Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Currently Reading: Finished the DS 9 trilogy. I guess I'm getting burned out on the sci-fi, because I picked up the next series, Star Trek: A New Hope and had zero interest after the 2nd chapter. So I picked up Jamie's book, The Duchess and the Dragon, and read it. Very good! I will definitely get copies for my sister and grandmother! Her Wind Dancer comes out in January, so I'm caught up finally.

Next up in the print books: Anna of Byzantium, by Tracy Barrett.

E-book: As I said, I finally was able to buy Ashley Ladd's The Perfect Gift and Brynn's Redemtion: Incubus. So I have plenty of reading material again!

What motivates us to write?



Characters screaming in your head?

I've already discovered deadlines send me into panic mode; ie: NaNo last year and my Caveman deadline. I start off nice and steady, but then panic set in and the procrastinator/control freak in me took over. I had to finally just submit the thing, else I was going to procrastinate my way into missing the deadline.

And at NaNo last year, my wip was going smoothly, when all of a sudden the story came to a natural conclusion. Ummm...okay; it's too short. So I kept going, and then another natural conclusion reared its head. But once again...too short. So I literally wrote a bunch of 'diary' words..."this thing wants to end but it is too short. I need to add a bunch of words in order to make the word count but my muse is exhausted and nothing more is flowing in my brain..." type of thing. At the end, I accomplished the 50K words, but my creativity was fried.

Last year at this time, my fingers were typing as fast as the words would flow. I resented any interruptions, even to the point of leaving the house with my notebook and holing up at Starbucks for an hour or two while my teens did their homework on the computer and kept an eye on the baby.

This summer, several ideas popped into my brain, and I dutifully wrote them down. But one chapter later, the characters left! I have seven wips, all ranging from one page to four chapters. And nobody's talking to me. I'll write a sentence here, three there, but nothing substantial.

In the meantime, my house is clean; I need to finish going through my storage unit; I'm fighting with my computer. JavaScript keeps becoming disabled, which drives me crazy when I'm trying to buy books and the page won't load all the way. I ended up saving my basket (after the 3rd attempt!) at TEB yesterday and waiting an hour before logging in again so I could pay for it!

I had hoped once my kids were back in school, the writing frenzy would return. But apparently I'm supposed to do something else right now.

Just wish I knew what it was.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Busy Monday

Currently Reading: Finished Surprised by Desire last Friday, and was thrilled to see a similarity in the way I handled the issue and the way Katie presented it! Shows great minds think alike, and that we're on the same wavelength:) In about a month, I'll be reading Office Politics. I went through my list Friday night and decided what I'll be reading in the coming weeks:

Sept 29: Dreams of Chimborazo-Leigh Barbour
The Perfect Gift- Ashley Ladd
Redemtion: Incubus- Brynn Paulin

Oct 6: Between a Rock and a Hard On- Cindy Spencer Pape
50 Ways to Hex Your Lover- Linda Wisdom
Rose Quartz- Sandra Cox

Oct 13: Isabella's Diary- Anita Birt
Black on Blonde- Cheryl Dragon
Tempting Tess- Rita Thedford

Oct 20: Confessions of a Nympho- Ashley Ladd
Going Down- Tea Trelawny
Daffodil- Anny Cook

Oct 27: Danger on XY- Vickie Burkholder
Babies in the Bargain- Mona Risk
One of Cindy Spencer Pape's Cowboy books. I'll have to see if they are in any particular order; The Christmas one is up first, but not sure if it's her first Cowboy one, or if they need to be read in any particular order! Suggestion, anyone?

Print Book: I'm on the second DS 9 Rebels book.

First of all, I was saddened by the passing of one of our great movie legends, Paul Newman. I 'fell in love' with him when I was first allowed to watch Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid on television. I also saw him in Absence of Malice, when we had to watch the film for a high school class (can't remember if it was psych or social studies!). I was too young to see The Sting in the movie theatre, and still haven't seen that film. Hmm...must correct that oversight.

I've got three more loads of laundry; I did 4 yesterday. But just as we were leaving for church, we got the call that my MIL was being sent to the hospital, to ward off another round of pneumonia. So after lunch, hubby and I headed over and spent an hour with her. She doesn't have pneumonia, but she has a lot of congestion. Don't know how long she'll have to stay.

I've already sent out an email reminder to my friends, family, and readers about my next two signings; now I need to go send out some personal ones to family and friends not on my electronic list! My hubby can't attend; he'll be out of town. And my teens will have to stay home with the toddler. But I'm hoping I have a few people show up!

My application for the artistic grant is due tomorrow, and I've just discovered my pictures don't have enough pixels. And when I downloaded the template the IAC sent, my pics have disappeared from my hard drive! So have to save them again and attempt to attach them. Hopefully everything will work this time!

Family Week?
As noted, last Wednesday, my SIL showed up for a visit, and my dad arrived on Thursday. Friday afternoon, I received a call from my nephew, wanting to know if I was going to be around later that evening! He arrived after the Homecoming Parade and took us out to dinner. Afterwards, we gathered up our swim suits and went swimming in his motel pool. His daughter, Joanna (I've been calling her Jodi) will be 2 years old in another month, and his wife, Tasha, is expecting their 3rd child any day now. So look for an announcement soon:)

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Tri-State Author Event

Overview of the event; about 60 authors

Myself and Jamie Carie

I was on the front row Barb, they don't show up very well, but your sticky notes are to the left of my LFAW display. Talked up you, Kelly, Anny, Bron, and Dakota when people expressed interest in various genres:)

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Short Version

Had a great time; sold 5; spoke to many authors and shared marketing info.

I came home with 4 books; one of which was Jamie Carie's The Dutchess and the Dragon:) She and I had a great chat while there was a 'lull' in the traffic.

More later; pizza is on its way, as is the spousal unit.

How is your weekend going?

Friday, September 26, 2008

Sick Kids and Computer Probs

Currently Reading: Could not take my eyes off of Isabella's Story! I sat down at the computer after Dad left and had to keep scrolling! Anita did a wonderful job showing the inner turmoil of a young girl and her tyrant father. I wanted to jump in and slap her parents, and rescue her myself:) Now I'm looking forward to Isabella's Diary! So far, this series is a recommended must read for everyone! You can find it at Cerridwen Press:)

Next up: Suprised by Desire by Katie Blu...I'm on chapter 4, I think. The characters are out of the cave and having another encounter at the B&B. Very anxious to get back to this one; I've got some of the same arguments in one of my books, and want to see how close the two solutions are.

Print book: I'm on the last of the DS9 books, a trilogy called The Rebels.

With the changing weather around here, the sniffles have taken over my kids. K has an allergy test next Wed, and is banned from his allergy meds for a week, to ensure an accurate reading. He stayed home on Wednesday.

W also came down with it, and stayed home on Wednesday as well; on Tuesday his teacher reported he was pretty listless. And this active toddler spent the afternoon lying in front of the TV, instead of playing outside with his trucks.

Now it's S's turn. She actually went to bed early last night, and this morning could barely talk. I sent her back to bed and expect her to sleep for another couple of hours.

