Friday, June 29, 2012

Flashback Friday

June 2002
Recap:  I'd been ousted as Concession Manager, and during the new season, kids complained about L's management; visitors complained about the quality of the stand; and soon even the coaches were complaining.

I learned we'd acquired another tournament, other than just the 12 and older Girls and the Pee-Wee All-Stars.  After the regular season was over, one of the reps called me.  "We've got a problem.  L just handed me the cash box and there are no workers for the stand tonight.  Can you help me out?"

"Are you serious?  She didn't line up any help?"

"No, and I've got people asking me when the stand is going to be open.  I'm desperate here."

"Let me get a hold of Amy and we'll be right there."

I informed my family of the development, and called my friend Amy, who agreed to meet me at the field.  We opened the stand; I gave away a cup of ice to a kindergartner, and upset the new President of the league, because I chose to make him wait his turn.  And officially lodged my protest of the way L had been cleaning (or rather, NOT cleaning) the cheese warmer.

The next day, everything exploded.  The phone rang constantly as questions flew back and forth between me, one of the girls' coaches, the Rep who'd called me, and L herself.

L:  I appreciate you helping out last night; I told him, "You're the rep; it's your responsibility to get the workers for the tournament..."

Me:'s the manager's responsibility to line up the workers.  Remember when I'd call you....

L:  Oops, one of my kids needs me.  But thanks again.

S:  Why is H so hopping mad at you?

Me:  H is mad?  I don't know....hold on; R's beeping in.

R:  H said you were giving away free food last night?

Me:  I gave away one free cup of ice to a 6 year old who had no money.  I was not about to let the kid dehydrate.

R:  For whatever reason, H is pissed off at you and doesn't want you in the stand anymore.

Me:  He's probably pissed off because I refused to serve him ahead of anyone else last night.  Let him wait like the rest of us.

R:  I'll talk to him.

Me:  S?  That was Amy's beeping in.

S:  I'll talk to you later.

A:  R just asked me about your judgement call with the ice, and I backed you up.  I also told him about H's hissy fit when you made him wait.

Me:  Thank you.  Apparently, H doesn't understand the meaning of the term 'for the kids'.  Oh, here's R again.  Talk to ya later....

R:  I just told H to go f***k himself.  You and Amy were the only two willing to work last night, and any other night, and if he didn't like it, he could kiss my ass.  You're the reason we got the extra tournament, so he should be thanking you instead of mounting a vendetta.

Me:  Do you need Amy and I tonight?

R:  No, I told L to get her fat ass in there and do her job.  But can you be on stand-by for Saturday?

Me:  Sure.

Amy and I were only called for one more concession duty, and that was because of a rain-out.

The spouse had had enough of the politicking, and told everyone he knew what was going on.  And as soon as my daughter's tournament was over, we readied ourselves for a trip to Colorado.

Next month:  Relaxing vacation!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Love Scene Workshop Pt 4

Day 4:

Why Does This Love Scene Suck?

Homework: Take a love scene you've been struggling writing (maybe the one you worked on yesterday) and put it through these checkpoints to see where the scene may be falling flat. 

I know for a FACT some of the scenes in book #6, Searching For Love, are going to need work.  It's my first F/F book, and when I wrote this back in 2002, I thought all I'd have to do was substitute 'she' for 'he', 'her' for 'him', etc.  Not so easy.

I can't post an excerpt at the moment, because this particular file is saved on a CD which is currently buried in my desk.  But I wrote it with the 'scene fading to black' women embraced, kissed, then moved to the bedroom and closed the door.  The next scene has Stephanie getting dressed later.  I may be able to improve on that particular scene; It's ten years later and I have read some F/F romances.  While I probably will NOT get too graphic, I MIGHT be more descriptive.  Who knows?

I'm headed north for my dad's 70th birthday today!  And it's also little Alex's 3rd week birthday, so what better way to celebrate than to meet her great-grandparents?  Not sure if we'll spend the night, so I'll be pre-posting Friday's Flashback. 

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Love Scene Workshop Pt 3

Day 3:

Nice Additions

-Dialogue - I like my characters to interact during sex, and not just 'oh oh oh', or 'yeah baby...'  Sometimes banter shows their personalities and adds a layer to the scene.

