Monday, July 26, 2021

Life In Lumber: Y3, W17

 Day 72:  $11,543

Arrived; things were steady.  Did prelim duties and decided not to do the soda count; the coolers looked filled.  Got the floor swept, and was sent to lunch at 5:45.  When I returned, Marilyn was on #2; turned out 1 was out of $1.  Stayed on 2 the rest of the night.

Helped a customer by finding a manager when no one could be found to help her in Millwork.

Returned items to aisles 17, 15, 14, and 10, plus paint and hardware.  Clocked out at 9:30.

Outfit:  Blue baseball tee, original capris, zirconian studs.

I'm off Tuesday!!!

Day 73:  $11,429

Arrived; things were steady.  We no longer have to do the soda count:)  Did prelim duties; went to lunch at 5:55, and when I returned, started closing duties.  Corporate is coming tomorrow, so made sure everything was extra clean.  Misty took back the returns; I took the trash back to the compactor and some plants back to RTM.

Outfit:  Flamingo tee, original capris, zirconian studs.

Day 74:  $9,245

Discovered Superman Celebration begins at 9am on Fri; I jokingly tossed it out to Cathy J about crashing in her room.  Turned out she had a sofa bed....but by the time she got that news to me, I'd already agreed to go to karaoke with Mel.  

Outfit:  Classy tee; original capris, zirconian studs

Monday, July 19, 2021

Life In Lumber, Y3, W16

 Day 65:  $10,171

I have a Con hangover again.  Around 4:30, was fighting to keep my eyes open.  We were slow all night; shift dragged.  Was sent to lunch at 5, and when I returned, had a small 'rush', but nothing major.  Did my AP4Me and LU to kill time, then swept and sanitized everything.  Clocked out at 9:30 after bringing in the cull carts and retuning a bunch of stuff to Plumbing and Electrical.

Outfit:  Rebel tee, cut off capris.

Day 66:  $6,701

Arrived; hopped on #2 to help with the line.  Discovered Kem had a trainee, and he was with me for an hour.  I did the soda count, and prelim duties, then at 5:15, was sent to lunch. When I returned, I swept, then began the closing duties around 7.  Friend Sheila arrived, needing someone to take a wooden panel to her house; I offered up D and the kids, who said they'd come out.  A hung out with me for a while until D got everything loaded.  Didn't have to return anything at the end of the shift, and clocked out at 9:20 with the rest of 'em.

Customer irritated me; I was putting things in the bags and she'd grab the bag before I was finished filling it.  Okay lady; have a bag with only 3 light items in it....grrrr.....

Discovered Jim quit; he had another job and Hannah quit. Plus, our delivery driver quit and Marty's on vacation, so no deliveries until next week.

Outfit:  Blue Vancouver Aquarium tee, cut off capris, gold textured earrings.

Day 67: $10,656

Shift was busy for 2 hours; had to have Karlee come down and help out for an hour.  Customer bought 3 cull carts; Mgr T had to come down to give my o/r, since the HCs were busy.  Had another o/r earlier, when some air filters were only $15.  And a third one, when damaged pipe was knocked down 75%.

Ran out of dollar bills, and ran short of quarters before any were brought down. 

Alexa relieved me for lunch at 6; when I returned, things slowed waaaaayyy down.  Saw Abe W, but he didn't come over; he just waved and said hi.

Didn't have to take any returns back; brought in the three cull carts and locked the doors.  Clocked out at 9:20 with the others.

Outfit: White Bon Jovi tee, cut off capris, thin gold hoops.

Day 68: $12,244

Today was one for the books.  Arrived, and hopped on #2 to help K with the line.  She left; it took me 2 hours to do the soda count, due to customers, including Mr and Mrs. Lewis and his brother.  Tried to print off a loading ticket for Paul A, but it wouldn't print, so had CS do it.  Was sent to lunch at 5:20; when I returned, did the rest of the closing duties as well as sweeping and sanitizing.