My desktop continues to have its issues. I've been managing to post, but halfway through reading the other posts, JavaScript disables, and I end up switching to the laptop! Therefore, I do not check my yahoo account unless I'm expecting mail there, and I missed out on Brynn's chat yesterday! Arrrggghhhh! Read the digests today and I missed out on some great excerpts! No problem; I saved the ones I haven't read and will do so later today.

Good Visit!
Yesterday was fun. My dad mentioned he needed exercise, so we walked over to W's school to collect him. W had a great time showing off for his grandpa, and proudly showing him how to look both ways before crossing the streets. And holding tight to Grandpa's hand at the two extra-busy intersections!

We went to Burger King for lunch and watched W play in the Playscape. Afterwards, we went over to Office Max and I picked up my new batch of bookmarks. Dad dropped us at home and went to 'wander Indiana'.

Around 5, he returned and talked with the teens. We went out to dinner at Applebees and had an enjoyable visit. He's looking forward to seeing us again in three weeks when we go up for K's Purdue visit, as well as he and Mom's 45th wedding anniversary. Found out my sister is bringing D and R, so the weekend will definitely be a good one, and my mom will have not only her two chicks but all 5 grandchicks under her roof! (I'd say 'chicklets' but my boys and teens would complain!) And twice in the same year? Amazing! This hasn't happened since...1994, when Wendy came home from the Peace Corps.

I probably won't post until later tomorrow; BB is picking me up bright and early so we can eat breakfast and scope out the other author booths before the event begins. Wish us luck and many sales!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Today's Stupid Saying

Currently Reading: Finished Measure of Healing last night. WOW! I suspected Brie's revelation, but the additional bombshell was unexpected! Great job, Jacquie! I'll be getting to Lover's Stone soon, I hope...gotta check my list.

Next up is Isabella's Story by Anita Birt. With Dad arriving, I'll probably get to it tomorrow.

This is for everyone in Michigan:)

"Show me the verbal agreement! Show me the verbal agreement!"
-Sault St. Marie mayor

My dad is arriving here today, to take us out to lunch and/or dinner. He's got this fascination with driving, and to follow every state road from beginning to end. He called last night, saying he would be in my area today, and could he treat us to a meal?

Hmmm....hard choice there. My cooking, or going someplace where I don't have to cook and help the kids clean up afterwards?

"Sure Dad! What time will you be here?"

Now I just need to do a minor clean-up before he gets here. Goofed off yesterday, reading and doing edits. I did manage to write 3 brand new sentances on one of my wips; otherwise, yesterday was blah.

What's going on in your world? Obviously nothing majorly exciting is going on down here. So tell me your news!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Productive Wednesdays

Currently Reading: Teach Me was fantastic! I loved the way Cindy showed how initial lust can settle into the loving routine of two people who genuinely care about the other's lives!

I'm up to chapter 4 on Measure of Healing, am finding it very well thought out! Can hardly wait to get back to it:)

Finished the 3rd book in TNG series...and could have skipped the 2nd book altogether. Now I'm on the DS9 book. Dr. Bashir has been duped into non-stop gambling for an alien who's determined to bankrupt Quark and wreck havok on the galaxy. I'm on Ch 10...I think. Some of the chapters are only two or more pages.

First of all, a shout out to my BFF Erica. Happy belated 19th anniversary:) Wow...you've managed to put up with D that long; next year we'll have to celebrate your infinite patience:)

I also missed another friend's daughter's 4th??? birthday, so happy belated birthday, S:)

BB, if you're reading this, please email me! (sorry...we're having communication issues!)

When I worked for a trucking company, I overheard my boss say that only the trucks we made on Wednesdays were the first ones to hit the road, so to speak. When I asked why, he said it was because on Monday, workers were hung over from the weekend; Tuesday they were still recovering; Wed they did their best work, and Thursday started anticipating the weekend. Friday trucks were pretty much guarrenteed not to be worth much.

I've noticed this in my promotional life. Mondays, I'm recovering from my 'high' of the signings; Tuesday and Wednesdays I'm fired up and ready to make calls, order promo materials, and even get some writing accomplished. Thursdays are somewhat productive, but it's Laundry day so maybe I'll mainly read. And on Friday, I'm picking out my outfit and preparing for my trip.

Does anyone else do this?

Today's Stupid Saying:

Don't return used condoms to the distributor through the mail.
-note inside a packet of condoms by the Ansell International company of Australia.

Oh yeah. I always want to give tangible evidence that they work, don't you? SNORT!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

"Can I Get a Recount?"

Currently Reading: Enjoyed Seeing Me and Crude Oil:) Wow...I was fanning myself after I read Crude Oil, and it had nothing to do with my current hot flashes! Desiree, does this vacation getaway really exist? Just kidding:) I need to go there...or find something similar!

Next up is Teach Me by Cindy Spencer Pape.

Print Book: I'm almost finished with the third book in TNG Q trilogy, and I'm happy to report what I suspected in the 1st book is proving to be accurate! I have every confidence Captain Picard will get his crew out of this new mess!

Something shocking happened last night.

I discovered I'm no longer popular, at least with this year's group of parents!

I went to the meeting last night (giving up a free meal and free MP3 player, I might add!) to defend my seat on the Policy Council. Two new moms decided to also run, and while we only needed one more person, my name was not chosen.

Okay; last year, I wanted the seat, but another parent pushed hard for it, so I withdrew my name and let him have the position, especially since his child had been part of Head Start the year before.

I found out later he was unable to attend meetings, and by May had resigned from the council.

Thus, I was asked to take his place. And I've loved it!

Maybe I didn't make my position clear enough? I told the twenty-odd people present that I had the social work background and was finally getting up the courage to question some of the decisions made, and that this was my final year to do it. The four of us left the room so the parents could vote.

I was feeling rather confident; my thinking was/is, if you have someone who's already on the council and likes it, keep them in the position!

But apparently others didn't see it that way.

So I guess if one of the two new members decides they can no longer fulfill their obligations to the council, then I will be asked to step up again?

Deja vu...

Back in 1990, I had only been working for an agency for three months when the administration had a huge upheaval, and because of my background, I was bumped up to supervisor. During that transitional summer, I trained people, dealt with a rapid turnover of workers, and calmed developmentally challenged kids and adults when their caregivers suddenly left or moved elsewhere in the facility. The new administrators took over in September and suddenly I was demoted, and the person I had trained and worked with was promoted over me! He didn't agree with the decision, so privately we co-supervised our group, and things went well.

Until my personal life took a turn for the worse four months later, and I had to suddenly leave town to get away from an abusive idiot who couldn't take 'no' for an answer.

Sigh...yes, in a way another rejection, but I'll live. The people who were in favor of my staying on the council were not allowed to vote, as they were staff or part of the parent committee:)

Good thing I have thick skin...for more on this, I'm a guest blogger over at The Grip. Stop by and say hi!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Monday Stuff

Currently Reading: Went on a buying spree. It's wonderful when the hubby says it's okay to buy books:) Bought the following:
Seeing Me-Elyssa Edwards
Crude Oil-Desiree Holt
Teach Me-Cindy Spencer Pape
Isabella's Story-Anita Birt
Measure of Healing-Jacquie Roth
Surprised by Desire-Katie Blu

I also finished reading the second TNG Q-story, and I'm well into the third. I'll probably start reading Seeing Me tomorrow...tonight's the season opener of Heroes:)

I'm having PC issues, so I'll keep this brief.