-Sense of humor - I like to add humor to my sex scenes, whenever possible.  Who said everything had to be serious and sensual?

This particular scene you're about to read has none of the above, but read All She Ever Wanted by Kenzie Michaels, and you'll see what I mean!

Take one of your own love scenes you're struggling with or
write a new one using all the senses and that slow motion camera.
Practice stretching time in your scene so that you don't rush it.
You don't have to share your scene on the loop unless you want to,
but I'd love to hear what the experience was like and if the slow
motion camera helped.

Final Scene in Balancing Act, including deleted part:

“ wouldn't mind if I were to get sent to South America?”
“Not at all.  I know you're not thrilled about me being in the Air Force
“Don't.”  Gretchen placed two fingers over his mouth.  “Who knows what will happen in the next couple of years?  If we're talking long-term here, I'm willing to wait.”
“Sweetheart, you don't know how happy you just made me.”  His smile lit up the room and he held her tight against his chest.  “Shall we break the news to the rest of the clan?”
“I think Stephanie, Lynne, and Susan already know.  Steph predicted I'd only be back for clean underwear!”
“Good.  We haven't let her down.  Join me in the shower?”
Gretchen hesitated.  “I tried it once, but it really didn’t work out.  Raincheck?”
“Awe, come on.  I guarantee you’ll enjoy this.”  Troy scrambled out of bed and held out his hand.
His winning smile melted any misgivings.  “Okay.”  I have to start trusting myself with him; he’s not going to hurt me. She took his hand and followed him into the bathroom.
Troy turned the taps and climbed in.  Gretchen joined him, shivering until the warmth of the steamy water reached her.  She closed her eyes as Troy lathered her hair and body, dipping his fingers between her legs and massaging every inch of her skin.  Gretchen returned the favor, soaping him from head to toe and paying particular attention to his aroused cock.  She sank to her knees and took him in her mouth, pulling her wet hair aside with one hand and holding onto him with the other.
Troy moaned and bucked his hips.  “Don’t stop, darlin’….don’t stop…..oh Gretchen!”
Salty semen filled her mouth.  She pulled away, tipped her head back, and swallowed, grimacing at the taste.  Troy helped her to her feet and pulled her against his wet body.  She pulled away and rinsed her mouth in the shower spray, feeling one of his hands squeeze a breast while the other slid around her hip.  Gretchen leaned back against him and closed her eyes as a finger found her clitoris and stroked.
“Oh God, Troy….I want you inside….” The sensations overpowered her, causing her knees to weaken.
“In a minute.  You’re beautiful, Gretch.”   He took one of her hands and hooked it around his neck while she whimpered and shook against his hand.  “Easy, love.”
Troy!” With a shout, she sagged against him.
He shut off the water and helped her out of the shower.  Troy wrapped her in a towel and collected one for himself.   “See?  I told you you’d enjoy it.”
Gretchen wiped the water from her face.  “I’m not done yet.”  She took his hand and led him back to the bed.
(Deleted part)
Troy dropped his towel.  Lowering her to the bed, he entered her again.  Gretchen clamped her legs around his waist and dug her nails into his upper arms as her climax hit.  She laughed when Troy collapsed on top of her.
“What’s so funny?” he panted.
“Us.  Do we need another shower?”
Troy shook his head, drops of water flying in all directions.  “No, but I’m going to have to dry my bedding.  I should have pulled you to the floor, or at least set you on the sink, vixen.”  He kissed her, then stood up. 

Friday, June 22, 2012

Flashback Friday: 1st Train Ride

June 1992:
Baby K was now 6 months old, and trying to learn to sit up:)  Some friends came to visit and we decided to go to the train museum up in Noblesville.  I took plenty of pictures of K laying in sleepers; propped up in the seats of various cars, and then the biggest thrill....riding behind the Nickel Plate 587 engine for a short ride.

The 587 holds special memories for me.  For years it was housed at Broadripple Park in Indianapolis, two blocks from my great-grandmother's house.  I used to crawl all over that engine, and taught many newcomers how to slide down into the coal car.  We played Engineer; staged train robberies; and later, I even helped a young lady with a blind date.  She hid in the coal car while I greeted her date and decided he wasn't too bad for her after all.  Then I called to her and left them alone.  No word on whether that relationship went anywhere.