Was frustrated with my loaders tonight.  J left early; R went to lunch and couldn't get ANYONE to cover his code 50s.  R returned, and he still seemed to be ignoring my pages.  Finally the girl from flooring arrived to help.  Took the trash to the hopper after HC E cleaned me out, and returned an outlet cover to Electrical.  Clocked out at 9:20.

Outfit:  Red Tools tee, cut off capris, small silver hoops.

Day 69:  $13, 729

Arrived and took over for HC M.  HC E came down; I asked if we were going to do pop count, or should I save the paper?  He said he'd bring down some Dew.  So I got to be count-free!  Found out Loader B called in, so J was in a bad mood.  He and W took the trash out; I quickly gathered what I could and tossed it in the hopper.

Had a CFH around 5:30; they arrived with cabinets and flooring....and a countertop.  None of the barcodes worked.  Woman tried to tell me which one to didn't work.  I grabbed the cheat sheet as the hubby says, "Look lady...I don't have all day while you figure this out!"

At that point, I put down the sheet and rang up everything else...then returned to the counter top, found it on the cheat sheet, and they paid and were on their way.  The next customer in line asked if I was all right; that the previous ones were just downright RUDE!  I agreed, and we actually laughed about it.

I also got the token lecture to push for credit apps.  I started asking, then saying, 'Do you want your cashier to shut up about it?" and generally got a giggle from the customer.  But it did pay off; I got one 'maybe' and a 'yes' about 8:40!

Saw Will P, and after the spiel, said, "Do you want your cashier to shut up and hug you?"


I did have time to sweep and sanitize the counters and registers. Had to return stuff to aisles 22, 17, 15, and 14, plus tools and back by the break room.  Clocked out at 9:20, and stopped by Marci's to deliver her bath bomb.

Also discovered an issue with my schedule:  I'm scheduled for Aug 8th, the day I'm RETURNING from MOA!  Asked Marci if she'd work for me that day.  For whatever reason, I didn't request it off.  WTH???

Also discovered Kennedee was fired (she turned in her 2 week notice, then called in.  S canned her) and George quit, because he couldn't get weekends off.  Since he's scheduled to work with me this weekend, we'll see if that's true.....  

Outfit:  Yellow Fla tee, cut off capris, small gold hoops.

Day 70:  $19,307 (Rare Sat)

Arrived and was surprised to find Marilyn at #1!  She gratefully surrendered it and went back up front. Shift was BUSY!  I kept track of how many customers declined the credit app vs who used their LU cards.  Actually got 4 credit apps, though one might not have actually done it.  

Took my break at 2:30, and went to Subway at 4:30.  At 6, was having difficulty finding anyone to load a couple's flooring; Bryce and Brandon were down at the other end, pulling down deck boards for another customer.

Had a lady show me the bar code, and for fun, I took a piece of paper and after asking her name, wrote, 'Erica was right!"  Her hubby laughed!

Saw Peppers and BG:)

Took my 2nd break at 8:30.  Filled out the pop count and needed snacks, but none was pulled.  Accidentally left my phone at Subway; a customer went over to get it for me.

Clocked out at 9:30 after returning items to Millwork, electrical, Paint, and Hardware.

Outfit:  Las Vegas tee, cut off capris, zirconian studs

Day 71:  $13,780 (rare Sun)

Arrived; HC E was with me for the first 2 hours, then he went to lunch.  Was fairly steady, and did get one more credit app. Jillian came down at 3 with a return, and I asked her to watch while I took a pit stop.  HC E came down at 3:30 and sent me to lunch; went to McAllisters and when I returned, Marilyn was relieved to see me.  At 6, Loader J traded me a $10 for a roll of quarters.  Hopped over to #2, then was told to stay on it the rest of the night.  Had one customer pay me $5600 in cash.

Had several o/r, all for discounted carpet and one for flooring.