Today on the agenda is doing the banking, laundry, and if I can get the desktop to stop throwing a hissy fit, I might even get some writing accomplished!

Tonight I have a Parent's meeting, to defend my Policy Council seat. I've only been on the council for 4 months, and am finally figuring out what the hell I'm doing! So I have to stick around for the rest of the year:)

For better topics, check out the links to the right and hopefully I'll have something witty to say tomorrow.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sunday Stuff

Currently Reading: Finished the Star Trek original series books, and am not on TNG ones, of which there are only 3. They all involve the character Q; I'm on the second one.

Thank you everyone who commented yesterday:) For the record, I'd like to thank AJ (who's recovering from a gall bladder attack last night), Anny, and Kelly for getting me started on this blog excursion! It was through them that I met everyone and spawned my out-0f-control TBB list! I'm happy to announce it is down from 99 to 68 and dropping weekly...okay, sometimes it fluctuates. Many of you are turning books out every month, while mine's been out for a year and two of my manuscripts have been making the rounds and getting rejected:) That's okay; LFAW was rejected many times too!

I've got a full schedule today: Church, visiting the MIL, grocery-shopping, and doing Laundry Goddess duty.

Hope everyone enjoyed yesterday's 'discussion':)

Check out what everyone else is doing and I'll be back tomorrow!

Friday, September 19, 2008

1st Anniversary:)

Welcome! I’m Amy Callahan, and today is the 1st anniversary of Molly’s Musings! Yes, it’s hard to believe that one short year ago, everyone in Bloggerland was introduced (rather scandalously, I might add) to myself, Gretchen McLaren, and Elicia Keller. Since Keri Patterson and Caitlyn McCarty weren’t present last year, I thought a few of us would get together, reminisce about the year, and introduce Keri and Cait to everyone. So sit back, drink some wine with us, and enjoy the party!

Amy: Wow…Molly sure wandered all over the place this past year, didn’t she? Music, rants, publishing info…

Gretchen (smiling): I noticed you got most of the attention, though.

Amy: I did, didn’t I? Just wait until it’s your turn.

Keri: My favorite post was when she talked about her Indy 500 memories.

Cait: You would! At least you got mentioned; my only mention has been a ‘where is she’ moment!

Amy: Give her time, give her time!

Keri: Did you know she cut out the first six chapters of my relationship with Kyle?

Gretchen: Yeah…I think she’s about to do some major surgery on my story as well. Did you hear we’re not classified as Romance, but Women’s Fiction?

Keri: Yeah; what’s up with that? Mine is all about romance!

Amy: Umm…hate to break this to you, Keri…you realize your book doesn’t end quite yet?

Keri: Yeah, so…that’s life!

Amy: If it’s not a HEA, then the romance readers don’t want to read it.

Keri: But I get my HEA later…

Amy: Doesn’t count. And don’t give away anything! You’re still being considered, remember?

Keri: Didn’t you hear I got rejected? (grumbling) Story of my life right now.

Gretchen: Aim…she was rejected in May! Where the hell have you been?

Amy (ducking): Sorry; I’d forgotten that. I’ve been doing signings with Molly all summer.
Keri: She’s suffering from heat exhaustion.

Cait: No, the attention has swelled her ego!

Amy: Actually, the last one was quite cold! (changes subject) My favorite posts were when she discussed her writing.

Gretchen: Did you see the ones where she talked about new characters? Did you know we’re not the only ones she writes about?

Keri: Yeah; some people named Angie, Brad, Emma, and Steve.

Cait: Don’t forget Tammy and Kevin! (fanning herself) I read part of that book and wow! Sex in every chapter!

Amy: Molly’s mom isn’t gonna be happy with her!

Gretchen: That’s why she invented another pen name. I don’t think Arbordale could take the heat!

Cait: I don’t know; it got rather steamy at times here! She just didn’t describe everything in ours.

Keri: You obviously haven’t read the shower scene in mine, or the Valentine’s Day date I had with Kyle.

Cait (rolling her eyes): I’m not even finished with the first chapter of Amy’s! You know I have better things to do with my time except read!

Amy: Okay; moving on. Caty, what was your favorite post?

Cait (impatiently): I haven’t checked my email for months and you ask if I read her blog? I liked the Christmas memories from last year, and when she talked about her devotions.

Gretchen: You haven’t read it since last year?

Cait: I told you; I have better things to do than to stay online all day.

Amy: Yet you knew about Tammy and Kevin…and your ‘where is she’ post.

Cait: That happened in the first week, and Tammy and Kevin were her NaNo project in November. I was reading it back then! I just decided to stop reading when she went into the boring, ‘I-am-a-mom’ stuff. I didn’t even enter her contest in February. Oh wait…I did…but it was another Caitlyn!

Gretchen: I enjoy her ‘Currently Reading’ sections. I’m loving some of those books myself!

Amy: Where does she find the time? She writes, she blogs, she does the Mommy thing, keeps up with the housework…whew! I’m worn out just thinking about it!

Gretchen: Same way you do. Scheduling. Letting things slide when you get ‘in the zone’. Oh, and I love her promotional ditties for her friends’ books!

Keri: Yeah; I enjoyed those too! Think anyone will ever make up one for us?

Gretchen (choking): Let’s hope they don’t base it on these discussions!

Timmy the Rat, Pt 2

Currently reading: William Shatner wrote Ashes of Eden, which I finished yesterday, and now I'm on The Return. Both are Star Trek books. I'm enjoying The Return, because it has some of the characters from TNG in it! Just checked; so does the next one I'll read, and then I'll move on to TNG series.

Success! Don't know why this didn't work 2 hours ago...

He pondered on this. She had given him a clue when she gave him this.

She had told him, “May the force be with you”, whatever that meant. He noticed that the pendant had a jewel in it. He touched it and it began to glow. He took it out and stuck it in his mask which had a hole the size of the jewel. The hole had been meant for a three eyed rat but he was normal just had two and never thought about sewing it up. He put the jewel in the hole it fit perfectly. Then all of a sudden he felt like he had the strength of twenty rats.

Timmy flew over and got a really big stick. Then flew over to where everyone was stuck in the mud. Lowered it down and pulled them all out. He had done it. He, Timmy, had pulled the Wonder Pets and Herman out of the mud. They all thanked him. The wonder pets even offered him a job with Nickelodeon studios working as a Wonder Pet. He told them no thank you he was waiting for a job with the Sci-Fi channel doing movies as an experimental rat who could talk, fly, and have super strength. Maybe even go through a Stargate some day as a guest on Stargate Atlantis. That’s where he felt his calling. They all thanked him again. The Wonder Pets climbed into there vehicle and flew back to the class room. Herman thanked Timmy as well and hopped off. Timmy, however, didn’t go back to his moralities.