But anyway, we had a great time at the museum, and later began taking my baby to the pool in our apartment complex.  I even had a few pictures taken of the two of us.  He's wearing an adorable light blue and white 'suit', and has no teeth.  But all that would change in July, so come back next month and find out how he became a 14-yr-old boy's best friend:)

Present Day:
I've had a peaceful week; the boys have been at BSA Day Camp from 8:30-5pm every day!  I've got two more days of Love Scene Homework to post, so I might post it tomorrow or wait until Monday.

Currently Reading:
Finished Pearls In The Sand...EXCELLENT!  I don't remember if this was a free read or a .99 one.  But go to Amazon Kindle and download it, if you like Christian Fiction.  It's the fictional account of Rahab, the Caananite prostitute who saved two spies of Joshua's.  Remember that childhood song "Joshua Fought The Battle of Jericho....and the walls came a-tumbling down..."

Finished Liz Crowe's Turkish Delights and now cannot wait to read the others in this series!  Oh man I want a massage like that!  Recommended Read:)

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Love Scene Workshop

I'm taking part in a workshop, and since I'd rather not post my 'homework' to the loop, I'm going to post it here.

The first day's homework is:
-Think of the most memorable love scenes you've seen in a movie or
read in a book, the ones that stuck with you long after you finished the

-Any Lavryle Spencer book.
-The opening scene in the first erotic e-book I'd read.
-The bedroom scene in Flame and The Flower during the ball
-In Shanna, the one where she decides to be his wife for the night, to fulfill the bargain.
-First Love by Judy Blume.

-List them and determine what type of scene (1-4) they were.

-All of them, save for the 2nd, would be 'The Full Experience'.  The e-book's opening scene would be the 'No-Hold's-Barred' type.

-Then make notes on WHY you think they're so memorable - All the
tension that built up to that moment? The dialogue? The unique setting?
Figure out what was special and how that scene served the story. What
did the scene show about the characters?

-Lavyrle:  Culmination of two people who can finally be together.

-E-book:  Introduced me to a sexual position I'd only heard about in a bad way before, and changed my opinion of it.

-F&F:  Heather finally learns to trust Brandon, and surprises him.

-Shanna:  She quits denying the attraction between them, which sets up even more tense moments.

-First Love:  It shows a natural progression of a young woman losing her virginity to someone she trusts.

Day #2 Homework:

 Look at the scenes you used as examples yesterday or pick new scenes that you love (can be from books or movies) and figure out what the writer did to build tension before the big love scene. Did they use the components I listed above? What was the conflict, what were the stakes?
Lavryl:  Characters have been denying themselves, or have had inner conflict, leading up to the final scene.
E-Book:  It ends when she decides to accept his form, and take her happiness in that acceptance.
F&F:  Arguments, misunderstanding, mistrust all around.
Shanna:  Roark is 'forbidden fruit'; therefore they have to sneak around.
First Love:  At the end, it's a natural progression of what happens when you give yourself to someone too soon.

Now it's your turn:  Have I missed anything?  What was YOUR favorite sex scene in a book or movie and why was it memorable?  How did the conflict or tension lead up to this scene?

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Week #3 Of My 'Vacation'

First of all, come over and find out how a certain book has found its way into the hands of women here in the Midwest, and how I'm using it to my advantage, heh heh heh:)

Secondly, since the beginning of my self-imposed 'vacation' from writing, I've managed to watch nearly everything I DVR'd since last January:)  Now I'm catching up on Deadliest Catch, and keeping up with two new shows I've begun watching:  Breaking Pointe and Bunheads.  Yes; I wanted to be a ballerina when I was younger, but being the introvert that I am, never expressed this desire until it was waaaaayyy too late to start!  So for now, I'm living vicariously through Christiana, Allison, Beckanne, and Katie.  And drooling over Ronnie:)

Went to see Rock of Ages, and was gleeful when I discovered yes, I sing Wanted Dead Or Alive better than Tom Cruise:)  Although the man still needed to keep a shirt on.  Or the casting director needed to put someone with a better chest in that role.  About the third time they showed a closeup, I wanted to throw up.  And will someone PLEASE teach him how to kiss on camera?   I really don't need to see his tongue....

