came down here b/c you're THE BEST CASHIER THEY HAVE!"

Awwwwwe.....thank you!

After locking the side doors around 9:30 (and after pulling all the trash!), Loader D brought in the concrete. At 9:50, he watched the register while I took another pit stop, then let him outside   and shut the large door.  HC Cam cleaned me out; I took the trash to the hopper and returned one item to Aisle 19, and another to Electrical.  Clocked out at 10:20.

Outfit:  Teal patterned l/s tee, black l/s tee, dark jeggings, small gold hoops.

Off tomorrow for Choir practice, then off Friday for my Memphis trip, and off Saturday for the signing.

Day149:  $5705  Rare Sunday "NFL Day"

Arrived to discover I was 90 mins early.  Oops....helped Austin in Lumber and let him take an extended break. At a few mins til 5, I took a pit stop, then was on my own. Did the prelim duties, fronted the soda, did my LU, swept, and read three days' worth of emails. Jace sent me to break at 6:30, and first I collected Mgr Charlie's book from my car; he paid me $20 for it and told me to keep the change. Found out ASM Jess is leaving soon to be her dad's caregiver; there's a rumor Mgr G's going to take over her job.  Not sure how I feel about that yet....

Locked the side doors at 8 and rang up my final 2 customers, then shut the large door.  After HC Kait cleaned me out, opened the door again so Loader Aaron could bring in the concrete.  Closed the door and put up my vest.  Clocked out at 8:30.

Outfit:  18 Colt's jersey, black l/s tee, dark jeggings, small gold hoops

Monday, October 9, 2023

Life In Lumber: Y5, W 33

 Day 142:  $7789 "Pink" Day

Arrived and took over for K. was busy for 2 hours, then did the prelim duties. Olivia sent me to lunch at 6:15, and when I returned an hour later, swept the place, mucked out the mats, and sanitized the registers. Did the soda count, and put it away. Locked the doors at 9:45; final customer was between 8:30-9pm. Took the trash to the hopper when HC Bre cleaned me out. Returned items to Plumbing, Lights, Hardware, and Seasonal.  Clocked out at 10:25.

Outfit:  Purple/white stripe sweater, faded jeggings, thin gold hoops.

Day 143:  $7355 (and 3 cents) "Superhero" Day

Arrived and took over for K; did the prelim duties; discovered (former) ASM K is happier at the other lumber place in town b/c "she feels appreciated and respected".  Good for her.

At 5, Madi sent me to break, and afterward, I fronted soda, swept, sanitized, and had nearly everything done by 8:30. Pulled trash, and did soda count. Didn't have any customers after 8:45. Wiped off the top of the Pepsi cooler and the ice machine, mucked the mats, and when HC Bre cleaned me out, swapped my returns for the soda.  Put them away, then put up my vest. Clocked out at 10:35.

Outfit: Capt. America tee, black l/s tee, faded jeggings, sapphire hoops

Day 144:  $10,176  "Wacky Socks Wednesday"

Arrived and was surprised to see Marilyn at the register; K is off for 2 days. Managers have been announced; ASM Jess is now over Pro/Lumber; Mgr Chris B is now ASM:)  Did the prelim duties and LU, fronted the soda. Had to jump on #2 when the pinpad malfunctioned; reset it, but the register didn't want to work. Stayed on #2 the rest of the night. Bella sent me to lunch at 6, and when I returned, fmr loader Al was there, but didn't check out through me. Swept, mucked the mats, sanitized the registers and counters. Final customer was at 9:15. At 9:30, locked the side doors for Loader D to bring the concrete. SM J surprised me by offering a slice of pizza; he watched the register while I went to CS and got 2 slices. At 10, closed the large door; D took my trash.  HC Kait cleaned me out AND informed me she's going to LG next week. Returned a pipe to plumbing and a gate latch to LG.  Clocked out at 10:30.

Outfit:  Home tee, gray hooded sweatshirt, dark capris, green Yoda socks

I'm off to Lafayette tomorrow!

Day 145:   $8259  "Flannel Friday"

Arrived and hopped on #2, to help with the line.  K left at 3:30, and I got back on #1. Things were steady until 4, when I did the prelim duties. HC Brit sent me to lunch at 5, and when I returned, the rain was almost happening. It arrived soon later, and the place cleared out.  Swept, mucked out all the mats, did my LU, and requested Nov 15th off (mom's hair appt). Pulled trash at 8:30, and final customer was around 9, when their paint fell off and spilled. ASM SC and I cleaned it up. Locked the outside doors; Loader Aaron brought in the concrete; closed the big door at 10. Clocked out at 10:25.

Outfit:  Red/black plaid, faded jeggings, antique silver pearls

Off to Indpls and VoltCon tomorrow!

Monday, October 2, 2023

Life in Lumber: Y5, W32

 Day 139:  $9728

Arrived at 4 and immediately was asked about a damaged garage door. Tried to find someone, but no one was answering their phones. Finally found Mgr G who 1st said, "I'm not here..." but after explaining the issue, he took care of it. Hopped on 2 to help Meredith with the line, then took over for her. Was busy until 5:30, then did the prelim duties and LU. Went to lunch at 6:30, then swept the area. Pulled trash at 8:30 and mucked out the mats. Sanitized the registers at 9 and did my AP4Me. Filled the soda coolers. Locked the doors at 10, and final customer left at 10:05. Told Ben I was NOT going to charge him 12 cents (he'd paid $69 on his card, then all but $.12 on a gift card) and shooed him out the door with his receipt.  HC B cleaned me out; I waited while Mgr CK brought in the concrete.  Loader Jax had already taken my trash to the hopper.  Clocked out at 10:40.

ASM SC came in..."You DO exist!"

"For that comment, you DO work w/o your phone!"