Timmy looked up and saw this huge dark thing in the sky. He started to fly towards it. The object grew and grew. It was now the size of the moon and growing. Timmy flew then he entered space and continue to fly towards it and it continued to grow he noticed that this object was dangerously close to a near by planet known to him as Flagellum. The object all of a sudden had this bright flash brighter than any Fairy light he knew of. Then Flagellum had disappeared…


Thursday, September 18, 2008

Day #2 of the Job Shadow

Friday: For some reason, I cannot do a new post. I've tried several times, and I don't know what the problem is! So keep checking back; maybe blogger will quit telling me 'Error...try again'!

If all else fails, I'll add it to the end of this post. Or do something else...stay tuned!

Okay...I've posted Pt 2 on Kenzie's Place. Go and read happily:)

I'll continue to try thoughout the day to post it here.

"Today, I want you to write me a story."

"What? No way..."

"I'm serious. Start with 'Once upon a time...' and end with 'happily ever after'. A simple, 1 or two page story."

"Okay...Once upon a time there was a kid whose mom forced him to write a stupid story. He..."

"Stop talking and go write it down."

"Can I type it?"


So with his permission, here is Pt 1 of his story, titled 'Timmy the Rat'.

Once upon a time there was a rat. But not just any rat, he had special powers.

His name was Timmy. Timmy had the ability to fly. He flew around the forest just as happy as could be. He had even found himself a cape to war with a mask to go with it. As he was making his rounds through the forest he heard a cry for help. So he listened to where to the cry came from and he followed it. He cam out into a clearing with a pond in the center of it.

The problem was obvious at first sight. There had been a baby frog and he had cried out to the Wonder Pets who came to help. While they were trying to help the baby frog, who was stuck in some really thick mud, they had got themselves stuck and now were all crying out for help.

The frog, Herman, was in the middle of the mud followed by Tuck, who thought he could help because he was a fellow amphibian, then, Ming Ming tried to fly tuck and herself out, had gotten stuck in doing this, and then Lenny who used a stick to get them out did not have enough strength and had fallen in and got stuck. So Timmy seeing all this called out to them and told them to not be afraid that he would get them out.

Timmy went over to the edge of where they were and thought of how he was going to get them out. He could fly and assist those who needed him before but this was more than he was used to but he liked a challenge. He had been working out in his little home and had been able to bench the weight of 100 snails. That’s right 100, impressive by most standards. He knew that this was way more than 100 snails. It was more like 1000 snails. (Now I’m not trying to say that the Wonder Pets and Herman are fat but Herman is a Bull Frog and that makes him bigger that the average frog one usually sees.)

Timmy remembered that the queen fairy, Veronica, had given him a pendant. Veronica had said that this pendant would help him some day do something that seemed impossible. He thought that to day was that day. But the one thing she had conveniently forgot to mention was how to activate it.

Part 2 will be posted tomorrow:)

And the best part? Once he got started, he said the ideas started flowing! Granted, he has a long ways to go, but it's a start:) And he still has some 'tweaking' to do on the ending today. So that will be his assignment; finish the story and then he'll help me with a few chores before he catches a ride to school.

The spouse returned to work today!

Check out what BB, Anny, Ashley, and Regina are up to today. And on The Deadly Vixens, this entire week they are posting interviews with editors of The Wild Rose Press and giving some great advice!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Day #1 of the Job Shadow

Currently reading: Forget what I said the other day about not reading the Star Trek series in order. K accidentally knocked over the box, and when he put them back, they were topsy-turvy. And when I woke up at 4:30 am yesterday, I decided to organize them. So I'm reading the original series first, of which there are only 5. I already read Vulcan Force, and am now on Sarek.

"You mean you were serious? But Mom..."

"No buts. Here; proof-read this...without spell check."


(Five minutes later)

"Okay; it's done."

"Good. Now hit 'control A'..."

"You mean I'm not done? But you said..."

"You're going to actually work for a few minutes. Now just follow my instructions."

"Can't I do it this way? (Demonstrates.) Oh...why isn't it working?"

"See? Do it my way."

(Argues with the computer why his 'normal method' isn't working)

(Sigh) "Okay Mom...how did you do that again?"

He successfully copies the manuscript and is amazed when he discovers if he listens to his mother, she actually does know what the hell she's talking about!

He 'worked' with me for 30 minutes, and then I released him to eat some breakfast and watch some Stargate episodes. He also helped me with the laundry; cleaned up the living room; played with his little brother; and went to the store for some milk.

What's on tap today? I may take him over to campus and show him around. Or have him write a story. And we will definitely go back to the storage unit and go through some more boxes!

Check out the new kid on the blog, BB Walter:) Ha! I finally figured out how to do that! Okay...Tabitha showed me how the other night...

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

How Long Does it Take to Air Up a Tire???

Auto Tech 101

Option #1: Do It Yourself.

Step 1: Pull up to air hose.
Step 2: Insert air nozzle into uncapped tire stem.
Step 3: Check pressure with tire gauge; replace cap.
Step 4: Replace air hose on the canister.
Step 5: Drive away.

Elapsed time: 60 seconds or less. More if you need to air multiple tires.

Option #2: The Walmart Way

Step 1: Drive up to auto bay and inquire about air hose. Told to drive into bay and talk to CSM at the counter.
Step 2: Ask CSM about putting air into tire. Answer questions pertaining to road hazard warranty of the tire, including a phone call to Walmart store 100 miles away to verify the tire, and told to sit.
Step 3: Wander store looking for wife, who is grocery shopping. Find her at the cookie aisle.
Step 4: Give wife credit card to pay for groceries; return to auto center and discover said tire has been taken off car, removed from the rim, and checked for leaks.
Step 5: Remove toddler from stack of tires.
Step 6: Discover the guy working on tire has gone to lunch.
Step 7: Explain to wife why the delay.
Step 8: Find toddler in flower aisle.
Step 9: Explain to manager that there was NO PROBLEM with the tire; all you needed was a shot of air!
Step 10: Wife distracts toddler by looking at flashlights.
Step 11: Told worker is back from lunch and will have tire back on car soon.
Step 12: Console toddler when door alarm goes off, scaring him. The manager accidentally set it off with her card.
Step 13: Tell the guy you KNOW there was no evidence of a nail or even a leak!
Step 14: Follow him to your car and listen to him apologize profusely for the misunderstanding.
Step 15: Drive away thinking, “What part of ‘I need air in my tire’ didn’t you understand?”

Elapsed time: 1 hour, 15 minutes!

If the ONLY air hose at the gas station on this side of town hadn’t been broken, option #2 could have been avoided! This actually happened yesterday from 2-3:15 pm!

I was finished shopping by 2:30. The entire incident went from absurd to insane by the time we left!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Proof About Texting and Driving

Three years ago, I followed my stepdaughter to her hometown so she could have a ride back after selling her van. Since I was unfamiliar with the area, I let her drive back. I noticed after a few moments that we seemed to be drifting close to the shoulder; I looked over and she had one hand on the wheel and the other on her cell phone, her thumb passing over the keypad.

"Please don't text while driving my vehicle," I requested firmly.

She smiled sheepishly and closed her phone. The rest of the drive went smoothly.

Last Friday, a deadly train wreck occured in California. The cause?

One engineer was texting a train enthusiast and missed his red light, causing him to be on a head-on collision course with another train. 25 people were killed; 130 injured.