Cracked UP when Russell Brand and Alec Baldwin had their duet!  Not gonna spoil it for you, but GO SEE THIS MOVIE!!!

And had an 'OMG-they-stole-my-idea' moment when I saw the previews for Magic Mike.  Let's just say it's VERY close to the idea I wrote down two or three years ago, and have about half of it written.  Josh and Krystal have been sitting at Ruth's Chris Steak House now for quite a while....I may not be able to go see the movie until I write 'the end', for fear of people thinking I 'stole' my idea from it.  Or maybe by the time I get it finished, submitted, and published, enough time will have passed?  Who knows?

This week, my youngling and his dad are off to BSA Day Camp.  So today is Operation Clean House:)  I can relax the rest of the week, lol!

Have a great day everyone!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Flashback Friday: Band Camp:)

June 1982:  Band camp arrived, and with it, the normal romances soon sprung up.  I was still grieving my relationship with K, but soon I only missed him during our two hour free time and at meals.  It didn't help that we made friends with some woodwinds who, it turned out, were in the same tent with K, and they sat at the next table in the cafeteria.

On day #2, my BF J announced she was 'in love' with a certain tuba player.  And at breakfast the next day, he joined us.  Later that day, J came in, upset because D was refusing to attend the traditional 'gong show' that evening, and would I please talk to him?  I agreed, and went to find him.

While he and I were talking, K walked by.  Without thinking, I expressed my own disappointment that my plans had changed.  D told me, 'It could still happen' and wiggled his eyebrows.  Shocked that he'd insinuate such an idea, I shot him down, then proceeded to encourage him to talk to J.  He ended up attending the 'Gong Show', but made it clear he thought the entire thing was hokey.  (Duh, that was the POINT!)

After the show, I was getting ready to settle in for the night, when a male voice outside our door asked for me. It was one of the saxaphone players, who asked if I'd take a short walk with him.  We still had an hour until curfew, so I went outside with him.  He then told me he was fed up with the way K was talking smack about me, and wanted to get him back.  He told me his plan, and I agreed to go along with it.

The next day, I met R at the boat dock, and we paddled out a ways, with my back to the beach.  Suddenly R said, "Here he comes."  He then leaned forward, smoothed my hair behind my ear, and said, "I've been wanting to do this all day."  He kissed me; we heard a splash, along with a snort.

"Disgusting, J---!"

We drew apart and I turned around to see K, paddling furiously away!  R and I high-fived each other, then stayed out in the boat a little longer.  For dinner that evening, fish was served.  I can't stand seafood, so needless to say, I was starving by 9pm.   I knew my mother had a jar of peanut butter, so I walked up to the infirmary, only to be told she'd loaned it to a group of boys.  Even though it was against the rules, she gave me permission to go get it.  Turned out R and his friends had the jar, and K was nowhere to be found, so I fixed myself two sandwiches and chatted with the guys as I ate.  One of R's tentmates was embarrassed by my presence in their messy domain, so he scurried around, collecting dirty clothes and straightening everything up.  An hour later, my hunger sated and my ears full of gossip about K and the rest of the tentmates, I returned to my dormitory.  R escorted me back to the 'neutral zone', since it was, after all, 'after hours'.

R continued to seek me out, sitting at our table during meals, and taking me out in the boat during our free period.  And on the final day, BFF J's boyfriend pulled me aside, after I informed him what bus we were all on (at J's request).

"You know, I've had my eye on you for quite  a while."

"You have?"  My mouth dropped open; nobody had ever expressed interest in me, of all people.

"Yeah.  I thought you were a senior."

"No, I'm a junior."

"I know that now.  Listen, if things don't work out between J and I, you're next in line."

I was too shocked to believe what I was hearing, and too stunned to slap him across the face.

"Just do me a favor and keep this between us, okay?"  He winked and walked off.

I debated whether or not to tell J, but she was so happy, I decided to keep things to myself; surely D would show his true colors before long!