*clutches chest.* "Ahhh!"


Outfit:  Blue LU tee, dark capris, Yukon Tartan buttons

Day 140:  $8050

Arrived and took over for K. Discovered #1 was out of 1s, 10s, and 5s, so hopped to #2 until after 5, when ASM Shan remembered I was in need. Learned HC Cam called in, and Brit was on her way in at 6:30. Did my LU, prelim duties, and swept. Called HC Brit at 8 and asked if I was getting a lunch break, and would only take 30. She sent Ryder down at 8:20. Returned items to Plumbing and Tools, then clocked out for lunch. Afterward, pulled the trash, sanitized the registers and mucked out the mats. Final customer was at 9:30. Loader D and I brought in the cull cart; Loader Jax took my trash down.  Mgr Charlie brought in the concrete, and I locked the doors. HC Brit cleaned me out; I returned items to Paint and Hardware. Clocked out at 10:25.

Outfit:  Blue/white stripe tee, dark capris, dangly Yukon Colors

Off till Sunday! Tomorrow, gonna go to Pantheon at 11, do laundry, watch SVU, and get DYL ready, as well as create the Tales flyer. Thurs, off to Lafayette. Fri, it's the First Friday Art Walk. Sat, it's the GSH Pet event at the park.  Hoping to drum up business for Tales and DYL launch.

Day 141:  Rare Sunday $12,390
Arrived, and took over for Marilyn, just as Kate arrived to take over for Dawson.  I went to #1; K on 2.  I rang up one customer, then had to help K with Enrique's tax exempt. Ended up texting Pro J for the info, then got him rung up and on his way. Things were slow, so I rinsed out the coffee pot and consolidated the trash.  K was called up front, and was busy after that. Got irritated at Loader Jax....he refused to take the large flat carts down, apparently misunderstanding my 'aisle 18' instructions. He didn't take my trash. He keeps putting empty soda bottles in the clean trash cans. New ASM Alex showed him how to use the saw, but when another customer needed wood cut, he said he didn't feel confident.  Sent Nate back there. The guy's just immature.

After work, went out to K's and relaxed by the bonfire.

Outfit:  Blue 18 Colts jersey, black l/s tee, faded jeggings, small gold hoops

October Goals

 Where did September go?  I can hardly believe it's already October!  Here's what I did and did not do last month:

-Lose 5 lbs (Start:138)  Maintained
-Send DYL to editor  9/22:  Paid $25
-Get cover art for DYL  9/15:  Was told it was pending
-Finish Tales story (Sept 15th) Check!  Finished 2am Friday the 22nd
-Finish BKM story Not yet...
-Finish singer story  Not yet...
-Do well/Have fun at Library/Fez Con Check! Sold 3, then turned around and bought 1 of Donna's and 2 from Karl.
-Have fun at MHS get together Check! Adam Fleming (4th grade b/f), Jeano Hudgins, and Tim Freels made it!  Need to look up Don White,,,,he rode my bus and lived two doors down from Adam.  Geez....
-Do well at GSH event Sold 1; not very many 'wanderers'
-Do well at Cil-Con Sold 4; traveling companion pissed me off.
-Do well at Gas City event  Sold 4:)
-Log into Hulu and watch SE 21 and 22 of SVU Found it on Peacock....and am up to SE23!
-Work enough hours to pay for ^ events, inventory, and build up savings Getting there....
-Start evicting items from Brown House Nope...
-Convert 2 VHS to DVD ($44)  Nope....

Books Read:  4
           Print:  3
        E-book: 1

2023 Events:

Oct 6th:  First Friday Art Walk 5-9pm Sold 0

Oct 7th:  GSH Pet Event, Gregg Park 10-3pm Sold 0

Oct 14-15th:  VoltCon, Wyndham West, Indpls Subbed application and was approved:)  Need to pay $40 by Aug 25th, then another $40 soon after.  8/11:  Pd $40; 8/25:  Pd $40  Sold 0

Oct 18th:  GSH (St. Claire office)  11-3 Sold 0

Oct 21st:  Meet Me In Graceland, Memphis, TN  $100  Sold 1 

Nov 8-12:  Indianapolis Christmas Gift and Hobby Show $350 PD OFF 8/25!!!

Nov 29-30th: GSH 7-5

2024 Events:

March 16th??  Magic of Books, Columbus, In ($40-50)

March:  GSH 7-5

May 3-4:  SI-Con, Benton, Il (pd April 1st, 2023)

June:  Superman Celebration, Metropolis, Il

July:  Heroes For Kids (pd 2022)

July:  Imaginarium, Louisville, KY Might have to skip; it's on the same date as HFK

August:  IABE, Terre Haute, IN

October Goals:
-Lose 5 lbs (start 138)
-Finish BKM story
-Finish singer story
-Get cover art for DYL
-Finish paying Editor
-Upload/publish DYL Special edition, check.
-Pay N for Tales copies Pd $20 early Oct
-Do well at First Friday Chilly; not much foot traffic.  Sold 0
-Do well at GSH Pet Event DID meet a former customer, but only sold a magnet
-Do well at Volt Con Sold 0; was only there one day due to Anita Clark's funeral (Matt's ex-wife)
-Have fun at Meet Me In Graceland Check!  Only sold 1, but had a great time!
-Work enough hours to pay for ^ events, inventory, and build up savings
-Move Mom's closet around Check!
-Clean S and W's old bdrms
-Buy Business Cards
-Get promo items together for X-mas show
-Watch SE23 Check! and 24 of SVU Check!  Now onto Grimm.....
-Start evicting items from Brown House
-Convert 2 VHS to DVD ($44)

October Reading Schedule:
The Obsession-Nora Roberts Wonderful story!  DRR!