My spousal unit has witnessed many people talking on cell phones and plowing into stopped traffic, simply because they were not paying attention to the traffic pattern. I used to drive pre-schoolers to school and had a radio in the car. I was stopped at a red light; received a call; I picked up the mike and for whatever reason, also stepped on the gas and promptly drove through the intersection!

My first thought immediately following was, "OMG...was that light still red?" I finished speaking to my supervisor and checked the rearview mirror. Yep...still red! I was lucky there had been no oncoming traffic! And with five children under the age of 6 with me!

And soon after getting my first cell phone, I was chatting happily with my bff while on a deserted perimeter road around the airport (I was taking a short cut home in the early evening, to avoid the traffic) and doing a pretty good job of staying aware. But, we got on a heavily debated topic and I looked up just in time to slam on the brakes to avoid driving through a stop sign and hitting truck who had the right away. After that scare, I vowed not to talk on the cell and drive at the same time!

I don't have a cell phone at the moment, but the spouse and teens do. And now talking on the cell and driving has been outlawed, and I've cautioned the 16-yr-old about texting! And having seen this train wreck on the news, you'd better believe I plan on showing it to him when he gets home!

Hurricane Ike Arrived
I know; I live in Indiana. So how could we be hit by a hurricane? The wind and rain blew in yesterday, causing power outages and falling tree limbs. None fell on our house, but a couple fell across the street. No damage over here; just two power blips and debris in the street. But a county to the northeast still has power issues and two school systems are on delays because of it.

Everything moved out by 6pm and the weather has cooled considerably:) We'll be heading back to the storage unit later this afternoon.

Anniversary Approacheth
I'm also coming up on the anniversary of this blog. Is there anyone out there who would like a copy of one of my books, or would you prefer a goody package? Let me know, either via the comments or storimom2@aol.com and I'll think up a contest or something. Maybe just a random draw that day.

Monday, Monday...
I'm heading down to sort the laundry and start my day. I'll also be checking in with my friends' blogs in about an hour. What's on your Monday agenda? If I'm lucky, I'll also get some writing accomplished. I'm using Judith's suggestion for the rewrite, and will post it today on the Novel Sisterhood Member Madness Day, to see how everyone likes it.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Eye-Catching Headline??

Currently Reading: Finished French Tart last night, and boy is it funny! I can't wait to read the next one:)

I also finished 2 DS9 books and am now on an original Star Trek book. I'm not reading them in any particular order; just reaching in and grabbing like always. So the series' will be mixed, and when I get them all read, then I'll put them in series and numerical order.

Hopefully I'll be ordering Anita Birt's Isabella's Story and Elyssa Edwards' Seeing Me today or tomorrow! I might even be able to get Desiree Holt's Crude Oil. And oh yes...must go to the library and check out Janet Evonovich's Lean Mean Thirteen for the NSH discussion next Sunday...we're taking a break from writing topics.

I had a brainstorm last night, just as I was settling down. I've been told that one of my stories begins too slowly, and I had the brilliant idea of starting it off with the newspaper headline which throws her into a tizzy for the entire first chapter.

The problem is...I want to make it catchy.

Two years ago, the hero made a stupid move. He got high on X and broke into his girlfriend's house to steal the electronics. He was in the process of unhooking her stereo in her room when she woke up and caught him. She managed to get her brother's attention, who subdued him while she woke up her parents and called the police.

He's the town's Golden Boy; the basketball star. And after 2 years behind bars, he's going free. And determined to win his girlfriend back, plus prove to the community he's changed.

So what should the headline read?

"Golden Boy Gets Parole"?

"Hometown Hero Goes Free"?

"Good Behavior Earns Get Out of Jail Card"?

"Star Earns Get Out of Jail Card"?

"Star Out on Good Behavior"?

Any suggestions would be helpful!

Today, more rain is due to fall. Ike is making his way to the Midwest. We were going to do some more rummaging through the storage unit, but D and K decided to watch Stargate and Stargate Atlantis all day. So yesterday was pretty lazy!

Don't know what's on tap for today, other than Church and visiting the MIL.

The other day, the Deadly Vixens interviewed Cathy Yardley. I went to her site and liked what I saw! If you like updated fairy tales, check out her site . I plan on adding at least two of her books to my TBB list.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Forgiveness and Today's Stupid Saying

I was spiritually slapped this morning. Forgiveness is the topic for the next several days, and it dawned on me that I'm still carrying around a seed of resentment toward a member of my old community.

Some might say I have reason to still be angry; this person was responsible for kicking me out of a prominent position in our small community, and was also responsible for causing a huge crack between loyalies.

And even though this happened over six years ago, I feel the same animosity toward him as I did back then.

When I saw him last weekend, I waved to his wife (who I bear no animosity towards...she's always been friendly) and spoke to her about my books. He, on the other hand, ignored me completely. Fine.

But when I arrived home and was recounting everyone I had seen, his name came up and my husband launched into a recap of everything the man had done to destroy my credibility and the organization's.

And then I read this a few moments ago: The grace that God pours out on each of us should be our motivation and example. If we have received his loving pardon, then we simply must do the same for others, even when it seems difficult or unfair.

Forgiveness is far more than a simple 'I forgive you' statement. It involves a total change of action and attitude that declares, "Though you wronged me, I love and forgive you. I wish you the best and will help you however I can." Pray for those who wrong you, and release your resentment.

While I try not to retaliate when I'm wronged (yes, I've done it in the past, and have only prolonged the hurt!), I am guilty of holding onto the hurt and using it to make myself feel good when I need an ego boost. And I've done that this week, by rehashing old hurts with D. So starting today, I'm going to try something new: I'm going to include this man in my daily prayers, and when I see him again next year I should see some change in either my attitude or his. Most likely mine, but who cares? Hey...it worked for the relationship between myself and neighbor once!

Stupid Saying
Today's saying caught my eye because it was a sign in my hometown! Enjoy:)

Used Cars: These cars won't last long! (Actual sign on now-defunct auto dealership)

Yesterday's was better:

Reason for more bear sightings? More bears! (Actual newspaper headline)

Check in with the blogs to the right. Maybe someone else has a lighter discussion for today!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Rainy Friday

Currently Reading: Still reading my DS9 book. Will get to French Tart later:)

Had a power outage yesterday, so I wasn't able to read my next e-book or even spend any time online. So, we went to storage again.

Boxes/Bags repacked and labelled: 30
Boxes/Bags set aside for donation: 2
Items brought home: 1 box of coffee cups; 2 toddler plates and sippy cup for neighbor.

Kids get out early today, and if the rain lets up, we'll go back. We're halfway down the left wall of the unit:)

I also horrified K: Since he's passed the ISTEP test and no longer needs to take it, the school has decreed he and others do one of two things on the mornings they don't have school.

1) Job-shadow someone
2) Visit a college

Guess what he and a friend has decided?

"We're going to job-shadow YOU, Mom!"

Hahaha...he thinks he can watch me type for 5 minutes and then disappear downstairs to veg out on Stargate Atlantis. I informed him he will be proof-reading!

"Noooo! You mean we have to READ your love scenes?? Oh noooo..."

"Not the steamy stuff. You can proof the non-sex chapters."