Was able to sweep and sanitize, since I averaged 9 customers an hour.  Brought in the cull carts and took the trash out to B, then locked the doors and returned an air filter, a door knob, and four hinges.  Clocked out around 8:20.

Outfit:  Blue lacy shirt, original capris, gold textured hoops.

Monday, July 12, 2021

Life In Lumber, Y3, W15

 Day 62:  $11,481

Shift was slow today, probably b/c I was suffering from 'con hangover', where I've been 'up' all week, seeing friends and on a high due to selling my books.  Then, back to reality....

Did the pop count and prelim duties out of the way, then did LU and AP4Me.  Nearly had an accident at 4:30, but it was okay.  HC C covered me for a few mins.  Matt sent me to lunch at 5:30, and when I returned, continued as usual, plus swept and began closing duties. At close, had two customers with large orders, so didn't get cleaned out until after 9:15.  Went out and grabbed the remaining 4 carts, then returned items to Electrical, Tools, Hardware, Aisle 30, and Flooring. Also had to take remaining soda back to Receiving.  Clocked out around 9:40.

Outfit:  Purdue tee, cut off capris, sm gold hoops

Day 63: $13,247

Again, shift began slow.  Did pop count and prelim duties, and was sent to lunch at 5:05.  When I returned, began sweeping, and the credit cards began taking long to verify.  One even timed out several times, so I switched to Charlie's, and the customer ended up using another card.

Customer B bought a cull pack, and it took HC M a while to get loose from the CS to come down, but thankfully I'd kept C's register open.

Sanitized everything between 7:30 and 8, then got busy.  Final customer left as we were closing, and even had one guy try to come in as HC M was cleaning out the registers!  Clocked out around 9:30.

Outfit:  JHS tee, cut off capris.

Day 64:  $8131

Arrived, and was busy for 2 hours.  Finally got pop count and prelim duties accomplished, and set up some concrete to be picked up later.  Alexa sent me to lunch at 6, and when I returned, swept and sanitized.  Had to print off a loading ticket, and final customer needed an o/r as well as an item from the cage.  Am off for the next four days, since I go to Heroes For Kids on Friday, set up Sat, and drive home Sun.

Had to return items to Tools, Aisle 10, Hardware, and Millwork.  Clocked out at 9:30.

Outfit:  Tribble tee. cut off capris, zirconian earrings.

Wednesday, July 7, 2021

July Goals

How well did June go?

- Do well at QuadCon Sold 6!  I WILL return next year:)

-Lose 5 pounds (start:  245) 6/28:  Lost 2 pounds!  243

-Clean bedroom Making progress....

-Rip up DRM carpet Not yet....

-Rent dumpster and finish cleaning Green and Brown houses Not yet....

-Buy more styluses (blue) Nope...had to buy business cards instead.


-Release 1st edition of CR on June 28th Check!

-Spend weekend with Mom Check!  Took Miss A with me...

-Get good report on arm 6/28 Dr says I'm healed!  Whoo hoo!  Now I have to pay for all the visits plus the ER....

Arm Health:  Range of motion is returning!  I can now dry my back off 'normally', AND doctor discharged me from further appointments:)

Books Read:  4

           Print:  4

            DNF:  2

Karaoke Songs Added:  9

Upcoming Events:

-InConJunction (July 2-4) Indpls, In 21st and Shadeland Ave, Marriott East Sold 8!  Will have to skip this event in 2022////

-Imaginarium (July 9-11) Louisville, Ky Need to pay for 2 badges, plus 2 more award banquet tix  Sold 6:)

-Heroes For Kids (July 20th) Perrysville, Mo Sold 6, donated 1:)

-Superman Festival (July 30-Aug 1st) Metropolis, IL Sold 19; donated 1!!!!!!