And during the ride home, I was telling J and R about the strange dream I'd had the night before.  When J was engrossed in another conversation, D had the audacity to lean over and whisper, "Were you dreaming about me?"

"Hell no!"  And I ignored him the rest of the trip, plus avoided him the rest of the month during practice.

Next Month:  World's Fair!

Present Day:
Happy one week birthday, Miss Alexandria:)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

"I'd Like To Thank E.L. James..."

I have to confess, I've only read a few snippets of 50 Shades of Gray, and read what other author friends have had to say.  So while I cannot comment on her content, I can state how this has impacted me.

I happen to live in a relatively conservative area.  And in previous years, my attempt to garner readers for myself and other authors has been met with 'Is it Christian Fiction?'

And you may remember I recently acquired a Kindle.  And I take it everywhere.

Last week, I spent three days in the hospital with my daughter and new granddaughter.  Nurses would come in, see me reading on my device, and either mention they were reading 50 Shades of Gray or wanted a Kindle.  And I would graciously pull up my own work, which usually involved handing them a business card.  And in the case of the former, this gave me an awesome opening into Kenzie's work, along with other authors' work I admire:)

So thank you, E. L.'ve opened up the eyes of Rural Indiana readers and have provided me a way to promote my work!

Friday, June 8, 2012

New Arrival:)

My 1st official granddaughter, Alexandria Nicole:)  This 1st pic was taken ten or fifteen minutes after she was born via C-section.

About an hour later, after her 1st bath (she didn't like it, except when they did her back and hair!).  She weighed in at 7 lbs, 4 oz and is 20" long.

My daughter, the new mommy and her daughter:)

My oldest son (Uncle Kyle) with his new niece, now about three hours old:)

Me, holding her, after her 1st feeding.  She's holding Grandma's finger:)

Welcome to the family  Miss Alex/Lexi/whatever we're going to call you!

Note:  Flashback Friday will be back next week!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Flashback Friday: Stroking My Bruised Ego

May 2002:
Recap:  I'd been rudely ousted of my concession manager position and half the community was in an uproar over it.  Coaches, kids, and parents called me in April, complaining of the way things were being handled.

When games began in earnest, I also began to hear complaints from other teams.  My husband witnessed one man returning from the stand with only a hot dog and calling to whomever, "Management changed; it's not as good as it was last year."

One of the visiting coaches we'd gotten to know pulled me aside for my version of the change, then shook her head.  "Why the hell would they change something that ain't broke?"  All I could do was shrug my shoulders.

And L never did ask me to help out during the regular season.

Elsewhere, my oldest had finished the 4th grade and was wishing he could stay in the 4th forever, or at least have his teacher move up with him.  He also completed his 1st year as a Webelo scout, and was looking forward to selecting a Boy Scout troop.  Daughter had completed 1st grade and was looking forward to the next year.  Quite a change for the child who announced the first day "School's too long.  I wanna quit!"  I'd told her, "Why not give it a week before you decide to drop out of school?' She had agreed, and the next day announced she LOVED her teacher, and couldn't wait to see what was going to happen the next day.

Present Day:

Enjoyed my trip home to see my visiting sister:)  We went with Dad to go get Mom's van from the shop, and  did some 'sight seeing' around town, since Wendy hasn't been home very much in the past 20 years.

And here is my lovely mom:)  I suspected part of Wendy's trip home was to assess Mom's health, and I was right.  When Mom called me to tell me of my sister's trip, she also revealed she'd fallen twice the previous week.  No one had told ME, so that immediately set off MY alarm bells!  I'm three hours away by car; Wendy's an entire day away by PLANE!  It's a lot easier for me to drop everything and run up there, but at the same time, we're also on 'baby alert', as my daughter's due to give birth anytime in the next two weeks.

Have a good weekend:)  The full moon is this weekend, and many people are predicting Baby Alex will make her appearance on the 3rd.  I think it would be awesome for this child to be born on a Sunday, and exactly one month after my wedding anniversary, plus one month before her mommy's birthday.  June 3rd is also S's late 'Uncle Mikey's' birthday.  But you know what they say; babies come on their own schedule, not ours.  So keep watching this space; you never know when a new picture will pop up:)