He was okay with that. But I'm also going to have both boys write something! Don't know if it will be just a journal entry or if I'll have them write a short story. Anyone got any ideas? Oh yeah...they both drive, so I could send them to Jackie's house for more landscaping duty...

Have a great weekend! And keep the Texas population in your prayers. Ike is already showing up in Galveston. The am weatherman, Dave Price, was drenched when he tried to do his weather report this morning! It made a great comic relief moment, and is sure to pop up on a 'blooper' video at some later date!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

9/11 and Treasures in Storage

Currently reading: Finished Jewels of the Nile! Loved the 5th and 6th stories, especially Making the Madam! Great twist on the inheritance story:) If you've not bought this anthology, go do so...it will keep you scrolling!

The current time is 8:30 am.

Seven years ago, I was composing an email to a friend when I realized the radio was no longer playing music. I really couldn't hear it anyway, so I kept typing. Suddenly an IM popped up on my computer screen with the news an airplane had hit a building in New York and to go watch the news. I typed, "BRB...just got a message about a plane hitting a NY building." and went to investigate.

What followed was something out of a horror movie.

People running in the streets; news anchors interviewing witnesses covered in debris; the initial videos of the plane hitting the towers. I went back to my home office and told my friend I'd continue later and hit 'send'. I went back to the news and arrived just in time to see the second plane hit the other tower.

I called my mother, who told me about a 3rd plane in Pennsylvania, and as we were on the phone, the Pentagon was hit. We hung up so we could pay attention to the news.

And then the towers started falling.

But what struck me the most was the issue of how people faced death. If you're faced with the possibility of burning to death, or jumping out of a 80-story building, which do you choose? Do you try to get out and hope you're one of the lucky ones, or do you give your life to God and hope for a swift death? Or do what so many did, and jump out the window, hoping you either a) land on somnething soft or b) die of fright before you hit the ground? Those images of what I watched will stay with me forever.

I sincerely hope and pray that whoever takes over this country in two months and in the years to come will find a solution to this terrorist problem so that no other soul has to endure the tragedies of 9-11.

My toddler had a field day yesterday. We went to our storage unit and he discovered a toy box full of things he'd never seen! Toy trucks, My Size Angel Barbie, toy horses...all ended up coming home with us. We're going to give it a week and then quietly start donating the toys he declared were his 'favorites!'

And I discovered an entire box of books I hadn't read! How could I forget the Star Trek books? Deep Space Nine, TNG, and even some original series ones:) I'm up to chapter six on one where Quark loses his money.

I also found my Marian Keys books, Sushi for Beginners, Rachel's Holiday, and Angels. I'd love to read the rest of her books. And there's a funny story about Sushi...my sister had given it to me for Christmas; six months later, I'm sitting in a doctor's office and happened to pick up a month-old copy of People magazine. Imagine my surprise when in the 'Pages' section, there is a 'new hardback' review of Sushi for Beginners! I had the paperback; how in the world could it be 'new'??

I kept reading: Apparently, the US was just now finding out about this witty author, who lives in Canada! And when I got home, I checked the copyright. Yup, about a year earlier, in Canada! There are perks to having international siblings...

Boxes/Bags repacked and labelled: 26
Boxes/Bags for donation: 4
Boxes/bags lugged home: 1

We'll see how far we get today!

Go over to Bron and Brynn's blogs and wish Brynn and Caitlyn a Happy Birthday:) And Kenzie's talking about wedding rings and the latest 'trend'. Check out http://kenziemichaels.blogspot.com and see if you agree.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Computer Issues

Currently reading: Read HUTC and the 4th story; both excellent! Will get to the 5th one later this afternoon. Did I mention I won French Tart by Sloane Tayler last week? Haven't started on it yet, but will probably get to it by Friday. Haven't bought anything new yet.

I'm having to resort to my temporary office again. Yesterday, the laptop wouldn't load my aol mail, so came here to read and delete. Today, my desktop/internet is having connection issues...it's like dial-up all over again.

Seriously; after the screen finally loaded, I clicked on the mail icon and went to make the bed. When I was finished, it was loading the screen. I clicked on my first message and waited...and waited...so I went and did my QT. Five minutes later, my message was up! And then tried to load a web page.

Ten minutes later, nothing was happening, so I managed to sign out and shut off the PC. Ticked off my hubby when I grabbed my notebook and went out the door!

Update: while I was gone, hubby found our new anti-virus software we'd gotten three weeks ago and loaded it. So far it's found over 300 items! NO WONDER the thing wouldn't run!

Today we may actually get some work accomplished on the storage unit. Yesterday we took my canopy and table over, and made a plan on how to proceed. After we pick up the toddler and have lunch, we're heading over.

Good news!
I totalled up how many books I've sold this year, and it is a modest 51:) Why is this good news? LFAW has out-sold LIS in its first year! I've either gotten better at promotion or my confidence in myself is paying off. I've sold 37 copies of LFAW this year, and it took me 4 years to sell that many copies of LIS. Of course, crawling into a hole and hiding for the first six months after I was published didn't do me any good either...

Now I just need to find a publisher for the next one:)

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Regina's Totally Tasteless Limerick

Last week on the EC chat page
Regina Carlysle took the stage
Killer Curves is her book
With its fabulous look
Smokin' excerpts were all the rage!

So go to the site if you please
The excerpt she's posted will tease
It's easy to buy
You know I won't lie
It's so hot though, you might need a breeze!

Hope you like this, Reg...Sorry I missed the chat. Wish I could have had internet access so I could join in and get warm!

I'm still catching up from being gone all weekend. Yesterday, I took care of the living room while hubby tackled the kitchen. Now, K is in a snit because I didn't have time to do the laundry. Funny...S discovered she was out of clothes and did a load all by herself last night! Why didn't he ask her to throw in something of his? We'll never know.

It's going to be cooler today, so while the laundry is being washed, we're going to try to make a trip over to storage and start weeding out the stuff we don't need. And make a grocery run as well.

Don't know if I'll get any writing accomplished today or not. It depends on how long our errands take, and how long we stay at the storage unit.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Recap and my 4th 'Child'

My trip was successful:) If I had known that eating Subway was going to kick-start the sales, I'l have eaten a lot earlier!

No, seriously...Friday night was cold. When the temperature started falling, I was only concerned with staying warm, and by 9pm I no longer cared if anyone came by; I was in countdown mode until K arrived to pick me up.

I did have several people stop by and inquire, and I was surprised by the number of MEN who were asking about them! I also spoke to several people who 'always thought about writing', and told them about NaNoWriMo. I also answered publishing questions and how hard was it to write my first one.

We had also stopped by the school and spoke to several teachers and old friends before going on to the festival. The first question was always, "Are you coming back?"

Saturday, my goal was to sell 3 books so I could put gas in my car, and one so I could get something to eat. K went with me and napped; several people stopped by to joke about what to do to his unconscious self, and looked at the books, but no one bought. Until after K left to go back to his friend's house and a friend of mine showed up. She had read the rough draft of LFAW and bought me dinner while we talked. And since she'd just fed me, I went ahead and autographed a copy for her. Fifteen minutes after she left, I sold 3 more, and was able to fully gas up my Buick:) When K arrived back around 10pm, he was thrilled that yes, he could now get an ice cream cone or an elephant ear, as I needed to break a large bill for the next day. The temp was slightly better; I had taken a blanket with me, but didn't need to wrap up in it until nearly 9:30pm!