-Royal Readers (Aug 9th) Mall of America, Bloomington, Mn

-Indpls State Fair (Aug 11-13 and 18-20th), State Fairgrounds Expo Bldg, Indpls, IN

-Penned Con (Sept) St. Louis, Mo Cancelled; however, going virtual again

-Kokomo Con (Oct 16) Kokomo, In Same weekend as ComicCon; will see about selling my table

-Indy ComicCon (Oct 15-17) Indianapolis Convention Center

-Collectors Carnival and Crafts (Oct) Princeton, In

-Indpls Christmas Gift and Hobby Show (Nov) Indpls State Fairgrounds

July Goals:

-Lose 5 lbs (starting 243) According to Rita's scale, down to 238:)

-Do well at InConJunction Sold 8!!!  2 less than 2019, but attendance and vendors were smaller.

-Do well at Imaginarium Sold 6:)  2 more than 2019:)

-Do well at Heroes For Kids Sold 6 and donated 1:)

-Do well at Superman Convention Sold 19 and donated 1!!!!!

-Clean BRM

-Rip up DRM carpet

- Buy styluses (Blue)


-Mail copies of CG to friends and family 

    7/7:  Mailed out one copy to the Rice family

    7/15:  Mailed three copies to the Botzum family

July Reading List:


Carrie Fisher:  A Life On The Edge-Sheila Weller DRR!  Very enjoyable!!!
Prairie Tale-Melissa Gilbert DRR!  Loved this!
For Better Or Worse 5-Lyn Johnston  Loved this!!  DRR!
Absolution-Charles Millhouse  Interesting story....

Karaoke Songs:
7/1:  Sang several that I've done before, since I needed to be up early the next day.
7/8: skipped
7/15:  Asthma attack
Sam-Olivia Newton-John Thought it sounded good:)
Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me-Elton John/George Michael Slightly low, but I love this song!

Tarzan Boy-Baltimora Slightly low....
Dress You Up In My Love-Madonna  Okay; not my best.

Monday, July 5, 2021

Life In Lumber, Y3, W14

 Day 59: $10,530

Arrived, fully expecting to be told I'm fired; written up; scolded.  None of that happened.  I was listed on the flow chart, so I happily skipped off to my register. Discovered Mgr T was off; Steve had left as I was coming in, and Scott was only there until 6.

We were busy....took over for EJ, and did the pop count (took me until 6 to finish it), and got the prelim duties accomplished. EJ relieved me at 7 for my 15 min break, and discovered all the hamburgers were gone.  Settled for a cold hot dog.  Didn't really have any difficult customers; just a steady stream.  Locked the doors at 9, and HC C cleaned me out around 9:15.  Helped fill the front soda coolers, then took the register tape back to Lumber. Clocked out around 9:40.

Had customer tell me they wanted the small bags of concrete, yet left the store with two 50 lb ones???

Managed to do both LU and AP4Me, and for fun, checked my stats.  Was surprised to see myself ranked #1!  Maybe this was my saving grace?  Or the fact I was told we really weren't that busy this weekend, but tonight we were?  Who knows; Mgr T returns tomorrow and maybe she'll have something to say to me about it.

Outfit:  White USA shirt, original capris.  

Day 60: $6314

Mgr T didn't say a word about my weekend disappearance, just joked about me eating a candy bar in front of her.  So far, I'm still good....

Arrived; finished pop count by 5:30.  Went to break at 6:50, and had closing duties finished by 8:30.  Jillian brought down the soda and I helped her fill it while locking the doors and waiting on B to bring in the forklifts.  Night was fairly quiet:) Clocked out around 9:25.

Discovered my August dates were approved!

Outfit:  Gray 'fire' and grace' tee; original capris.

Day 61: $8642

Arrived; bought some Downey sheets.  Shift went smooth, and wasn't really busy until the last half hour, when I was trying to put away all the pop that Anyea brought me.  Had to take most of it back to the soda storage place.  HC M loved her T-shirt and bath bomb!  Clocked out around 9:25.

Outfit:  Blue/white stripe tee, original capris, gold hoop earrings.

I don't work tomorrow, unless I get called in.  Off to the Imaginarium Convention Friday!