Sunday morning, we got up early and went to church. I'll confess, I did something a little tacky. I took a copy of LFAW and my oversized postcards. Several of my friends were thrilled to see the book, and eagerly took the postcards. Everyone was glad to see myself and K, and inquired about W and hubby's health.

Our host for the weekend took us out to lunch, and after we'd dropped off his son at band practice, we continued back to the house where we hugged him goodbye and got in our car. Arrived at the festival and since it was parade day, saw even more people from our old neighborhood. It's also interesting to tell the true friends from the fake ones: The true friends hug you, ask about the entire family, and we catch up. The fake ones simply say hi, and keep on walking. I'm happy to report I have more true ones in that community! Two years dulled my memory somewhat, but I'm okay with the snubs I did receive. And my daughter had the same experience: She attended volleyball practice, and came away with the knowledge that her old friends still want to be friendly, and only one girl is still stuck-up. But S had a wonderful weekend helping to house-break a new puppy and reconnecting with her friends. We all watched the parade, and I'm sad to say the batteries in my camera died on Saturday, so there are no pics of the marching band.

Unless S took some...I found out four hours later she had hers!

I did sell two more books before we broke down the booth and headed for home, so we stopped in Terre Haute for dinner at Mack Shack.

WARNING: If you don't want to hear a rant about my homecoming, STOP READING and click on a more enjoyable blog to the right. I'm pissed and justifiably so.

I came home to discover my house looked like Hurrcane Hanna had arrived. Yes, I know she went up the East Coast, but she spawned a tornado in my house! My 54-year-old child decided to pull the passive-aggressive stunt and did not pick up after himself or the toddler. He fed W, but didn't clean up anything! And when I asked him why, his reply?

"I just said 'F*** it. I didn't want to deal with it."

Okay...and he's said repeatedly over the years he doesn't want to work 40 hours a week and come home and clean? What about me? I worked hard all weekend, but it's okay for ME to come home and clean?

"You weren't working; you went off and left me with no transportation."

Okay, fine. Don't want to act like an adult? I won't treat him like an adult! I've informed him that as soon as I finish posting, he's going to help me. And guess what his chore will be? The messy kitchen that got my blood BOILING last night when I saw it! When I left Friday morning, everything was in good condition. Last night we walked in, the trash was overflowing; the sink was piled high; the ice cube trays were stacked in the drainer.

Before I blew a gasket, I walked into the bathroom and noticed the toilet paper was low. Good; I volunteered to go to the store and cool off before I ended up in a lawyer's office this morning. The man couldn't walk 3 BLOCKS for milk or a four-pack of TP?

His excuse? "That's too far for a 4-year-old."

Oooookaaaaayyyy....so all those times he let W walk down there with his older siblings was over-taxing to the toddler? Riiiiiight....

Okay. I'll quit boring you with my homecoming rant and go unload on him. I've not checked in with my friends yet; I'll get to it later. Right now, I hear another cup of coffee calling me.

Friday, September 5, 2008


Currently Reading: JOTN Story #2: Erotic Sacrifice by Cynthia Rayne. Forget what I said a week ago about yada yada-ing the sex scenes! WOW! I'll admit, the religious aspect of this story bothered me, but I read every single word. And guess what #3 is? Hot Under the Collar, by Katie Blu:) Since I don't have an e-reader, I'll get to this one again on Monday. And that also means my schedule for book-buying has been moved up. Looks like Anita Birt's Isabella's Story, Elyssa Edwards' Seeing Me, and Desiree Holt's Crude Oil are next:)

I'm running away from home today, and I'm taking two of my kids with me. S is being dropped off at her friend's home, and she's looking forward to seeing a couple of her old friends over the weekend.

K is also connecting with a friend, but he's also going to be my chauffer. And help me set up/tear down! That way, I don't have to worry about fighting for parking, but I will have to trust he remembers to pick me up each night!

Have a great weekend and I'll report back either Sunday night or Monday. Just depends on how tired I am.

Be sure to check out the blogs to the right, and especially AJ, Dakota, and Regina's blogs, as Regina's new book, Killer Curves, is released today! I'm waiting to hear back if she wants a release ditty. I've not written one in a while...hmmm...will have all weekend to work on it!

Here's a thought for the upcoming election:
How about we just elect both candidates; have a co-presidency. And then let the American people vote for which policies to implement? I know; probably would never work. But it was just a thought I had this morning! Don't throw things at me...I'm leaving town anyway!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Gustav is Approaching!

Currently Reading: Read the first story in JOTN, and LIKED it! Interesting world BJ McCall has created...if I have time, I'll read the next story.

Forgot to mention: I won Sloane Taylor's French Tart in the Novel Sisterhood Challenge over the weekend, and it arrived in my inbox yesterday:)

We're about to receive some much-needed rain. And the good part? It's all supposed to be gone and into Ohio by Friday afternoon!

Which means, not only will the festival be DRY this weekend, but the humidity and temps should be veeeery nice! Highs in the mid to upper 70's! So to all my friends who have been sweltering in the heat, hop on I-70 to Indianapolis; get off at exit 54 (I think??? It's been a year since I've been up there!) SR 39 and turn EAST. You'll run right into the middle of Monrovia:)

There will be rides, food, games, and vendors. And you'll also see ME! I've got a green canopy and a large table with my books, promo items, and three other author's books to show anyone who's interested. Not for sale; just for show. I'll be there from Friday night until Sunday afternoon...after the parade, the thing pretty much winds down! I'm hoping for many sales; several of my old friends and neighbors don't even know the second book has been published yet, and the ones I've told, I hope they spread the word!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Women, Genetics, and Gov't Assistance

Currently Reading: Read Bad Brad, by Cheryl Dragon the other night, and I think I'm burning out on the BSDM stories. I enjoyed the interaction and the love between the two men, but I'll have to reread this again in a couple of months.

Also finished Mating Stone, by Elyssa Edwards, and wow! Very well done! I was initially ready to jump into the story and shake Luke and Mark for their evasiveness, but when everything was explained...now I can't wait to read Lover's Stone! And I love the way a certain children's song played through the entire book:)

Got a surprise yesterday: Kelly sent me Jewels of the Nile, and I went ahead and read Hot Under the Collar. I loved it! I laughed all the way through the story! The humor is priceless, and especially the way she describes some of the scenes! And the one-liners...do me a favor and just buy the book! I promise you; you won't be disappointed in Katie Blu's contribution! I'll be reading Surprised by Desire in a few weeks; I'm sorry this author only wrote 3 books. But hopefully the humor continues in her new genre! Today I'll go back and begin reading the other stories in this anthology.

Word Count: 1633 in two days.

WARNING: This post contains three potentially explosive issues. If you're not in the mood for controversy, please skip today's post.

I don't usually get into political discussions, but as I was watching the morning news, something got my attention.

Rudy Giulliani fired back at Maggie Rodriguez for asking if a woman with five children, one of which is a special-needs child, could really run for the second-highest office. He replied that no one ever asked Obama, or any other male candidate, if fatherhood was an issue during the campaign.

And the man has a point. Let's face it; mothers have many hats, and most of us are very capable of juggling responsibilities! Organization is the key. And I'll admit, I didn't really start paying attention to politics until the Clinton years, and I don't recall if that question was ever brought up to Sandra Day O'Conner when she was first put on the bench of the Supreme Court. I was in high school at the time (I think...might have been jr. high), and could have cared less at the time what was going on.

I know nothing about Palin's political career, but if the people of Alaska elected her while pregnant, and are very happy with her, then I think she's proving herself capable of whatever comes her way. Will I vote for her and McCain? I'm still undecided who I'm voting for in November.

A Cheating Gene?
I'm shaking my head over this one. So now compulsive cheaters have an excuse? "It's genetic...I can't help myself..." BULLSHIT! There is ALWAYS a choice!

Just like homosexuality...alcoholism...depression...there is always a choice. It's a proven fact that I've gotten a genetic whammy when it comes to alcoholism...on my mother's side, I have an uncle, a grandfather, a grandmother, and a great-grandmother with the problem. And on my father's side, there are numerous aunts and uncles who are maybe borderline alcoholics. But do I use my genetic predisposition to drink myself silly? No; I know it's in my family, and I made a decision to drink responsibly. Same thing with depression; it's in my family, and I can recognize the signs to 'snap' myself out of it, or seek help if it gets overwhelming.

I don't know if it's ever been proven on the homosexuality gene; I have a friend who is a lesbian, and when that study came out, the first words out of her mouth were, "See? It's in my blood; it's who I am." I'm not knocking her choice of lifestyle, but yes, she has a choice. She had relationships with men before she chose to switch, and though she says now she's always known she was different, she still had the choice to act on it.

So don't use genetics as an excuse.

What should Food Stamps be used for?
This is another sticky subject. It came up in casual converation with neighbors, and I rolled my eyes when it was revealed that someone they knew was using the govornment assistance money to buy the high-priced food they normally couldn't afford. WHAT?

We had to go on food stamps a couple of years ago. We put a massive amount of food in the house, while only getting $175 a month. We stocked up on staples...canned goods, flour, sugar, bread, butter, and meat from the local butcher. The 'luxeries'...cookies, potato chips, candy, or pizzas we used our cash to buy. Our family of five received less than another family of five who also had horses, two brand new cars, and six dogs. Why? They were considered 'self-employed'. I'm not begrudging their choices; I'm simply questioning them. Several times during this time, my friend would complain she was out of meat, and their monthly money not due for another week. I was able to open my freezer and give her hamburger, pork chops, and even a beef or pork roast. And we had less money than they did! Made no sense.

Okay. I'm off my soapbox. Just had to get this off my chest. I'm off to check out what's going on in my blogmates' worlds and to start the laundry. Pick up the toddler. Write another page or two on the new wip. Kelly's cracking her whip at me, so I'd better get busy!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

First Day of School!

Yay! The toddler is at school! Let the fun begin!

Okay...now that I've calmed down, the schedule has changed. Instead of picking him up at 12:30, I now pick him up an hour earlier. And mostly everyone he played with last year is now in kindergarten. New friends to meet!

Last year, he resisted and had severe separation anxiety. This year? Here's a peek into the conversation this morning:

"I've got to go to school, and show everyone my new shoes. Mom, you just drop me off when we get there."

"I can't just drop you off; I have to sign you in."

And when we arrived, he clutched my hand until we entered the classroom. He released me long enough to cruise the room while I signed the sheet, and then I felt his tiny hand slip into mine agtain.

"It'll be just like last year, sweetie. Mommy will leave for a while, but I'll be back in a couple of hours. Do you want to eat breakfast?" Head shake. "Play with the blocks?" Head nod. We walk over to the play area. He immediately spots the toy trucks and releases my hand.

"'Bye Mom..."

I make my escape. That went a LOT smoother than last year!

My baby boy is growing up!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Happy Labor Day:)

I think Alabama summed it up quite nicely with their 40 Hour Week song. And since I can't locate my tape (it's in storage), here's the only verse I remember.

This is for the ones who drive the big rigs
Up and down the roads
Or the one out in the warehouse
Bringin' in the loads
Or the waitress,
The mechanic
The policeman on patrol
For everyone who works behind the scenes
With a spirit you can't replace
With no machine...

In America...
We thank you for your time.

Ha ha...Anny told me to sleep late. Okay, I did...sort of. Woke up at 7, because I wasn't sure if our trash was going to be picked up today or tomorrow. Apparently it's tomorrow, because no one else had theirs out either! So I went back to bed...for 5 minutes. Another hot flash happened, so I got up, fed the dog, cooled off...and decided to stay up. I actually like it early in the morning when everyone is still asleep. I can drink my coffee, blog, check my email, and watch the news before everyone demands my attention.

I updated my website last night, but before I could switch pages and update another one, my PC locked up. So I'll get back to it later.

I also took a look at my TBB list, and good news Ms Katie Blu! I'll be reading Hot Under the Collar next week:) I know; it's ABOUT TIME! Also in the coming weeks, I'll finally be reading Tempting Tess by Regina Carlisle, and for some odd reason, I've left Anny Cook's Daffodil off the list. A severe oversight; don't know how the hell THAT happened! I'll have to squeeze it in there somewhere! And Ms Ashley Ladd...The Perfect Gift will be bought in the next month also. See? I'm finally getting around to everyone! In fact...let me do this:

Sept 8th: Hot Under the Collar-Katie Blu (Yes, I know it's really titled Jewels of the Nile! That's why I can only buy one book this week!)
Sept 15: Isabella's Diary-Anita Birt
Seeing Me-Elyssa Edwards
Crude Oil-Desiree Holt
Sept 22: Cast a Lover's Spell-Claire Thompson
Teach Me-Cindy Spencer Pape
Measure of Healing-Jacquie Roth
Sept 29: Isabella's Story-Anita Birt
Surprised by Desire-Katie Blu
The Perfect Gift-Ashley Ladd

So there's my September schedule of books I'll be reading. And I may switch Cindy and Ashley's books...the Novel Sisterhood has a challenge the last week of every month, and in August I decided to be a reader instead of a writer. No one else was doing mini-reviews. So depending on when the challenge in September is, I'll 'review' Cindy's book. Or Desiree's. Who knows? See? I'm flexible when it comes to my list:)

What's on everyone else's reading list for this week, or even this month? I know...I should get cracking on my next project. But when Life smacks you upside the head with a baseball bat, the characters hole up inside your head and don't want to come out to play. Maybe the stress will be better in a week or so. I hope so. I hate sitting at the computer, my hands on the keyboard, but my mind is blank. I've been able to type a few words here and there, but that's about it. No one wants to talk to me.

So on that note, I'm going to stop rambling and check in with my friends. And when the family wakes up, it will Laundry Goddess time, and doing a few minor housecleaning chores. Hubby will most likely be watching the Star Trek TNG marathon. And frankly, they are showing a couple of my favorite episodes too:) Even on Labor Day, moms don't get the day off...but I'm going to steal some time for myself!